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  1. wrussell

    Visa Help

    I might have added - a rose by any other name... All I can say for sure is that some of the names associated with “Australia made simple” are associated with the link I posted. For all I know they could be the best agents in the world.
  2. wrussell

    Visa Help

  3. wrussell

    New 491 - Family Sponsorship Question!

    You are not wrong.
  4. Extracts from one of my scrofulous novels: a recipe for dog: The wife has had a quiet word with the hotel manager. It is costing us three thousand pesos for the feast, about a hundred Stateside dollars. We could have bought the dog from a market in the province for five hundred. Dogs for sale lie with their front legs tied behind their shoulders and their back legs tied together, muzzled with a length of twine, breathing frantically. Filipinos respect rabid dogs. If a dog bites, you do not kill it. You tie it up and see how it shapes up over a week or so. If the dog carks it, the victim has a choice of vaccine or death—rabies is usually fatal if not treated. Vaccine means bankruptcy for the average family. Most victims here say their prayers and take their chances with the local medicine men. The mutt we are having for dinner seems only mangy. I cannot bring myself to lie, so I tell Martin my wife has ordered a dish in his honour, kitu, which is Ibanag for dog. I could have said aso, which is Tagalog for dog, but there is an outside chance he might have understood. I can always plead that I thought his wife would interpret. After the feast, Martin agrees to meet us up North in a few days. . . . ‘A change in diet can't be that important, Andrew.’ ‘Martin, you have just eaten a fu**ing dog.’ ‘Should we ask for a doggy bag?’ I love the way the English can toss off immortal bons mots on their walk to the gallows. They must stay awake all night. What a shame that ruling the world became too much for them.
  5. wrussell

    Family balance test

    In my post I should have written visas, not visa.
  6. wrussell

    Family balance test

    There are long stay visa available for parents, for which the balance of family rule does not apply.
  7. wrussell

    EA vs Vetassess

    Where to apply depends on the occupation you nominate.
  8. wrussell

    Skills assessment electrician

    Have you consulted a registered migration agent?
  9. wrussell

    Australian study requirements

    Maybe! It is not possible to offer a considered opinion without knowing the full particulars of your case.
  10. wrussell

    Work payment evidence

    Can you prove there was a flood at the relevant time? Did you lodge an insurance or other claim? It might pay you to seek professional advice about possible strategies, best of luck.
  11. wrussell

    Visa eligibility conflicting advice

    20/20 hindsight is available to almost anyone. I am presenting for eye surgery later today and hope to develop 20/20 foresight.
  12. wrussell

    Which Medicare Card - Aged Parent 804 and 864

    Migration and social services legislation/regulations are so poorly drafted by the illiterati that it is possible to make a living by driving trucks through it.
  13. wrussell

    PTE test report

    Confirm that PTE cannot assist you and send immigration what you have as well as any confirmation from PTE.
  14. wrussell

    PTE test report

    Did you save a copy of your test certificate? Depending on which email server you use, you might be able to recover it.