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  1. Aussiebird

    Uk school leaver

    Hello all, I would like some advice please. My son will finish secondary school in the UK in summer time 2020. If we make the move to Australia once he has left, will he be able to find work straight away once we arrive in Australia? He will not be going to College in the UK. He wants to be an electrician so not sure what is required for him to do this in Australia? Thanks in advance. Xx
  2. Aussiebird

    Uk school leaver

    Hi and thanks for your reply, He may well be 17+ but not sure if he will go on to college, depends if he can get an apprenticeship before we emigrate. He has Australian citizenship by descent. May have to look at TAFE. We will be looking in the southern regions of Perth (Mandurah, Halls Head etc...as have family there.)
  3. Aussiebird


    Hello everyone again, Really sorry to be posting aboit this visa again! Husband now just wants to see if he would be sucessful. He went online in his immi account to start the application. He answered all the questions but nothing flagged up to attach any documents, but at the end the price came up to pay $365 then submit the application. I am assuming once the money has been processed the case will be looked at and supporting documents etc will be requested etc....... OR does the fact it was requested to pay the money mean that no further information is needed? Our plan will still be to apply for another subclass 100 visa if the above fails. Thanks in advance x
  4. Hello, My husband has just raised a question so i thought i would put it on here as there is such a lot of posts on here with regards to a RRV! And possibly a lot of confusion. He said if he got a 1 year RRV but for whatever reason we wouldnt be able to make the move within that year, but he made a trip for a couple of weeks, does that mean he would have to apply again and would only get another 1 year RRV? He said sometimes life takes unexpected turns that are out of anyones control so he is curious as to what would happen. Thanks in advance.
  5. Hello and Happy New Year! Me and my husband lived in Australia from 2012-2014. He was granted a partner visa. I have many family members in Australia (I am an Australian Citizen.) We are wanting to move back to Australia but my husband doesnt know if he is entitled to a RRESIDENT RETURN VISA or if its applying again for a partner visa? The cost of the RRV is significantly cheaper than a new partner visa but we are wondering if we have been back in UK too long now to be granted a RRV? Any help on this matter would really put his mind at rest. If he has to apply for another partner visa, would he be able to use any statements etc provided in support of his application that he used in the first place? Would save him a lot of time etc....but the documents have date stamps on them from around 2011. Thank you so much in advance. Xxx
  6. Hello to you all, As you may see from my recent posts about the RRV (some information quite confusing!) for my husband, I am just wondering if it might be easier for him to apply for another partner visa, but my question is: Does anyone know if there have been many changes to this visa in recent years as his first one (travel facility ) has now expired. He done the application himself and was straight forward and granted, no problems. Also wondering if he stands a good change of being granted one second time? We are still happily married and still have strong ties with my family in Australia. Any info greatly appreciated, thank you.
  7. Hello, Can anyone advise please? If one sells a property the UK and transfers the money into an Australian bank account (which we have), to buy a property in Australia, would the lump sum be taxed? We are really not in favour of renting as want to own our first property in Australia when we move back. We hope to find jobs as quickly as possible but would we be expected to live off the money from the sale of our UK home? We have no savings. My husband would come over on a Partner Visa so i know he is entitled to Medicare etc....but cant remember about Centrelink whilst looking for employment? I appreciate any feedback. Thank you in advance.
  8. Aussiebird

    Selling UK home to buy in Australia

    Thanks for all the replies. Much appreciated. Xx
  9. Aussiebird


    Sorry to hear this, i hope he sorts something out. Is that how much a partner visa is now?
  10. Aussiebird

    Police Check expired before submitting

    Your wife as a sponsor, will have to write a statement yes. I cantbcomment on the police check as not sure, sorry. Would you find the answer on the immigration website maybe? Good luck!
  11. Aussiebird

    Selling UK home to buy in Australia

    Thanks Ken. So with no job to start on arrival in Australia my husband wouldnt get job seekers allowanace whilst looking for work? Have things changed because im sure he got it when we last lived in Australia as he got permananet residency straight away on his 309/100 partner visa. As soon as he found work it stopped. Im an Australian Citizen so i got it too until i found work, which thankfully didnt take long.
  12. Aussiebird


    Hello, Is having experience in fork lift driving beneficial when looking for work in Australia? Many thanks.
  13. Hi Nadine1, did you manage to get it by Christmas in the end? Good luck with everything.
  14. Aussiebird


    His first one was granted in 2011. Its quite nerve racking to go through this all again as i remember first time round its a very lengthy process.
  15. Aussiebird

    The role of a migration agent

    I've contacted Agents on here and some do not even reply, so how can that help anyone going forward?
  16. Aussiebird

    1 year V 5 year RRV 155

    Hi everyone, Has anyone applied for and been granted a 5 year RRV 155 from outside Australia when they have in the last 5 years, resided in Australia for just under the 2 year requirement, due to personal ties that went in there favour? Im just curious as my husband may only get the 1 year (if that) if he applies now as we was in Australia for just under 2 years, in the last 5 years. We are hoping that the DOI will consider it. He needs to apply now as once we get to end of May, we would have been outside Australia for 5 years and we need the 5 year to be granted as we want to make the move once my son has finished secondary school in the summer/autumn of 2020. One would say well why not just apply at a later date and get the 1 year, but its just in case there are any delays in going (ill health....) so having 5 years we could go when suits. This is to avoid having to apply for another Partner Visa, which has now expired. Any thoughts on this please? Thanks so much. Xx
  17. Aussiebird

    COST OF RRV 155

    Hello, Can anyone please tell me the current cost of a RRV 155 please? I have noticed that different websites are displaying various prices and its confusing! Many thanks. Xx
  18. Aussiebird

    COST OF RRV 155

    Thanks Ali, i have since my post seen the prices on home affairs.
  19. Aussiebird

    1 year V 5 year RRV 155

    He had a Partner Visa which had 5 years on it. But we came back to live in UK before the 5 years on it was up.
  20. Hello, I have read it's 10 years resident but with 5 years that must be continuous. Would this count for citizens who do not live in Australia at the moment but have spent 2 years in Australia a few years ago 2012 to 2014. (now back in UK but planning to move permanently back to Australia in the near future). Many thanks.
  21. Aussiebird


    Sorry this is an old post.
  22. What would happen if you was granted a 1 year RRV but didnt travel in that time? Would you just apply again?
  23. Aussiebird


    Thank you for your reply. It sounds quite long winded to keep reapplying but my concern would be if after 2 years, he doesnt qualify for a 5 year RRV, he would have to apply for another Partner Visa. Do you happen to know the cost of applying for a 5 year RRV? THANK YOU so much.
  24. Aussiebird


    Thank you Marisawright for your reply. My husband will probably want to visit family in the UK at least once a year.
  25. Aussiebird


    Thank you everyone for your replies. I have just emailed an agent to see if he would get either the 1 or 5 year. Only downside is sometimes they just dont bother replying!