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  1. Aussiebird

    Sponsor police check

    Thank you.
  2. Aussiebird

    Sponsor police check

    Thank you for replying. My partner is going to do his medical and police checks when they are requested by a CO. I just wondered if as a sponsor for a partner visa if I could do my police checks before i submit my sponsor application or if i can wait until i am aksed to do them. Kind regards.
  3. Aussiebird

    Sponsor police check

    Can i apply for my sponsor police checks in advance for the UK and Australia before i start my application? How do i find the details online on how to apply please? Many thanks. Xx
  4. Aussiebird

    Sponsoring Partner Visa application 2nd time rules?

    Hi, thanks for your reply. I wont bore you with the details on that one but it was a long time ago that he had his first one (2011).
  5. My o/h will be submitting his application very soon, just waiting for the travel movement dates to come through. He will be sponsored by me for the 2nd time but the question in relation to this on the application seems to refer to being sponsored 2nd time round with a new partner (5 year limit). It asks if he has been sponsored before, which is yes, but on the next page it asks why the relationship broke down and when (but we are still married!). I assume he answeres no then as the first partner visa was granted more than 5 years ago (2011). Answering the question as NO surely will look like this is his first partner visa, with me being the sponsor. In our personal statements we refer to the grant of his first visa. (With the email of the grant as evidence). Any help with this one please? Thanks so much. Xx
  6. Aussiebird


    Hi, We are coming over to Australia in September for my brothers wedding, my o/h will need a visitor visa as well as my mum but will this trip affect my o/h's Partner Visa application which will have been submitted by then. Many thanks.
  7. Aussiebird

    Travel movement request

    Hi, Thank you for your reply. We have found most of our travel dates all but one or two with no emails to be found, so will have to request.
  8. Aussiebird

    Travel movement request

    Hello everyone, Does anyone know how long it takes roughly to get the dates of travel movements for Australia? Thanks everyone. Xx
  9. Aussiebird

    PHOTO SIZES in folder

    Thank you, appreciate your reply.
  10. Aussiebird

    PHOTO SIZES in folder

    Not everyone is IT literate and as you can tell, I most certainly am not! Yes I have been asking a lot of questions and some people have been very helpful, I thought that's what this forum is for. I get confused with files, documents and folders being mentioned, that's why I get confused. Our future is at stake here now and I can't afford to get this wrong and run the risk of the visa being refused. I even took the trouble to get help from a library volunteer yesterday who apparently is IT literate, he was certainly not that and I left non the wiser. So I am trying to sort this out other than on this forum. But I think my time on here is done. To anyone who else thinks the same that it's painful for them too seeing my posts then I will happily have my account deleted.
  11. Aussiebird

    PHOTO SIZES in folder

    Sorry to have troubled you. Perhaps I should come off of this forum.
  12. Hi Kian, Thank you for your message. I have managed to get scanner working and have scanned lots of documents... What I have done is saved each scanned document as a pdf. So now I have in documents loads of individual pdfs. When I open each pdf, the image is big. If I create a new folder and drag the relevant pdfs into that folder, is that how it's done? I have been shown how to click on "properties" to see the image size. I have done an example new folder and dragged several pdfs into it but the file size says it's 9.89MB (it has 7 files in it). I'm really stressed out now as this is getting really confusing!! Are you able to advise please? Thank you.
  13. Aussiebird

    PHOTO SIZES in folder

    Anyone please?
  14. Aussiebird

    PHOTO SIZES in folder

    Hello everyone, So, I have been making excellent progress with scanning, uploading photos etc and I've had some help which has been great. I would just like to ask about a couple of things and hope someone can advise please. Should photos be reduced in size on a pdf page or pages? I have been reducing them but is it the folder size that should be no bigger than 5 meg or is it per photo or document? How many photos should be sufficient? I have checked each file for the size but it's getting a little confusing. If I keep the photos too small in a pdf file would that be a problem when uploaded to Immi as they may appear blurry along with captions. I have noticed this on of my documents and when opening them in word or as a pdf the writing is not very clear. That's when I had to get my scanner working, so I've scanned everything now and hope that will help. Thanks everyone. Xx
  15. Aussiebird

    309 Partner Visa payment

    This is what confuses me when it's some things in one word document, photos in pdf.....I'm also reading other posts where people are saying everything to upload should be pdf......no wonder I'm confused! Is this how everything should be uploaded? Thank you for explaining though, it's just knowing how to do it though. I'm going to get some help. I really do need it!!