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  1. https://search.jobs.wa.gov.au/page.php?pageID=160&windowUID=0&AdvertID=322109 This link is for a position with WA health, hope it helps to give you an idea of what’s around
  2. No different for a mortgage and I don’t believe there is any difference for maternity leave as long as you have been employed for the qualifying period. I have a friend who’s country of birth doesn’t allow dual nationality so she has been PR for over 30 years.
  3. I’m surprised you say that data protection isn’t a big thing in Australia yet. I recently retired from the Health IT sector in WA and it’s definitely an expanding department there. A former colleague of mine completed a Masters in Cyber Security about a year ago so I’m guessing she saw an increasing need in that area of Project Management.
  4. Drumbeat

    Australian and UK Covid Responses

    I have seen bullying and I don’t tolerate it.
  5. Drumbeat

    Australian and UK Covid Responses

    I despise bullies
  6. Drumbeat

    Australian and UK Covid Responses

    Why have you dug up a 12 month old post, so you can have a go at Happy Heart?
  7. Drumbeat

    Where do i stand

    Have you actually viewed the property?
  8. Sending my condolences . We had to make the awful decision for our girl a few months ago, I was heartbroken
  9. Drumbeat

    Post a random picture of your day

    Is that in Devonport Toots?
  10. Drumbeat

    Retiring in Tasmania

    We were planning to retire in Tasmania from Perth but on our last visit I really felt I wouldn’t enjoy the longer winters. We were there at the beginning of May and it was already dropping to 2 degrees in Launceston at night. We love the Huon valley and Hobart area so will continue to enjoy holidays there instead.
  11. I saw an interview with Angus Young from AC/DC recently and he looked surprisingly young - apparently he’s teetotal but a heavy smoker.
  12. Great to hear it all went well and you had the best of care.
  13. Drumbeat

    National insurance stamps

    It's easier to call them. I sent a form requesting a pension forecast and they sent me an e-mail saying I hadn't provided enough information and asked me to complete a form with the information I'd already provided! I phoned them up and they were very helpful and sorted it out for me. For the yearly payments they post out a letter with the amount required and instructions on how to pay it electronically.
  14. Drumbeat

    National insurance stamps

    Yes. I have. I was able to back pay 6 years and commence yearly payments. The Dept sent me the required amounts and making the payments can be done online.