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  1. BacktoDemocracy

    The (all new) Brexit Thread

    https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2018/jun/17/europe-losing-interest-brexit-soap-it-has-bigger-worries An excellent read, it's coming apart. Europe is losing interest, we are in the "death zone" as Everest climbers call the last 500 ft. Once they lose interest then whatever deal is cobbled together it will ultimately unravel.
  2. BacktoDemocracy

    Tommy Robinson Arrested

    What struck me was the involvement of people at senior levels in ministries and very senior positions locally, it was obviously known about but the moves all seemed to be about hiding it rather than putting money into resolving it, sorry that is my strong feeling. The race angle seemed to be less relevant than simple good old incompetence and couldn't care less with a good dose of political manoeuvring.
  3. BacktoDemocracy

    Tommy Robinson Arrested

    https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-28955170 This is a good synopsis and time line analysis
  4. BacktoDemocracy

    The (all new) Brexit Thread

    At last the fantasies have to be recognised as just that fantasy https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2018/jun/18/liam-fox-enterprise-brexit-mission-failure We have all been screwed over by a failed GP and a failed journalist aided and abetted by sundry wannabees and a selection of rich posh boys.
  5. BacktoDemocracy

    Tommy Robinson Arrested

    I would also suggest that a good policy decision would be to fund children and troubled family support provision and early years schooling, these problems need to be addressed early not when the pattern is already established. The evil lies with the exploiters but if we just make people easy prey then it will happen and be difficult to spot and stop. https://www.theguardian.com/society/2017/oct/11/austerity-policy-blamed-record-numbers-children-taken-into-care I think this gives some idea of the extent of the problem
  6. BacktoDemocracy

    Autism and Special Education Needs

    I have no personal experience only second hand so please do a lot more investigating yourself but a close friend has a twin boy suffering dyslexia and 'mild' autism and he has never recieved the level of support your child is getting and she lives in middle class Cambridge. I can only comment from what I read in the "extremely left wing" Guardian but from what I read I don’t have an impression that there is the level of support your child is getting at the moment, I would recommend doing your own in depth investigation and make sure anything you are told is confirmed in writing, my understanding everything depends on the individual school and local Council. I'm sure someone will be along soon to deny everything I have said, that's why I say do your own in depth checks and get it in writing.
  7. BacktoDemocracy

    Tommy Robinson Arrested

    What I would suggest is pay people a proper salary commensurate with their qualifications, staff departments properly, provide the proper resources such as fostering services, properly staffed children's centers, properly train police to deal with the issues and have enough police to address the problems, as always we want a Rolls Royce service on Dacia money. MP's and the press to stop vilifying people in this work when they get it wrong. Have you ever worked in a job where everyday you are confronted with all the crap of modern day society and that is what you look forward to every working day and sometimes week ends and nights as well and you get no respect or proper tools to actually make a difference then I think you would find yourself burnt out quite quickly. I'm not saying personal failings are not real but if society wants to protect the most vulnerable then it has to pay for it, not just offload its responsibilities on a group, blame them when it goes wrong and then sit in stalls and throw stones.
  8. BacktoDemocracy

    I want to move back to the UK, fiance doesn't

    http://www.abc.net.au/news/2017-01-05/british-retirees-watch-frozen-pensions-disappear/8161786 There are 4 countries where not. I would not trust the Tories over the pensions issue, there would be no loss of votes from doing it and lots would say in the uk, that they left the country , serve 'em right.
  9. BacktoDemocracy

    The (all new) Brexit Thread

    The idiot I was referring to was Suella Braverman not a poster and the politicians propensity to get tied up in their lies
  10. BacktoDemocracy

    Tommy Robinson Arrested

    What I want to ask is where do the people with the strength of character to confront these issues magically come from, society has been denigrating them for years, the papers ritually excoriate them, they are underpaid and overworked and criticised whenever they make an error, yet society expects them to be the bulwark against every form of extremism and then finally the likes of TR come along and use them for their fascist little circus. Why would anyone bother to get themselves involved in this and get paid a pittance for cleaning out society's sewers, we get what we pay for and deserve.
  11. BacktoDemocracy

    UK economy slowing.

    I won't even bother to go thro the well rehearsed reasons why the economy is slowing, but, inflation is increasing officially and unofficially inflation is hitting things like fuel, food, transport and rents. I think it is more of a psychological issue of perceived poverty rather than people actually being substantively poorer, although when Poundland folds it does feel like the fear of poverty is a reality for a rising number of people, whatever it is it seems people are feeling less confident about the future. The official statistics show unemployment is very low and employment expanding but High st spending is reducing, my guess is that well paid jobs with good conditions attached are becoming less and less available and employment growth is in insecure jobs so people do not feel that they can spend with impunity.
  12. BacktoDemocracy

    I want to move back to the UK, fiance doesn't

    But you won't get automatic right to live there, there might be visas but that will be at the behest of the Spanish govt and there will be no reciprocal social rights like health care or freedom to move around in the EU or receive health care in the rest of the EU, the uK will not have to index pensions, they will be able to do the same as they have with pensioners in Australia, it is unclear whether there will be reciprocal tax agreements, for younger people it is still unclear whether their children will get free schooling, probably not. The Americans who live in the EU have to be self funding and are dependent on visas. I agree if you do it before brexit happens then you have some safeguards but you will have to stay in the country you choose until you qualify for citizenship and you will always be concerned about pension indexing and if you are younger you will have to build up a pension in the country you live in.
  13. BacktoDemocracy

    The (all new) Brexit Thread

    Idiots, do they think everyone else is as well, I suppose you forget when you just lie all the time,
  14. BacktoDemocracy

    Alliances changing

    The second American -British war. Nationalism screws with peoples minds, it makes them do completely irrational things and Trump is following a well worn path, Hitler got into bed with Stalin and was ultimately destroyed by him, something which he never thought possible I'm sure.
  15. BacktoDemocracy

    The (all new) Brexit Thread

    She has been steadfast in refusing extra money for any social provision until she has realised that a election may be imminent and that her obsession with AUSTERITY will ensure she would lose it, cue for sudden largesse to the one thing which would lose her that election, the NHS. For 8 years the Tories didn't give a f**k about the NHS, except to privatise it, but now borrowed money can be found when it means the Tories would lose the next election, even the grey vote had had enough of them. Beyond cynical hypocrites.