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  1. Metoo

    Swimming pool

    It’s a magnesium, mineral rich, health pool. It’s an alternative to regular salt or chlorine and it’s environmentally friendly and apparently good for your health. Water feels really soft and no horrible chlorine smell.
  2. Metoo

    Swimming pool

    Well, we are almost there. We swam last night for the first time and again this morning. As you can see, we still have temporary fencing in place and there is a boarder of messy sandy dirt all around the pool. The concrete guy comes tomorrow to measure up how much and where we want it, also the fencing team will be here to measure up. The big umbrella will arrive this week some time once the concrete is down. After Christmas we will concentrate on landscaping. We are having a mini retaining wall across the back to stop any heavy rain coming down the paddock and pouring into the pool. Very happy with it so far
  3. Metoo

    Swimming pool

  4. Metoo

    Swimming pool

    It holds 47,600 litres of water Here is some of the equipment
  5. Metoo

    Swimming pool

    You need a lot of gear to build a pool
  6. Metoo

    Swimming pool

    Pool is starting to fill
  7. Metoo

    Swimming pool

  8. Metoo

    Swimming pool

    Temporary fence
  9. Metoo

    Swimming pool

  10. Metoo


    Yes that doesn’t surprise me. Lost count of the number of times we had our cars broken into. Was so glad to leave that place. We used to have to leave the telly on and the lights when we went out so we didn’t get burgled.
  11. Metoo

    Swimming pool

    I will give a ball park figure when I total it all up. The extras are costing a lot because we are having frameless glass fencing and upgraded filters and stuff. The big brolly will cost $5000 because it is sunk 1 mt into the ground on a big steel frame and it’s hurricane proof. We haven’t had the invoices in yet from the electrician and then the concrete guy who will do the surrounding sunbathing areas. Here is the work so far today
  12. Metoo


    Glad you are settled in Frodsham Amber, I spent some time in Huyton during the early 80’s and hated every minute of it. The place was full of thieves.
  13. Metoo

    Aussie weather

    https://www.brisbanetimes.com.au/national/queensland/fires-rage-across-queensland-as-firefighters-battle-to-contain-blazes-20181128-p50it1.html Hope everyone stays safe
  14. Metoo

    Swimming pool

    For those who are interested we are having Magnesium Salt with Glass Media filter and a variable speed pump. Also, automatic PH control.
  15. Metoo

    Swimming pool

    The beginnings of the pump housing