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  1. Drumbeat

    Do you feel sorry for them or not?

    We've just returned from Sweden and I can't imagine the Swedes would be impressed with this sort of carry on Unless they were in some village in the back of beyond I would have thought they could have found a room somewhere especially at this time of year!
  2. Drumbeat

    Help with what to take, what to leave!

    Bring your warm clothes, it can get very cold at night after a clear day, it was around 5C last night.
  3. Drumbeat

    Fun things for non-drinkers and vegans

    As you don’t live here I guess it’s not really an issue is it?
  4. Drumbeat


    Do you actually have any skills to offer??
  5. Drumbeat

    I don't think this is racism but.....

    So does the Australian worker thinks members of local social clubs such as Italian Clubs, Croatian Clubs, Irish Clubs are all racist? I suspect she doesn’t understand the meaning of the term ‘rascist’
  6. Drumbeat

    Post a random picture of your day

    Oops, duplicate post
  7. Drumbeat

    Post a random picture of your day

    Travelling on the Northbound Hurtigruten coastal voyage in Norway (the second photo was actually yesterday)
  8. Drumbeat

    Seriously thinking of making the leap to Oz

    When did you last visit? I'm trying to think if it's changed much in the last 18 years, it's certainly changed a lot in the almost 30 years that I've been here.
  9. Drumbeat

    Seriously thinking of making the leap to Oz

    Yes, I think the prices have pretty steady. I certainly haven't seen any screaming bargains around.
  10. Drumbeat

    Seriously thinking of making the leap to Oz

    I think that varies between State and also depending on the housing market. I've bought several houses in WA and have always paid below the asking price.
  11. Drumbeat


    So you've been living here for 10 years?? Your first post gives the impression you've only just returned.
  12. Drumbeat


    But surely you knew the price of houses/rents etc before you moved back?
  13. Drumbeat

    Bad childhood, no one loved me

    No, there are plenty of successful people around who had a difficult childhood. It makes my blood boil when I see some innocent person whose life has been destroyed by some arsehole who uses their drug use as an excuse
  14. Drumbeat

    Onshore Defacto Visa Application

    I don't believe you can enter on a tourist visa with a one way ticket and I suspect Immigration have ways of finding that out.
  15. Drumbeat

    Perth Transit

    If arriving on an International flight and then changing to a different airline I'm pretty sure you will need to clear Immigration and Customs and then transfer to the Virgin Domestic terminal. You can't usually check in for a flight more than 3 hours prior unless it's booked as a connecting flight.