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Found 162 results

  1. Hi and Happy New Year! Just thought id create this thread to see if anyone has had a recent 190 Visa granted? Just some background, I submitted my application in March 2020 (Offshore), now waiting almost ten months. Processing times on the home affairs website is saying 10-13 months. Fingers crossed I get a grant soon, however not sure how about processing given Covid and the current travel restrictions. Appreciate any feedback. Regards,
  2. Thought I'd make a thread to lighten the mood when it comes to the frustration of waiting for our visa grant. Feel free to rant, vent or share experiences that could help one another pass the time. How are you feeling? Have you found ways to stay productive during this massive delay of life plans? Has the wait turned into a positive experience or has it been destructive? My experience: Fortunately, I've had work to pass the time but I will be laid off in two weeks. My car has bit the dust so now I'm wondering, "do I buy a car when I may move next month... or next year?" Dating or relationships are a no-no and finding a new job would require me to lie about my future so they don't reject me for not committing a lot of time. Ideally, I'm entering the perfect time to move abroad this summer but times are not normal and I may end up waiting until summer 2022 at the earliest. So now, I have to fight to keep my savings as long as I can until I can actually go to Oz. I'm going to focus on my self-employment prospects and learn about real estate (though I can't get a license until Oz). I'll just be doing side hustles until a bigger opportunity arrives and work on being creative (music, skateboarding, writing).
  3. Hi all, We applied for 190 visa on 12th august from onshore, got our invite on 6th sept and we paid and responded for the invite on 15th sept after completing our health check up. Immediately we were granted the bridging visa. We have uploaded all the necessary documents but we have not been assigned a case officer yet. Could someone pls help us on this... thanks.
  4. Hi This may be a stupid question, but as I search around for more details on relocating I am coming across information on a First Time Buyers grant in NSW. It appears to be very generous ($15k up to Jan 14) and $10k normally. What I dont know is if this grant is open to new residents on a 457 visa. Technically I will be a first time buyer, but I it sounds to good to be true to get some help from the government (seeing as I get nothing from my own government here in the UK for anything). Does anyone know what the rules are around this? I am assuming I will be on a 457 initially with an aim to get a PR asap. My budget for the house is up to $650k which appears to be the cap for the grant. Any guidance appreciated.
  5. Hi Guys!! I got my 457 visa approved today after 1 month of long wait. but i am facing a peculiar situation. my Employment contract states my salary as $55,000 but in grant letter states "Primary Visa Holder Guaranteed Annual Earnings: 60000.00". i am not able to understand how this is possible as we submitted the same employment contract to DIAC at the time of nomination. can anybody help me in this? thanks a lot.....
  6. p12aks

    s175 help! Applied aug 2011

    Hi All, I applied for a s175 app on 01/08/11 as a general accountant and and we received a CO in March 2012. During this time we were waiting for the arrival of our son and followed all the procedures (s1022 form) and were asked to complete medicals and police checks after the birth. So far everything is shown as finalised and received on our online application ut i was just starting to panic as we have not heard anything since. Does anyone know if am still treated as a category 4 and will get my grant any day or whether i am a category 5 and have to wait years! Any help would be much appreciated! we are hoping to move in April next year and want to start planning properly! Thanks all.
  7. PityTheFool

    A BIG Thank-You to PomsinOz!!!

    I rolled over at 6.30 this morning and turned off the dreaded alarm, once I had managed to peel my eyes open I checked the emails on my phone (which has been a daily routine ever since starting out on this never ending visa road) only to find a 'VISA GRANT NOTIFICATION' !!! :biglaugh::biglaugh::biglaugh: We are over the moon - even though it hasn't quite sunken in yet! We just wanted to say a MASSIVE thank-you to all of you PIO users that have passed on their mass of knowledge - without you we truely believe this would not have been possible!!! We have managed to overcome many a hurdle, without any assistance from a migration agent, aided by this excellent forum; Not directly meeting the requirements of my past or current occupation (and having to do an Engnieers Australia CDR) The dreaded IELTS Me having a (minor) criminal record Not being married and having to prove our relationship Our son's medical being referred due to reocurring ear infections Yet here we are almost 18 months and £4k later - Holders of an Australian Permenant Residency Visa :biggrin: THANK YOU POMSINOZ !!!
  8. Proview220

    Proview got his 176 visa grant

    Hello Guys Im so happy to say after my Epic journey we have our Visa grant, must not enter no later than 2/5/2012 :biglaugh: Proview
  9. Hi Everyone, I am going to be heading over to Oz next August on a WHV, I am from the uk and am currently 29 years of age. I will be 30 in May next year, so once I arrive will be 30, I was wondering - is it possible for me to land and go straight into doing 3 months harvest work to obtain my 2nd year visa? Am I correct in saying I can do this and get it granted as I am 30 years of age and still under 31. So even though my first year ends once I am 31 in 2013 - I can then stay a 2nd as my 2nd year has been approved whilst I was still 30. Please let me know if poss, I may do this asap as an option to then get that granted so If I truly love the place I have the option of staying a 2nd year. Thanks for the help, Nick :jiggy:
  10. butros

    Visa grant!!!

    Finally, my 457 visa has been granted today 06/12/2011. Queensland here I come. I like to thank everyone who is a member of this forum for their advice whch was very valuable. It was a gruelling 5 months from the time I was offered a job to the visa grant. Application was lodged on the 18/11/2011. medicals finalised on 01/12/2011 and visa grant 06/12/2011. PLEASE JOIN ME IN MY CELEBRATIONS.
  11. Ok I know that nobody can tell me the answer to this for my particular case. All cases are different etc. However, I'm trying to build a picture of averages from those people that have had their visas granted. I'm mainly interested in 175 or 176 visa types and for those people who did not front load medicals (so just did them when CO requested). How long did it take between medicals showing as finalised and getting the final decision email? My medicals were finalised on 9th November and I'm trying to work out when I might expect to hear of a final decision (ie, is the average a matter of days, weeks or months?).
  12. Guest

    Visa grant today!

    well after 2.5 years with all the UPS and downs, we have our visa!
  13. I Barinder Deep singh mann applied for Skilled migration 475 provincinal nomination in dec-2008 at that time i was single. I got married in july-2009 and immediatly updated the file with proper procedure for change in condition and addition of familiy member. In sep-`11 case officer was alloted and he had asked for PCC and Medical for both me and my wife After completing all the formalities he granted visa to only ME ie primary applicant. but on mailing back he says no provision to add spouse/partner in this class and suggest we need to apply 1276 paper visa application for new entrant for my wife? i was shocked and as extra cost is incurred is high. but can i take it as granted all is well and my wife will be granted the visa in like 2-3months. what documentation can be asked for i have relationshipproof and the academic of my wife as well. what needs to be done please share your exp and best practices in such case.
  14. Guest

    Got the Grant Letter!

    :notworthy: :jiggy: :jiggy: :biggrin: :biggrin: :biggrin: :biggrin: :biggrin: Today I finally Got the grant letter!!! What a day and a long & tiring long journey!!! Thanks God for his Benovalance & unending Mercy. Started off on 22 Nov, 2008 writing CDRs. It been almost 3 years since then. I thank Gill, PIO and all my well wishers, Usman, Arsalan, Zeeshu, Khurram Anwar, Taz2008, Tania, Rupani, Mcklaut, VickyMel, Cartertucker....Sorry If I forget someone. Its a long way but at the end of tunnel there is light. I wish for every member of PIO getting a Visa soon.
  15. Hi :wubclub: My 176 skilled state sponsored was granted on 07 Nov 2011. I was sponsored by Queensland government. Should I inform Queensland immigration team of my visa grant ? Regards REZA:wubclub::cute:
  16. Just wondering if anyone can help me set expectations for when our visa will be granted (assuming everything is all ok). Our meds are showing as "health requirements finalised" on the status page and we have uploaded all of the additional information requested by the CO. We are being processed by Megan Peachy of team 2 in adeleide. App was submitted on 4 feb this year and we were contacted by the CO about 1month ago. Visa is a 176 family sponsored. Many thanks
  17. The Pom Queen

    Australia Satellite Phone Grant

    I am not sure if any of you are aware but if you spend over 180 days in a 2 year period out of phone service ie if you do a lot of travelling/fishing/camping you are eligible for a grant of up to 50% off a satellite phone up to a maximum of $700 rebate. We recently got one a few months back. If you live in an area where there is no signal you are eligible for 85% payment towards one, but not more than $1000. I have attached the application here (you may need to log in to view) as I am sure there will be a lot of members who qualify. Kate 61_Satellite_Phone_Subsidy_Application_09-10.pdf 61_Satellite_Phone_Subsidy_Application_09-10.pdf
  18. Hi all, Got our 175 visa grant letter yesterday (Sep 21st ) Details: Nationality - Israeli (HR) IELTS (general) - Feb 2010 - R - 9.0/W - 8.5/L - 8/S - 8.5 Occupation - Developer programmer (had to undergo a quick 2nd ACS re-assessment due to July 2010 reforms) - ACS case finalised on Aug 24th 2010 Visa lodging - 15th septbemr 2010. Did not receive the 18th of March letter. Decided to perform PCC and medicals prior to receiving CO as trying to get pregnant. Got CO on August 2nd, 2011. Got grant letter on Sep 21st, 2011. Got reserved tickets for visa validation trip for 30 Nov, 2011 (Desitnation: Sydney).
  19. Hi, Is the 176 grant/Visa different than the 175 grant/visa. I am not asking the difference in terms of obligation to stay in some specific territory. My question is about difference in appearance of a 176 grant/visa and the 175 grant/visa. Regards, Ezy Going
  20. stevenpasha

    grant letter

    got our grant letter today :biggrin:only problem is they at the australian government sent us a grant letter for a visa 163 instead of a 165 :arghh: would that be a problem?????
  21. :err:Hi, Can anyone tell us if newly migrated people, with PR status, heading for Victoria, having been home owners in the UK, but selling up before leaving UK, will be eligible for new house owners grant? Thanks Tania
  22. Hi, I am hoping that someone may be able to advise me which is the best method to apply for ICT jobs in Melbourne whilst residing in the UK. I have signed up to seek.com but dont fly out until Feb 12. I would love to be in a position to have the opportunity to apply for, and secure a job before I go. Apart from applying via seek, can anyone advise on other methods. Thanks for reading Yoyo Sent from my LT15i using Tapatalk
  23. _shel

    Last minute child visa grant

    We have shippers coming today, we fly Tuesday! Emailed our CO yesterday to let them know we were taking the baby to Australia on an evisitor. In reply we got our grant yippeee at last. One weight off my shoulders at least.
  24. derham

    First time buyers grant

    We are hping to move to Perth early next year, can anyone let us know if moving to aus under a permenant visa will we qualify for ''First time buyer grant''?
  25. twinkletoes35

    Visa Grant 15/8/11 Take 2

    Morning all I know my partner John76 posted yesterday, but just wanted to say it myself, VISA GRANTED!!!!!!!! yesterday ssssssssssooooo excited Twinkle xxx :jiggy::jiggy::jiggy::jiggy: