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  1. Oh God, don't consider coming for less that 2 - 3 weeks, it'll take 2 days to start feeling human again after the flight......
  2. I'm not really convinced you need to stick to South of the river to be close to the airport. Somewhere like Leederville might also suit you and has plenty going on, or Maylands which is a nice, trendy suburb these days.
  3. Dentist - crown's

    That does sound quite reasonable, my dentist charges $1600 for a crown. I've been gradually having my horrible NHS amalgam fillings replaced and some have required crowns as there is so little tooth left - only 3 left to do . It's taken a lot of courage to get this far.....
  4. Best house sitting website for Brisbane

    We've been using https://mindahome.com.au and have found some great housesitters through it.
  5. The weather 😁

    Nothing wrong with Whitley Bay I spent many a happy afternoon on the beach there when we were kids. My oldest friend still lives there.
  6. He can't just 'cancel a marriage', I'm assuming he means apply for annulment. Either way he sounds like a moron and she's probably well rid of him Oh Lord, I've just realised this is a very old post - apologies for dragging it up!
  7. Assurance of Support

    This is why it is an Assurance of Support, so the burden does not fall on the Australian Government!
  8. 11th Aussiversary

    I've been here in Perth 28 years. Bit tired of Perth but we're stuck here until hubby retires and then planning to move elsewhere, possibly Tasmania.
  9. Emigrating to Secret Harbour Perth

    Secret Harbour is nearer Rockingham than Perth, do you know where you or your partner will be working?
  10. The weather 😁

    Casper should be on the Scottish tourism site, he's a sweetheart.
  11. Yes, same in WA. It's supposedly done as a cost cutting exercise (less high level positions) but nobody in their right mind believes it!
  12. Returning to Blighty after nearly 8 years in Queensland!!

    Did it always require a degree? I vaguely remember there being some theatre technicians when I did my stint in OT.
  13. Rough Guide - Guess top destination for 2018

    Newcastle upon Tyne is my hometown and I still class myself as a Geordie despite not having lived there for 30 years. As Caramac says it has everything except the weather . My Aussie husband loves it and if we ever win Lotto we'd buy a house in Northumberland.
  14. Returning to Blighty after nearly 8 years in Queensland!!

    Is this a fairly recent qualification? I trained and worked in the NHS in the 80's and it's not something I've ever heard of?
  15. Hi Cheryl, I found this thread interesting as I have had mild psoriatic arthritis for a couple of years and live in Perth. I am finding my joints are much stiffer in the Perth heat but spent a few weeks in Europe in their summer and was much better. Whether the improvement was also related to being on holiday, no stresses etc I'm not sure. I suspect there's no 'one size fit's all' with relation to weather and arthritis and we're actually considering moving to Tasmania when we retire although will probably plan to spend the winter somewhere slightly warmer.