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  1. Dorsetbrit

    Comparing shipping costs

    It’s mor about the wife, she’s a chartered accountant and for the sort of wages needed Sydney I’d our best hope. Plus we have our visas now so all set. I’m a landscape gardener so can pretty much go anywhere.
  2. Dorsetbrit

    Comparing shipping costs

    My wife’s an accountant and managed to achieve 75 points which is about as high as you can get. The reason it’s so popular is because of Asians are very good at maths and the also can study in Australia which gives extra points that we just can’t get in the uk so we’re advised to go for a state sponsored visa and the only states offering that or at least we’re offering that was NSW and Northern Territory. Once we submitted we were offered to apply very quick and now we have our permanent visas but the catch is we need to work two years in NSW when we really wanted to live in Brisbane but a small price to pay I feel. The process is around 18mths - 2 years and the paper work you need is extensive, thankfully my wife being an accountant she keeps good records as well as contacts from previous jobs in order to get paper work required. We received our visas two weeks before Xmas and plan to leave in September giving us the time to sell house, plan where to go, research jobs, close my business, wife hand notice in, the list goes on, I’d leave tomorrow but we have to be sensible and it will take a lot of planning.
  3. Dorsetbrit

    Comparing shipping costs

    That one worked much better, I must of been in wrong place. It’s around half price of a container and that’s with them storing for a month as when we get there we will air b&b until we find somewhere to live. Is this what people do or do you just guess it and rent something before you go? Thanks guys I look forward to helping other people once we have completed the move.
  4. Dorsetbrit

    Comparing shipping costs

    From what I’ve read a 20ft container is is going to cost around 4K give or take but I can’t find a rough price for the large move cubes, to get a quote you have to say how many boxes etc and the sizes of them. I don’t leave until September but want to know what we might take or just buy new out there. I doubt we’ll do much furniture maybe little boys bedroom furniture so the rest is pictures, cloths, business files (7 years of accounts) bikes and that’s about it. Not sure we’d fill a 20ft container but maybe we could squeeze all in to a move cube. It’s hard knowing when to think about this stuff as we have around 8 months to go but we need to keep a tally of what things cost let alone thinking about selling house, closing down a business trying to get a new job and somewhere to live. Mind boggling but super excited.
  5. Dorsetbrit

    Price of a 20ft container UK to Oz

    Sorry to jump in on this but we’re planning to go on the 1st September and not sure how long I should leave to start to organise this stuff. Also we might air B&B when we first get there so we can look at where we would want to live so will they hold it until your ready and know where you want it delivered to?
  6. Dorsetbrit

    Where to begin??

    Your completely right and that’s something we have thought about doing already, I’ve been looking through the garage to see what I can sell. I’m guessing plug sockets are different so any electrical items would need plug converters. It’s so daunting I feel I should be doing more but maybe just keep researching shipping costs and where to live etc and as we get closer I’ll be a little more informed. Thanks for your reply.
  7. Dorsetbrit

    Where to begin??

    Hi everyone for the first time I’m posting after receiving our visas and not asking about visas. My wife, son and I have our sponsored permanent visas for NSW. After two years we can finally plan. We hope to leave on the 1st September but where on earth do we start with planning? I have to finish my landscaping business which is not to hard but want to work for as long as I can, we have a house to sell but would be great to not have to move out plus how to rent etc as well as shipping all our stuff. It’s completely mind boggling, exciting and scary all at once and we have no idea with timings so any advise will be amazing. Thank you in advance. Darren.
  8. Dorsetbrit

    We’ve been invited, what next?

    Yeh it’s like the final thing that can go wrong and the back of your head your thinking they’ll find it you’ve got cancer or something then it’s all over, silly but you can’t help it. Thanks for the link and do you find out results straight away or is it more waiting?
  9. Dorsetbrit

    We’ve been invited, what next?

    I’m in Bournemouth. Do you know a link where I can find out? Good luck and let us know what it was like.
  10. Dorsetbrit

    We’ve been invited, what next?

    It’s was with CA ANZ as my wife’s a chartered accountant.
  11. Dorsetbrit

    We’ve been invited, what next?

    That will work well, the wife’s just started a new job so wants to do a year with them before we go if all goes well.
  12. Dorsetbrit

    We’ve been invited, what next?

    I guess we’ll get told by our agent as their dealing with all of it for us. Thanks for getting back. Any idea on the length of time from now until the visa comes through or is it a case of how longs a peace of string?
  13. Dorsetbrit

    We’ve been invited, what next?

    Today we have been told we can apply for our 190 NSW state sponsored visa, we’re not sure what the next steps are and how long it will take. My wife’s the main applicant and myself and my 2 year old will be going as well. Will all of us including my son need a medical? And we live on the south coast, is the only place we can get a medical London? Be great to here if anyone’s recently done this. It’s all going very fast, we sent the skills assessment of and it was approved in one day and now two weeks after sending EOI we’ve been asked to apply, we thought each stage would be weeks and months. Cheers Darren.
  14. Dorsetbrit

    PTE exam

    Hi I think you only need IETLS or PTE to gain points for the visa so it may be beneficial to focus on just one? My wife practiced a lot prior to the exam. There are free practice tests online which first explain how to answer the question and give tips on how to achieve top marks. This really helped. She’s also timed herself as this is a crucial element of the test. My wife also said that you could purchase a mock exam online which might also be beneficial? Best of luck, I hope you gain the scores you’re looking for.
  15. Dorsetbrit

    ICAEW Membership advice

    She left the big company once qualified and didn’t need it when she became a finance manager. We sent the skills assessment of now and they have come back 1 day later with complete full marks!! We were expecting a 4-8 week wait not one day. They accepted all her work experience and didn’t matter she wasn’t a member. This is huge news and a big relief. We can submit our EOI right away and see what the next stage has to throw at us. [emoji846][emoji846]