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  1. Cal2

    Kidney Transplant and Visa!!

    it doesn't just depend on your illness and cost to treat it, it also depends on how valuable your particular skill is to Australia. Some of us have got visas, but its a very long journey, and your skills really need to be something that Australia is really short off. As well as the length of time you've specialised in your field, your level of experience. I dont know anyone who has done it without an agent. Personal experience, I wouldn't think twice about using one, a specialised one like the ones on here.
  2. Cal2

    PR Visa - Expiry

    thank you - can my son apply from abroad - I think he'll be back before but just want to check - he has been back since being abroad
  3. Cal2

    PR Visa - Expiry

    Thank you verystormy for the prompt reply. That makes sense now.
  4. Cal2

    PR Visa - Expiry

    Hi, Our Pr visa is due to expire this year, we are applying for citizenship, but my husband may have to wait longer as he has spent some time working for an Australian University, out of the country, if he cant apply for citizenship yet, can you extend the visa or what. I cant quite figure it out for the immigration website. Secondly our sons PR will also expire, he is studying abroad at the moment, due to finish and return later this year, he's 25 so classed as independent, I guess, although originally included on our PR, so his will run out too. What visa will he need to apply for? We are all settled here, have two younger children fully integrated here, so his intention has always been to return. thanks for any advice
  5. Cal2

    Does my dog HAVE to be quarantined?

    sorry bloomin' autocorrect - I do think so!
  6. Cal2

    Does my dog HAVE to be quarantined?

    I don't think so - mine had a great experience, they were really well looked after
  7. Cal2

    Teenagers moving back

    For anyone who went back with teenagers - how did they get on school wise with especially exam years - getting entry to uni thanks
  8. Cal2

    Letting agent question

    I would look into reporting them and claim for expenses for moving agents.
  9. Cal2

    Clarification please - RRV

    Hi, our son has had PR since July 2013, since then he has spent a few weeks in the UK, 6 weeks travelling in America and is returned to study in the UK for 2 years last year, I'm presuming he will be ok returning, up until July 2018, by which time he will need an RRV. Is this correct? He returns for holidays during the 2 years he's away. thanks Cal
  10. Cal2

    grammar schools for the privileged few

    just give up the booze, fags, zoom zoom car and you too can afford extra tuition :wink:
  11. I think it's just different, like life, somethings are better, somethings are worse, I could live in either country, we're lucky that we can.
  12. Cal2

    Ice cream van business

    we have an ice cream come around our suburb (Gold Coast) every Friday night - he sells blocks of ice cream though, not ice cream cones like in the UK - would love one here, but I don't know the regulations involved though. I have heard that recently the Gold coast is encouraging and giving licences to food vans for local sports fields etc, like a takeaway but on wheels I guess.
  13. Cal2

    Studying in the UK

    yes - he's all good thanks
  14. Cal2

    Studying in the UK

    Hi, our son is going back to the UK, to study for a couple of years, he has PR, but doesn't qualify for citizenship yet, will he need a RRV, or something else? thanks Cal
  15. Hi, I thought I read on here a post about being able to book a flight to the UK, as if in the UK, we have UK credit cards etc, but I can't find the post. Could anyone point me in the right direction of the website or sites, or any sites that you have found good for flights to the UK, especially one way. Our son is going back to study, but will be coming out to visit in the future. thanks Cal