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  1. Sponsored job sites?

    Hopefully they won’t or we’ll never get out their. We’ll just go down the 189 route and get the 75 points and hope to get invited. I’d like England to be more like OZ but unfortunately we’re finding it hard to get in ourselves! When it’s something you think about every minute of every day you tend to be impatient sometimes.
  2. Sponsored job sites?

    Are there any job sites that are best for people that want to get sponsored? We really have no idea the best way to get sponsored. The wife is an accountant but it’s very hard to get the 75 points. Currently on 65 after an English exam, needed 90% for the 20 extra points. So trying to look at all options.
  3. Starting a business?

    If I started or wanted to start my own business as I run one in Uk how does that work with getting a visa?
  4. Best chance for a visa?

    Hi I’ve been on before discussing my wife getting a points base visa for a general accountant, turns out to be very hard, after doing the English test she was 4 marks of 90% required for 20 points so she gets 10 points, she will do it again but at this stage she only has 65 and needs 75! She’s chartered and has a law degree but still a big hill to clime plus their not taking any accountants right now. We are now looking at new avenues such as sponsorship but don’t know where to leave ok or how to go about starting also I am looking at trying on my skill as a landscape gardener and designer but I don’t have formal qualifications as I run the family business. I have 16 years experience and a very nice website but that’s your lot so I’m guessing my options are limited. Any options or ideas would be great, we are desperate to go back and start a new chapter in our lives but getting their seems more and more difficult. Thanks guys.
  5. Jan 2018 Changes to eligible skilled occupation lists

    That’s what we were hoping and hopefully will go up in the next rounds. Thanks for that.
  6. Jan 2018 Changes to eligible skilled occupation lists

    Hi there I thought id tag on this post, after speaking to our migration guy it turned out that next to accounting and how many points they need it says N/A and he didnt really know why, does anyone have any ideas, bit of a worry but were not quite ready yet as need to complete superior English test and to be skills assessed so got a while before we get all together and the 75 points we hope will be enough for general accountant. Any thoughts on this?
  7. What’s involved in the English tests

    Thank you that’s some good input and will pass the advise on to the wife.
  8. Hi my wife has been told that we or she will need to take an English test and the Top one for points is the Cambridge English Advanced (CAE) equivalent) for a massive 20 points. Does anyone know what the test involves, types of question you can expect and how long the test is? She’s a chartered accountant and has been advised a the best option is (General) ANZSCO 221111 And a rough estimate is she’s on 55 points and will need 75 so best way would be to bump up the points via an English test, obviously the one I listed is the hardest giving 20 points but others are available with less points but just be good to know what was involved. Cheers guys.
  9. Visa choice?

    Whilst I’m firing the questions out there, I know I’ll have to take a medical, what sort of things might go against you, I’ve had a bad back for some time (years) and it’s being controlled by pain killers, would this be a problem or are they looking out for serious stuff like cancer etc? Thanks for all the replies there’s not much that someone doesn’t know. It’s a massive choice to make in the next few weeks but super exciting. Sent from my iPhone using PomsinOz
  10. Visa choice?

    If I use an agent are they based in Uk or OZ? And if oz does it make it hard to sort stuff with time differences? I believe they have to be or should be MARA registered, all about getting the right one I guess. Sent from my iPhone using PomsinOz
  11. Visa choice?

    I can add 5 points if assessed I believe? Sent from my iPhone using PomsinOz
  12. Visa choice?

    That’s good advise thank you, why is it the more skilled you are the more points you need? And how will I come in to it being a landscaper sole trader, I don’t have qualifications for it as I’ve done it for 16 years? Sent from my iPhone using PomsinOz
  13. Visa choice?

    Thanks, just hoping to go in to the process with as much wisdom as possible. Sent from my iPhone using PomsinOz
  14. Visa choice?

    Hi guys my wife, myself and baby boy 6mths are coming to OZ on a 4 week holiday in the next 10 days, once we come back we will make our final decision on weather to emigrate. We will get a migrant officer to take us through it’s all but I’m wondering what the best visa would be. My wife’s a chartered accountant with law degree and very strong A levels etc. I’m a landscaper owning my own business. I believe my job is on the skills list but I’m sure we would apply via my wife’s skills. We are completely unsure if a sponsored visa is the way to go or another way would be best so I just wondered what people’s thoughts were and I know a lot has changed recently. Cheers Darren. Sent from my iPhone using PomsinOz
  15. Best way for family visas?

    That's very kind of you, we will be visiting Melbourne but won't get there until around 26th October but I'm guessing you would of headed the opposite way. It's great to get feedback and advise as we don't know how it all works and everyone has a different opinion. I have a mate in Melbourne so will catch up with him as well. Sent from my iPhone using PomsinOz