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  1. Drumbeat

    Bye Bye Baby

    I saw them at Newcastle City Hall, it must have been in 1975.
  2. We are due to flu to Tassie next Friday (3rd attempt) and Perth has gone into a 3 day lockdown - we were sure we would get there this time
  3. Sorry to hear this, end of life care is much more peaceful and dignified these days
  4. That's such a shame, I wouldn't be happy living down there either. But my brother-in-law has lived there for years (not in one of the new areas though).
  5. But you choose to live down there (I'm guessing you're around Mandurah), you can't blame Australia for your choice of suburb! Take a trip out to Kalamunda one day, that's an amazingly active community.
  6. No, you're missing the point of the women's protests - don't be condescending, I am entitled to post my views.
  7. Yes, they do. But you stated 'Let the women walk out in "numbers" if they feel so unsafe' - women should be safe to walk alone the same as men.
  8. You seem very anti-woman, women have every right to be able to walk the streets safely.
  9. Drumbeat


    It's unusual to be able to salary sacrifice so much, working for WA Health the amount is $9000. NGO's usually have a higher limit.
  10. Drumbeat

    If you were a burglar......

    Eh, I was being lighthearted - our safe has a key pad. Stop looking for offence where it wasn't intended!
  11. Drumbeat

    If you were a burglar......

    They have a digital keypad these days
  12. I long ago stopped buying it.
  13. I've corrected it - happy now??
  14. I occasionally have a cappuccino or a flat white - I've had a couple recently that I've enjoyed but I find it a bit and miss. I worked in the CBD until recently and most of the workers there troop down to their favourite cafe every morning to pick up a coffee. I always wondered how many hours were wasted while they all stood in line waiting