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  1. Liam13

    Immigration2Oz Evidence Checking session

    surely this would be part of the free consultation they offer to determine whether you are eligible or aren’t. At worst it should be part of the fee your already paying for the service
  2. I also went with future skills and had my practical test in Brisbane. Couldn’t fault the process with them. It’s was a timely process but Unlike vetassess you can generally always ask for the same person to speak to and have an update whereas vetassess are a massive company and your just a number
  3. Liam13

    Is this end of the road for us?!

    if It’s any help I also needed 20 and could only hit 10 points when i took the IELTS twice.. I then sat the Pearson test which I found a lot more user friendly and a less pressurised environment. It was also a computer based exam so you just put your headphones on and away you go and managed to hit the 20 points first time.. Dont give up..
  4. Liam13

    Want to resign on a 457, options?

    I’d say have a look for mara registered agents and get some advice.. a few often post on here
  5. Liam13

    Confused about how to get invited

    Is it worth being unsuccessful due to a lack of understanding.. if it takes abit longer to save for a registered agent then Trust me it’s money well spent.. peace of mind is very important in this whole process
  6. Student visa is an option just be prepared to pay huge fees as an international student
  7. Liam13

    Electrician - Vetassess Skills Assessment

    Series and parallel circuits single & 3 phase volt drop calcs Earthing arrangements distribution and transmission voltages motor control circuit Types of motor/ types of starters Types of protective device and applications Hope this helps From the little I remember it was a couple years ago now
  8. Liam13

    Seconed year visa after super back

    Won’t be a problem
  9. Is it worth the risk. I’d say it wasn’t. Just wait until Medicals are asked by CO. Gives you more time to arrive too
  10. Liam13

    Electrician thinking of moving out there

    It’s a long process transferring licenses and takes upto a year to be able to work as a licensed electrician here. NVQ 3 is all good as evidence towards a visa
  11. Never claim points that aren’t correct as you’ll for sure get pulled up for it.. and at worst get a refusal for providing incorrect information on an offical document
  12. Liam13

    Formal qualification for tradesmen - NVQ?

    Hi Rocco. Plenty of good migration agents on the forum who could advise you but from the little I know experience is only recognised after the “formal” qualification/apprenticeship is complete. Hopefully someone can confirm this for you.
  13. Liam13

    Plastering TRA assesment

    Can’t help with your question but Only post qualification experience is counted as far as I’m aware
  14. Liam13

    Australian Temporary Visa and Domestic Violence

    how about the stats for men who live with domestic violence
  15. Iv come across lemons less bitter than you.. and using the word discrimination because you don't qualify for a visa is pretty sad..