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  1. wrussell

    Carer's Visa subclass 116

    It is not unusual to receive a first-instance refusal for a carer visa, resulting in a few more years wait for a review application to be decided. If the sponsor dies waiting, the visa will be refused.
  2. wrussell

    Time limit for entering Country

    Read your visa grant letter.
  3. wrussell

    Payment of 2nd VAC

    This is happening, seemingly at random, for various applicants and various cards.
  4. wrussell

    What to do when 173 Visa runs out

    Reading the legislation is sound practice, but is not always conclusive. It is possible to finish up in the full high court with 7 wise individuals struggling to place a construction on legislation perpetrated by functionally illiterate clowns (performers in a circus) and the winner is, by 4 to 3... and ignorance of the law is no excuse and so say all of us.
  5. wrussell

    What to do when 173 Visa runs out

    May I suggest that you consult one of then registered migration agents who posts on this forum for a case assessment?
  6. wrussell

    What to do when 173 Visa runs out

    May I suggest that you consult one of the registered migration agents who posts on this forum for advice about strategy?
  7. wrussell

    Return Resident Visa - name change

    Your advice was no doubt well meant, but was incorrect all particulars. Two clauses from my service agreement: 7. Unless you instruct us otherwise, we will not accept instructions in your case from a third party, we will not release any information about your case to a third party or discuss your case with a third party, except as required to perform the agreed services; for example we must send information to the Department of Home Affairs to support a visa application. Unless you instruct us otherwise we will assume that we have your consent to discuss your case with a sponsor or nominator or prospective sponsor or nominator or a registered migration agent or a legal professional such as an attorney or an accountant or your employer or former employers. 8. Upon your request, we will promptly return all documents we have that are your property to you. We would require you to pay a handling fee of $25 plus postage or courier fees, as applicable. We are required by migration law to keep migration files for seven years and by taxation law to keep financial records for five years. After the statutory periods have elapsed we will not destroy your files unless instructed otherwise by you. Upon your request we will email you a copy of your lodged application/s. ***************************************************************************************** Clause 8 is somewhat historical, because almost everything is now done online and original paper files are rarely called for. BTW My mandatory PII covers me for negligence and for negligence and/or dishonesty by an employee. If you want to know what you are talking about, before you start talking (or writing) may I suggest that you familiarise yourself with that ludicrous document ' Migration Agents Code of Conduct' that can be found on the OMARA website? I am about to feed my fish and my dog, take a shower, have a shave and waste the rest of the day on mandatory CPD. Hint of the day: A RMA might have, depending on the particulars of a case, a client's: residential address, contact details, passport/s, marriage/s, divorce/s, adoptions, medical history, dependants, employment certifications, academic qualifications, other names used, parents details, immigration history, overseas travel, bank statements, birth certificate, PCC (criminal history clearance, or otherwise) languages spoken, English language ability, photo ID... and other information. More than their lawyer or GP, or any other party. If you do not want a file hacked and improperly published put it 'on chip' (multiply redundant drives, not connected to the internet)
  8. wrussell

    Return Resident Visa - name change

    ALWAYS keep colour scans of important documents and unimportant ones too. Unless a client has instructed me to delete them after the statutory retention period (7 years) has elapsed I have on archive all client files and emails since 2003. It is amazing how many people lose their visa grant letter, marriage certificate, birth certificates... and want me to find them a decade or two later.
  9. wrussell

    Return Resident Visa - name change

    Update the passport particulars online. Carry both passports.
  10. wrussell

    Visa denied

    Consult one of the registered migration agents who posts on this forum.
  11. wrussell

    482 to partner visa

    You might want to take advice about informing immigration of your change in circumstances.
  12. Priority processing is being abandoned.
  13. wrussell

    Activating my 186 visa

    Take Paul's advice and check. VEVO is not always updated correctly.
  14. wrussell

    Carpenter Moving to NSW (which city?)

    As a carpenter, I can almost guarantee you'll have to set up your own business, because most employers will want to hire you as a contractor. The government is starting to crack down on this caper.