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  1. Drumbeat


    Perth has a lovely hills area, we loved living there - it’d definitely not all flat
  2. Drumbeat


    There is nothing wrong with Leederville, it’s a very expensive area. Hilary’s and surrounding suburbs are lovely, family areas - I’ve never seen the attraction in Rockingham and Mandurah, too far from the city for me. Take no notice of the critics on here, decide what’s best for your family and if it’s Perth give it a go.
  3. Drumbeat

    Lucy Letby - accused baby killer

    They did try but there are processes to follow (which the hospital management seem to have blatantly overlooked). Even if they'd gone to someone outside the hospital (in the Trust) I think it would have been referred back to the hospital to investigate.
  4. Drumbeat

    Lucy Letby - accused baby killer

    I do think she’s quilty but she has never confessed. The fact that she was moved from the Neonatal Unit to the Risk management dept when under suspicion just beggars belief.
  5. Drumbeat

    Lucy Letby - accused baby killer

    As a former Neonatal nurse I’m astonished and appalled by this case. The lack of proper investigation and reporting by the hospital management into the unit’s mortality rate is deplorable. We’ll probably never know if she is truly guilty but I’m sure if I had had so many patients die suddenly while in my care I would have changed careers.
  6. Drumbeat

    Working as a mental health nurse

    No it was salary sacrifice, I worked for WA Health so no expenses for me . You could also put money on an Entertainment Card for dining out, my friends did this but I never bothered.
  7. Drumbeat

    Working as a mental health nurse

    As you say it depends on what you're employer offers. The package I used I was able to claim living expenses so I submitted my credit card statements up to the annual limit and a monthly payment was made into my bank account so I actually did get money back.
  8. I’m assuming you’re not in the UK in which case there is info here and a form to complete : https://www.gov.uk/voluntary-national-insurance-contributions/deadlines
  9. I did this a couple of years ago, I think you need to fill a form in and they send you the details. I’ll see if I can find it on their website.
  10. Sending my condolences to you and your family. It’s the toughest part of being an expat
  11. So sorry to hear about your sweet Chloe, it’s so hard to lose our beloved pets . Your little foxies look like typical naughty terriers, I’m sure they will provide much love and laughter. X
  12. Drumbeat

    Home care, Rehab costs post surgery 143 visa

    It sounds like they may require Silver Chain services after discharge so it may be worth looking into how that works in your State.
  13. You’re quite right to vent. When I was a Student Nurse many moons ago, we were taught to set up patient’s meal trays so they could reach their food. I still do it when I’m visiting older people in hospital.
  14. https://search.jobs.wa.gov.au/page.php?pageID=160&windowUID=0&AdvertID=322109 This link is for a position with WA health, hope it helps to give you an idea of what’s around
  15. No different for a mortgage and I don’t believe there is any difference for maternity leave as long as you have been employed for the qualifying period. I have a friend who’s country of birth doesn’t allow dual nationality so she has been PR for over 30 years.