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  1. Isn't the obvious question here: if you find Nelson NZ boring, small town, isolated etc., what makes you think you Mandurah/Bunbury will be any different?
  2. DIG85

    Cost of Living.

    Absolute nonsense.
  3. DIG85


    Yes, phone Collet & Co. Surely you can obtain bank statements showing that your business-related income and expenditure ceased around 2014. Ask HMRC the basis for their belief that you traded after 2014. I think it is unlikely HMRC would take your pension, and they would need proof that you have undeclared income. They can't just take money out of your account willy-nilly.
  4. DIG85


    If you genuinely ceased your sole trader business (and had no other untaxed sources of UK income) then you have nothing to worry about. The ATO has no power to enforce UK tax law so that seems like an empty threat. HMRC can take money from your bank account but they need to be able to show that you owe them money. Is this definitely a letter from HMRC and not a fraudster? Probably worth giving them a call and explaining your situation.
  5. DIG85

    Dual Citizenship travel

    I’d be interested to know what statute or regulation the immigration officer quoted at your friend. There isn’t even any legal requirement for a British citizen to have a British passport (25% of the population don’t), so I’ve no idea how any requirement to enter the UK on a British passport can be enforced.
  6. DIG85

    Dual Citizenship travel

    Which kind of makes sense, because it is never illegal for an Australian citizen to enter Australia.
  7. DIG85

    Dual Citizenship travel

    I don’t disagree with anything you say. I have always been asked to provide an Australian passport at Heathrow when checking in to fly to Australia because by law the airline must satisfy itself that every passenger on the plane is entitled to enter Australia, on pain of severe financial penalties for the airline if it fails to do so. I always travel with two passports because there is no reason not to, however most of what one reads about “must” use such and such a passport to enter such and such country is simply false.
  8. DIG85

    Dual Citizenship travel

    I recall that exchange. Another participant in that thread stated that, when asking an official which passport they should use to enter the UK, they received a non-committal answer. I wouldn’t equate what the immigration official says with UK government policy or UK law. A lot of them don’t have a clue. I cannot see anything online which suggests that the UK government “expects” a British citizen to enter the UK on a UK passport, let alone that they “should”, still less that they “must”.
  9. DIG85

    Dual Citizenship travel

    Nope, there are several countries, citizens of which do not need a UK passport to enter the UK. Australia is one of them, as are EU countries.
  10. DIG85

    Dual Citizenship travel

    It says “should” actually. No one has ever been able to point to statute or regulation making it a requirement.
  11. DIG85

    Dual Citizenship travel

    I am not sure there is any practical distinction between the two. Either you are required to or you are not. There is nothing in statute or regulation AFAIK which requires a British citizen to enter the country on a British passport.
  12. DIG85

    Dual Citizenship travel

    I think that’s another myth tbh, just like the one that you need an Aus passport to enter Australia. Strictly speaking you don’t need any passport to enter a country of which you are citizen. It’s just a lot easier if you do have one.
  13. DIG85

    Dual Citizenship travel

    Why would they do that? Why would they even know you hold an Australian passport unless you had it in your hand or volunteered that information? I have often left Australia on an Australian passport and entered the UK on a UK passport and never had my Aus passport stamped on entry to the UK.
  14. DIG85

    Things you miss about Oz?

    Does that take into account the capital cost of the car? Because in my, admittedly little, experience, the cost of a car is far greater on Australia than the UK.
  15. DIG85

    Australian and UK Covid Responses

    There is none. Show me real world evidence. Don’t give me links to studies undertaken in highly-controlled environments or on mice. Show me evidence that NPIs work at a societal level. There is now a mountain of real word evidence that mask mandates in their varying forms of severity do nothing to prevent transmission. Taiwan, Aus and NZ currently have three of the highest infection rates in the world, and have had for several weeks now, yet all have mask mandates to some degree, particularly on public transport. In contrast to many European countries where mandates have been removed. NPIs cannot stop the spread of a virus. As I keep saying and will continue to keep saying.