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  1. Dorsetbrit

    Life in quarantine (Melbourne)

    Well done and thank you for putting this on, had no idea of what was involved with it before and my wife and 3 year old son and myself are going out in October and was worried about the quarantine especially keeping a 3 year old entertained for so long as he’s a real outdoor kid but it’s a small price to pay for the rest of your life. It’s a shame they don’t allow you to go to a home or air B and B to do it so you could at least have a garden. Maybe asking to much but that’s I believe how it works in uk. Any advise you can give that will help our time in quarantine apart from the usual I pads, games etc would be great and thank you for the in site to quarantine.
  2. Dorsetbrit

    subclass 190 PR visa

    My wife and I and son have got the 190 at the moment and are looking to go in October all fingers crossed. It was a long process but once we submitted it all happened very quickly. It helps having a good migration company guiding you, they can run through everything before it’s submitted then you don’t waste time sending wrong information. I’d say if you have the cash get the 190 and if your good with paperwork and can prove all past education and work you won’t have an issue. The visa will give you the choice on how long you stay so you can really try and settle in. I to had family stuff happening and people can be a bit forth coming with their opinions tyts for sure, have you thought about this have you thought about that? When in truth you think about nothing else and are fully aware of the task your undertaking. Good luck to you and I hope all goes well. We have succeeded in the visa part and now the hard part comes of getting over there and starting a whole new life but how amazingly exciting it is.
  3. Dorsetbrit

    190 activation

    Very true it will be worth it in the long run, short pain with huge gain. I recon we will replan for October now mane November so who knows the situation there at that time. Just want to be there before my 40th end of nov.
  4. Dorsetbrit

    190 activation

    From what I’ve seen only a couple of airlines have said they are starting up uk to Sydney soon. I’m happy to book and hope for the best. We have a 190 visa. Do we have quarantine in a hotel even if we’re staying in Sydney and what are the rules of staying quarantine because two weeks with a 3 year old in a hotel without being able to leave doesn’t sound like fun to me. But I guess I would if we can start our life in Oz.
  5. Dorsetbrit

    190 activation

    So it would be best maybe to book a date and just go for it, I guess the real risk is the wife handing in notice and for some reason can’t go then left jobless but there won’t be a time where it won’t be a risk.
  6. Dorsetbrit

    190 activation

    No really a risk I’m prepared to make, it took two years to get a visa sorted then this pandemic sets in. Wouldn’t be so bad if they gave a 3 month extension. My wife doesn’t want to give her notice on a “maybe we’ll get a flight” but if we don’t activate we may loose it completely and I don’t want go and come straight back again rather go and stay.
  7. Dorsetbrit

    190 activation

    My wife, myself and son got our 190 visa last November and have until December the 6th to move to Oz from uk or activate the visa. My wife doesn’t want to hand in her notice until we know we can fly and we have jobs to think about, there is a chance she can continue her job in Oz as they have offices but she can’t tell them until she hands in her notice which she reluctant to do until we are sure we can get there safely. Does anyone know if the whole family has to go to activate the visa or just the main visa holder? Our original plan was to leave in September but I think that will be pushed back as late as we can as she still has the three month notice period but doesn’t leave much time to decide. Quite a risk. Any thoughts moral appreciated.
  8. Dorsetbrit

    Future in Australia

    I own a landscaping company and my wife’s a finance director for a charity, our 190 is for NSW.
  9. Dorsetbrit

    Future in Australia

    Our visa runs out in December, we were granted a 190 and was planning September before it all kicked of. It is a worry going there without a job but if we did secure and could fly I would definitely go. Maybe they will extend as this has cost us thousands of ponds and two years to get our visas.
  10. Our 190 says permanent visa but still only valid for 5 years from how I understand it? We’ve not activated yet and want to go in September, it’s runs out in December so it’s a little scary, a lot can change in that time though.
  11. Exactly the same for us, we plan to go in September but they run out in November, we can’t hand notice in or sort out our house or shipping unless we know for sure we’ll get in.
  12. Dorsetbrit

    Where to begin??

    Good point but if it was to sell fast we’d be homeless maybe we Calum’s do a short rent but most would be 6mnths minimum.
  13. Dorsetbrit

    Price of a 20ft container UK to Oz

    We have the visas granted so that’s all good and we’ve set the date for September so we can really get stuff sorted but it’s all up in the air until we know about jobs etc. She’s waiting until March to tell her bosses and they might offer her a roll as they have offices in Sydney. If not she will look for a new job and hopefully get one offered before we leave but until that’s sorted no point in looking where to live. I guess we will air B and B for three or four weeks then rent permanently.
  14. Dorsetbrit

    Comparing shipping costs

    That’s really helpful and we’re not locked down the Sydney but she’s hoping that her company she works for now will create a roll to keep her as they have an office in Sydney. She works for a top 100 company and is around director level now so if we are to be in Sydney it will need to pay well though she’s happy to commute an hour or so. I’ll take what I can get but I’m looking to not do the heavy hard work and move to sales and design if not a complete change of career but hard to know what to do when you’ve done the same thing for 20years!
  15. Dorsetbrit

    Comparing shipping costs

    It’s mor about the wife, she’s a chartered accountant and for the sort of wages needed Sydney I’d our best hope. Plus we have our visas now so all set. I’m a landscape gardener so can pretty much go anywhere.