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    1. Tower Block Fire ladbroke grove

      Grenfell death toll may fall as 'fraudsters have invented missing loved ones' who would have thought.....
    2. Brexit

    3. Brexit

      I'll help you out and change the subject back to that bloody bus again...
    4. Brexit

      that there is the sound of a pin dropping...
    5. Brexit

      Let the Mogg explain go to 18:25
    6. Brexit

      the solution is simple. The UK doesn't put in a hard border. If the EU requires a border it sorts it out with Eire (who are welcome to tell them what to do with it)
    7. Brexit

      Back to Brexit. Guido
    8. Explosion on tube train @ Parsons Green.

      Fostering can be quite lucrative but unless there is evidence otherwise the only thing they are guilty of is being gullible and if that is the case then that's about half of population. Or more accurately 48%
    9. Brexit

      You can still change your mind. Come over to the winners enclosure.
    10. Brexit

      You are a remainer .
    11. Brexit

      Benny hill "you sirry irriot" Sorry 😂
    12. Brexit

      The 350m was hardly repeated over and over. It was rolled out once on the side of a bus, the media and remoaners wet thier panties and it was ridiculed for the next 6 months. The psychology was going in the other direction.
    13. Brexit

      So you decide what people believe now?
    14. Brexit

      All they are doing is making a bad deal more likely . cutting the nose off to spite the face.
    15. Brexit

      "wilful distortion" sums up the remain agenda perfectly.