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  1. Perthbum

    The (all new) Brexit Thread

    Sturgeon is an inept idiot, one half of the krankies but twice as funny
  2. I tell the new workers to throw a bucket of water over a fat fire in the kitchens, get them every time....
  3. Perthbum

    Small man syndrome

    why is 6' 6" horrible? why do you want your son to stop? wierd
  4. Perthbum

    Small man syndrome

    well done 2 inches out
  5. Perthbum

    Eliud Kipchoge - 2 hour marathon challenge.

    not really, they only cushion the strain on the ankles and knees, they dont make you run faster
  6. Perthbum

    Small man syndrome

    I do think it exists, shorter men do seem to be on average a bit more aggressive and angry, talking 5’ 8” and shorter.
  7. Perthbum

    Australia and Climate Change

    Small man syndrome mate.
  8. Perthbum

    Slaughter of the Kurds

    Russia is still close to turkey and are warm friends to at the present time, for 100 of years the relationship has been cold but they trade well together at the moment even if their political motives are a little different.
  9. Perthbum

    Australia and Climate Change

    You honestly really dont get it do you, so China emits more emissions that tonga? I will go slow so that it might sink in.....the only way to measure a countries emissions is by population divided into total emissions...per capita the USA has the highest in the world followed by Australia. p.s Australia drew the series, without smith you would have lost 4-1,,,, one man team.
  10. Perthbum

    The (all new) Brexit Thread

    Is that where a democratic vote was held and the people voted out. is that the one?
  11. Perthbum

    Slaughter of the Kurds

    So what do we do, no good ringing hands and saying its tragic, everyone knows it is tragic.
  12. Perthbum

    Australia and Climate Change

    Sure you do, as the second highest polluter per capita after USA you sure do know what you are doing.
  13. Perthbum

    Slaughter of the Kurds

    Russia is close to turkey as well, it should be interesting.
  14. Perthbum

    Australia and Climate Change

    Not you obviously, of course some selfish people wont care but the vast majority do care.