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  1. simmo


    Germany now in recession with France and Ireland not looking too good either.
  2. It's all a bit secret squirrel at the moment.
  3. simmo


    I think overall it does. If you read all of it.
  4. simmo


    When you cut through politics and anti brexit propaganda it's not bad at all. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-gloucestershire-65390109
  5. I used to love Rolf's "two little boys". It's a very moving piece. I used to sing it to my 2 little boys . Such a shame that's taken away.
  6. #huntersLaptop appears to be trending on twitter.
  7. simmo

    Political correctness gone mad

    So you believe 50% of RAF pilots should be woman?
  8. simmo


    socialism for ya.
  9. simmo


    Good news is the UK AUS NZ trade agreement kicks in today so you can at least consol yourselves with some quality British produce.
  10. I must disagree. The tree thing looks like what Bob Ross would knock out in half an hour whereas the buildings have great depth. But hey art is different things to different people. vive la difference.
  11. simmo

    Political correctness gone mad

    Applicants seeking to join RAF described as 'useless white male pilots' in bid to hit 'impossible' diversity targets Leaked emails show the pressure apparently being applied to filter out white male recruits and fast-track women and ethnic minorities. It can also be revealed 31 white men are to receive £5,000 each to compensate them for being unfairly disadvantaged by the approach. https://news.sky.com/story/raf-recruiters-were-advised-against-selecting-useless-white-male-pilots-to-hit-diversity-targets-12893684 What an insult to the White male pilots that have given their lives.
  12. simmo

    How is Megan doing so far?

    USA not Australia