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  1. Joanna1312

    Visitor 651 pleasa asap!

    But it says that you can come to Australia as many times as you want in the 12 months period (and stay up to 3 months) that the visa is valid for and doesn't say how long y need to be away from Australia and come back.
  2. Joanna1312

    Visitor 651 pleasa asap!

    Hi everyone i have a 651 visitor visa and I have to leave by 10 of September cause its been 3 months already. Can i leave one night for new Zealand and come back the next day? Thank you
  3. Joanna1312

    Visitor Visa 651..leaving and returning.

    Any updates? I have exactly the same question...what did your mum do?
  4. Joanna1312

    E-visa 651

    My boyfriends was just after 2 months since the day they asked for more information
  5. Joanna1312

    When to apply for visitor visa

    If i have the 651 and Ive been in Australia almost 3 months, can i go to new Zealand for one night and come back to Australia to stay another 3 Months?
  6. Joanna1312

    Bridging visa B

    Like Bali, Fiji Thailand...
  7. Joanna1312

    Bridging visa B

    Hallo everyone! Just wondering, i came in Australia wirh the 651 tourist visa which allows you to stay in the country up to 3 months. Before the visa expired i applied for the 600 visitor visa (apply in Australia) . By the time the 651 expired i got a bridging A visa while im waiting for my 600 to get approved. I just wanna ask can i apply for the bridging visa B cause i wanma travel to the small islands around. And if yes, im planning to travel in September how long it usually takes to process? Thanks!
  8. Oh thank you so much for your response..so the fact that my passport expires is not gonna affect the decision of my application ?!
  9. Hi everyone. I applied for the 600 visitor (in Australia) 9 of may. Tommorow i have an appointment to renew my passport cause is gonna expired on September. Is the renewal gonna cancel my application? Do i have to do something specific? My application is still in status received. Help asap! Thanks!
  10. Joanna1312

    Visitor Visa 600 extension - onshore

    So im leaving with my sister who has 3 little kids . I haven't seen them 3 years. And i wanna stay more to help her and then in August go back all together...
  11. Joanna1312

    Visitor Visa 600 extension - onshore

    Hi guys. Im already in Australia with bridging A cause 9 of may i applied for the 600 visitor visa(while in Australia) . My question is.. My passport expires 18 September 2022 In my application i said that i wanna stay till August. Is there any possibility they're gonna refuse my visa application because of my passport? I also have an appointment to the embassy 21 of june to renew it . Thank you
  12. Joanna1312

    Visitors visa not granted and trip is approaching

    Thank you for your help.. appreciate that!
  13. Joanna1312

    Visitors visa not granted and trip is approaching

    Am i gonna have any issues with the already granted visa?
  14. Joanna1312

    Visitors visa not granted and trip is approaching

    I just got the visa !!!! 2 months and 1 day waiting. I wanna ask you should i withdraw the 600 application? I dont need that visa anymore!?
  15. Joanna1312

    600 visitor visa

    Hey! Nope.. nothing yet... still the status is received...