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  1. Metoo

    In my back yard

    I know, I can hardly believe we live here. This is so cool (-:
  2. Metoo

    In my back yard

    I made this video this morning. We moved house 3 weeks ago and this is in our garden. I check on them daily to make sure all 5 babies are safe So happy to be in this fabulous country. 22A1D1E5-6418-4093-8ECF-C7DD7F081E08.MP4
  3. Metoo

    Snake in the roof ???

    So, we are in the process of moving into our new house. Mr Metoo was taking a peek inside the roof space and spotted something interesting. Being brave, he stuck his hand in and came out with a shedded snake skin it looked quite old and was starting to disintegrate so must have been there for a while. Now I am wondering, where is the rest of it ? Is it still alive? Has it grown bigger? Can it get into the house? Oh boy, living in the countryside sure is entertaining lol
  4. Metoo

    Big spider

    Thanks everyone for your suggestions. i contacted the Reptile Park as Marisa suggested and they inform me that it is a Badge Huntsman apparently they can bite humans and can cause local severe pain and swelling, sweating, nausea and vomiting!!!! A cold pack may relieve symptoms and you should seek medical attention if symptoms persist. holy moly, I wish I'd flattened it now lol thats one lucky spider
  5. Metoo


    Have a look at Eccleston Park, it’s more pleasant than Prescot. Steer clear of Huyton
  6. Metoo

    Big spider

    Ha ha Ted is cowardly, he hid behind me lol
  7. Metoo

    Big spider

    Wahhhhhhhh I hope it didn’t have a family
  8. Metoo

    Big spider

  9. Metoo

    Big spider

    Well I still don’t know what it was, but we had a happy ending. I covered it up with a plastic bowl (using gardening gloves lol) then waited for hubby to come home. He scooped it up and released it outside in the shrubbery. He said a big boy like that would eat all the bugs. I have it on video but can’t upload it for some reason. I hope I don’t meet him again when I’m gardening.
  10. Metoo

    Big spider

    Can anyone tell me what this is please, it’s guarding the shed door ewwwee
  11. Metoo

    Fraser Island Camping

    If you drive up the night before, you can get a cheap air b n b for the night in Hervey Bay and then catch the early ferry in the morning at river heads. We stayed on Fraser last Christmas for 3 nights at the Kingfisher resort and had a great time. We never saw any dingos but there were plenty of warning signs. Take warm clothing with you, it can get pretty nippy at night time and Fraser has its own micro climate, they say it's always raining somewhere on Fraser. First pic is Kingfisher resort and then the ferry unloading on Fraser
  12. Metoo

    Tommy Robinson Arrested

    SSIRI you can insult me all you like, I don’t really care. You seem to be the one who is obsessed with Tommy Robinson, but I think you are channeling your anger at the wrong people. Surely the perps and those who have protected them are the wrong doers here. Anyway, I’m done with this thread. Have a nice day.
  13. Metoo

    Tommy Robinson Arrested

    So in answer to my question, you think that it is a case of “getting whistle blowers on side” in order to prosecute the perpetrators. we are talking about years and years of abuse of little girls who are supposed to magically find themselves a whistle blower who is brave enough to take on the establishment, who then finds another brave sole in the CPS to push for a prosecution. It is an absolute miracle that any trials have taken place at all
  14. Metoo

    Tommy Robinson Arrested

    Justice has not been served nor will it ever be served for thousands of young girls who have been or are still victims of this terrible crime, that was perpetrated upon them by the grooming gangs themselves, the police who refused to act, the social services who ignored it, the media who scream “far right extremist “ at anyone who talks about it. For the victims who suffered, who was their advocate? Where could the go for help? The police? Clearly not. So who????? This is a genuine question, who where they supposed to go to for help? At least Tommy Robinson listened and spoke up for them, which is more than the professionals, the people who’s job it was to act on this information would or could do.
  15. Metoo

    Tommy Robinson Arrested

    watch this SSIRI and then tell me we have a fair country of free speech