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  1. simmo

    Does dating get harder the older you get?

    Apart from what you see is what you get. Rather than a filtered picture of someone 10 years ago.
  2. Yes the Greeks, Italian, Spanish even Turks make great coffee. The little independent cafés are where to get it. We even have them here
  3. I never go to those. So many great little cafés do real coffee for half the price.
  4. The shots are the same size. The rest is water and frothy milk with a pretty pattern. Some facts; Coffee is as good (probs better) in Europe than Australia. The Aussie coffee thing is Aussies being Aussies desperately trying to be to the best in the world at something (anything). The term long white or flat white is a bastardisation of something available for hundreds of years in Europe just called something else you just need to know what you are ordering. The op in its article post ed a picture of a bloke posing beside an Italian coffee machine. I suppose these are modified to make "Aussie coffee"
  5. I had a very good NZ Sauvignon blanc the other day. It was only about £7 too. So asking what should I be looking out for? This is the one that impressed.
  6. What is "Australian style coffee"?
  7. simmo

    Australian and UK Covid Responses

    Glitter. I know it pains a lot of people but credit where it's due.
  8. simmo

    Australian and UK Covid Responses

    It must be said, the UK vaccination program has been world class.
  9. simmo

    Project Man Cave

    Omg! Look at the top picture... Could that be a ghost of dockyard Dorris ?
  10. simmo

    Project Man Cave

    old scaffold boards and floor boards
  11. My Dad had his first c***d jab last week.
  12. simmo

    One hit wonders

    Great memories of me and 3 mates driving across America (returning hire cars) . Playing this over and over on the cassette player.
  13. simmo

    Project Man Cave

    Not the same as real pubs with real people though... I'm going to a secret pub tomorrow but can't talk about it.
  14. simmo

    Project Man Cave

    Its a big scene here. I'm a member of a couple of FB mancave groups and some of them are amazing.