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  1. Aussiebird

    Form 888 - Australian citizen in UK

    Hi, Does form 888 have to be completed plus a hand written statement which both then have to be certified?
  2. Yes that seems the case now.
  3. Hello everyone, I have come across some new information and would like advice please: 1. I have been advised that only the last 3 years evidence showing our continued relationship needs to be provided for a Partner Visa. We have been married for 17 years this July. Been together for 24 years in total. Does anyone know if this is accurate? 2. I have read today on someone's post on here that as a sponsor for a Partner Visa, apart from providing my UK passport details (I have a UK and Oz one) I would have to provide a UK citizenship certificate? I came to UK in 1981 with my parents (they were £10 poms when they went to Oz) so I have no idea if my parents had a visa for me to travel to the UK or how I got UK citizenship?? How would I find this information out?? I haven't spoken to my mum yet about our plans so I do not want to start asking direct questions until I have told her. I would appreciate any advice, Thank you.
  4. Hi, Thanks for your reply. I have just checked, can't speak to anyone at the London office, it just gives a number for Australia. No direct email address either.
  5. Hi, I'm just reading your message about your UK citizenship. I, as a sponsor for my husband for his partner visa, moved to the UK when I was 11 (born in Australia) with my parents but I have no idea if I have got documentation that I am a British citizen. I have both UK and Aussie passports, so will immigration need to see proof that I am a UK citizen?? I'm assuming I came over to UK on my parents passport back in 1981, but if I have to provide a UK citizenship certificate, where do I get one from?? This will be my husband's 2nd application for a Partner Visa but I didn't have to provide information before about my UK citizenship back then. First partner visa for my husband was granted in 2011. It was a paper application. Is this information part of the sponsor being approved first? Many thanks.
  6. Hi to you all, Does anyone have a UK contact number for the Australian Immigration Department? Or an email address please? Thank you. Xx
  7. Aussiebird

    Self storage

    Hi Unzippy, thanks for your reply, I will ask for that when I get quotes in.
  8. Aussiebird

    How long have you been waiting for RRV?

    Does it have to be all, as in business, cultural etc, or can it just be personal ties?
  9. Aussiebird

    Self storage

    Thank you, I will look into that .
  10. Thank you so much.
  11. Thank you. I shall keep that in mind.
  12. Hi, He going to check if he has kept anything from our first home together, which we bought in 2001. If not, we do have photos of that house, both inside and out and some of our wedding photos were taken in the house and in the gardens.
  13. Just a quick question, Im still reading a lot of information regarding the above visa and my question is this: What if the applicant/sponsor doesnt have or kept things like invitations, tickets to events etc......but you may have photos of being at a particular event, would the photos be sufficient evidence? The same for holidays, may have the photos or emails of the booking but not the tickets as most of them are etickets. What if you cant remember exactly dates of when you met, started living together etc.....we have been together a long time (24 years) and cant remember everything or have kept some things/dates etc that is required if we go down this visa route!!! Many thanks.
  14. Aussiebird

    Photos for Partner Visa?

    Many thanks for your advice, much appreciated.