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  1. Yes, it would be lovely to be visiting with some beautiful summer weather. I tend to visit May/June and it's often very wet at least for a few days. I love the smells of an English summer
  2. Drumbeat

    Thai Cave Rescue

    In a frequently depressing world it's wonderful to see the bravery and charity exhibited from people of all nationalities
  3. Drumbeat

    Thai Cave Rescue

    They walked in but then the cave filled with water. I think originally they weren't so far in but moved further in to escape the flooding.
  4. Drumbeat

    Thai Cave Rescue

    We saw on the news that four were safely out last night, I guess they will be starting the next rescues soon.
  5. Drumbeat

    Thai Cave Rescue

    Now that the rescue of the boys is underway fingers crossed we hear some good news soon
  6. Drumbeat

    Advice on returning to UK

    Her account has been changed to a Guest account
  7. Drumbeat

    Jobs advice - Victoria

    Hi, husband's just come home from work so I checked with him as I was sure he didn't use Seek. He confirmed he only uses specific specialist recruitment agencies to supply staff and never advertises so it's possibly similar in Victoria. Apparently the software used in Australia is a mixture of Microstation, PDMS and AutoCAD - In WA it's mostly Microstation.
  8. Drumbeat

    Jobs advice - Victoria

    I'm not sure if this is much help but I know that work for mechanical draftsmen has picked up considerably in Perth recently as my OH manages a drawing office.
  9. Drumbeat

    Anywhere I can buy a hot water bottle?

    I think pharmacies also stock them
  10. Drumbeat


    It's not that it's not doable but Perth is expensive and people emigrate here hoping to live in a nice beachside house with a more comfortable lifestyle.
  11. Drumbeat


    Well I was going to edit my rather grumpy earlier post but looks like I can't!
  12. Drumbeat


    Pay scales for teachers in WA are here: http://det.wa.edu.au/careers/detcms/navigation/teachers-and-school-leaders/employment-conditions/salaries-and-teaching-levels/ I've lived in Perth for nearly 30 years and believe me $100,000 a year is not a massive salary, but it seems you're not interested in the opinions of people who live here.
  13. Drumbeat

    The weather 😁

    This is the most gorgeous photo
  14. So you've connected it already?
  15. Is there an antenna on your house?