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  1. Ceedotkaay

    189 visa - waiting for invitation

    Ah okay, I think it was dealership but I think there was discussions with head office as it was raised last month before only getting the agents number on tuesday. So not really too sure but thanks for the heads up!
  2. Ceedotkaay

    189 visa - waiting for invitation

    ahh okay. So not too sure if my partner employer has sponsored before as it's a big corporate business that owns multiple dealerships. Whether the dealership my partner works at have done sponsorship, I am not too sure but I have heard they are also looking to sponsor an.overseas candidate to come over as well.
  3. Ceedotkaay

    189 visa - waiting for invitation

    Oh really? so the company has to pay for it?
  4. Ceedotkaay

    189 visa - waiting for invitation

    Ohhh okay sure! thanks for that! it maybe easier if it was the same agent as we have provided details to them. Not sure if anyone knows this but is it possible for an employer to sponsor but you as the applicant pays for the cost directly rather than through the company?
  5. Ceedotkaay

    189 visa - waiting for invitation

    Yes, it was suggested that they sponsor him when he informed them last month he didnt have long left because they wanted to enrol him on a course. Yeah I am just concerned about the whole work experience and how it gets calculated. We have engaged a MARA agent through his company. However, just waiting on feedback to see if we are eligible for the 482 visa.
  6. Ceedotkaay

    189 visa - waiting for invitation

    we are currently on the graduate visa 485 but it's due to expire in mid April this year.
  7. Ceedotkaay

    189 visa - waiting for invitation

    Currently he is working for a company who is willing to sponsor him for 4 years. Even with the 186 visa as you have mentioned @Marisawrightthere are a lot of IFs. From what I have looked at regarding the 186 visa, it currently requires 3 years work experience, hes already worked with the employer for almost 2 years and want to sponsor him via the 482 if he meets it. So hopefully that may count towards it. As mentioned before, it is whether we will meet the requirements for the 482 visa. To be honest, we have already lived here for a good couple of years (myself only, my partner have lived here for about 4 years) but we are just weighing up our options. We already know the 482 isnt exactly the best option and wanted the 189 visa but with the new rules in place, it has become increasingly difficult to be invited. I wanted to see if anyone else on here had any luck with the new rules.
  8. Ceedotkaay

    189 visa - waiting for invitation

    yeah my partner is a mechanic and we could get on to the 186 potentially. The first hurdle would be trying to get onto the 482 visa.
  9. Ceedotkaay

    189 visa - waiting for invitation

    Yes, we did apply for 190 for NSW but it is highly unlikely I think we will get invited since you now need to reside in the state to be invited, so really unsure about that. I havent looked into the 491 but that is also the regional visa as well right?
  10. Ceedotkaay

    189 visa - waiting for invitation

    I thought as much! we are looking for other options but it's pretty slim, the only other best bet I reckon would be 482 for my partner but even then, I'm not sure whether we would get that.
  11. Hi all, pretty new to the site despite joining a while back. My partner is a mechanic and we have applied for 189 visa. We are currently sitting on 75 points and from what I've seen in December's invitation rounds on the Department of Home Affairs and also Iscah for January's rounds. Would it even be likely that we will be invited to apply for PR?
  12. Ceedotkaay

    Motor vehicle mechanic - What are my chances?

    My partner did his skill assessments a couple of months back. The time frame that it took my partner was probably just over a year since we applied to the TRA before getting his graduate visa. He did have to prove to TRA he had done hours in his occupation before we got our graduate visa granted. TRA are notoriously slow in processing anything. The skilled assessment is broken into 4 parts. Some of the things I do remember for the skill assessments is that there is a log book that he had to fill out and it gets signed off by your work manager. One of the last part of the assessment is actually getting an assessor out to visit you at your workplace to assess your skills. In order to get that is to prove you have worked there for a year or fill out a number of hours. Once it has been processed by the TRA, you will get the assessor come and visit the workplace and ask you questions whilst you are completing a job. The last part is probably just actually passing it and paying for the last fee. After that you can lodge your EOI for PR providing you have met all other criteria. I hope this sort of helps!