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  1. Metoo

    Swimming pool

    Yes @Toots it will be so nice to think it’s all finished and we can relax. Still lots to do but we can see the end in sight now. Meanwhile, the sky is a lovely blue today
  2. Metoo

    Swimming pool

    Gazebo area
  3. Metoo

    Swimming pool

    So, after what seems like a very long time work has started again on the pool area (-: The frame work work for the decking is down. The supports for the gazebo are in (after much hard work) and the beginning of the retaining wall are coming along nicely.
  4. Metoo

    Partner Visa Onshore - Not in Aus yet

    Barry, I would not even try to give you any advice regarding your visa application, having seen your hostile replies to the wise, well meaning people on this forum. Furthermore, if I was an agent (which I am not) I wouldn’t touch you with a barge pole. Good luck in getting your Russian pen friend into Oz, you may need it.
  5. Metoo

    Two weeks in...

    Adelaide ^^^. Sorry, typo
  6. Metoo

    Two weeks in...

    Congratulations on your safe arrival in Adalade Steve and Kirsty. Wow, you have certainly hit the road running. Dont forget to get your Medicare sorted along with TFNs, also get yourselves registered with a bulk billing GP if you can. The first few weeks are exhausting but sooo exciting. Good luck, this is just the start of your journey, lots of great things to come. Very best wishes for a happy and successful future X
  7. Metoo

    Taking cats

    We brought our old cat over with us 4 yrs ago. He was 12 yrs old at the time. I worried about him as he was old and nervous. As it happened, he survived the journey very well. When we arrived to collect him after the quarantine period, the kennel maid was giving him a cuddle. We had expected to find him hiding in his kennel, but no, here he was with his new best friend lol. I am happy to say, he is still going strong and he has a new sister for company. She came to us as an 8 yrs old rescue cat and we have had her for 2 yrs. Our cats are both allowed outside during the day but kept in at night.
  8. Metoo

    Swimming pool

    Picture one, the first bit of concrete we made using the mixer, picture three, ready mixed concrete along back edge. Picture two, the old fence posts still visible from before we moved the fence. All the reclaimed space will be filled with 1m of garden and 2.4m of decking.
  9. Metoo

    Swimming pool

    Hi Lauren, we made a little more progress. we spent a week putting in the form work for the concrete base which will hold the mini wall. Then a trip to Bunnings to collect the first 30 bags of concrete. We soon realised this was a mistake. Lifting the bags was really heavy and you need to lift them to chest height to tip them into the concrete mixer. So, we spent a full day tipping and mixing and smoothing out. Also when you tip the mix out of the mixer it splashes everywhere so we had large sheets of cardboard protecting the fence. One day of this was enough for us and we hadn’t even done a quarter of the footings. So, we ordered ready made concrete which was delivered on Tuesday. It took about half an hour for the guy to tip it in exactly the right place, no splashing and no lifting, all we had to do was smooth it out. This is the way to go from now on lol. Meanwhile, we collected a trailer load of top soil and some bags of chicken manure and filled up the first stretch of garden bed ready for planting. Progress has been slower than we would like, this is because we are doing this on our days off and, as we both work floating rosters we have had very few days where we are both off together. Thankfully, the weather is starting to cool down a bit now so it is not quite so punishing, but it is still warm enough to jump in the pool at the end of an exhausting day. I will add some pics later
  10. Metoo

    Say goodbye to Underwear

    We are in Queensland Tony, Started off in Sydney for the first 6 months then moved North. Loving it here.
  11. Ha ha, has he visited you too
  12. Brian the snake, still here
  13. Metoo

    Say goodbye to Underwear

    TtAhhhhhhh I remember them well, had some good laughs on here hey.... Indeed, I remember you guys having your meet ups, I was a bit jealous as I was still in the UK at the time lol
  14. Metoo

    Photos from your garden

  15. Metoo

    Photos from your garden