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  1. simmo

    China reopens live meat markets

    Processing. In China they are kept in cages stacked up. The animals are s##tting and p##sing all over each other. The Chinese eat a lot of animals whilst it's still alive. It's wrong.
  2. simmo

    Corona Virus

    Sorry parley. One of my symptoms was brain fog. I was discharged the next night. After a few hours on oxygen to get my level safe. They flushed me through with antibiotics and some other stuff (redex?) And sent me home. Unless you need a ventilator that's pretty much all they can do. My blood showed secondary bacterial infection in lungs and guts which. It's risk of these bacterial infections why they don't want anyone in the hospital. Apparently they are the cause of a lot of the deaths.
  3. simmo

    Corona Virus

    After a few hours in triage and after chest xrays they formally admitted me, which is why i was able to get tested. Also because my blood oxygen was very low.
  4. simmo

    Corona Virus

    I had a swab test and blood tests but my GP hasn't been able to get the results from the hospital. I will get the antibody test as soon as it's available. It's the antibody one that's important so I can go out and volunteer and see my old dad.
  5. simmo

    Corona Virus

    To the PIO Family. Just reading through the thread and completely choked up!! (god damn you!). Probs boring for you but for the last 12 months at work i have been stepping up to cover for my inept managers who have been in a grievance with each other meaning i have been managing a team (under resourced) and covering 3x roles on my own. During this i came down with this covid thing and the only support I have had was from a colleague in a different region who subsequently came down with it (very seriously) himself. HR (human remains) have been hopeless. Whilst the shower that where my line management where bickering, I could barely get out of bed to use the bathroom! and they didn't even know. So as soon as this is all over some home truths coming the way of my CEO. Anyway .. you lot!! knowing that you care has meant so much. I know we disagree on some (most) things but you are like extended family (I disagree with my real family a lot too). Please stay safe and take this very seriously - not just for yourselves but for those around you. Love you all xxxxx
  6. simmo

    Corona Virus

    I'm much better and improving each day. Still feeling rough around the gills but 100x better than I was. Thanks everyone for caring, you have been a great comfort. Stay safe everyone!
  7. simmo

    Corona Virus

    Must be why they put me on 2 types antibiotics. They seem to be drawing bad stuff out through my mouth and gums. I had a good day yesterday though, as in I stayed awake all day. Disturbing lucid dreams and audio hallucinations like someone driving nails into wood - tap tap tap pause then tap tap tap again. I've lost 7 kilos and rediscovered a neck I forgot I had. I'm eating a bit better now (even if it does go straight through me). Every organ in my body feels like it's had a good kicking but I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. My work colleague was taken into hospital yesterday, exactly the same symptoms as me. Anyway it's looking like you are going to be stuck with me a little while longer. Xx
  8. simmo

    Corona Virus

    I called 999 last night and got taken in to the special isolation unit. I managed to get tested and will get results in 2 days. They are sure it's covid though. They also think that I might have a bacterial lung infection also so lots of antibiotics.
  9. simmo

    Corona Virus

    Where can I get this fabled test?
  10. simmo

    Corona Virus

    The kids are fine and the mrs seems to have had mild symptoms.
  11. simmo

    Corona Virus

    Tbh I'm struggling. I don't seem to have made any improvement in 2 weeks (tomorrow). I'm not eating at all and my temp was 38.5 yesterday. I have a gp telephone appointment tomorrow morning so will lay it on thick.
  12. The Mrs is coping well and returning to work tomorrow. The kids are bored but in good health. My dad thank goodness is ok and has been calling me every day to check on me which is a complete role reversal. His multiple myeloma puts him on the high risk list and he seems to be taking it seriously. Stay safe.
  13. Still on the mend today pal....? I had a pretty good day yesterday. Temperature shot up briefly in the afternoon but slept ok. Not feeling too bad this morning. Thanks.
  14. Hope your feeling better soon pal....... As an update. Symptoms have been mild today. This time yesterday i thought I was going to have to call 999 now I feel reasonably well. Fingers crossed it's on its way out. The worst thing about this though is that it comes in wave after wave, you think you're getting better then you get hit with another one. I have never experienced anything like this in my life if and hope it never too again. Stay well everyone and thanks for your thoughts.
  15. simmo

    Corona Virus

    Well done for doing what you do. All of the key workers like you deserve a special medal when we get through this..