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  1. Aussiebird

    We have finally arrived in Perth

    Thank you so much!! We leave quarantine a week tomorrow so looking forward to that!! I also have a telephone interview tomorrow morning from my room for a job so I'm keeping everything crossed i get the job!!
  2. Aussiebird

    Holden cars

    Thank you.
  3. Aussiebird

    We have finally arrived in Perth

    We will thank you!!
  4. Aussiebird

    Holden cars

    Are holden cars any good, as in buying parts, price etc....we have heard Holden has gone bust, is this correct? Thanks! Xx
  5. Aussiebird

    We have finally arrived in Perth

    We will be south, anywhere between Singleton to Halls Head.
  6. Aussiebird

    We have finally arrived in Perth

    So pleased to say at the very last minute yesterday UK time our house finally completed!! So, so happy now we can start looking for our first home to buy once we are out of quarantine!!!
  7. Aussiebird

    We have finally arrived in Perth

    Ha ha yes I thought that!! I'm sure they run quietly, must think we have a disease!!
  8. Aussiebird

    We have finally arrived in Perth

    Ah yes I forgot about that, will have to find one through recommendations.
  9. Aussiebird

    We have finally arrived in Perth

    Hi drumbeat, That's so kind of you to offer!! Thank you.
  10. Aussiebird

    We have finally arrived in Perth

    Hi everyone, We finally arrived on 15th September, singapore flights from London Heathrow. We was very lucky with our flights that they didn't get cancelled, we was quite anxious just waiting but turned out all good. The flights were practically 3/4 empty, had a row each so we could lay down and sleep. Food was very good too. Heathrow and Singapore airports were like ghost towns, so strange to witness it all. Arriving at Perth airport, we were ushered away from the international arrivals area to a quick customs check then collect our luggage on the carousel. There was a row of desks each with a police officer who we sat down with and they filled out forms. We was then escorted to buses waiting on the tarmac, once on, the police escorted each bus enroute to our hotel in Perth, The Novotel. Lovely large suite with a kitchen, more like an apartment, 10th floor, views of the swan river. 2 tv's etc....food is ok but not great when 2 very fussy eaters!! Each day a paper bag with your food in is left outside your door and they knock. It's great not having to cook, clean and do washing!! You have to really make the time as best as you can to stop boredom, its really quiet, no windows can be opened, no leaving the room. We try not to think about how many days are ahead, just take one day at a time. I have applied for a job on Seek and sorted out my resume, husband will do his soon, plenty of time to do things like that. We've got puzzle and sudoku books, out tablets/iPads etc...plus we can watch a film instead of the news, which is on all day and evening!! You get a call from reception to check you haven't gone mad and they ask if you are ok and need anything. I have made a few calls from our room and as long as local, are 90c per minute. We had our first covid swab test today, they will only contact you if positive, so no news is good news. We then have another one on the 11th day. It doesn't hurt and is not even uncomfortable. We have been looking at cars online, ready for when we leave the hotel, so we can go out and sort our licenses out, medicare card, register with a gp etc..... Sadly we cannot purchase a house now as the sale of ours in the UK failed to complete after exchange, so has been a very stressful time and will now have to put back on the market, something we thought would never happen!!! Our container arrives around mid October to Fremantle and will go into storage, something else we didn't want to happen. So, glad to be here for sure, but not being able to go out and find our dream home bas taken away the excitement. There is nothing we can do now but sit and wait for another buyer, just hope it's quick as dont want to sell an empty house approaching winter as it could get damp, which could have an effect on someone buying it cheaper, we would then lose out. We are devastated this has all happened. Still, taking each day as it comes. Good luck to those who are making the move to Australia soon. Xxx
  11. Aussiebird

    Stamp Duty

    We won't be buying any time soon in Australia. We have only just arrived in Perth (15th) and unfortunately the sale of our home in the UK was meant to complete on the 7th September but the client concerned of our buyer failed to complete and has now been served notice by our solicitor. 2 more dates were meant to have completed but each time failed again. If no completion has taken place by lunchtime on Monday then the contract will rescind and we will have to put our home back on the market. We have been through hell these last few weeks and never, ever thought we would have to deal with this on top of moving abroad. There has been many tears, anger and frustration and we now face the prospect of having to reinstate our direct debits in the UK just so we can pay for our home sitting empty, plus storage costs of our belongings in Perth. Our dream of buying our first home in Australia is long gone, now we have a tough time ahead, having to wait until we are out of quarantine at the end of the month, to find work fir the both of us. On the upside, we have family we can stay with, but not for ever. We are happy to be back in Australia, but no excitement due to our home not completing.
  12. Aussiebird

    Misplaced £10 pom entry document.

    My mum is trying to find the document that gave her entry to Australia back in June 1968 as a £10 pom. It was the document given as evidence as there was no passport, it had photos in the lower right hand corner of the document of herself, my dad and my 2 brothers. The document is A4 in size. Does anyone know how or where she can hopefully get a copy of it or know the document that I am asking about?? They all eventually moved back to the UK to live but none of them got citizenship during there time in Australia which they deeply regret but my mum is frantically trying to find the document, she haseverything else but that. Any advice or help would be so helpful, thank you. Xx
  13. Aussiebird

    Quarantine cost? And medicines

    It's incase we get stopped or ask, just proof really.
  14. Aussiebird

    Quarantine cost? And medicines

    We have medication to take with us, via Singapore, hope that's not going to be a problem for us?. We have been given 2 months worth with prescriptions.
  15. Aussiebird

    One way insurance

    We are due to fly on 14th September to Perth but have not thought about insurance. Can anyone recommend and companies in the UK please? Thank you.