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  1. simmo

    How Fascism Works

    I turned off after the blatant attempt at brainwashing with the imagery in the first 5 seconds.
  2. simmo

    How is Trump doing so far?

    bit like the remain campaign
  3. simmo

    The Australian Flag

    can you submit your entry
  4. simmo

    The Australian Flag

    good idea! lets have a PIO Aussie flag compo.
  5. simmo

    Fair or Not Fair?

    Likewise there a a few women i'd rather not take on in or out of my weight category!! interestingly men and women are more or less identical when it comes to shoulder width (skeletally). Med are broader due to muscle only. (strange but true)
  6. simmo

    Fair or Not Fair?

    in the interests of fairness. I don't have daughters but wonder if those that have would be fine if you daughter was a serious (let's say) judo(ist?) and she did really well progressing through the league tables and was beaten to a place in the national team someone born a man that now identifies as a woman? Question to parents/grandparent of daughters
  7. simmo

    The (all new) Brexit Thread

    haven't you..?
  8. simmo

    Fair or Not Fair?

    in most circumstances someone born a female would be at a disadvantage against a born male in athletics, contact sport and sports where hand-eye coordination is important.
  9. simmo

    Fair or Not Fair?

    Is it all about testosterone levels? https://www.9news.com.au/2018/10/07/21/45/60-minutes-hannah-mouncey-aflw-transgender-player
  10. simmo

    Fair or Not Fair?

    The boxing would be entertaining. In the red corner an aussie meth head - in the blue corner a pomme high on spice.
  11. simmo

    Fair or Not Fair?

    no sh!t
  12. simmo

    Pain killers

    Sorry to hear that. Best of luck with your treatment.
  13. simmo

    Fair or Not Fair?

    Generally male athletes are able to build more muscle, they are also different skeletal differences between males and females also the male/female brain is different.
  14. simmo

    Fair or Not Fair?

    With respect, I wouldn't class your tennis match as conclusive proof either way.