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  1. You got it right, trying to enter on a 457 with no intention of working for the nominating employer is a recipe for disaster. How the OP might satisfy thye GTE for a visitor visa will be an issue.
  2. For 10 points: met the requirements for the award of a diploma by an Australian educational institution met the requirements for the award of a trade qualification by an Australian educational institution attained a qualification or award recognised by the relevant assessing authority for the applicant's nominated skilled occupation as being suitable for the occupation
  3. wrussell

    Change of sponsor due to divorce

    Except in the very limited circumstances described in section 3 Release of the bond for cases finalised before 1 July 2004, only Centrelink has the authority to release an AoS bond (and all enquirers should be advised to contact Centrelink). Generally, Centrelink is not able to release a bond before the prescribed period of time has elapsed unless the visa has been cancelled and the visa holder has not arrived in Australia. Centrelink cannot release a bond in situations where a person changes from one visa type to another (unless the new visa is a humanitarian visa) or ceases to hold the visa due to obtaining Australian citizenship, as these do not affect the continuation of the AoS period.
  4. There ar eno pints awarded for a skilss assessment. An Australian, or Australian-equivalent qualification, taken into account by an assessing authority might be with 10 points.
  5. wrussell

    Second year WHV extenuating circumstances

    Some people lodge applications that are doomed and when they are refused, apply for a review. Applying for a review to extend a stay in Australia is legal, but very much frowned upon and such applicants can no longer expect a year or so stay while the mills of injustice grind on. There were, and perhaps still are, registered registered migration agents who sold 'package deals' involving a visitor or student visa application followed by a protection visa application. followed by a sequence of review applications during which time the client worked legally or illegally I did not tell you this and and if interrogated, I shall deny everything. .
  6. wrussell

    Second year WHV extenuating circumstances

    Introduce this applicant to the EXTENUATOR. A waste of time, but it will give one of the pencil pushers something to do.
  7. wrussell

    Baffled in Bendigo...WHV to 482 (social work)

    or infamous?
  8. wrussell

    Form 888

  9. wrussell

    undeclared child Australia

    Unless you are properly represented, Immigration can and probably will cancel your visa for failing to declare a dependant, and there is no certainty of success, no matter what you do. By presenting yourself to Immigration you stand a good chance of being cancelled and detained, regardless of what you have been told.
  10. wrussell

    Nz partner visa 461

    Your partner can threaten you, but cannot do anything to cancel your visa. The DoHA will not cancel your visa, even if you separate. I strongly advise that you consult a registered migration agent to be clear about your future options.
  11. wrussell

    AHPRA reg via NZ

    Have you searched TTMR?
  12. If necessary in partner cases, delegates may ask for further information and usually do, but they do not have to. For more see Migration Act S. 56
  13. wrussell

    advice needed for aged parent visa

    For accurate advice, may I suggest that you consult on of the registered migration agents who posts on this forum?
  14. wrussell

    804 bridging visa work rights

    You are correct about the bridging visa.
  15. wrussell

    804 bridging visa work rights

    An 804 has work rights.