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  1. It will not be easy, but without a pre-migration skills assessment it will not be possible.
  2. wrussell

    Skilled Nominated Visa Subclass 190

    You have dome misunderstandings: Assessing authorities to not award points. A degree, assessed as comparable to an Australian degree attracts 15 points. The work experience you mentioned is not detailed enough for a considered opinion about which (if any) skilled occupation on it might relate. I suggest that you consult a registered migration agent for advice about strategy, or undertake considerably more homework.
  3. wrussell

    Skilled Nominated Visa Subclass 190

    Assessing authorities do not award points. Check regulation 6D. It might pay you to check the state and territory migration sites to view their occupation lists and their criteria.
  4. There are long visitor visas that cost only one arm and leg available for parents.
  5. wrussell

    Need some help

    DoHa is notably fair and reasonable - ask anyone on Manus.
  6. wrussell

    Need some help

    I shall have to defer! What follows is the official policy from PAM 3, Intention to make a further application in Australia If an applicant applies for a visitor visa but intends to make a further visa application in Australia (whether this intention is stated or not), this does not necessarily indicate that the applicant does not intend a genuine temporary stay and is not a reason in and of itself to refuse the visitor visa. If the Regulations allow an application to be made in Australia by an FA-600 visa holder in Australia, s65 delegates should not be seeking to block this pathway. In addition, an intention to apply for a further visa in Australia does not necessarily indicate that the person will not leave Australia before the FA-600 visa ceases. The question to consider is not “will this person apply for a visa in Australia” but rather, “if this person does not apply for another visa in Australia, or if they apply and are refused, will they abide by the conditions of the visa and will they leave Australia”. The answer to this will help to determine if the applicant intends a genuine temporary stay. If there is a stated intention to apply in Australia for a visa (such as a Partner visa), s65 delegates should focus on assessing if the applicant intends a genuine temporary stay in relation to the FA-600 visa for which the person have applied – the focus is not on assessing any relationship: · The genuineness of a relationship will be assessed if and when a Partner application is made. Applying for a Partner visa in Australia is a legitimate visa pathway. · It is acceptable for a person to apply for an FA-600 visa in order to be with their partner to maintain an established relationship. · An applicant who discloses an intention to continue a relationship (or, enter into a relationship (as they have not met before)) should not be disadvantaged as a result of that disclosure Taking a fair and reasonable approach Officers should take a fair and reasonable approach to the genuine temporary stay requirement, particularly if the applicant is in a continuing partner relationship with an Australian citizen or permanent resident and/or there are children involved – refer to In a partner relationship with an Australian citizen/resident. The focus should be on the current intentions of the applicant. Consequently, the genuine temporary stay requirement can be satisfied, even if there is a possibility that the applicant might later attempt to make a further application in Australia, seek permanent residence and/or return to Australia. If the period of stay requested raises concerns about an applicant’s ability to meet the genuine temporary stay requirement, case officers should consider whether a shorter period of stay would enable them to be satisfied that the visa criteria are met.
  7. wrussell

    Where to start?

    Depending on your verifiable daily duties you might be able to obtain a positive pre-migration skills assessment in an IT related skilled occupation. Check the ACS website.
  8. Consult a registered migration agent for advice about strategy.
  9. wrussell


    Did the registered migration agent manage your case? If yes, just let it run.
  10. wrussell


    Was your agent a registered migration argent?
  11. wrussell

    Military Service - Demonstration of Service

    The relevant regulation: Each member of the family unit of the applicant who: (a) is an applicant for a Subclass 189 visa; and (b) has not turned 18; satisfies public interest criteria 4015 and 4016. 4015: The Minister is satisfied of 1 of the following: (a) the law of the additional applicant’s home country permits the removal of the additional applicant; (b) each person who can lawfully determine where the additional applicant is to live consents to the grant of the visa; (c) the grant of the visa would be consistent with any Australian child order in force in relation to the additional applicant. 4016: The Minister is satisfied that there is no compelling reason to believe that the grant of the visa would not be in the best interests of the additional applicant This is not a considered professional opinion and should not be taken as professional advice. Since the welfare of your child is at issue, you might want to consult a registered migration agent for advice about the migration criteria and a family law solicitor for advice about removing the child.
  12. wrussell

    Evidence of Character

    Police clearances from every country in which you have resided cumulatively for 12 months or longer in the past 10 years and form 80.
  13. wrussell

    Source of Assurance of Support (AoS)

    They do not care where the money comes from, but the want the assurer/s to be usually resident in Australia.
  14. wrussell

    Partner Visa - Use Agent?

    To a fair approximation the minister makes 50 million a year from refused partner applications.