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  1. Set up free movement with Australia, former PM urges

    Same problem as uk, neo liberal, free trade thinking, a reliance on the 'market' to resolve all economic problems whilst relying on migrant inflows of wealth either in person or as inward investment into property creates a giant bubble which can only be sustained by allowing a substantial part of the populace to live in substandard conditions. As in the UK once the building firms control the market they will control supply to maximise profit with the connivance of the finance world to provide mortgages that match the market created by the developers. Without adequate govt control here in the UK the developers are building to lower and lower standards in terms of quality and space standards and concentrating on developing in ares where most profit can be made
  2. First winter back

    I suppose everybody else is dressed in winter coats and asking themselves whether they missed a news flash.!?
  3. Timeline for organising the big move

    You could get removal quotes now, it doesn't cost and then you can instruct the one you choose immediately you know what is happening with your house, the more time the removals have to organise things the easier it will be.
  4. Aussie wife and UK Hubby looking at returning to Scotland

    I think the reason you cannot get clarity is because each area has a medical commissioning group which decides local policy within a national framework so in some areas prioritie might be sslightly different to another, however basic medical conditions as defined by , I think , NICE are universally covered and most drugs in Australia are available on the NHS and I think that is a starting point for checking, but accessing treatment in the UK for ongoing conditions is very much down to availability in your particular area of residence, having said that I have a thyroid problem which my GP is supposed to monitor but I don't feel they do a good job as we are down to prescribing nurses doing the job now. Your other problem is benefits, qualifying for disability benefits is now much more rigorous and something like 60% of applications are knocked back and end up at appeal, if you are deemed fit for work then you have to be actively seeking work in order to get unemployment benefit and that system is monitored and onerous. I emphasise this is my understanding, I would go to Citizens advice web pages for understanding benefits system particularly and what you might need to do is contact the Clinical Commissioning Group for the area where you are going to live, I would not mention you are out of the country, I would try doing it by email or get someone in the UK to do the queries as telephone numbers are displayed, Citizens Advice will not be bothered tho.
  5. Queuing things up.

    Do you have it insured and have you told them it is unoccupied and I would recommend getting the H and Cold and heating systems drained down.
  6. The weather 😁

    Well having made a closed statement and set up anybody who disagrees with you for a good kicking I'll leave it up others to try and point out a more balanced view..
  7. Sydney vs London? (Mid 20s)

    That wasn't what the poster said, he was talking about work and the weather in London and how those factors affect you in London
  8. Labour 'war-gaming for run on pound' if elected

    Mmmmmmmm, I seem to remember some stupid neo- nazi redkneck in the US recently drove into a peaceful anti trump demonstration and KILLED a 30 year old woman, now that is what I'd describe as violet and dangerous. Laura K has had to have permanent full time protection because of the violent mysoginystic threats she has recieved since covrring brexit and the Tories piss poor election campaign.
  9. Set up free movement with Australia, former PM urges

    Is Australia realising that in 10 years time it's demographic is going to become much more Asian unless they can boost European migration, could that be a factor for Abbott.
  10. Breaking News - 457 Visas Stopped

    F***, I feel so sorry, It's so typical of the Australians, everything is played out for political advantage.
  11. Stay or Go - Confused in Melbourne

    I would suggest that as soon as you can private message people you should contact a poster named Newjez who is in IT, in I believe Melbourne or was there, to get the lowdown on the IT scene in Australia. One thing I would bear in mind is that the migration program benefits the govt by bringing in thousands of dollars for the expansion of the economy and provides cheap labour for firms to keep wages low, the program bears little relationship to real demand as it is based on figures wwhich are always out of date
  12. Returning to UK as Australian trained GP

    Yes, I was trying to post about that yesterday but it wouldn't let me post, it would seem like a golden opportunity, the newspapers didn't disclose they are streamlining the system, I suppose that is inevitable, they are so desperate for doctors they are setting the bar lower and lower. I came back because of a multitude of reasons, but one of them was a personal feeling of dismay at the lack of accountability in a lot of civil life and I was appalled at the standards in lots of civil life, corruption being the most obvious and how that was tolerated, I was also repulsed by how right wing I felt things were in Australia, having been back almost 4 years I find myself noticing the very same issues becoming prevalent here in the UK. I can recognise that I might be overly sensitive to these issues but if one of the push pull factors is what I'm talking about I would suggest careful investigation before leaping
  13. Returning to UK as Australian trained GP

    No experience of any of that, but are you really aware of the pressure the NHS is under and the new contract imposed on junior doctors and also it seems to be getting very difficult to get spouse visas, I'm sure you've got your own reasons for returning but really from what I read in the Guardian and my personal experience with my surgery where they are relying on nurse practitioners the pressure does seem to be on doctors and my sons experience of getting his Korean wife residence 5 years ago was pretty daunting and its got far worse since, check out a Canadian returning doctors experience with a spouse? Visa application, it was in the Guardian in the last 2 weeks, doesn't have to end up like that did but just be prepared. I would recommend getting yourself a pseudonym if you intend to post on here and to be aware that there are some posters who can see no fault with the UK so you will have to make some judgements for yourself. Having said all that they are so short of staff I would have thought they should be sending first class tickets and a limo collection at Heathrow never mind an 800 page form.
  14. UK is second most powerful country in the world

    Negativity? It's stating facts which many find difficult to cope with.
  15. UK is second most powerful country in the world

    I think the issue is to look at the personnel publishing this, they are hardly lecturers at Sandhurst or Pirbright, I mean it is hardly Janes is it. There is some validity in the points about our number of bases across the world but we are short of men and material. The RAF are flying a lot of aircraft coming to the end of their lives, they do not have replacements due for anything between 5 and 10 years, the new aircraft carrier will not have british planes flying off it for 2 years. The navy's new class of destroyers have problems with their turbines which it seems need a diesel back up to ensure they have electrical power for their systems like guns and navigation, the 4 nuclear subs have a problem with their reactors, so in rotation one is being taken out of service for rectification works of 12 months duration, this means their will only be 2 available at sea as one is always out of service for general maintenance, the problem with the reactors has been known about for a considerable time but the MOD have prevaricated because of the cost and the fact that it reduced our nuclear capability and looked bad for renewing Trident. The army is short of manpower and a contract with a PRIVATE recruitment agent has failed to recruit the skilled manpower they need, it has however managed to recruit many rootless 16-18 year olds, the army still relies on Nepalese Gurkha regiments who have no colonial ties but are mercenaries selling their extremely valuable services to GB The fundamental issue is we cannot support or man all these overseas bases, it is yet another example of colonial over reach which we will have to divest ourselves of sooner or later, we had to do it with the colonies and because we refused to face up to it in the 40's and 50's we botched it and left the Indian sub continent with an intractable problem of India and Pakistan and left our African Colonies with barely enough educated administrators to run their postal services, let alone a country and we imposed borders that did not recognise ethnic boundaries. Look this publication is the opinions of some middle ranking officers and NCO's who still believe this country has the money and will power to keep these fairy tales playing out in the 21st century.