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  1. BacktoDemocracy

    Got what he deserved? 👋

    So he gets to stay, has a platform for his views, his views gain support and more of his mates get elected and they get their views out there and get more support and then we have a extreme rightwing white supremacist party with power, is that acceptable, these people exploit so called freedom of speech.
  2. BacktoDemocracy

    Property Downturn- has it affected you?

    Unfortunately the Australian economy is built on that property bubble and when that deflates so does the Australian economy, it's very difficult selling houses in a falling market and that has huge knock on effects throughout the economy from unemployment in building trade right the way back to materials producers, or hadn't anyone realised that yet, it takes a bit of time to bite but it will, I reckon the Liberals will be glad to lose the next election.
  3. BacktoDemocracy

    The (all new) Brexit Thread

    I think the whole country, bar a few dyed in the wool kamikaze brexiteers, now realize that a no deal brexit comes with a very big price tag. Employment has risen but people are all too aware of how precarious and short term much of that work is, one example is Brittany ferries laying on extra ferries for a few months on the back of brexit plans, no guarantee of long term, loads of extra transport and warehousing jobs until brexit is sorted, not long term. I do feel it's a bit rich as well you agitating for a no deal when you won't have to live with the outcome of this stupidity. Does anyone think the UK is going to get out of this with anything, Trump urging 'no deal' so that his vultures can get their claws into our carcas, do you think any international business is going to invest in the UK for the next 5 years, the NHS on its knees with an 8%, 8% vacancy rate overall, even higher in higher level medical specialities and 180k overseas OAP's told they can return to the UK for immediate health care if they cannot obtain it in the EU country they now live in. FFS, i saw some of the cabinet on tv tonight they looked like a bunch of extras off an Ealing comedy set.
  4. BacktoDemocracy

    Property Downturn- has it affected you?

    Buy your house with a mortgage of 500k on a property priced at 525k, 2 years later property valued at 450k, you have lost 25k and still owe 500k, you still owe 50k on your mortgage which you will be pursued for by mortgage company and even if you sell you cannot buy another property because you have a 50k debt against your name. Doesn't sound like anything to be thinking of as a positive
  5. BacktoDemocracy

    The (all new) Brexit Thread

    Well the brexteers rallying cry, ' They need us more than we need them' is about to be road tested to destruction, unfortunately we are all in the car with them. I read an opinion piece that one thing that may weigh on the EU mind is that if they give us a long extension we will have elected MEP's in place and if we simply exit with no deal during that time that will cause massive disruption for the EU as our MEP's could no longer serve. My bet is now on the EU giving a conditional extension of 8 weeks dependent on the deal being accepted, that will give the EU time to ramp up their no deal preparation
  6. BacktoDemocracy

    Property Downturn- has it affected you?

    Yep prices drop universally but mortgages remain fixed and the mortgage providers won't take a haircut so the market seizes up, confidence in the market evaporates dragging prices lower and lower.
  7. BacktoDemocracy

    49 Killed in Shooting in NZ

    I think where the money came from is very relevant, YL is making a nice living off subscriptions from far right groups in the USA it is being claimed by "mother jones? a organization which tracks the far right in America https://www.theguardian.com/world/2019/mar/19/a-perfect-platform-internets-abyss-becomes-a-far-right-breeding-ground It looks like censorship is back on the world wide agenda.
  8. BacktoDemocracy

    The (all new) Brexit Thread

    Ha ha ha, sovereignty, so a Parliamentary code from the Parliament of James the 1st of England, VI of Scotland, 1604, trips up the Little Englanders. You couldn't make this stuff up could you, better than any Blackadder script. I mean she was really just trying it on wasn't she, what country allows a govt to keep on putting a policy forward until they get the answer they want, Egypt, Venezuela, China, Albania, Russia, ?? Do tell me if I am catastrophising the present situation but it certainly seems like there can be no way forward for the 'Ancien Regime' now. Can there be a further 12 months of this mongrel govt arguing with itself whilst the country collapses around it. I have heard all the arguments about the dangers from polarisation in the country and the dangers of a GE that might be about brexit alone but surely we have reached the stage where a govt with a clear mandate has to be given the clear backing of the country to act in the name of the people. It would, perhaps, force the Conservatives to choose where they stand and the same with Labour, four parties might clarify clearly what the will of the people really is, whether they really want full blown free traders or red flag socialism because we are now, to my mind at the same crossroads as we were in '46 and '73 and the people have to be given a choice, under GE policy constraints, to choose between extremism or pragmatism
  9. BacktoDemocracy

    49 Killed in Shooting in NZ

    It's those views and naive analysis that allows these idiots get their daily fix of hate off the 'net. This hatred is the only thing that motivates these people, how did this man get the money to buy the weapons, how long has he been living a double life, where has he been hiding in full view with these views, how has survived with these views without someone being aware.
  10. BacktoDemocracy

    The (all new) Brexit Thread

    Well TM has comprehensively bollaxed this up now, what is motivating her, she has simply compounded the polarisation of the country, these Conservatives simply don't care. Party before country, Chamberlain is the model, they just think they are the natural party of power
  11. BacktoDemocracy

    49 Killed in Shooting in NZ

    Substitute the words Jew and Jewish for Muslim/s and imagine the furore, . The issue with lashing out at the perpetrator is about the assault on the teenager by Annings very obvious 'minders' as if they were prepared for trouble after stirring the s..t
  12. BacktoDemocracy

    49 Killed in Shooting in NZ

    At least the Guardian writers know words longer than 6 letters and can present coherent ideas. I had the misfortune to pick up todays Mail on Sunday, OMG, full of weaponised language, bigotry, not an original idea, the Christchurch atrocity buried several pages in, no need to examine the right wing motivators behind the atrocity. Is the problem with the Guardian that it presents ideas that require a capacity to think beyond the pap that is fed out by those who want the workers never to question their position, always there to prop up the status quo..
  13. BacktoDemocracy

    The (all new) Brexit Thread

    How could anything make this worse.? Oh, I just realised, you mean May would be gone and we would have 'liar in chief' Boris fronting things. You're right it could get worse!
  14. BacktoDemocracy

    Another Terrorist Attack!!

    Would you read the speeches of Hitler, Goebells, Himmler, did you listen to the Eichmann trial, his justifications for his actions, if you did, did it change your initial view that you already had that here were men whose minds had become so twisted by power, greed and hate, that they had become so consumed by those emotions that they had managed to strip all humanity from a group of people they blamed for the failure of their country when in fact they were the architects of their country's failure . Would reading their twisted justifications add anything to the revulsion you felt for their twisted actions, and if you did feel the slightest sympathy for their views would they have not succeeded in drawing you into their twisted world where they can justify their actions. And isn't this exactly how this inadequate, immoral man was made into somebody who could strip other human beings of all their humanity and justify his unspeakable actions.by reading the ravings of people who are his mirror image. Reading his twisted views will not be educative or inspiring it will simply be the drivel of someone with a low IQ, a lack of self esteem and the realisation that he would always be a failure who needed to hate in order to survive
  15. BacktoDemocracy

    The (all new) Brexit Thread

    https://www.theguardian.com/politics/2019/mar/16/brexit-disbelief-in-europe-at-another-lost-week-theresa-may-strasbourg-juncker Well that is the end isn't it. When the EU starts to compare the UK to France in the 1980's. We are stuffed and the numpties are still sure we can screw the USA into an advantageous FTA. I truly never thought we would get to here, I thought some how, good old British pragmatism would take over, but I forgot the country is being run by ideologues.