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  1. After brexit, is it time for an Irish union referendum?

    "Rvd Dr Ian Paisley MP MLA (2008) Politician Political activist Profession Minister He became a Protestant evangelical minister in 1946 and remained one for the rest of his life. In 1951 he co-founded the fundamentalist Free Presbyterian Church of Ulster and was its leader until 2008. Paisley became known for his fiery sermons and regularly preached and protested against Roman Catholicism, ecumenism and homosexuality. He gained a large group of followers who were referred to as Paisleyites. Paisley became involved in Ulster unionist/loyalist politics in the late 1950s. In the mid-late 1960s, he led and instigated loyalist opposition to the Catholic civil rights movement in Northern Ireland. This contributed to the outbreak of the Troubles in the late 1960s, a conflict that would engulf Northern Ireland for the next thirty years. In 1970 he becameMember of Parliament for North Antrim and the following year he founded the Democratic Unionist Party (DUP), which he would lead for almost forty years. In 1979 he became aMember of the European Parliament. Throughout the Troubles, Paisley was seen as a firebrand and the face of hardline unionism. He opposed all attempts to resolve the conflict through power-sharing between unionists and Irish nationalists/republicans, and all attempts to involve the Republic of Ireland in Northern affairs." The DUP grew out of a hardline fundamentalist evangelical church which has always been anti catholic and anti pretty well anything that smells of liberal thinking so where this epitome of liberal thought fits into wanting a unified NI I find it difficult to imagine. As we seem to be on opposite sides of an ideological divide I really don't see the point of continuing the conversation
  2. After brexit, is it time for an Irish union referendum?

    Well that maybe one interpretation but there seems to be lots of people who believe otherwise, but they remain a party that is anti gay and anti abortion still, when even southern Ireland is starting to reconsider its opposition.
  3. After brexit, is it time for an Irish union referendum?

    Surely the Daily Mail Online can't be lying, can they? http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-4591268/The-terror-links-Ian-Paisley-s-DUP-party.html Or https://www.opendemocracy.net/uk/adam-ramsay/so-who-are-dup
  4. After brexit, is it time for an Irish union referendum?

    Guns and bullets, they've done it before.
  5. After brexit, is it time for an Irish union referendum?

    Because the DUP and its bunch of nationalist bigots would wage all out war at any suggestion of coming under Eire control.
  6. Moving back

    I would really recommend reading Snifters post and absorbing its implications, I am in Ipswich and although have no children in school I am aware that money available to local authorities across the board have had funding slashed for the last 8 years and my feeling is that East Anglia started from a low base and is really feeling the affects of reduced local authority budgets and general economic decline, we are moving to W Midlands because of the general feel of decline here which we have noticed over the 4 years we have been here after returning from Brisbane. Also, we have long term friend in Cambridge with twin boys who unfortunately has had a bad experience with her senior Academy school, now I will emphasise this is not my experience and although I think it is happening elsewhere I have no personal experience so you need to investigate further, her twins, one boy brilliant, other son dyslexic, her dyslexic son has struggled, lack of support, lack of awareness, lots of discipline issues arising from his ability to keep up, culminating in threats to exclude him, mother fought against that successfully but was left with distinct impression that headteacher was doing academic cleansing in order to bump school up in academic tables as brilliant son was disruptive in some ways, minor tho, but was feted by school. I'm not arguing for or against but you do really need to do some in depth investigation because the country has changed significantly in the last 12 years and we were caught out by the changes socially and workwise, do some background reading of periodicals and press and I would guess there will be a support organisation in the UK for Aspergers sufferers and contacting them may help
  7. NI Number

    https://www.gov.uk/apply-national-insurance-number See this
  8. Vote at 16?

    Should each vote for everyone over 16 be reduced in its value by 1.2% per year of age to reflect the number of years that a person will have to live with the decisions that will be enacted by the party they vote for, that would mean that a 70 year olds vote would only be worth 35% of a 16 year olds, seems eminently fair to me, it would mean political parties would have to modernise their policies to appeal to the young rather than to reactionary OAPS.
  9. Vote at 16?

    If we are going to make that a criterion then we are going to have to introduce an upper age limit of say 75 and if you want to vote beyond that then you have to pass a test to how sufficient awareness of world events and the issues of the day in order to be allowed to vote and decide the future of citizens with 60 years of life in front of them.
  10. Power companies

    It also pays to check "Trustpilot" back for a couple of years to see how people have got on with companies
  11. The weather 😁

    The miners and the locals, I don't see the present crop of students getting out on a shovel do you , the same with the strawberry crop, eh.
  12. Buying Cars in the UK

    As far as I am aware your car registration address and licence address have to be the same and your address for insurance needs to be the same, the police cars are now fully equipped with "Vehicle registration recognition equipment" which checks all of that info in a micro second, it even checks whether you have a valid MOT, know someone recently who got pulled over because their MOT was 4 weeks out of date. So far as I am aware it is an offence not to have the correct residential addresses on your license and registration documents and try and make a insurance claim with an incorrect address on the policy and see how quickly you get notified that your policy is null and void because of incorrect information provided.
  13. The weather 😁

    Look, you know full well, we need Brexit, then we'll have snow and sub zero temps just like we had in 1947 and we won't have the immigrants to clear it!
  14. Nurses moving back to the UK

    Glad you found this, I thought I had seen it at some point but couldn't find it again to refer you to it. The professional bodies in the UK are under constant pressure by the govt to reduce standards to make it easier to recruit staff of lower and lower quality, so some just seem to impose requirements that seem to be restrictive across the board in order to just make it difficult to join, it's either that or the rules are just there to be administered blanket fashion by computers and the lowest, and cheapest, quality staff who haven't got either the wit or the power to make an assessment of someone's application.
  15. Bread making

    I used Lauke premix, blending different mixes, but it is trial and error about the yeast but it does give tasty bread.