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Found 189 results

  1. This is a thread to tell us things that are important to you but no one else will care about. I will start with the fact that I have just come home from watching St Mirren dump Motherwell out of the Co op cup 3-0 meaning we get to go to Hampden Park for the Semi-final. Not only that but I sat next to a real legend - Billy McNeil who played for Celtic & Scotland Many moons ago. He is a real gent (despite playing for Celtic) I know no one will care but...........
  2. Hi All Disability Care Workers I work for an agency that has the NSW government contract to provide disability care staff to community group homes and residential centres. They also provide agency staff to most of the NGO disability charities. So I get as much work as I want. It is great to have a variety of work locations - and being an agency you set your own availability for work to fit around other activities. They pay a bit more than other agencies also. They say they need many more experienced disability care workers and they welcome people on Working Holiday Visas. You need to have a First Aid Certificate, Drivers License and three years previous experience. They have a web site at www.GlobalAdvantage.org Their free phone number is 1800 009 292 If a working holiday staff member works out OK and has worked exclusively for them - they can offer 457 visa sponsorship as they are approved by the commonwealth government. They also help with employer nomination residency applications for disability care workers who have been sponsored by them for a few years. The owner is an Irish nurse and the General Manager is an English nurse and they have offices in Sydney (at Strathfield near the station), Newcastle (for the Central Coast and Newcastle) and Melbourne. Cheers Rosco
  3. gaz n family

    Dental Care for kids

    What is the set-up down under for dental care with children of parents with permanent visas? Both my kids have braces in and we were hoping that their treatment would be completed by the time it came to the big move. I talked this over with their Orthodontist a couple of days ago and she told me that their treatment needs to go on for at least 1 more year. How can we ensure they get the right treatment for them when we get there? Are they entitled to free treatment being kids? Does this free treatment cover Braces? And, if you wouldnt mind, any other tips you might think of. Thanks in advance.
  4. TheClarkeFamily

    Nursing Homes/Care Homes

    I am an RGN, qualified in Feb 2007 and have worked in the NHS but over the last few years have changed to Nursing Homes as its more flexible around my daughter. I also find the work more enjoyable. What are care homes/nursing homes like in Australia?? We are aiming for Perth. Would I find work easily enough??? Is it similar to UK homes?
  5. What do people think of long day care centres compared to UK nurseries? I particularly concerned with the staffing levels. In the UK for under 2s the adult to child ratio is 1:3 and in Australia it is 1:5. Also I seem to be having real difficultly finding a place anytime in the next year! Thanks
  6. charlene

    Child Care Co-Ordinator

    I was wondering does anybody out there know about wages for Child Care Co-Ordinators in and around Brisbane and Gold Coast areas. I have looked on job sites but there doesn't seem to be much info about wages. The reason I ask is that OH and myself (little one included) are planning to go to Oz with me applying for a student visa. Was gonna do hairdressing but then found Child Care Co-Orindator two year course, which I would be much more interested in. Does anybody know of anyone who is doing this or has done this or who is actually a Child Care Co-Ordinator? Any info would be great:yes:
  7. Right... along with 1) finding a place to live (schools, commutable, affordable... blah blah) 2) sussing out what work would be like for the missus (a pharmacist if anyone has a job for her!) 3) is working out the requirements for the 457 application... It says I need to provide proof that I have health insurance. I thought I could be eligible and could enrol on Medicare being from the UK but seems like I may not be plus I can't enrol until I have landed. Now I think my options are: 1) take out cover here in uk for travel insurance? (that covers the requirements for the 457 - painful? would need ot find out what minimum cover is required....) 2) take out some private healthcare from a company in aus. some links that might be useful MBF: Overseas visitors health insurance options for Australia HBF: Overseas Visitors | Health Insurance Cover for Overseas Visitors | HBF Medibank Private: Overseas Visitors Insurance & Visitors Cover - Medibank Private HCF: Private health insurance from HCF health cover fund HBA: Travel, Work, Study Health Insurance for Overseas Visitors to Australian - HBA Health Insuranc Now.... I need to attach proof to the application (along with all the other documents!) some have a waiting period eg medibank which is $210 per month for family of 4 on the basic cover. This period can be 2 moths to 6 months depending, this is only for the period by which you can start claiming for treatment and not the time I have to wait for cover? How have others gone about attaching proof of cover? If I have to wait for them to process my application before submitting my visa app it might delay things! Any advice appreciated!
  8. Hi Guys Just thought I would pop this on incase it could be an option for anyone. Was looking on Gumtree and there is a company advertising for Child Care workers and that they are happy to sponsor people to get them to OZ. Here is the Link Child Care or Kinder Teacher in Melbourne. Sponsorship Visa - Teaching Jobs - Childcare Jobs - Gumtree Brisbane Free Classifieds As it says the job is in Melbourne. I hope this might be of use to someone out there Mandy :biggrin:
  9. Guest

    Dental Care

    Hi folks, Just wondering if Medicare covers dental care or if this has to be covered through private insurance?? Thanks
  10. Hi there, Anyone knows where I can send my child for after school care near Vic Park? My daughter is 5 years old, will be going to pre-primary. I am looking for a government school and the only choice here which is near my place is Victoria Park Primary School. Just out of my curiosity, how do parents send their kid to the child care after the schools end, while they are working? Your help would be very much appreciated. Ozwonderful
  11. Hi guys, Can anyone give me any tips on the best / cheapest private medical care? I was just going to go Bupa...... thanks!
  12. Clinical Care & Lifestyle Coordinator We are seeking a Care and Lifestyle Coordinator who can provide a five star customer service to our residents and staff. The successful applicant is required be a Registered Nurse with the AHPRA and hold a current practicing certificate. Home for Aged provides care and accommodation for 57 older people from diverse cultural backgrounds. We are restructuring after flooding and have a new position available for a Clinical Care & Lifestyle Coordinator. Applicants who are sensitive to the needs of older people and interested in progressing within their management role are encouraged to apply. Family friendly and flexible hours. Salary packaging options Progressive work environment Professional development opportunities Please contact for Position Description and further information. Applicants will need to provide a resume and covering letter addressing. lookingforstaff@care2.com
  13. Hi, Me and my husband are due to move to Melbourne in February 2012! we are extremely excited. We are going through the paperwork and I'm totally confused about medical insurance. could someone please help? As a Brit, I understand I can register for medicare, however I feel I should have private too. If you have specific health concerns, where can you go to ask specific questions to get the right cover, and what exactly is excluded, and what the waiting periods mean? I don't want to get stuffed by the medical companies themselves by asking the questions and I can't find anywhere that states this. In brief, I'm mildly asthmatic (taking seretide inhalers) and I may need some hormone investigations for polycystic ovaries / potential fertility problems. Can anyone help advise what this means - I see that existing conditions have a 12 month waiting period - so in the meantime what do I do? If you go to see the doctor to get an asthma check, how much does this cost? As a brit I know I can register with medicare - what does this mean and will it help with the above? Thanks in advance!
  14. Bayside Council has announced it will cease operating its two long day child care centres by the end of 2013. The Sandringham centre will close by December 2013 and the Hampton centre will close in December 2012. The regulatory changes to child care services mean that the cost of operating the council’s small and ageing centres will increase significantly as a result of the required reduction in the number of childcare places from 80 to 65. Prior to making this decision, the council also considered the cost and feasibility of building new centres but found the multi-million dollar land and construction costs to be prohibitive, and realised the need to establish priorities for its limited resources Bayside Council operates only two of the 20 child care centres currently located in the municipality and believes there are plans for new centres to be established during the next twelve months.
  15. Guest

    care jobs in bentleigh east

    Hi all, My partner has just got a job in bentleigh east and i am trying to find a job that good for me, i have an nvq level 2 in health and social care and would preferbly like to work in the care sector, if any one could give me a bit of information about where and how to apply i would greatly appriciate it. many thanks Lillie!! x:smile:
  16. Hi guys! I am planning to take the cert 3 in aged care in Melbourne early next year, Jan 2012 to be exact. So I am supposed to get a student visa that is good for 6 months. According to my agent, this is the easy way to get to Au if you did not meet the required score of 7 in all subtest in IELTS. But after reading some related blogs saying that having certificate 3 in aged care does not give you rights to get sponsorship for a visa to work as a personal care assistant, put me in dilemma if whether I will still take the Cert 3 in aged care or I should directly take the bridging course and wait for July 2012 because the bridging course classes starts just every January and July. I am aiming for a working visa then permanent visa eventually. So does anybody know if having completed the Aged care course will not be allowed to get a sponsorship? because if that is the case then I'll be sent back to my hometown, right? :unsure:Please help me on this! I badly needed your help. Thank you very much!
  17. Hi folks, Sorry if this has been answered previously but I've had a look and cannot find an answer to my specific question. I'm from the UK and have been offered a job in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. I'm about to fill in my visa forms and have to start thinking about healthcare cover for my family (myself, girlfriend and 2yr old daughter). As many of you will know, I require private healthcare for my family in order for my visa application to be approved, even though we will not be in the country to use it. We are eligable for Medicare through the reciprocal agreement as we are from the UK but this doesn't apply until we are in Australia. In light of all this, I'm looking for the cheapest private healthcare cover around, that still meets the requirements of the 457 visa: does anyone have any experience of which insurance companies are the cheapest? The plan is to reassess my healthcare options when in Australia and just pay for the cheapest product available for visa purposes. Does anyone have any experience/suggestions on any of the above? Thanks, Dariuzthepole
  18. Guest

    How much does health care cost?

    I hear in Oz you have to pay for medi care? how much per month does it work out and what age do you have to pay for children? my daughter is UK born and will be 1 year when we move out would it also be free for her?
  19. Hi does anybody know if the police clearance you get for your 176 visa covers you for social care work or would i need to get an australian police clearance for any job i apply for in Australia?
  20. LisaRich

    Free child care for 3-4 yr olds

    Hi there, Just wondering if australia is the same as the uk in providing so many hours free a week for nursey care for 3-4 yr olds before they start school? Any info wiuld be grateful. Thank you
  21. Hi everyone, We arrived in Melbourne yesterday! We have car hire till next week but it's quite expensive and we need to think about buying a car. Are we able to get finance? We have around a $400 deposit? Is anyone else in this situation? Also, are we entitled to any medical care at all on a 457 visa? Thank you in advance for your help. Alex :jiggy:
  22. rockola57

    Pool Care Tips.

    Hi, We are moving into our first home in OZ in 2 weeks,and it's got a small in ground pool.Anyway,i have not got a clue about them,upkeep etc.Did notice on last visit to the house there is a little Algae around the walls under water.Does anyone know any simple,easy way to keep on top of it all,and have a nice pool 12 months a year.Thanks.:confused:
  23. Last weekend I bumped into a couple from Liverpool who have been here in Brisbane for 6 weeks. After a short chat they said that they are going back at Christmas time. It turned out that even though they very much like it here in Brisbane, the cost of medical care for their young daughter, who suffers from arthritis, is prohibitive. All their possessions are arriving shortly but luckily, they said, they have not sold the house and they can get their jobs back when they return. However, they will suffer relocation costs back and forth. This sad story has prompted me to reveal the facts that are not talked about in any relocation shows, magazines, books or agents – medical costs in Australia. RECIPROCAL HEALTH AGREEMENT First of all, the good news is that private health insurance is not compulsory for British citizens as we have a reciprocal health agreement between UK and OZ. You will only pay 1.5% medical levy from your salary for a state provider Medicare. You can apply for a Medicare card at a Medicare office on arrival, you just need to show your passport with a visa and provide your address. This will entitle you to all state health care same as residents including hospital treatments but not ambulance. See about Medicare here: http://www.medicareaustralia.gov.au/ . Your employer, however, might provide you with or insist you get a private health insurance initially until you register for Medicare. After that it is your choice to have it or not. PRIVATE HEALTH INSURANCE However, if your salary exceeds $77,000 per single or $154,000 per family (plus $1,500 per additional child after the first child), you will be either charged an additional 1% medical levy surcharge or you have to take out a private medical insurance. As a PR, you can choose any health provider and opt for any level of cover, which depends on amount of contribution, not on your medical history. If you are a temporary resident on, say, business visa, you are restricted to major providers with specific (and more expensive) covers for overseas visitors, such as Medibank, MBF, AHM, BUPA, HIF. You can choose to have hospital cover only but many people take out additional extras cover for dental, optical and various alternative treatments which are not available on Medicare. Those who do not need a private medical cover can take out extras cover only – especially for dentists (read more about this one later). Extras Cover is the same for residents and visitors. There is age loading for hospital cover – that is, the older you are the more it will cost if you are over the age of 31 and you have not taken it within the first year of registering for Medicare. The loading increases 2% a year to a maximum of 70% and once attracted will apply for 10 consecutive years. Read more about this here: http://www.privatehealth.gov.au/healthinsurance/incentivessurcharges/lifetimehealthcover.htm'>http://www.privatehealth.gov.au/healthinsurance/incentivessurcharges/lifetimehealthcover.htm Those eligible for Medicare are entitled to Federal Government Rebate of 30% of the cost of health insurance. Please note that there are annual cost limits for treatments and there is an excess to pay each time depending on the level of the cover chosen. As well as waiting times for cover of major treatments. More about private health insurance here: http://www.privatehealth.gov.au/ . STATE HEALTH INSURANCE Despite what some members say about bulk-billing (free) GPs and doctors, they are like gold dust. There are certainly none in the city with some very rare exceptions for under 16-s, pensioners and those on benefits. There are some in underprivileged or rural areas but not in the cities. Everybody I have spoken to here – locals or foreigners – all pay for their GPs. It is very difficult to find a bulk-billing GP and even then you may not qualify. GPs charge about $65 per visit, double that at the weekend. You get about a half of it back with your Medicare card. You also pay for tests, x-rays and routine treatments including materials and medications. Specialist doctors that you might be referred to also charge $150-200 per consultation with additional fees for tests and treatments, which will cost about the same again. You will get about half of it back through Medicare but there will almost always be a gap payment. This may not sound too bad for those fortunate ones who hardly ever visit a doctor but for those who are older or with chronic conditions this soon adds up! Also, you need to visit a doctor for repeat prescriptions (and pay for a visit), they do not take it over the counter or over the phone. There are PBS (subsidised) and private prescriptions. Cost of PBS subscription vary from about $10 to $34.20. A lot of prescriptions are not on PBS though, even some regular drugs. Private prescriptions can be very expensive. Once you have spent over $1317.20 per year you pay only $5.60 for prescriptions. More about this here: http://www.medicareaustralia.gov.au/provider/pbs/index.jsp . If your medical expenses exceed $2,000 per year you can claim 20% tax rebate on most medical expenses over that amount. This includes gap payments and prescriptions. AMBULANCE AND EMERGENCY Medicare does not cover ambulance services. You have to pay for an Ambulance Cover, which is variable (about $100 per year or so). In Queensland it is added to your electricity bill, so you don’t have to take it out separately. If you don’t have it you might find yourself paying nearly a thousand for a call out. If you go to the A&E department yourself, their services are free for Medicare card holders. DENTISTS Now the bad news. There are no state funded dentists in Australia, they are all private, even for children and their prices appear to be unregulated. Their charges are extortionate and on average 3-4 times more than private dentists’ in the UK. See average dental prices here: http://www.privatehealth.gov.au/healthinsurance/whatiscovered/averagedental.htm . An endodontist consultation can cost $300 and a specialist root canal treatment for one tooth $3,000 – and this is not including $1,500 for a crown that you will need afterwards. There is no separate dental insurance, it is included in Extras Cover of your private health insurance along with other items. As with hospital cover, in the majority of cases there is a gap payment for every treatment depending on the level of cover and whether you use a dentist approved by your insurance provider or not. Again, there are annual spending limits for every type of treatment and waiting periods for major dental work like crowns, bridges, root canals, braces etc. I hope I have covered the majority of information about medical care for British immigrants and temporary residents. You can find more details following the links provided. I know this topic will cause a lot of controversy and arguments, so if you are young, healthy and childless, not in OZ or have lived in OZ for a while, please leave this thread, it is not for you as you either will not or have not experienced the full impact of mounting bills of a chronic patient or you have had a free doctor for years – an option not available to a regular average new immigrant any longer. However, additional information and clarifications are welcome.
  24. gasmainlayer

    pregnancy care and birthing cost etc.

    can anyone tell me the cost that i might have if i was to give birth in Oz, my hubby and i may be moving over for a 6 month period initially during which time i would be giving birth to my second child. I dont know if i will be eligiable for medicare and was wondering how expensive it would work out to be. I have looked at the medicare site but it doesnt say much about birthing costs, antenatal and post natal care. Any information would be gratefully received as it may be that this is a deciding factor in whether we go over or not.
  25. liverpoolloo

    Aged care salary

    Is there anyone on here working in aged care in perth, i am hoping to move next year to perth and have worked in aged care for 21yrs and have NVQ 3 which is a recognised qualification over there, my main worry is coping financially on the pay over there, i am single so will only have one salary coming in, i will be renting also , i am concerned after paying rent, houshold bills i will be struggling to live. I intend working full time as i am sure i will have to. Any info on hourly rate will be appreciated. Thanks Ann