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  1. Aussiebird

    Which shipping company??

    Can't find it?
  2. Aussiebird

    Perth quarantine

    Hi, Can anyone find any info on the charges for hotel quarantine in Perth please? I'm sure I read that for 3 people (2 adults/1 child-16 year old) the charge was per couple and a separate charge for a child (under 18). Has anyone paid there bill yet and did you get a payment plan option? How long was it before you received your bill? Thanks everyone. Xx
  3. Aussiebird


    House where we are, are in demand they are selling so fast, we are struggling to buy in our chosen areas as sellers are hardly or not negotiating at all, buyers are paying higher than the asking price just to secure the property.
  4. Aussiebird

    Rego and motor injury insurance

    Hi, We are currently looking online at buying second hand cars and wanted to know if we can look up the rego cost of all makes of cars? We have just found some information online about having to pay an additional motor injury insurance, which is compulsory when buying any car? Is this right? Seems buying a car is quite expensive now (WA).
  5. Aussiebird

    Medication prices

    So if we are on a combined income of less than say for example, $100,000 annually and we pay for just "extras" health cover, not including hospital cover, it would be 0.0% ?? Does everyone pay the 2% Medicare levy? Is this deducted from your income monthly? When we submit a tax return, how is it calculated with the levy? It's quite confusing!!
  6. Aussiebird

    Medication prices

    Am I right in saying your doctor will give you a prescription, then you take it to any pharmacy to get a price? Our medications will be quite expensive, so can we ask for a cheaper brand? Are the prices dependent on having a Medicare card? I've heard about the PBS, do you have to register and be registered with Medicare? I get confused with Medicare, Health insurance, levy etc etc......so much more complicated that the UK!! Also, is private health insurance compulsory? What are the advantages and disadvantages of having it or not? I really cant remember how it all works now, been a long time!! Thanks for any replies. Xx
  7. Aussiebird

    We have finally arrived in Perth

    Thanks Ali, I will be based in the Peel region.
  8. Aussiebird


    Can anyone please recommend any reputable companies in Perth and southern areas that do forklift licences please? What do they include? The course plus the licence? Practically all jobs advertising forklift skills need a licence even if skilled in UK. Thank you xx
  9. Aussiebird

    We have finally arrived in Perth

    So happy to say I got the job!!
  10. Aussiebird

    We have finally arrived in Perth

    Thank you so much!! We leave quarantine a week tomorrow so looking forward to that!! I also have a telephone interview tomorrow morning from my room for a job so I'm keeping everything crossed i get the job!!
  11. Aussiebird

    Holden cars

    Thank you.
  12. Aussiebird

    We have finally arrived in Perth

    We will thank you!!
  13. Aussiebird

    Holden cars

    Are holden cars any good, as in buying parts, price etc....we have heard Holden has gone bust, is this correct? Thanks! Xx
  14. Aussiebird

    We have finally arrived in Perth

    We will be south, anywhere between Singleton to Halls Head.
  15. Aussiebird

    We have finally arrived in Perth

    So pleased to say at the very last minute yesterday UK time our house finally completed!! So, so happy now we can start looking for our first home to buy once we are out of quarantine!!!