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  1. Hello, I moved to Australia from London 7.5 years ago. I’m married with no kids and I’m missing hanging out with UK friends, especially because I can’t travel home. If anyone is keen for a chat over a glass of wine or dinner in Brisbane, I’d be keen to hear from you. Victoria
  2. Hi, am I too late? Have you any left to sell? Thanks Vic
  3. HI, I have a fab BBQ that was v expensive and only 1 yr old. It is as clean as it can be but it has got charcoal residual that will never come off. Can I put it in a move cube or similar? All help gratefully rec'd! Thanks
  4. vcosta

    Medicals refered for more than 30 days ets connect

    HI Vanessa, My medical was a B graded with some significant history and it was referred on 15th March and I got the visa grant on 17th April - so took about 5 weeks, so it may only be just over a month, maybe less (as some people I know have had theirs go through quicker than this), or maybe longer. On the whole though they seem to be a bit hit and miss, but much quicker than they were around Jan time referrals. Don't worry, it will come. I know what the wait is like. Try to distract yourself for a bit and that will make the wait easier! Hang in there! V
  5. Wow - 5x is lots! Please can you tell me the name of your bank/mortgage lender as I am looking for one that would give me 4x salary. Did they offer you up to 5x your GROSS salary (ie before tax) or 5 x NET PAY (ie after tax)? I'm so excited at the prospect of being able to afford a great house now having read you post! I have no loans or anything, and a deposit of about $60,000. All info gratefully received! Victoria
  6. Not to worry I found out the info! Thanks v much!
  7. ​Oooo thanks! Sorry to be a pain, but how do I get a tax file number? Is there a tax office I can go to in Brisbane?
  8. HI All, I have been granted a permanent resident 189 visa (skilled independent), so I can work in Oz. Do I need to obtain the equivalent of an NI number once I arrive in Oz (3rd July) or anything else? I want to be able to apply for jobs as soon as I arrive, and I want to try and set up as much as possible so there are no delays when I get there. Many thanks for any help! ​Victoria
  9. vcosta

    Medicals refered for more than 30 days ets connect

    Don't worry, it probably won't be that long. My medical was referred for only 4.5 weeks and I then got the visa grant email! They have speeded up considerably in the last month or so and the grants are coming thick and fast! Hang in there!
  10. Sounds good! Thanks v much....so much to do! But anything is easier that getting the visa! )
  11. Hi Paisleylass and Mariewellu! Great to hear from you! That sounds good. I'm staying initially in a hotel (Punthill) which is pretty central, then going on a trip from 12th July for about 3 weeks or so. I'll need to get a sim card as soon as I arrive, but I'll check in with you guys on this website when I arrive as no other way to make contact. Looking forward to meeting you, Victoria
  12. Hi, when are you heading back to the UK. I'll be out there and in a position to do something in August. Would that be too late? ​Victoria
  13. Hi All, I finally have my visa grant (hurrah) and am moving out to Brisbane on 3rd July. I plan to stay in Brisbane, but am going to spend about 3 weeks travelling. I will be in Brisbane from 4th-11th July then probably back and staying in Brisbane long term from 4th August. I'm moving out there on my own, so would be great to make some friends out there if anyone is heading in that direction? Hope to hear from someone else in Brisvegas! ​Victoria
  14. vcosta

    January 2013 189 Visa

    Hmm, really sorry but I don't know the answer to this one. I just assumed that I had to get the ICAA to assess my employment as well as skills, but it may have been unnecessary. I saw a post a few months ago that said something along these lines, ie that ICAA didn't have to assess the employment, bt I would definitely check and wouldn't risk it unless you are sure as you will have to pay the fee when you submit the visa which is 2K, so you don't want to get it wrong. You could be cheeky and phone someone like visa bureau for help...or there are some agents on this site that might help, like the guy from Go Matilda..he is v helpful, but I can't remember his name... ​I'll have a look at one of my old posts which may help hang on...more later... Got it! It's Alan Collett from Go Matilda (he's the MD and super helpful). He post the following on one of my queries about the same sort of issue re: skilled employment... "Remember that having your skilled work experience validated by the skills assesing body is not a DIAC requirement - though it remains open to the DIAC case officer to request such validation." So perhaps you don't need to do it, but then you run the risk of having to get it done at a later stage....
  15. vcosta

    January 2013 189 Visa

    Just wanted to add, that doing your med and police check early is ok - as long as you don't need a whole year to organise your life before moving to Oz. I wanted to leave as soon as I had the visa as had already sold my house and resigned from my job, but if you think you need a long time once you have the visa to arrange things in the UK, then you might want to wait until your CO requests them.