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  1. Metoo

    Three snakes in three days

    Don’t know why the video came up twice, sorry
  2. Metoo

    Three snakes in three days

    Well these guys are not too happy about the situation. He’s still sleeping it off
  3. Metoo

    Three snakes in three days

    I have never seen a snake kill or eat it’s prey before. I felt very sorry for the bat, it was alive for about 10 minutes. eurghhh indeed
  4. Metoo

    Three snakes in three days

    so, we haven’t seen Brian for a few months but have been keeping an eye out, just in case. Anyway, this morning I went out to water the plants and found Brian’s cousin, having a nice bat breakfast
  5. Metoo

    Photos from your garden

    Found this little chap in the chicken shed today, thankfully we don’t have any chickens just now
  6. Metoo

    Swimming pool

    Yes it’s a gap, not intentional, it was a mistake in the cutting. It will be fixed when we do the next stage, can’t be bothered getting all the tools out for that little bit. We will be working on the gazebo soon and hope to get it done by Christmas. These are the monster uprights and they are very, very heavy. We have to work out how to lift them into place over the stirrups without killing ourselves. If anyone has any ideas we would be all ears.
  7. I read on here that gas engineers can be found with experience of converting some small parts on range cookers and certifying. I dont know the details of it and the post on here didnt share them, but it appears possible to do it. I'll find the post later. Yes it can be done but oh boy it's expensive if you can actually find anyone who will touch it. While in NSW our caravan gas appliances were fine but once we moved to QLD they all had to be adapted and certified and all I can say is never again. We took our brand new, still in box Webber b b q to our local gas supplier and they told us to throw it away. They wouldn't even look at it because it didn't have an Aussie certification sticker on it. We asked them if they knew anyone who could do it and they just said 'no, don't bother'
  8. Do not bring any gas appliances. Or gas b b q , gas fitters here won’t touch them.
  9. Metoo

    Shipping furniture IKEA

    If you decide to ship chest of draws, you can fill the draws with your clothes or other stuff. we brought ours, they shipped well with no damage.
  10. Metoo

    Photos from your garden

    Yes understood @Bobj but for me the connection is my mum and grandma who always had these in the garden when we were growing up in England.
  11. Metoo

    Photos from your garden

    A little bit of England in Queensland
  12. Metoo

    Queensland fires

    We are quite a way away from the fires. We had our own bushfire licking at our boundary fence a few months ago and I can tell you it is very frightening when it comes.
  13. Metoo

    Queensland fires

    Lots of fires burning today in Queensland. Stay safe everyone and look out for each other.
  14. Metoo

    Swimming pool

    Thanks @Tootsie we are really pleased with how it turned out. Saving up now for some more to do the gazebo.
  15. Metoo

    Swimming pool

    Mini wall is almost finished but we need to hire a stone cutter to finish off the coping stones on the top. We are waiting for a clear weekend to do it all at once.