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  1. Tommy1990

    Do I pass the Residency test or not?!

    Not really. A visa is a visa, if the end goal is to live here permanently, then what’s the problem?
  2. Tommy1990

    Could my application be denied? over 12 months away?

    Got it. So in case I am stuck abroad for a few extra months totaling the time spent out of Australia for more than 1 year, will I still be able to apply? I read stories online where people applied and they got rejected because they spent too much time abroad
  3. Could my application be refused in this case? CitizenshipApplication: Landed with a tourist Visa on 15 February 2019. Been away from 10 March 2019 until 24 November 2019 where I re-entered Australia on the same previous Tourist Visa, which was still valid. Soon will be going on holiday from 1 May 2022 until 7 August 2022 (PR received onshore in 2020). I presume that because I will be out of Australia for a little bit over 12 months, between 15 February 2019 and 15 February 2023, even if I apply a few days later, my application could still be denied since the overall amount of time spent within 4 years period since my arrival in Australia, it is actually over the 12 months allowed?
  4. Tommy1990

    Do I pass the Residency test or not?!

    Did you mean you were away for 16 months so you had to wait further 4 months? Oh I see... so let's say I go abroad for 4 months tomorrow, that would be 13 months out of Australia in total, does that mean I will have to wait a further 4 months from Februry 2023 hence only can apply in June 2023? I thought it would reset it
  5. Tommy1990

    Do I pass the Residency test or not?!

    I get what you mean, but on the website of immigration, it states: "You need to live in Australia on a valid visa (tourist visas are included) for 4 years, and not be absent from Australia for more than 12 months". I have been absent from Australia for 9 months only, this is why the residency calculator says I meet the requirement to apply in February 2023. However, my question is, would the officer examining my application consider the application not valid since I didn't have a home/rental lease or any other ties here in Australia between February 2019 and November 2019? (other than my Australian wife).
  6. I hope someone can help me with this complex situation. I visited Australia as a tourist for the first time in my life for two weeks in FEBRUARY 2019 (visa 651) Then I went back to the UK for 9 months, where I resided for those 9 months. I then went again to Australia with the same VISITOR visa 651 on November 2019 and applied for PR onshore. I am currently holding a PR visa. Therefore being absent from Australia for a total of 9 months as of today. Does this mean I can apply for citizenship in February 2023? Or will it not be guaranteed since I only came to Australia with a visitor visa for 2 weeks only, and that was basically a holiday trip meant to explore the possibility of living in Australia, I did not actually reside here until November 2019, when I got a rental lease and applied for a permanent visa. I did the official calculation residency test and I passed: Yes, meets residency requirement test. However, Could the migration officer examining my citizenship application potentially say that I do not qualify, since in February 2019 I was in Australia only for 2 weeks and I was residing in Europe until November 2019? I don't want to apply in February 2023 just to have the application manually denied because of this... and I'd rather wait November 2023, but if there is nothing wrong in applying in February 2023 and the application gets automatically approved by the system then applying in February 2023 would be a good choice?