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  1. not really amazing .. just a very basic right.
  2. I find at amazing how you people still can't grasp the fact that we want control back, we don't want an army of EU negotiators, we want a regiment of British negotiators who BTW are well established. If we need to subsidise our farmers we will need to do it directly not by paying the EU for them to divi up with 27 other countries.
  3. So basicly the UK will need to do what the EU does now but cutting out the middle man?
  4. Brexit will REDUCE food, wine and clothes costs by 20% - Rees-Mogg fires back at Remainers EXCLUSIVE: Leaving the European Union (EU) will reduce people’s food, wine and clothes bills by up to 20 per cent, said Brexiteer Jacob Rees-Mogg.
  5. The news comes in stark contrast to the ‘brexodus’ from the City widely predicted by remain campaigners; the survey went unreported in the remain press. Funny that…
  7. Just had a delicious chicken, avocado, mozerella and pesto panini with a cold bottle of bud in my bestest little Italian café. Shame they will have to go.😉
  8. The EU did that did it? or was it NATO
  9. i'm on it..
  10. Fake News
  11. in English?
  12. coming soon
  13. Brexit BOOM! British exports in RECORD SURGE after vote to ditch the EU, new figures show BRITISH exports have boomed by a massive 5.8 per cent since the country voted to leave the European Union, new Government figures revealed last night.