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  1. BacktoDemocracy

    Australia 2019 Federal Election thread

    Did you actually think that thtough or were you just desperate to post some sh*t stirring comment
  2. BacktoDemocracy

    Eurovision Madonna was shocking

    The comments on here are very illuminating especially when one The comments on here are most illuminating when one considers them in relation to the thread about Abortion in Alabama. https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/trollop
  3. BacktoDemocracy

    I'm glad I'm not a women in Alabama.

    Ha. The absolutest, fundamentalist position. Why are you so critical of Isil, I thought you and them would get on fine
  4. BacktoDemocracy

    I'm glad I'm not a women in Alabama.

    Just to express my frustration at having to make the effort to try and understand what the motivation is for always trying to offer up a facile sexist interpretation of a serious issue. Freedom of thought and action for the individual. At least put forward a reasoned argument about at what point does a foetus become a person with individual rights which have to be recognised. .
  5. BacktoDemocracy

    Australia 2019 Federal Election thread

    You obviously haven't lived there
  6. BacktoDemocracy

    I'm glad I'm not a women in Alabama.

    I could reply but having considered the futility I simply can't be arsed.
  7. BacktoDemocracy

    The (all new) Brexit Thread

    Yep, I had a small hope that Corbyn might prove to be a moderate but he has prevaricated for way too long and shown himself to be way too committed to extreme positions favoured by the SWP for him to be entrusted with running the country. So, now we bring on the dancing bears and the showgirls whilst the real villains set up shop behind Arron Banks cloak
  8. BacktoDemocracy

    The (all new) Brexit Thread

    Could I just say, in a very 'I told you so' intonation, I told you that 18 months ago and the genie will not go back into the lamp either. By the time that Farage and that scum, Robinson, are finished with these EU elections democracy in this country will be as broken as it is in Hungary and Turkey, we are in for a very rough 10 years as extremism becomes increasingly the norm, which I know will appeal to a few on here. Who would have thought that a once great country could be destroyed so comprehensively by such poor quality people, but the proof is now there, Crossrail 2 + years behind and millions over budget, HS2 already forecast to be over budget, already behind programme and designed for lower than optimum speeds, talk already of it not actually reaching the North West which was supposed to be the whole rationale for it, Chris Grayling having wasted 5 Billion with his schoolboy privatisations still draws a ministerial salary and so the stories proliferate, emergency services communication system revamp 3 years behind and multi BILLIONS overspend, Chinese telecomms firm HAVING to be included in design and manufacture of the next generation comms system because there is no British firm able to undertake it, despite fears that it is simply an arm of the Chinese govt,, under investment in the NHS and failure to invest in production of medical staff leaves it teetering on the edge of collapse, we give all our manufacturing industry, including steelmaking and our railways away to foreign companies.. And so the list goes on and on and on Of course Farage, Robinson, and probably even worse to come, have political currency, the present parliamentary system was on borrowed time from the Iraq war and the expenses debacle and did nothing to address the multitude of issues thrown up by them, they fought against PR, too much of a threat to our nice little cosy monopoly on power and they managed to sell it to the poor dumb sods, or at least so they thought and then the ultimate stupidity, we'll throw the great unwashed the sop of a referendum, 'just so that they feel involved' and keep on playing our game with us. Well that worked out a blinder hasn't it. Not
  9. BacktoDemocracy

    Low, low quality of politicians worldwide

    You have to be good as a lawyer and work your socks off to earn good money that's why they are where they are, just the same in the UK
  10. BacktoDemocracy

    Low, low quality of politicians worldwide

    Farage being a prime example.
  11. BacktoDemocracy

    The (all new) Brexit Thread

    That might prove a bit difficult for some on here.
  12. BacktoDemocracy

    The (all new) Brexit Thread

    Hmmmmm, don’t let any facts get in the way of a nice fluffy wet dream fantasy https://www.theguardian.com/politics/2019/feb/12/un-big-mess-how-rest-of-europe-views-brexit
  13. BacktoDemocracy

    I'm glad I'm not a women in Alabama.

    Do I remember rightly but weren't a number of people defending eugenics on here, funny about perceptions isn't it All these fundamentalist religious nutjobs should stay going to church and keep on praying. Its funny isn't it how all these blokes have such a problem with sex, it's all about control and fear of women's sexuality.
  14. BacktoDemocracy

    The (all new) Brexit Thread

    Yu know what, I simply don't care, I live in a well to do little area, all I've got to do is cobble it together for another 10 years, enjoy some trips around Europe and then let the silly sods with their heads in the sand carry on scratting around for the unicorn poop to grow a few tatties in. End of story, you voted for it, you sort it, my pension is drawn down and in property and a nice little consultancy, The country is now officially a basket case..
  15. BacktoDemocracy

    The (all new) Brexit Thread

    Hang on to that thought, we are about to find out the truth. I can't be arsed any more, the country is shafted.