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  1. KittyGibbo

    Immigration2Oz Evidence Checking session

    Hey! Yes I have decided to pay the £360 as I want to be sure that I can get the visa. A guess is not good enough before signing away £1,000s plus. How far down the line are you if you don't mind me asking? I'm hoping they look at my evidence and say yes let's start the process say from May onwards xxx
  2. KittyGibbo

    Immigration2Oz Evidence Checking session

    Thanks Phoenix - the evidence checking session is a way for them to confirm what my chances are to apply for a visa - that is my understanding and something which makes more sense than not getting your chances assessed after paying $1,000s of pounds in fees - I would rather part with £360 and then go into it knowing I have a chance... they seem a very well known company from what I have read
  3. KittyGibbo

    Immigration2Oz Evidence Checking session

    Ok interesting... can you suggest others that dont please?
  4. KittyGibbo

    Immigration2Oz Evidence Checking session

    They are registered yes - http://www.australianmigrationexperts.co.uk/Immigration-2oz-Australian-Migration-Experts/8/ and have been used by lots of people. Their statement of this session is: Our Registered Migration Agents will check the standard of your supporting evidence & provide advice. 1 hour documents check (beforehand), plus 1 hour appointment.
  5. Hi all I hope you are well! I had a great chat with Warwick from Immigration2Oz the other day and am looking to book their Evidence Checking session which is £360. I wonder has anyone had this session before and what evidence did you have to provide and did you find it good? Thanks! Kitty
  6. Hi all Apologises if I have missed this but I wonder... There isn't any time limit on when to apply for another Aus visa or how many you are allowed - I have had 1 x year WHV and 1 x visitor visa. I am looking at going back for New Year this year so that would mean another Visitor visa = 2. But if I want to lodge my EOI for a 489 before December time, will I not be able to travel to Oz on a visitor visa? I know that the EOI is not actually a visa. But say I lodge it in August and get an invitation (god willing!) in September/October, if I enter Oz on a 489 (hypothetically this might not happen!) visa in December for a holiday and then go back to the UK in January does that start the ball rolling for those 4 years? All hypothetically I know and it probably will not happen!! But wanted to ask Thanks guys! Kitty x
  7. KittyGibbo

    489 to 887 PR with State Sponsorship

    I would also comment - as I am looking at a NT 489 visa sponsorship - that if I was part of the governing body, I wouldn't be happy if I put all the effort into sponsoring someone for them to not even help the local community. If you don't intend to live in the NT then your commitment you have to submit would essentially be all lies. And that isn't cool. Darwin is not that bad a city! And 2 years will fly by and then you can move where-ever Good luck!
  8. KittyGibbo

    Conference & Event Organiser visa

    Hi there! Have a look at the NT - they are potentially sponsoring us event organisers. I hope to potentially get state sponsorship through them but time will tell! Thanks x
  9. KittyGibbo

    Down Under Live - London

    Thank you all very informative! I think I'm going to go anyway with an open mind and see!! Will report back!
  10. KittyGibbo

    Down Under Live - London

    Hi lovely people! Just wondered if any of you had ever gone to the expo Down Under Live ever? And your experiences of it? I am going on Sunday as it is at Sandown Park Racecourse... Thanks! Kitty
  11. KittyGibbo

    Payslips as evidence - VETASSESS

    That is great thank you so much! Makes sense! Fingers crossed for you too!! Just want to make sure I have everything in order. On a separate note - is it true that they take off years of your experience if you haven't got a relevant qualification? I have a BSc Hons degree but not in my occupation but 3 - now into my 4th years of experience?
  12. KittyGibbo

    Payslips as evidence - VETASSESS

    Hi lovely people, I was wondering if anyone has come across this issue before. I had a job in Sydney for an international event company but I obtained it through a recruitment company and everything therefore had their name on - payslips, contract - not the international event company. I had to complete an Australian criminal consent form as part of the process. My question is - I have asked the event company to write me a letter of statement of employment for me to submit to VETASSESS as part of my skills qualification but do I also need to get the recruitment company to confirm I worked there as well? It was a 6 month role so I want to include it... Thanks all for any help! Kitty
  13. KittyGibbo

    190 visa - Conference and Event Organiser

    When you said you missed your chance last year by graduating 3 months too late what do you mean? I hope you can be successful this year?
  14. KittyGibbo

    190 visa - Conference and Event Organiser

    Thank you so much for the taking the time to reply! Lots of positive thoughts! Thank you!!!
  15. Hi there everyone, I am 24 (25 this year) and have just returned from a WH in Aus having completed 10 months out of the 12 where I worked - for two different companies - one school and one int. event agency - in my main occupation as an Event Coordinator. I had done 2 years previous in the UK and I am now back working in events in the UK. So I am into my 4th year of working in the industry. I have a first cousin also in Oz who is a PR. I am wondering if others here have had experience in gaining a 190 visa for this occupation? I know already that currently Tassie, and NT are offering state sponsorship - with Tassie looking for a job offer before applying. I have been doing the points test and score between 65 - 70/75. I am keen to return to Australia in the occupation that I am in by the time I am 30 years old if possible and would be grateful for any advice. Many thanks! Kitty x