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  1. Any ideas how long citizenship by conferral applications are taking? I applied in October 2019. Thanks! Hayley
  2. Hayley Gee

    Travelling back on compassionate grounds

    Thank you! Really helpful
  3. Hayley Gee

    Travelling back on compassionate grounds

    Thank you for that. Where do you find a good immigration agent?
  4. I would like to apply to travel back to the UK in August on compassionate grounds - to see my 75 year mum. She had bowel cancer and is in remission however she still suffers pain because of it. She lives alone and has no carers. I was due to travel back in April to be with her. The immi criteria states she needs to be ‘seriously ill’. We don’t think she is seriously ill but she needs us. What do I need to ask the GP to write in order to get a positive response to my Exemption application? Any advice much appreciated. Many thanks
  5. New to Noosa and Australia. Moved from UK April 2015 as my partner has a job on the Sunshine coast. I have two kids - one six, one four. Looking to meet new people.
  6. Hi I have just moved to Sunshine Beach with my partner and two kids. keen to meet new people and explore. Anyone fancy a meet up? Hayley
  7. We are moving with 2 kids in may from Brighton. Exciting and a bit scary, keen to meet new people so let's meet up! We have rented a house in sunshine beach and should have wheels soon. Arriving in Noosa 1 may. Shall we swap numbers.
  8. Hayley Gee

    New in Noosa

    Hi. We are moving to sunshine beach from Brighton on 1 may. It would be great to meet up. I have a 4 yr old girl and 6 yr old boy. Any tips on filling an empty house would be useful too! Hayley
  9. Hayley Gee

    Coolum State High/Noosa District School?

    I would love to know how you got on as I am planning to mive to Noosa with a 4 and 6 year old in April 2015. Any school tips much apprecaited as we are not religious and I can't work out whether Noosa SS is good or not - it scores 86. Many thanks, Hayley
  10. Hayley Gee

    State vs independant schools sunshine coast

    Hi We are planning to move to Noosa in April 2015. How did you get on with the school choice? Lutheran sounds a bit too religious for us but I don't want to disguard is. Any help much appreciated
  11. Hayley Gee

    Info on Primary Schools in Noosa area

    We too are planning to move to Noosa with two young kids - April 2015. The state school doesn't rank that highly but the religious schools look a bit too religious. Does anyone know of the Steiner school and how oit ranks as it doesnt show up in the stats. Thank you!
  12. Hi Fanya Thank you v much for respondin. Sorry for the delayed response, I couldn't access the site. We are now set to move in Apirl 2015 and I am pretty excited about the opportunity. My partner is a medic and has a job lined up in Maroochydore, I currently work in tourism marketing, so not sure what I am going to do! We have been checking out the best places to live with a 4 and 6 year old. We have shortlisted Moolloolaba, Coolum and Perigian. We like the sound of Perigian having a bit of a hippy feel but it is very small. However, it only 4km from Coolum which seems to have a fair amount happening. We live in Brighton and are spoilt for choice of entertainment and events, so it will be a big change. I guess there is nowhere with a similar feel to Brighton? Also, do you know anything about Perigian and have you been there? Many thanks, Hayley
  13. Hi Fanya We have just decided to move to the Noosa/ Maroochydore area in March 2015 as my partner has a job near Maroochydore. Any advice you can offer on a good location and community to live in and also childcare/ nursery tips would be much appreciated. I'm scared and excited too!!! Many thanks, Hayley
  14. Hayley Gee

    Teachers Moving or Living in Australia

    Hi I am planning to move to Maroochydore/ Noosa area in March 2015. I currently work in Destination and travel marketing but am considering doing a TEFL course for a change of career. Any views on language school opportunities in the region would be useful. Many thanks. Hayley