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  1. RPL an educational qualification 190

    VETASSESS does not assess degrees, they refer to the CEP. Some Indian degrees are recognised as comparable to an Australian degree and some are not.
  2. Unless there are unusual circumstances it is doable. If you want me to have a look at your case, go to my website: pinoyau.com and use the contact form.
  3. RPL an educational qualification 190

    No. Any degree (in any discipline) held by the primary visa applicant and recognised as comparable to an Australian degree attracts 15 points for skilled migration. Whether a degree is recognised as comparable to an Australian degree depends on the standing of the institution that conferred it Most engineering degrees are OK. If in doubt, search CEP and pay the $50, or post the particulars on the forum.
  4. Unmarried couple

    To establish a de facto relationship it is not necessary to live together for 12 months, or at all. http://www.austlii.edu.au/au/cases/cth/FCAFC/2015/69.html This is not a DIY exercise.
  5. Partner on my PR

  6. Trades recognition Australia or vetassess

    There are currently few maritime-related occupations eligible for migration to Australia. Except for shipwright (boat builder - assessed by TRA) the mandatory pre-migration skills assessment for these occupations is very demanding and involves a test in Australia and for all of them, ship's master, officer, engineer nomination is required and opportunities are limited.
  7. You will be able to access a checklist after you apply.
  8. 457 with a recent DUI

    If you declare the matter to immigration, you should not have a problem. If immigration call for a written character submission (most unlikely) and you need advice, it should not cost much more than a consultation fee.
  9. 489 question

    Check this: While the holder is in Australia, the holder must live, study and work only in an area specified by the Minister in an instrument in writing for item 6A1001 of Schedule 6A or item 6D101 of Schedule 6D, as in force: (a) when the visa was granted; or (b) if the holder has held more than 1 visa that is subject to this condition — when the first of those visas was granted.
  10. vetassess technical interview ( general motor mechanics)

    They will send you the particulars wioh your invitation.
  11. Engineers Australia Additional Assessment

    It would probably be an unnecessry expense. Look into PTE Academic.
  12. Partner 820 visa

    I meant service
  13. Partner 820 visa

    The DIBP has announced that they will no longer be sending reminders about second stage partner visa pocessing. You cannot really expect this level of servive for a measly $7000 +.
  14. From t.he Migration Agents Code of Conduct: Clause 2.14A A registered migration agent must not represent that he or she can procure a particular decision for a client under the Migration Act or the Migration Regulations.