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  1. Drumbeat

    What Book are you reading??

    Yes, me too. No-one has mentioned Marion Keyes yet, I'm a big fan of her writing
  2. Drumbeat

    What Book are you reading??

    Being a Geordie I love Vera (although some of the fake accents make me cringe), I haven't read the books yet but planning too (as well as Shetland)
  3. It's been a beautiful day
  4. Drumbeat

    Is Dan Andrews doing the right thing?

    No he wasn't on Jobkeeper, you'd have to be on a pretty low wage to be better off with it.
  5. Drumbeat

    Is Dan Andrews doing the right thing?

    We are very fortunate compared to other States and countries but I'm sure the hundreds of people who lost their jobs and can't pay their bills do not describe it as 'normal'
  6. Drumbeat

    Is Dan Andrews doing the right thing?

    I don't consider not being able to travel to to other states for a holiday normal and my husband not working for six months is distinctly abnormal!
  7. Drumbeat

    Rego and motor injury insurance

    Third party Insurance is included in the your car registration, most drivers would have comprehensive insurance.
  8. It should be a moderate amount of healthy fats, not high fat. I struggle to cut out bread and biscuits even though I know it works
  9. Drumbeat

    We have finally arrived in Perth

    Great news that you've arrived I work in the CBD Tues - Fri so if there's anything you need, send me a message and I can arrange to drop it off for you.
  10. Drumbeat

    House prices going up??

    Houses are still selling well in the Perth Hills. If our early retirement plans work out we'll potentially be selling 3 properties in the next year (1 is a deceased estate) and buying in Tasmania!
  11. We were hoping to spend our 25th wedding anniversary there but had resigned ourselves to holidaying closer to home . I'm thinking maybe A trip in February now - assuming the WA border is also open then.
  12. Drumbeat

    Which airlines?

    Something that I have seen at work
  13. Drumbeat

    Which airlines?

    The number of people arriving into WA recently has actually been been well under the 525 limit per week.
  14. Drumbeat

    Which airlines?

    Airline Facebook pages are always full of complaints even without a pandemic. I usually use Skytrax to check reviews: https://www.airlinequality.com/airline-reviews/qatar-airways/