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  1. Liam13

    English Test?

    All i will Say is dont under estimate the test. If your in need of a good score revision will be essential
  2. Liam13

    Deported from New zealand

    Why did you overstay?
  3. Liam13

    Vetassess Electrician Exam

    Just recognising star and delta connections etc. He may ask you how is this motor connected. I had questions on starters aswell. Just get your head around the basics of starters. DOL etc.. You will be ok. As joe mentioned get your head around the DOLas you will be wiring one with a start, stop and e stop. There is plenty of drawing on google for this.. I wouldnt worry but as joe said people do fail but put the time in and you will be ok. Any questions just yell
  4. Liam13

    Vetassess Electrician Exam

    It wasnt a walk in the park by any means when i took it.
  5. Liam13

    Vetassess Electrician Exam

    Just go back to ohms law, volt drop etc. Nothing worth stressing about. Get on top of motors and control wiring to latch in a motor i.e stop start e-stop etc. I was asked to draw this and then wire it. Not hard hard at all. Abit about distribution and transmission voltages. Star delta and you will be asked which is which and why and when they are used.
  6. Liam13

    Vetassess Electrician Exam

    The 1000v end
  7. Liam13

    Visa 189 job seek

    This is why talking to a registered agent will be worth while so they can advise you what your options are. It may be an additional expense, but its better than losing everything because of a mistake or lack of understand.
  8. Liam13

    186 visa

    Yeah i hope it works out for you. Its a good sign that you have been asked for your medicals.. Fingers crossed
  9. Liam13

    186 visa

    only your case officer will ask for medicals
  10. Liam13

    189 visa - waiting for invitation

    The points needed now are crazy.. I had 60 points in 2016 for 189 electrician and had a same day invitation. And grant 22 days later.. Unheard of now
  11. Liam13

    Down under centre

    I used the down under centre and they were really good. If i.had any problems i could call up and ask to speak to the same person i had been dealing with. Never had a problem.
  12. Liam13

    Immigration2Oz Evidence Checking session

    surely this would be part of the free consultation they offer to determine whether you are eligible or aren’t. At worst it should be part of the fee your already paying for the service
  13. I also went with future skills and had my practical test in Brisbane. Couldn’t fault the process with them. It’s was a timely process but Unlike vetassess you can generally always ask for the same person to speak to and have an update whereas vetassess are a massive company and your just a number
  14. Liam13

    Is this end of the road for us?!

    if It’s any help I also needed 20 and could only hit 10 points when i took the IELTS twice.. I then sat the Pearson test which I found a lot more user friendly and a less pressurised environment. It was also a computer based exam so you just put your headphones on and away you go and managed to hit the 20 points first time.. Dont give up..