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  1. If you can let me know where in the world you can go and work legally without holding a visa with work rights please do and In shall add it to my repertoire.
  2. You need to hold a visa with work rights.
  3. Here is how points are awarded. general points test schedule 6D.pdf
  4. wrussell

    Is Medicare backdated to the date your PR is granted?

    Is Medicare backdated to the date your PR is granted? No
  5. wrussell

    Tourist/Work Visa

    You might want to revise your plans,
  6. wrussell

    Can a barber pass the hairdressing Vetassess test?

    From one og my novels: Rene is a genius. He persuades the ladies that his services are worth twice the price charged by other hairdressers who are mere women. Seventy-five not out. They pull their heads out of the oven and shuffle home with their few strands tinted purple and their pension gone. They think he is French and gay. He is Italian, with a fat wife and nine kids. He does men too, he whispers in their ears, but he prefers women. Albert put me onto him when I was complaining about shampoos and scalp massages, blow dryers, hair spray, the extravaganza of concoctions and unhelpful comments—You are getting a bit thin on top sir— and no hair cut. I was waiting my turn. Rene had Clarke Gable in the chair. Impossible. The likeness was perfect. The haircut was perfect. ‘Rene, can you duplicate Errol Flynn?’ ‘I'll trim your legs at the knees.’ Quicker than I can say in Italian; he did it for me. Short back and sides. See you in a month. Whatever the client needs, Rene does it.
  7. wrussell

    Can a barber pass the hairdressing Vetassess test?

    https://www.vetassess.com.au/Portals/0/Downloads/trade_assessment/Fact Sheet - Hairdresser.pdf
  8. wrussell

    124 form

    You will not resolve the issue on a public forum. Take some professional advice.
  9. May I suggest that you consult one of the registered migration agents who posts on this forum for advice about possible strategies?
  10. wrussell

    124 form

    Any ones who have this experiences? Thanks. Yes. If you want professional advice, please go to my website pinoyau.com and use the contact form.
  11. Whilst I had it in mind, I emailed the 'marriage certifiate' client today, asking whether they had any luck getting it corrected, and received the following reply: Yes we received it last week. We’re working on getting all the other requirements done will send you our police checks and superannuation beneficiary details in the next couple of days. If I told you for how long I have been chasing documents in this case, you would not believe me. My youngest son just turned up with his 3-week-old son and let the family dog in to wreck my office. When the dog gets his fangs into a cat 6 cable, throw him a ball and then throw him out. Happy father's day.
  12. wrussell

    Elderly mum moving to Australia

    Take some professional advice.
  13. It does not hurt to ask an RMA if anything else is needed, but not several times a day. It is possible that COVID has caused a staff shortage, or time-critical matters (last minute AAT applications or visas expiring...) have arisen. As a matter of good practice a RMA should counter-check all documents for spelling or numerical errors or inconsistencies. This takes time. I have been waiting for many months for a marriage certificate to be corrected. There were three names incorrectly recorded. I am fairly sure that my clients know their own names and their parents' names. The sponsor is trying to have the errors corrected, with the various authorities trying to blame each other. I am not inclined to lodge without it and I certainly will not submit it, that is enough to have a visa refused for having submitted a fraudulent document. Believe it or not, this has happened. Under the latest Code of Conduct, RMAs are required to undertake efforts to verify the the authenticity of documents. I have had clients who forgot they were already married, or had children, or both, or thought it was appropriate to use a company letterhead to promote themselves from janitor to engineer.
  14. From what you have posted, 189.