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Found 33 results

  1. I am looking to submit my EOI for a 189 visa, with the following points: Age: 30 Education: 15 Experience: 5 English (PTE): 20 My migration skills assessment by Engineers Australia says the below. Within my EOI, will I have the option to choose my occupation based on the below ANZSCO Code? I know there are both 'professional engineer' and 'civil engineer' streams, which is confusing me a little. I am also currently awaiting my police certificates (Aus & UK). Should I wait until I have received these, or go ahead and submit my EOI now? I have read that all documents need to be submitted 60days after invite, is this the case?
  2. Dear, I am Arun, recently received my PR for Aus. I am a Civil enginner. I have 4+ years of experience in India in construction industry and currently working as Manager-Planning in India. My Academics is post graduate in Civil and Structural Engineering from UTS, Australia. I'm terrified, as one of my mates from Sydney has told me that the chances are really tough to get a job in Aus.:err: So I would like to know what are the chances of getting an opportunity in Australia to work full time, in Construction industry? And also what improvement shall I make before coming down to Aus (Im still in India, preparing to come in Oct'2014)? All your suggestions are welcome and greatly regarded
  3. Hi all, I've decided to emigrate to Oz in three years time, and I've decided to go as a skilled worker, in the form of a surveyor. I already have an idea of what *I* think would be the type of surveying where most jobs will be available come the time I get over there, But right now I'm in the lucky position where I have the option of choosing what type of surveying I want to start learning via a degree here in the UK. If anyone can offer any thoughts or advice on what type of surveying work is most in demand over in Australia at the moment, and what they predict will be most in demand 3 years down the line, I'd really appreciate it. I only really get one shot at this, and I need to do it right, so I need as much advice as I can get If you're in Australia and know about this sort of thing, or are based elsewhere and have done some really serious homework on this matter, I'd really really be thankful for any wisdom you can share Thanks in advance folks!
  4. Hi, Just looking to get in contact with some fellow Civil Engineers. Especially ones that are already in Oz so I can fire a few questions at them :biggrin:
  5. Hi everyone, Just wondering if other people are having trouble finding work in Australia from Ireland/UK. We have a CO and all docs approved, just medicals to go for PR visa. My husband is a Chartered Civil Engineer with 14 years experience in consulting engineering on very large projects. He has a very good degree and a post graduate diplomas. He is currently working in Ireland. He has Australian chartership and is registered on NPER. RPEQ nearly issued. We are having terrible trouble trying to get any traction with jobs in Australia. We have sent his CV (which is very good) with good cover letter for probably about 20 advertised jobs. It seems clear from our experience that no-one even reads the CV unless you follow up with a phone call. We have dealt with about 10 different recruiters and of those only one has shown any real interest. In fairness that guy does seem to be doing something but generally our experience has been very bad. About another 7 recruiters make all the right sounds but its pretty clear that they are not doing anything as there is no feedback and no progress. The other two said straight out that they weren't interested unless we were already living in Australia and implied that he also needed Australian experience to be considered for any role. We have also applied directly to a number of multi-national consultancies who seem to be specifically seeking overseas candidates. They seem to be just as all over the place as recruiters. It feels like we are just sending CV's and making phone calls into a black hole. Has anyone else had a similar or better experience? There is so much publicity about Australia being so stuck for engineers etc but the reality is it seems to be very difficult to get a job unless you have Australian work experience. It is getting a little disheartening. Kate.
  6. Looking for input from any Civil / Geotechnical Engineers that are currently working down under. What is the current state of the construction / mining industry down there? The girlfriend and I are currently looking at our options for our future and we are both open to moving abroad. We are both 27, she has an Msc and is working as geotechnical consultant with 3 yrs experience, I have a Beng in Civils and have been working as a Geotechnical Engineer for 2 Site Investigation contractors and currently for a ground stabilisation contractor as a site agent. All in I have about 3 yrs experience too. Does this sound like we could get work down there or do we need more experience? Finally, what could we expect to earn down there? From a quick online search it seems:- Graduate / Junior Engineers - $40-60k 3-5 yr experience - $50-80k 5yr + - $80-120k Senior / Chartered - $150k+ Does this sound correct? could this be earned working for a consultancy in the city or is this more inline with the mining industry? Thanks for any input.
  7. Hi there! Im currently trying to decide/plan a move to aus but am unsure of whether to sort a visa first, or find a job and then get a sponsored visa. I'm looking for a structural engineering job or something similar in the field of civil engineering. I have a BEng degree and 3 years experience as a structural engineer. My aim was to book flights around christmas time to fly out next summer. But then that puts me in the situation of where to fly too! (Which i wont know where any jobs are going to be!) I was thinking of flying into Brisbane as i have a good friend that will be there to help me settle in at first, plus ive seen a few potential jobs there. But Sydney is my other option im seriously considering. What would be the best visa for me to get? I'm 24 and planning on migrating permanently. Any thoughts or comments would be greatly appreciated Thanks, Chris
  8. WeegieDave

    Civil Site Engineers

    Just looking for some chat with any Civil Site Engineers who have made the move to Oz. Just wondering how easy you found getting a job over there and what sort of salary you earn. I am HND qualified with 6 years experience working for contractors on a range of different projects from highway upgrade scheme to major construction projects. Any info would be appreciated. Cheers :cool:
  9. Civil Engineer with pipe laying and trenching experience.large diameter pipework in CSG industry .Employer Queensland Gas.At least 15 years experience required.Unlikely that the successful candidate would be under 40.But please dont let that put you off. 8 weeks on 3 weeks off or a 26/8 day rotation is possible. Return airfares paid to place of residence.Business Class on international sectors. Pay approx $1000 per day inc Super.Contract 2-3 years.Visa S457 if this is of interest please contact me by way of e-mail in the first instance. I am an Australian resident living on the southern end of the Gold Coast.Look forward to hearing from you.rlmartin1954@aol.com
  10. HI to all I am applying to regional sponsored visa subclass475. I got the sponsor form RDA orana. Since i don't have any idea about the job opportunity available in this region, i would like to ask some one to help me and advise on job opportunity for a civil or structural engineer.
  11. Hi all, I am new to this but have been lurking for a while and have found some excellent advice on poms in oz, I wonder if anyone could shed any light on something for us? We decided to look at moving to Aus back in Feb, we are looking to get over on a employer sponsored 457 with my husbands job (civil engineer). We attended 2 different expos in March. One of the expos in London was really useful and my husband met 6 different potential employers all of whom were interested in his experience and told us they would be in touch within a few weeks with interviews etc. Aside from this my husband has also applied for a number of relevant roles over the internet. The expo was end of March and so far we have had 2 responses, but both saying they are still reviewing resumes. Is this normal? He has only been rejected from 1 job on the basis that he doesnt have a visa in place, all the other applications are still reading under review!!! Its driving us insane, but dont know if this is normal practice? We have chased all involved and received no replies to the chasing. Wondered if anyone else is experiencing this/ or does it mean they are not interested. Obviously we expected to get rejected emails if he is not suitable. Thanks for any advice!
  12. Hey folks, I have a 4 year uk Bsc (hons) degree in civil engineering and i am also a member of the institute of civil engineers. I have 4 years experience as a site engineer with a multi-national company. The problem I have is that as far as i can read into it my course was not fully accredited for Ceng only Ieng so i think i can only apply for a sydney accord (engineering technologist) and not washington accord (professional engineer). I was planning to move on a 176 sponsored visa and thought everything was ok as I thought i still come under a "Civil Engineer" which is on most state sponsor lists but I have just realised that under sydeny accord i will only be a engineering technologist (Civil) which is not on any state sponsor lists. Im totally gutted :mad: and hope anyone here may shed some light on this. thanks guys
  13. Leach Family

    CDR Civil Engineer Assesment

    Hello, My husband is a Civil Engineer/Manager with over 15years hands on construction experience and training. Over all 15years he has been employed full time and the last 6 have been self employed, as he launched his own surveying company TJL Surveys. We are hoping to apply for a visa for Australia, but because he doesnt have ‘a degree’, we want to know if he will be eligible to apply for assessment via the CDR route? I have read many mixed messages and so before I start on the vast amount of paper work that is the CDR, I would like confirmation on the above please. It is so frustrating when you have the knowledge and skills, as 15years continued employment and constant progression within the construction profession shows, yet you don’t have the bit of paper to prove it and therefore not eligible? Do Engineers Australia take into consideration that not all people are in a position to be able to go to university financially, yet are still as committed in their work and have the drive to succeed within their profession as the ones that do? For my sake I hope so. The same company has used my services as they find my precision workmanship and professionalism second to none and have written me an excellent reference. I visited Australia (Brisbane, Adelaide and Melbourne) and completed two voluntary work trials which went well, I have also applied for and received my blue card. I don’t know if any of these points may help if I did apply via CDR? Thank you for your time, I look forward to your reply…….I hope it is positive (fingers crossedJ)
  14. I am a civil engineer, I was wondering if any body knows whether civil engineers are in QLD skills priority or not Thanks
  15. Hi all, I wish someone can help me clarify on this matter. My nominated occupation seems to be on the new sol schedule 3 but its under a differerent name. This is the correlation between the two that i found from ASCO-ANSZCO correlation chart. ASCO 3122-11 Civil Engineering Associate ANSZCO 312211 Civil Engineering Draftsperson I'm not sure if it means my application will fall under cat 3 now automatically or not as the two names are different. It sounds really confusing to me. Can someone please share me what your thoughts are? Cheers, Chan
  16. Dear friends I am new in this forum and am hoping that I have not bothered the roles with my new thread I am a civil engineer with 8 years of experience in construction, I've applied for Victoria SS. Has any civil engineer in this forum succeeded in getting Vitoria SS? how is the situation for civil engineers and which state is the best in SS responding?
  17. From The Age today, if this is not true it just makes me want to laugh. If there is some truth to it, heaven help us, as DIAC probably have the same types of people involved. http://www.theage.com.au/natio...r-20100220-omsa.html Favourite words in the current Govt's Minister's dialogues are "sensible" and "careful". That article has all the hallmarks of a Government rushing to do things to show they are doing something, rather than doing things right.
  18. I can't seem to find many jobs advertised for Civil Engineers in Tas. I've searched all the usual job websites for work but can't seem to find much. I like the look of Tasmania, being from Cornwall it looks very similar. But if there's no work for my hubby there's not much point in looking :no: Has anybody got any suggestions of websites to look on or people in Tasmania to contact to find out about Engineering jobs for him. His specialism is in Water/Drainage Design and Highways/Roads. Any info greatly appreciated. Lou x
  19. Guest

    civil lawyer

    I need a good civil lawyer, need to sue a business for damages. Can anyone recommend someone in Mandurah? I wouldnt be doing this cause its against my belief, but I have really been wronged and the business has repeatedly lied and perjured themselves. Any help would be appreciated. Regards Robert
  20. Some Civil Design Professionals (2-7)years experience and many other senior level jobs in same sector.If these jobs are matching your profile.Apply for it Australia jobs
  21. Hello all, Does anyone have any advice or useful contacts for Civil / Structural Engineering jobs in Brisbane? I have a specialism in bridge design but would consider anything in Civil or Structural Engineering. I have tried via email from here in the UK and had little success (a couple of agencies are looking out for me). I am flying out to Brisbane in September for a week or so where I'm planning to call a number of companies / appear on their door steps. I would be looking to start work in early 2010 but at the moment I'm not convinced I'll find a job before I go over. Its quite a scary thought to quit my job and not have anything lined up over there! Thoughts and advice would be gratefully received! Thanks Chris
  22. Hiya, My husband and I have just applied for a visa, and already hit a problem at the Stage One Review. :sad: My husband works for Local Governement as a Highways Technician and is currently doing a Degree in Civil Engineering on Day Release through work. However, due to the nature of his work, his experience is limited to Highways only and therefore he has only got 40 points for his job. We have been told that we could apply for the CDR application which would then give him 60 points if it were successful.. but this is considered a 'high risk' application as he may not fulfil the criteria due to limited work experience. So, my question is really, does anyone have any knowledge of this CDR application and what the fundamental requirements are, basically would we be throwing good money by doing it? I really hope someone can help us. Many Thanks. Lainey xx P.s (I am not in a position as yet to apply as the main applicant as I have no professional qualification in my current job, but I am changing my career slightly this year and will gain a professional qualification just in case we have to apply in my name in a year or two.)
  23. Hi we have been here for the last 7 months and my husband has been working as a foreman for Thiess on the Sunshine coast near to Australia Zoo, working on the construction of the new stations at Beerburrum & Elimbah. His contract is due to come to an end at the beginning of June. We live in Cleveland so he would consider work on the Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast and anywhere in between. Mike had his own building company in the UK for 25 years and is very experienced in all aspects of building/ extensions, refurbishment and landscaping. If anyone is aware of positions for Foreman on the Civil Construction industry please contact a.s.a.p, thanks Adele
  24. Guest

    Civil engineer

    The OH has his spouse visa and we are ready to go. Only problem is finding a job. It would be wiser in this recession for him to find employment in Aussie before moving. There seem to be a lot of civil engineering positions requiring his particular experience in Road works, infra structure and bulk earthworks, but they all now seem to be employing from Australia only. Understandably, Companies have tighter budgets but we are prepared to pay our own removal costs. Would it be better for us to fly there on a reckie for a month and job hunt. I would love to hear from others on their experiences and get some advice. Thanks