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  1. wrussell

    Immi s57 Natural Justice

    If he applied for a 186 stream for which a skills assessment was a criterion and he was not in one of the exemption categories, he should consider taking advice about withdrawing the application, rather than having a visa refusal on his record.
  2. wrussell

    Immi s57 Natural Justice

    What might happen depends on the reason/s for the NJ letter and your response.
  3. If all else fails you might enrol for a single subject in India to demonstrate your potential. Without the full facts of your case, it is difficult to suggest more than that, except - Do not rely entirely on advice from 'education agents' or course providers.
  4. wrussell

    AAT Appeal wait times - Help please!

    Consult your agent.
  5. wrussell

    Secondary teacher help!?

    May I suggest that you run your case past one of the registered migration agents who posts on this forum?
  6. wrussell

    Pharmacy Tech ANZSCO 311215

    Possibly, but not with any prospect of success. Relevant qualification are enough for a positve skills assessment as a pharmacist, but lack of relevant work experience would doom a visa application. From what you posted, very likely yes. What would be your next step?
  7. May I suggest that you consult one of the registered migration agents who posts on this forum?
  8. wrussell

    Skill assessment

    In principle, yes, but confirm that your duties were 'closel;y related', as defined.
  9. wrussell

    5 year travel permission

  10. In rthat case, check the ACS Summary of Criteria Requirements.
  11. No. Do you hold an Australian degree with an ICT major?
  12. wrussell

    Applying for child’s citizenship when both parents PR

    Australia Post are not noted for timely delivery.
  13. wrussell

    Citizenship by descent

    Adoption severs parental relationships. Consult a solicitor .
  14. wrussell

    Front loading visa application

    Failure to comply with a condition (eg an entry-related condition) does not cause a visa to cease, but does, however, render the visa liable to cancellation under s116 (usually) of the Act. Lawfully imposed conditions (whether mandatory or discretionary) cannot be severed from the visa nor altered after visa grant. When considering cancellation of a visa for failure to comply with an entry-related visa condition, all the circumstances of the particular case must be taken into account (because the power to cancel a visa for breach of an entry-related condition is a discretionary power). After consideration has been given to cancelling the visa, a file note and IRIS/ICSE record must be made of the reasons given by the visa holder for breaching the condition, the delegate’s decision and the reasons for that decision. If a decision is made not to cancel the visa (or to revoke a s128 cancellation), cancellation of the visa should not generally be reconsidered at a later stage, unless there is a significant change in the relevant facts of the case. If a decision is made not to exercise the discretion to cancel the visa, the visa holder’s travel will need to be facilitated.