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  1. Drumbeat

    Post a random picture of your day

    Apparently a large number of cars in Perth were built without these - you may have noticed
  2. Drumbeat

    what are you doing right now?

    Or maybe she has a proactive Dr who wants to provide good healthcare? It really shits me when Dr's are accused of 'getting kick backs' just because they are thorough.
  3. Drumbeat

    Paramedic or Midwife?!

    They are very different professions. I've worked as a Nurse and a Midwife but there is no way I could work as a Paramedic. You need to decide which best suits your personality and skills.
  4. Do you mean Moo Goo? I use the ordinary one as a moisturiser but I believe they are good for many people with skin issues.
  5. Drumbeat

    how to set up utilities

    I could be mistaken then, perhaps our property manager just checks the tenant has done it.
  6. Drumbeat

    how to set up utilities

    If you are renting through a Property manager they should arrange to transfer the utilities into your name at the start of your lease.
  7. When I trained a long time ago it was hospital based and our second year was spent in the specialities eg A&E, obstetrics, geriatrics, psych. It worked very well as there was always something new to look forward to.
  8. Drumbeat

    Current cost of living in Perth

    Interesting, I wasn't aware of that.
  9. Drumbeat

    Current cost of living in Perth

    Benji1980 and I are both in WA
  10. Drumbeat

    Current cost of living in Perth

    Not always. We pay the water rates on our investment property but the tenants pay for water useage.
  11. Drumbeat

    Withdrawing from visa application

    I haven't been to Geraldton for many years but I believe it's quite a decent town these days. There's also some lovely areas to visit not too far away.
  12. Drumbeat

    Dog friendly?

    You'll find Australia has a lot more restrictions around dogs compared to Europe. Cafe's are becoming more dog friendly as long as you sit outside but dogs aren't allowed in hotels, restaurants, on public transport or in National Parks. There is more dog friendly holiday accomodation around these days but they will sometimes stipulate the dog has to be outside. Most public spaces you can take them on a lead and there are some specified dog beaches. Another thing to remember is that for half of the year it is too hot to leave a dog in the car while you pop into the shops, so they need to be left at home. However, there are still plenty of dog owners here so it's not all bad. It's ridiculous that they closed the quarantine facilities in Perth, another added stress in the whole process. Good luck with whatever you decide.
  13. I'm not that interested really, you're the one who brought up the subject of taxes
  14. But you're now living in Australia, have you paid any taxes here?