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  1. No, actually, I didn't.
  2. Is it worth checking VEVO to see if there are any conditions attached to the visa on there, mate? Edited to add: that said, if there aren't any conditions on your grant letter, I'd be surprised if there were some on VEVO. Although happy to stand corrected if anyone is more in the know on that front.
  3. Not sure how a talentless frump who used her blind son as little more than a means for free publicity was responsible for changing the sports industry...
  4. BendigoBoy

    UK leasehold flats vs Australian strata

    Not all of the UK. Whilst there are still some outliers, for the most part - and as far as any "normal" person buying a flat would be concerned with now, Scotland did away with leaseholds in the last twenty years or so. Then again, there are plenty of other reasons for not wanting to buy a flat in Scotland...
  5. BendigoBoy

    Should Donald Trump win Nobel Peace Prize ?

    Now I've got that wonderful old back and forth between Cato and Scipio in my head... Carthago relenda est! Carthago delenda est!
  6. BendigoBoy

    Should Donald Trump win Nobel Peace Prize ?

    No, the true meaning of that word would be killing 10%. You mean annihilated.
  7. BendigoBoy


    I get the feeling some people would be convinced they were surrounded by meth labs whether they were in Brighton, Mount Martha, Manley, the Clare Valley, or even up in Ayr.
  8. BendigoBoy


    Sounds pretty par for the course for how Blighty's gone over the past ten years or so...
  9. BendigoBoy


    I'd have renounced my citizenship already, except it's money better spent on Sunday lunches than giving it to HM Treasury to fritter away.
  10. BendigoBoy

    Living in Australia - things I'm looking forward to

    That's a fair comment. I am a bit of a heat baby, so it works for me. I'd kill to be able to be a bit closer to Melbourne in an ideal world. But I'll be buggered if I'm lumbering myself with a mortgage to buy a shoebox anywhere near the Arts Precinct.
  11. BendigoBoy

    Living in Australia - things I'm looking forward to

    Might need to explain that Kilmarnock is a plaice in Scotland for the benefit of the broader community, though
  12. BendigoBoy

    Living in Australia - things I'm looking forward to

    It's the fact they moan about being stuck in traffic for 90 minutes plus to get from home out towards the ranges and into the CBD. Yet will not even entertain the prospect of living somewhere like Bendigo, where rush hour means the drive takes about 90 seconds longer, and the train will get you into Southern Cross inside 2 hours for the same cost of using the tram / metro network down in Big Smoke. Some people just can't be reasoned with, @Marisawright
  13. BendigoBoy

    Living in Australia - things I'm looking forward to

    Simple life for me. - Being within a thirty minute walk and twenty minute roll along the ground to the local winery - Being able to finish dinner, open the patio doors, and sit under the verandah watching the kookaburras in the evening - Fresh plums, pears, apples, cherries, peaches, almonds, lemons, limes, kumquats, guava, strawberries, raspberries, jostaberries, boysenberries, kaffir limes, oranges, tangerines, olives from the garden (and that's not even starting on the herbs or veg) - Neighbours over on a weekly basis for a light lunch or dinner party Just not the sort of thing you get in Kilmarnock, really...
  14. BendigoBoy

    over 45 visa chances?

    It's not just that it's a different winery on the peninsular, either; the earth can be *SO* different from one side of the road to the other between wineries that a pinot on one side of the road can have utterly and entirely different properties to the other. It is a lovely, lovely little area to go awandering. Especially with that Steinway to play in the Port Philip Estate dining room when you've had one too many over lunch and feel like pummelling out a bit of Les Misérables... I am a bit jealous of you guys all the way up there, though; the wife can't handle the humidity, but I'd love the true perennial growing for a lot of my foodstuffs.
  15. BendigoBoy

    over 45 visa chances?

    And let's not forget how dashed lovely it is to just go lounging around for a weekend lunch at the vineyards, either. It's funny how quickly you adjust and get used to having world class vineyards a short drive (or... for some of us who are putting on far too much weight, a short walk) from your home.