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Found 201 results

  1. Thought I started a new thread for the citizenship application submitted in 2020. Applied Citizenship 25/03/2020 (myself and dependent child) Current citizenship New Zealand Invitation Awaiting Test Date Awaiting Approval Awaiting Ceremony Awaiting Cheers and god speed.
  2. How long is the waiting time for citizenship ceremony from City of Casey (Victoria)? I got my approval 4 months ago but yet to get invited for the ceremony.
  3. Hello Everyone Could Hume City Members comment on this forum as to how long after Approval we have to wait for ceremony? Kindly Share your timeline Thanks
  4. Hi all, When I’m eligible to apply for Australian citizenship, my UK passport (linked to my 186 visa) will have about 15 months until it expires. As the wait time for citizenship can be longer than this, should I renew my UK passport before I apply for citizenship? If it expires during the citizenship application will this cause an issue or delay, or is it an easy fix? Thank you for any advice.
  5. sai bandi

    Ceremony time frame!!!!

    Hi all, hope everyone doing great. I finished my test today and got the approval with in 30 min. Not sure how many days it will take for the ceremony!! Anyone from WA waiting for there ceremony invite?? Thanks for any help guys. All the best with your application's.
  6. Hello I'm trying to help my grandparents attain photo IDs or possibly Australian citizenship. They are both over 65 and have been Australian permanent residences for over 50 years. I am not sure of what documentation they have previously received upon entering Australia as they have lost everything, they arrived here from England in 1971 by ship and haven't left since. They are pensioners and have Medicare cards, the only other documentation they have is their proof of arrival to Australia we have attained from the Archives, they also have their birth certificates. We tried to get photo ID from Services Australia but we couldn't as we are told they need a DFTTA (proof of travel document) such as passport or other travel document that they don't have anymore as it was lost and gone a long time ago. If someone would please guide us in the right direction to help us optain the correct documentation we would greatly appreciate it, Thanks
  7. Got approved for Australian citizenship back in Feb 2020 and am currently overseas outside of Australia. Do you need to be onshore to be invited to a ceremony? I know you have to be onshore to be approved but wondering if this is the case for the ceremony as well.
  8. Nikkiroon

    Sitting citizenship in the UK

    We applied for citizenship from Australia in 2019, but had to head back to the Uk temporarily ... as we were planning to move back to Australia andsit the test, COVID meant our citizenship tests got delayed to later in 2020 and then ultimately got put on hold. We have applied for and paid for the process but we haven’t heard anything since. Without any success I’ve been trying to establish if we can sit our citizenship test remotely in a consulate in the UK. Has anyone heard of any instances of this happening at all? or can you offer any advice/ facts? thanks
  9. Hi, I have applied for Australian citizenship and met all the criteria. However, after applying, I had to move back to the UK for family reasons so no longer have an address in Australia. I received the citizenship test notification just now and will fly back to Australia to sit the test. My two questions: 1. Does moving back to the UK before the citizenship test effect my application at all? 2. Do I need to update my application to show my UK address? Thanks in advance!
  10. Date applied City/Council area Online / Paper Date received the acknowledgement email Date of the Citizenship Test Date of ceremony Type of ceremony (Urgent/Normal) Date applied: 27/03/2015 City/Council area: Randwick - Ceremony sponsored by a club in Sydney not council Online / Paper: Online Date received the acknowledgement email: 01/04/2015 Date of the Citizenship Test: 29/04/2015 Date of ceremony: 28/06/2015 Type of ceremony: Normal
  11. Hello people~ I need help to understand the residence calculator on DHA website. Very confused. It says before applying for Citizenship, you must have lived in Australia lawfully for 4 years, including 1 year as a permanent resident. And you cannot have been outside Australia for 12 months total, during the past 4 years. So I did enter my dates in the calculator as seen below. Permanent Residence Date: 31/08/2019 Lawful Residence Date: 07/02/2016 Intended Lodgement Date: 11/09/2020 and the absence dates: From Date: 05 Jun 2016 To Date: 02 Feb 2017 From Date: 30 Apr 2017 To Date: 01 Aug 2017 From Date: 01 Oct 2018 To Date: 23 Dec 2018 From Date: 03 Dec 2019 To Date: 20 Jan 2020 Now the calculator says yes I can apply for Citizenship but we can clearly see that I've been out for 17 months...it doesn't make sense. Also..should I count from the first visa I got in Australia? which was in 2008. or the first visa i got 4 years before the citizenship application. Any help or clarification would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!
  12. ****Waiting for Citizenship Approval**** Citizenship application submitted: 10/09/ 2019 citizenship test conducted and passed : 6/01/2020 Application status: received WAITING FOR APPROVAL moved to overseas since mid of January 2020 and still in overseas, is this the reason of not getting the approval? its been 18 months now since i have submitted my application and 15 months since i passed my test and no update from immigration when the timeframe of decision is 13-16 months from the date of application, What would be the purpose behind the delay of approval? anyone in same situation? Any suggestions please
  13. Hi Everyone, I'm applying for Australian Citizenship by descent on behalf of my young son (2 years old) from the UK. I have a quick question about Form 1195. Does anyone know if the occupation of the person making the identity declaration has to be strictly as written in the list, or whether an equivalent for the country of residence you are applying from is acceptable? For example: 24. Member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in Australia Would a Chartered Accountant of England and Wales be acceptable if applying from the UK? Thank you
  14. Thought to start a new thread for Citizenship application preparation questions Does anyone know how long it usually takes to get your movement records? I'm getting my citizenship application prepared & I'd applied to get them through an agent in June 2020, haven't heard anything yet
  15. Good evening everyone I hope you’re well. I recently (September 2020) submitted my citizenship application and “front loaded” I.e submitted all documents including but not limited to my UK police check. I have just received a further information request asking for my police check. I’m not sure what else they need/ want from me? My ACRO police check is dated within the last 12 month and states my maiden name. Since applying for citizenship and the police check I have not left the Country. Has anyone else been asked for their police check twice or know what I need to do?! Any help would be amazing! Cheers!
  16. Has anybody applied for their citizenship and had to use the administrative error category to ask the minister to exercise discretion? We have been in Oz 4 years yesterday (first 2 years on a working holiday visa, then rest on a bridging and 187 visa) and went to apply for our citizenship but it kept saying we weren't eligible. I called immigration and it turns out we are not technically eligible. This is because when we applied for our 187 visa there was an error with immigration granting our bridging visa (there was a period of about 4 days where everyone who lodged their visa over this period did not get their bridging visas granted due to a system error). This meant that our working holiday visa expired on 3 December but our bridging visa was not approved until 18 December despite us putting in our 187 application in November so we had a period of time that we were not legally in Australia. Does anybody think this will be a problem? The way I see it we did everything we could to remain in Australia legally by applying for our visa on time and we were even calling immigration on a daily basis to find out what we should do etc and if we should leave the country but nobody was giving us an answer and just telling us to wait.
  17. I am confused about one of the citizenship application questions. The question reads as following Other Australian visa details 1. Has the applicant ever held an Australian visa other than the applicant's current permanent residence visa?( Yes/No) 2. Date the applicant's first Australian visa was granted (if known) 3. Was the applicant in Australia at the time this visa was granted?( Yes/No) I was issued a 189 Visa while overseas by in late 2014 , I landed and activated my PR in 2015 and last year in 2019 I applied and been granted a 155 PRV visa while in Australia. How shall I answer the above questions? Do I say Yes to Question 1 and if so is Question 3 referring to Visa 155 in this case ? is it supposed to be Yes ?
  18. Hey Guys, Looking for your some advise here. I am living in Sydney at the moment. I have applied for my Citizenship in May and considering current circumstances it doesn't look like I will hear back anytime soon. So I have decided to Continue with my Masters degree in Data Science at Uni of Western Australia. For this semester I can study online , but for next semester in February 2021 I have to move up there. I am considering making a move sometime in December. So I am wondering how does it effect my Citizenship application.Think I have to provide new address proof for sure but DO I have to provide another photo signed by someone from Perth ? And how would I go about changing the test centre etc. Thanks for your time
  19. Hi Guys, Aussie posting here with a British husband and British 10 month old son (haven't applied for his Aussie citizenship yet). Just got to the part of the 309 partner visa application where it asks about members of the family unit. I had planned to do a separate citizenship application for my son who is 10 months old, which is only a few hundred dollars. I'm worried that if I list my son on the partner visa application, that I'll end up having to pay a bigger fee (looks like it's ~$9K instead of ~$8K). I don't know how to describe my son on the partner visa application in this case? Do I just leave him off? Does he come under the 'non migrating members of the family unit? Copied the definitions from the immi.gov website. I'm only a few pages into the application and already finding it to be a pain...!!! Thank you Migrating members of the family unit List only members of your family unit who are applying to migrate with you. Do not list your Australian citizen family members or Australian permanent resident family members. Non-migrating members of the family unit List all members of your family unit who are not applying to migrate with you. This includes your Australian citizen family members.
  20. Any ideas how long citizenship by conferral applications are taking? I applied in October 2019. Thanks! Hayley
  21. (asking for a friend) Hi, My friend, his spouse and first child hold PR visas. As he runs his own business, they decided it would be best for the spouse and first child return to the country of origin to be with family for the delivery towards the end of 2019. The 2nd child was born and they applied for a Child Visa. It’s still pending approval at the Australian High Commission and it’s been now close to 6 months without an answer. With the border closures due to COVID-19, his family is stuck overseas awaiting the visa approval for the newborn. In the last month or so, my friend has also qualified to apply for citizenship by conferral. The question is, can he include both children in his application as dependents? Correct me if I’m wrong, but is it only the main applicant that needs to meet the eligibility criteria? And also, can he include the kids who are currently “stuck” overseas in his application while they are overseas? Is there a requirement that the kids have to be in Australia when applying? Thanks in advance.
  22. I've read on Immi that you need to be in Australia for when your citizenship is approved. What about if you have a holiday abroad booked? I know not likely but if the process takes a long time I don't want to mess it up with a holiday. Thanks in advance.
  23. I have searched this forum with a fine tooth comb but can't find anything........... Does anyone know how long immigration normally take to approve your application once you return to Australia if been away offshore??
  24. We got our PR in 2012 and visited Australia in the same year to validate our visa. We then went back to US and stayed there for 4 years before returning back in 2017. We are now eligible to apply for citizenship. We understand that we need to apply for FBI clearance (USA) and Police Clearance from our country of birth but just wanted to understand the timing of the same. Does it have to be submitted along with the application or will it be requested later? I called the helpline and they said not request and only do it when requested. The FBI clearance takes 4-8 weeks to get done and the process is elaborate. I would like to submit the application and apply for the clearances in parallel. Is that possible? Any help will be appreciated.
  25. Will be asked later on, for citizenship request, why we quit before 2 years of moral commitment , would it be a problem later ? thanks