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  1. The Tv Series "Years and Years" is scaring me to death
  2. Drumbeat

    Is this really summer in Australia ?

    No heating required in Perth. Just before I took this photo it was reading 43C
  3. Drumbeat

    The truth about Australia's immigration policies

    Another troll, it must be the time of year or something
  4. Drumbeat

    This is ridiculous

    50 posts in 24 hours isn't normal behaviour Good time to use the ignore function.
  5. Drumbeat

    This is ridiculous

    What a load of garbage, go and troll elsewhere
  6. Drumbeat

    RIP Clive James

    Just watched a lovely tribute on the ABC. I'd forgotten about his Postcards series, hopefully it's still available to watch somewhere.
  7. Drumbeat

    Black Friday sales

    I don't do well on small planes or boats so don't think Hummock Island is the place for me . I'm OK on short ferry trips.
  8. Drumbeat

    Black Friday sales

    A couple of years ago I suggested to my husband that we move to Bruny Island - he wasn't keen
  9. Drumbeat

    Black Friday sales

    I think you've missed my point, it relates to a celebration (Thanksgiving) we don't actually have.
  10. Drumbeat

    Black Friday sales

    It's all the advertising and total irrelevance that irritates me. Everything seems to be on permanent sale these days anyway
  11. Drumbeat

    Black Friday sales

    No, it's the day after Thanksgiving which marks the unofficial start of the Christmas season. I hadn't even heard of it until a couple of years ago now every shop or business is having a Black Friday sale
  12. Drumbeat

    Black Friday sales

    Why are we having Black Friday sales in the UK and Australia when we don't celebrate Thanksgiving?? It's annoying the heck out of me
  13. Drumbeat

    Is London really this bad ?

    You're out of touch - Perth's population is over 2.1 million.
  14. Drumbeat

    Newcastle upon Tyne

    I haven't lived in Newcastle since 1986 but I'll always be a Geordie. My sister and I were on the Quayside in August, we loved the town beach. When we were kids no-one would have thought the Quayside would become a cultural centre.
  15. Drumbeat

    Alternatives to kennels when going abroad

    Most kennels are booked up for Xmas and New Year months in advance. We use a housesitting site (https://mindahome.com.au/) and have had some great sitters but again you've left it a bit late.