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  1. Perthbum

    White Privilege?

    Why can’t people accept other people’s opinions, discuss if you don’t agree but to give personal abuse shows what type of person you really are, but sad to be honest on an Internet forum that topics cannot be posted without the usual suspects getting their knickers in a twist, ffs grow up.
  2. Perthbum

    Is this right?

    Grow up FFS
  3. Perthbum

    Is this right?

    The kids ain’t bothered and take it in their stride, it’s the adults who are for whatever reason outraged
  4. Perthbum

    Is this right?

    Wrong, kids aint confused its the adults, thinking about it its far better to learn about the world at a young age and then they will see its really nothing to be ashamed of, better to learn this way than to be told that gays and transgender people are the work of the devil by adults as they grow up. We are all different and this is actually a good nice way of showing kids its just the way some people are, they also by all accounts love the shows.
  5. Perthbum

    Is this right?

    No big deal to be honest, adults kicking up a fuss when the kids dont care, they will just not relate anything till they get older and then will not be bothered anyway, think the adults are being homophobic to be honest.
  6. Perthbum

    Princes Dianna

    Effectively killed by the media.
  7. Perthbum

    Is this right?

    UK Council to Host ‘Drag Queen Story Time’ in Heavily Muslim Populated Area of London with Muhammad as a drag Queen. What could possibly go wrong?
  8. Perthbum

    Is this right?

    Seems other Countries are happy with the shows, maybe we need to grow up a bit. Looking for something to do this February Half Term? Come along to our first family show of the season - Drag Queen Story Time is a fun, inclusive storytelling session for ages 3+, coming to us 21 Feb. Tickets FREE to book. Find out more: http://bit.ly/383KhHF @dqst_uk
  9. Perthbum

    How is Megan doing so far?

    Fair play to them, not need the royal family with sex offenders in it
  10. Perthbum

    Are you racist quiz

    you lied on the quiz
  11. Perthbum

    Australia and Climate Change

    ohhh dear, not a climate denier are we.
  12. Perthbum

    Are you racist quiz

    take the quiz
  13. Perthbum

    Are you racist quiz

    Bet you will be racist if you take the quiz
  14. Perthbum

    The (all new) Brexit Thread

    They are all here and we have left the EU job done, so why should they post, its only the bitter and twisted who cannot accept we have left who are still commenting, it aint going to change mate, the UK has left the EU.
  15. Perthbum

    Are you racist quiz

    Apparently I am racist https://www.proprofs.com/quiz-school/story.php?title=are-you-racist-quiz