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  1. Very sad. What a class act! One of my favourite English actresses ever!
  2. Anyone heard from @newjez Hope he's OK.
  3. simmo

    The Official Weather Thread

    I know I get easily confused but does global warming cause more or less typhoons?
  4. 20220807_122003.mp4 20220807_122003.mp4 20220807_122003.mp4 I just missed Lenny Goodman. 20220807_122003.mp4
  5. simmo

    Just can't settle here

    I just had a nose around and found https://www.pomsinoz.com/forum/19-socialising-hobbies-clubs-sport/ You might be able to connect with some sociable people on there.
  6. I would if I was there.
  7. simmo

    The Official Weather Thread

    Hosepipe bans more to do with uncontrolled population growth, massive programmes of house building over the last 10 years and an aging infrastructure that simply cannot cope. No one is willing to accept what stress mass uncontrolled immigration puts on the environment - ecological as well as socioeconomic.
  8. Great news for the GBR https://www.aims.gov.au/sites/default/files/2022-08/AIMS_LTMP_Report_on GBR_coral_status_2021_2022_040822F3.pdf
  9. Obsessed much....
  10. simmo

    Australian and UK Covid Responses

    Are the jabbed more susceptible?
  11. We call it the "friendly games".
  12. simmo

    Cost of Living.

    damn brexit!
  13. simmo

    Cost of Living.