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  1. Then again, this is not helpful either https://www.beefcentral.com/news/qld-landholder-hit-with-record-1m-penalty-for-making-fire-breaks-too-wide/
  2. Metoo

    Three snakes in three days

    Good idea, he could be a star. Remember folks, you saw him here first lol
  3. Metoo

    Three snakes in three days

    I must admit, Ted has been neglected of late. It’s about time he had a day out. Maybe next week when I’m off work. Meanwhile, Brian is out hunting
  4. Metoo

    Three snakes in three days

    Brian is special. He is a bit like a pet now. We don’t take chances with him as we realise he is still a wild animal, but, I was really happy to see he has returned. I might have to rename this thread THE LIFE OF BRIAN ha ha
  5. Metoo

    Three snakes in three days

    Hello Everyone, I hope you are all well. just a little update on our snake story Brian cam back!!! Not seen him for a long while but he popped up on St Valentines Day, must be because he loves us lol here he is, relaxing in all his old haunts
  6. Metoo

    How is Megan doing so far?

    If she is not able to handle “traditional crap’” then she had no business marrying into the royal family.
  7. Metoo


    10 years deserves a medal lol
  8. Metoo


    It would be great if the old timers came back. Maybe we should have a roll call and see who is still about I will go first HERE
  9. Oh my gosh, I feel for both you and your wife. I am glad you had a fantastic time on your trip and that you could share it with your son. From your wife’s point of view, she is the person who saved up to allow you the opportunity to go. She has been witness to your absolute pleasure and delight at having been back, and knowing that what ever she did, it would never match the joy that you experienced in those weeks. In a way, it’s as if her husband has a mistress, except the mistress is a place not a person. I imagine that she feels that life with her and your family in Oz can not compare (in your eyes) with the heady excitement of being “home” What ever you decide, I hope you can be kind to each other. Nobody is to blame, it simply is what it is.
  10. Metoo

    Is Melbourne really this bad.

    To be honest @Toots if we still lived near the beach then we probably wouldn’t have bothered with a pool, but, since we moved, we are now 25 mins drive from the beach so a pool seemed like a very handy thing to have. Ted is still here with us, we had a road trip last week to Rockhampton and stopped to take picks on the Tropic of Capricorn. We meant to bring Ted with us but we forgot him and so the poor little bugger missed his photo op
  11. Metoo

    Is Melbourne really this bad.

    Hello @ramot yes it’s a shame, we were helped so much on here when we were in the planning stages and there was always somebody about if you needed a quick answer to something. ha ha regarding Brian (the python) he hung around for a couple of months and then he must have gone to sleep for the winter. We did have a new one in the early summer, Ivan (the terrible) python. Terrible because he caught and killed a bat on our terrace and then swallowed it. Yes I know Brian must do the same thing but not in front of me lol. This is Ivan
  12. Metoo

    Is Melbourne really this bad.

    Hi @Toots I hope you are well . You are quite right, I really can’t be bothered with all the bickering. God knows what new comers to the site think when they witness all this carry on. There is not much friendly banter any more and that was the thing that was so good, it was great to pop on here and see what everyone was up to. The shared excitement of people’s impending move, the joys, the hardships, the successes and the occasional sad events in members lives. I don’t know, seems such a shame. On a brighter note, we are absolutely loving the pool. The aircon at work broke down just before Christmas and you can imagine what it’s been like working in this heat. Well, I quite often get home, strip off and I’m in lol
  13. Metoo

    Is Melbourne really this bad.

    I don’t come on here very much these days. He is one of the people that put me off. this used to be such a helpful and friendly site. What happened????
  14. Metoo

    Three snakes in three days

    Don’t know why the video came up twice, sorry
  15. Metoo

    Three snakes in three days

    Well these guys are not too happy about the situation. He’s still sleeping it off