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  1. cg9456

    190 Victoria Timelines

    No invite yet, still waiting! Did receive a letter about three weeks ago stating it was being reviewed by an officer though, so fingers crossed!
  2. Hey, during the Teach First PGCE my uni professor and in-school mentor both observed often so I just asked Canterbury Uni to provide a letter to that fact and they did
  3. cg9456

    190 Victoria Timelines

    Hey! We entered employment details for him, so it was obvious in the application that he was working in finance/towards becoming an accountant.
  4. cg9456

    190 Visa Processing Times

    Any progress yet? I finally lodged my application and passed medicals mid-June for the 190 and still waiting for an outcome
  5. cg9456

    190 Victoria Timelines

    Hey! Sorry for delay. I'm doing it all myself. Only issue I'm having is getting a Spanish criminal background check from my Erasmus days...! The Spanish consulate is simply ignoring all of my emails/calls and I don't know what to do. You?
  6. cg9456

    190 Victoria Timelines

    I've got no clue! My partner is a soon-to-be accountant so I just put Home Duties for them. Maybe quickly pay for a Skills Assessment just in case? In any case they have access to your EOI.
  7. cg9456

    190 Victoria Timelines

    Hey congratulations! And ditto. I also received an invitation to apply for the 190 so sent off my declaration too. Good luck!
  8. cg9456

    190 Visa Processing Times

    Any progress? I submitted my EOI and ROI on Friday (secondary school teacher).
  9. cg9456

    190 Victoria Timelines

    Hi all, I submitted my EOI and ROI for the 190 to Victoria on Friday. My occupation is "Secondary School Teacher" and I just wanted to get an idea on other's timelines for the process as well as sharing some of my own timeline too! Skills Assessment: Applied 21/03/23. Approved 20/04/23. PTE: sat and gained results 27/04/23. EOI (189 and 190) and ROI (Victoria) Submitted: Friday 28th April. Good luck everyone!
  10. I just got my AITSL skills assessment approved so I guess you were right.
  11. This whole thread is so frustrating. I just replied to the OP saying three Teach First graduates (is that different from a SCITT? I'm not sure?) got accepted by AITSL, one just last week!
  12. That is so weird? I know three people who did Teach First where Teach First chose their training school, but they then did a full-time PGCE alongside Teach First and all three of them were accepted (one literally one week ago!). This really makes no sense at all.