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  1. Cal2

    To take the car or not?

    Maybe ask the specialist on the three moving your car to OZ - he might have an idea about the pros and cons of taking it back too
  2. Cal2

    PetAir UK - Pet Travel Service

    We're wanting to bring our dogs back from Australia to the UK, does PetAir do Australia to the UK? If not, any recommended companies, Brisbane is our nearest international airport and we're looking to return end of March/early April thanks
  3. Cal2

    Selling House in Qld

    Hi, we're selling our house in QLD before returning to the UK - the agents have said that because its over $750k we need to complete an overseas resident form (yes, it sounds more complicated than it is and I totally understand why the form has to be completed), but the agents suggests seeking the advice of our tax agent or a solicitor. The form looks pretty straight forward though - can we just do it ourselves? Secondly what tax implications are there when selling a house here and returning to the UK? We won't necessarily need to transfer the money straight away TIA Cal
  4. Cal2

    Moving back with teenagers

    I wish lol
  5. Cal2

    Moving back with teenagers

    we've now brought the timeline forward mainly due to the covid debacle - hopefully heading back next year
  6. Cal2

    Irish Bank Account

    Thanks NicF - thats exactly what he's done - all sorted now thanks
  7. Cal2

    Irish Bank Account

    thanks - I'll pass this info on - we already use Wise so Monzo sounds like a good option
  8. Cal2

    Irish Bank Account

    Just trying to sort out as much as possible before he moves - we all know how 'busy' emigrating is
  9. Cal2

    Irish Bank Account

    Hi, yes, I know this is POMS in OZ and we are POMS, but just thought someone maybe able to point us in the right direction. Son is moving from Australia to Ireland for work - he needs an Irish Bank Account, but we're not sure how to get one set up from here - any advice and which Irish Banks are reasonable (I was going to say good, but they're Banks lol). He does have UK and Australian accounts TIA Caroline
  10. Cal2


    thanks everyone - it was a chat with mates and we were wondering about the legalities - not doing anything - just a discussion
  11. Cal2


    yes I get that - but you're a UK citizen or the citizen of another country, so how does that stand legally? as I say Im just curious as no-one seems to know. and yes I know you just apply under the 3 month exemption etc
  12. Cal2


    Just pondering - at the moment you have to apply for an exemption to leave Australia. But if you're not an Australian passport holder ie on PR or a visa, and hold a UK passport - can you actually be prevented from leaving? Just random thinking - and yes, I know they can make it difficult to get back..........
  13. Cal2

    Moving back with teenagers

    thanks everyone - its really helpful to get everyones thoughts - we'll keep talking and seeing what everyone thinks - thanks again so much
  14. Cal2

    Moving back with teenagers

    Thanks for the information - theres a lot of talking back and forth, but at the moment both girls want to go, although I know that can change. Im wondering how moving my daughter from year 10 here, into a school in the UK, has anyone any experiences of that thanks
  15. Cal2

    Moving back with teenagers

    We were thinking of returning in the next 21/2 years when eldest (now 18) has finished uni and youngest (now 16), school. Has anyone moved back with teenagers of this age? It may now be brought forward due to family circumstances and we're wondering about re-entering education in the UK, both in High School and Uni. Looking at moving back to Scotland - any advice? thanks