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  1. In my reading, your question is not well enough posed for you to expect a useful reply. If you were to post better particulars of the VETASSESS request (perhaps the text of the letter) you might receive a useful reply.
  2. From what you have posted: Your wife should be eligible to be included on your visa application as a secondary applicant. It is not apparent whether you can nominate an occupation with good prospect of success. You might be well advised to take professional advice about this.
  3. This week, I lost my first ever review application. It cost my client $1673 to lodge the AAT application and I billed him for $990, including GST, with a further amount on a contingency basis; if he won. It was a 485 case, where the DIY applicant had been refused for not completing the academic requirements before applying for his visa. I have won similar cases, but had no luck this time. If the client had consulted me, before he acted on his own behalf, I would have advised him to wait until he had his completion letter before lodging. That advice would have cost him $180. If he had consulted me before he embarked on a accounting course, with an inadequate English test score for a positive accounting skills assessment and no relevant work experience, I would have been able to render profound advice and so would have just about any RMA. Here we have yet another casualty of the 'free' advice offered by an education agent.
  4. Girlfriends do not qualify to be included as secondary applicants. From what you have posted, you seem to be overdoing employment evidence. May I suggest, before you proceed further, that you consult a registered migration agent to have a clear understanding of the requirements and processes?
  5. ASIO might be checking for 'terrorist' associations.
  6. You should expect your partner might not meet the health criterion and you would have to rely on a waiver. May I suggest that you consult a registered migration agent for a professional assessment of your prospects, befor you proceed?
  7. NO.
  8. The good news is that your occupation has not been removed from all the lists, but it has been removed from the Medium and Long-term Strategic Skills List. May I suggest that you consult a registered migration agent for advice about developing a visa strategy?
  9. Sounds like you should speak with a registered migration agent for an assessment of your options. It certainly does! From what has been posted, why the OP undertook a skilss assessment is beyond me.
  10. What is the immigration status of your girlfriend?
  11. http://www.abc.net.au/news/2017-04-18/government-abolishing-457-visas/8450310
  12. It should. Consider sitting PTE. To get past VETASSESS make sure your work experience is 'highly relevant', as defined.
  13. There are no guarantees with any visa application. Under the new system - Expresion of Interest followed by a visa application (if invited) applicants can still lose the money they have paid for skills assessments, English language tests, professional advice and ancillary costs if not invited. From the Migration Agents Code of Conduct: 2.14A A registered migration agent must not represent that he or she can procure a particular decision for a client under the Migration Act or the Migration Regulations. From my service agreement: 27 You agree that you have been advised that no person associated with Pinoy Australia Proprietary Limited plays any part in processing visa or other applications and you have not been promised that a favourable decision will be secured. 30 Various authorities, including skills assessing authorities and Australian immigration, do not refund charges for unsuccessful applications and only under special conditions for withdrawn applications. If you believe a refund is due, it would be up to you to pursue recovery of fees paid on your own behalf. One of the reasons given for refusing capped victims was that if they were not on the SOL they would have trouble finding work in Australia. I had one victim who had been working in Australia in a skilled role for more than a year and would have walked into a job. Notwitstanding the above, I recovered the visa application charges for all my 'capped an ceased' victims. If you want me to assess your case, go to my website: pinoyau.com and use the contact form.
  14. MIGRATION ACT 1958 - SECT 161 Effect of criminal justice visas (1) A criminal justice entry visa for a non-citizen is permission for the non-citizen to travel to and enter and remain in Australia while it is in effect. (2) A criminal justice stay visa for a non-citizen: (a) is permission for the non-citizen to remain in Australia while it is in effect; and (b) if the non-citizen is in immigration detention, entitles the non-citizen to be released from that detention. (3) A criminal justice visa for a person does not prevent the non-citizen leaving Australia. (4) Subsection (3) does not limit the operation of any order or warrant of a court. (5) The holder of a criminal justice entry visa may not apply for a visa other than a protection visa. (6) If a non-citizen who has held a criminal justice entry visa remains in Australia when the visa is cancelled, the non-citizen may not make an application for a visa other than a protection visa. ******************************************************************************************************************************************* Your passport is the property of the issuing authority. You should be consulting a solicitor about the charges you are facing. You do not have to be guilty to be convicted.
  15. Yes. I advise prospective applicants to consult a registered migration agent before spending money on anything.