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  1. Hi Lavers, It would be grateful if you could provide some overview about technical interview 323211, my exam coming soon, please help me to get what are the questions there will be.

    1. Lavers


      Hi nipin this is what I posted after my interview, so it gives you some idea of what was asked.

      Hope it helps

    2. Nipin


      Thank you very much for your response.

      Hi Lavers, I had ben read that you posted, but that one belongs to (322311 - metal fabricator). I would like to check with you   323211 - mechanical fitter-  if you have any interview questions please provide me, it is slightly different from 322311.


  2. Hi Lavers Sir, my name is nipin waiting for my vet assess second stage piratical test trade metal fabricator, could you tell me what type task my given my the assessor during practical test or technical interview am just totally unaware this part kindly help me sir.+6585255537
  3. Nipin

    metal fabricator

    kindly someone help for vet assess practical experience what are the task will given and how is the environment ?