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  1. Brexit

    All of which is true but as with any marketing tool it creates perceptions which affect how your business is perceived and Moody's creates markets. The UK cannot afford to continue to be downgraded, as I have said before it is a game of perceptions, the UK is perceived as being weak, the EU as strong, our trading position is weak, their trading position strong behind a wall of protectionism. All this time lost on stupidly trying to grandstand and bargain from a position of weakness has just left us in a weaker position, it's like trying to sell a second hand car with worn tyres and cigarette burns in the upholstery and you keep on hanging on for the A1 condition price, it isn't going to happen. TM has had to intervene because she knows the hardliners are just playing delaying tactics, she still may not have done enough to satisfy the EU but she now has to build on this intervention, the next hurdle will be whether she can face down the right wing, if not, and no one since Thatcher has done that, she will be fatally weakened. Whether we have reached the tipping point for the saner end of the Tories to come out in rebellion is the next test I believe and whether TM will support them
  2. Brexit

    He's none of that, he is shrewed, self centered, calculating and above all else, intensely ambitious using populism to further his ambition, he is also lazy and lies to cover that up, making him in my mind an equivalent to Trump.
  3. Brexit

    That''s a very smart bit of use of technology, I have always wondered whether you're smarter than just being an echo chamber for the the jingoistic nationalists on here and, hey ho, now we know. But I'd still like to know the context within which the posts were made to know whether they actually say what you want to portray.
  4. Brexit

    Funny that she and Simon Jenkins, no left wing Luvvie are saying much the same, at least they have a consistent analysis based around some knowledge of the players rather than writing fairy stories like most right wing journos.
  5. Brexit

    But in the UK we have had it hammered into us for over 30 years that govts are not meant to be proactive and interventionist, the Market is king and no one is allowed to override it, so we have MP's who define their job as doing nothing and then we wonder why we have a bunch of sycophantic, self obsessed, venal idiots leading the country, they do not think, they don't have to.
  6. Brexit

    In 1900 most people were familiar with driving horses and caring for them, there were farriers and wagon wheel makers, you could trace those skills back probably 800 years plus, in 50 years the horse as a means of transport had disappeared, another 60 years we have electric, driverless cars, mobile phones which can link across the world, robots which construct other machines, did previous generations anticipate any of those changes, no, they didn't, but industry did, they worked on it and presented it to the masses and have exploited us ever since as a market for their advances?. Now we are being warned about what is lying in wait for us in only 10-15 years and we are gaily ignoring the warnings and voting to give control of its introduction to govts under the control of business and big money, and people still vote for them!!! The warnings are out there, big business wants to be free of EU interference so it can do what it wants and we have made it easy for them.
  7. Brexit

    Because the present govt and ones previous to it are now run by big business and they do not want any search lights on AI and its implications, Dyson is working on cornering a bit of the market and other big companies are doing the same, they do not want any govt control over the research or its introduction, they will introduce it, take the profits and leave the country to deal the mess left behind, it is already happening and unless taxes go up on companies we will all be living another post Ind Rev life, just read Engels or for a 20th century perspective" The Ragged Trouser Philanthropist"
  8. Brexit

    I would vote for a degree of control, look at the effects of the Ind Rev, they were still dominating life in this country 150 years after it happened with the working man onnly starting to prosper in the 20th century, if it's not controlled and firms made to contribute towards supporting the unemployed then all the benefits of AI will accrue to capital once again as in the 18th and 19th centuries.
  9. Brexit

    I reiterate my remarks about him that I made previously, do you agree with his mindset.?
  10. Brexit

    I understand your concept but there is a flaw, the rising levels of mental health problems in the below 30 group is growing at a very fast rate, so I think we may be reaching a saturation point of how much change people can cope with and for the older generations their way of dealing with it is to go into denial and retreat into a safe world of the past. This whole argument is going to be supercharged by AI, there is no preparation for the mental anguish that is going to occur as firms adopt it wholesale and employment in meaningful work disappears, govts are dealing with brexit when they should be addressing that as an issue to be controlled and planned for.
  11. Brexit

    The points he makes tho display how out of touch he is with the realities of modern day life for the average person, he makes points that are arcane and supercilious and rooted in his class views of the world.
  12. Brexit

    Yes I was aware of this shadowy outfit, how many do you think are? And they are supposedly supporting the country and its democracy?!.supposedly loved by all brexiteers
  13. Brexit

    With Boris or Rees Mogg in the frame, it'll be like electing Trump without tthe groping. My betting is on a challenge to TM on the following 1 she's a woman and a bit wooden to boot 2 Male testosterone and naked ambition 3 further delay tactics 4 class aspirations, they want one of their own, a public school W****r, in charge.
  14. Brexit

    It seems to me that some of the fog of subterfuge is starting to be cleared as the ambitions of a clique of hard right politicians in the Conservatives party come out into the open, Boris, Gove, Redwood,IDS, Mogg, Paterson, Davis, Fox, is there time enough for the country to wake up and realise that they are being fed, as Bunbury puts it, a cart load of BS. It's not Russia and Grrmany that we have to be afraid of its the USA, Trump has normalised lying, he has sanitised Nationalism, non of what he is doing is being done to shake anything up, it is being done as a smokescreen yet again to benefit big money and reduce down taxes and regulation on them, the Right in the UK have the same ambitions and for them it's also the culmination of a 40 year project to regain their class superiority, you only have to look at the main supporters of this whole brexit adventure, what do they have in common with an ex steelworker in Scunthorpe, they are not altruists, they are in it for themselves, the rest of us are collateral damage.
  15. Brexit

    I think I have made that so plain that most children would have rumbled me by now.