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Found 945 results

  1. HELLO everyone I got my second assessment outcome for the hope to be invited for 190 NSW for the occupation electronic instrument trades worker (general) 342314 on 6th march and submitted an eoi for nsw 190 visa. my previous assessment was electronic instrument trades worker (special class) 342315 that wasn't on the NSW list. I am claiming 60+5 points, (having pte academic +65 score). this is about 2 weeks I am waiting to be invited for nsw but a little I am disappointed !!! do you think I should try for pte academic +79 that is somehow difficult for me or wait for more? how likely am I going to be invited? is there anyone with the same occupation and points? thanks
  2. Hi there! I am an absolute newbie to forums so please direct me in the right direction if there is a similar post or thread existing to my situation. So I just got my certificates 3 and 4 in cookery and diploma in hospitality via RPL. We got here in Australia 3 years ago on a student visa(my partner was the primary applicant). I have worked for a resto for a while (2 years casual) plus another 2 years back in our country of origin. After I did my RPL and got my papers, the owner wishes to sponsor me. (he sponsored in the past). Now my concern is what would be the process I would have to go through? I heard that I would have to go through TRA, is that necessary even after doing the RPL process? Could someone kindly breakdown the details of the process I have to go through to get my 482 visa application going and approved I am confused. I met two different lawyers and they have no common process. One told me I can go ahead and apply, while the other said that I am required to go through TRA. I mean I just did an RPL is that not sufficient? again, I just want to be enlightened to what the proper process is so I know what to do. Thanks for any advices in advance. Best, DK
  3. Hi all, I’ve recently started my Job Ready Program as a chef and I’ve got two jobs as commis chef, one of them is in a Cafe which task are more related to plating and doing preps, there’s stove and oven as well as toasters. Would this job be accepted? I’ve tried calling TRA but they don’t have clear answer and I don’t want to take the risk my title is commis chef part time.
  4. Tobby44


    Hi everyone, I need your advice here. I have been working for my company for the past 6 years and was been paid by cash. So like that, I don’t have bank statement but I do have tax statement and payslips. Will this be enough to get a positive assessment from TRA. <b>Thanks </b>
  5. Hi, i have a question about the academic transcript that is required by the tra. What does a successful one look like? How much info do they expect?The school where i did my apprenticeship (full time at school, practical and theoretical parts, not half paid employment, half school (btw. is that going to be a problem?) ) has got a document that outlines the content and hours of the course for each year in detail, but it is over 40 pages long. That would cost a fortune to have it translated to english. Could I write a summary of the document with key words and hours completed and have it signed by the school??? cheers
  6. Hi, I'm looking to put in an EOI for 189 but not sure what skills assessment i should be taking. It looks like theres one for TSS, migration, and another. I'm a chef and advice on who to go through would be ideal. I'd just like to know which skills assessment i should be taking. Cheers
  7. Since 2016 I am having positive skill assessment from TRA in my occupation 342313. My MSA outcome clearly declare my work experience to claim point but MSA outcome does not mention my educational equivalency. Just On behalf of TRA positive assessment can I claim 10 point in education?
  8. Hello! I am new to pomsinoz but I would really appreciate any help you can provide. I have been a kindergarten/preschool director for 5 and a half years and before that I have been an early childhood teacher for three years. I have a Bachelors Degree in Pedagogy of Primary and Preschool Education. I am planning to migrate to Oz as a Child Care Center Manager (ANZCO 134111) with the Direct Entry stream - 186 visa. The first step in this process would be to get a successful assessment from TRA. I think immi requires a BA for this position (because it's at skill level 1). As a kindergarten director I have done all the tasks (and more) listed on the immi website for this job and the kindergarten where I have worked resembles in a lot of ways a Childcare Center (after-school, offered lunch, nap time, etc.). I believe these should be enough but I am not sure what TRA is looking for... Do you think I am qualified enough and have enough work experience to get a successful assessment from TRA? Any advice you could give me would be great
  9. Hello everyone i am currently in the proccess of applying for skilled visa (189/ 190- depending on IELTS score) i am an installer of Home audio video (home theatre systems) and smart homes for the past 12 years - my immigration agent told me that since i do not have a certificate that is recognized by australian government i need to have a skills assessment interview at the UK before applying for the visa. my question is: As i can understand - electronic equipment trades consist of a variety of proffesions such as alarm techniciens / electronic repair techniciens and computer techniciens. which are quiet different from my daily job. in this assessment interview will i be asked about my specific field of expertise or should i take a course to master also in-depth testing of electronic circuits or other computer assembly etc. Also can i find online any list of topics or interview examples that i can refer to prior to booking my own interview? Thank you for your time your advice will be much apreciated Nathaniel
  10. PeterGoesToOz

    Gathering papers for TRA

    Hey, I'm gathering all the papers for occupation assessment at TRA. I got almost all papers gathers. Although, I got a question... In migration skills assessment guidelines it is saying, I must gather two sets of pay evidence for each year of work. Did anyone else go through this and can tell me first hand... I'm not from English spoken country. Those papers are mostly numbers, do I have to get them NAATI translated aswell? Thanks for you help Peter, Slovenia
  11. Hello everyone, I received my successful outcome for Electronic Instrument trades worker (special class), (342315) from TRA (trades recognition Australia) on 12 October and submitted an EOI ON 8th November claiming 60 points. Is there any hope to be invited until April or even until June 2018 ?!!! because no one knows what will happen after July 2018 !!!
  12. Hey All, I'm just wondering if anyone has had any experience with trying to get a skills assessment in plastering by completing a fast track NVQ level 3 course, i have all the experience required apart from the qualifications! Is a Fast track NVQ course a possibility? Thanks Jess
  13. Does TRA requires any sort of video evidence of the employment? Anyone knows anything about this? Sent from my iPhone using PomsinOz
  14. Hello I am a newbie to this forum! I tend to update this thread with my PR journey. I haven't applied for even assessment yet. Will be needing your guy's suggestions etc I am going to apply for the 189 Cabinet Maker (3941) and I have a few questions regarding the points before sending the EOI. Let's say If I get 60 points, is there a long time to wait for the invitation or since there is almost no one applying as cabinet maker, would it go faster since this trade is in demand in Australia but only a few people apply. Or do all trades end up in the same pile? You know what I am trying to ask! I have checked the Occupation Ceiling 2017/2018 for Cabinet Maker on http://www.border.gov.au/Trav/Work/Skil/ it's 1905 for year 2017/2018 and none has been granted yet. My current location is Pakistan (if that helps). Thanks!
  15. Stevefife

    Locksmith visas

    Did anyone find a way round the TRA assessment for the skilled visas as the UK training isn't recognised? I've read back on some of the previous posts regarding this but the threads and links are dated and just wondering if there are any up to date links available?
  16. any electrician wanting info on licencing, jobs, artc, tra or vettesses i`d recommend that you also look here for information Electricians : British Expat Discussion Forum i know its a link to another site but as there is so much info there it would be phyically impossble to repost it all here, and at the end of the day this is about sharing info with others in the hope it helps someone regards steve ( an electrical contractor working and making a living in australia )
  17. Hey guys I wouldnt normally do this but OH and I were trying to fill in the TRA and ended up arguing. So (and I would never normally do this ) but can anyone give me tips! He is going over as a motor mechanic and its how to script out the training reference etc (have got the examples)................. Anyhoo it may just be me but cos i'm used to doing paper stuff i feel like doing it myself and just let him look at my drafts!! cos i'm sure i'd get it done quicker! Am I just being a pain?? on the other hand dont answer that!! it could be cos i'm v tired............... :SLEEP::arghh:
  18. Hi, I hope someone can help me. My OH is a plasterer and has been for 4 years. We're hoping to go on an Independent 175, and are starting to prepare the skills assessment. Will an NVQ Level 2 in Plastering be sufficient? Where is the best place to find out exactly what the TRA want to see in your application, I can't find much on the website!!! Any advice about TRA and pathways greatly appreciated! Becca and Stephen
  19. I wonder whether anyone would be able to provide some initial advice? Myself and my wife would like to migrate permanently to Australia with our 9 month old baby. Computer Support Technician is on the SOL. However, for the last two and a half years I have been undertaking a lot more than just support. I wondered whether my skills would qualify under the (NEC) category. (I think I would need 8 years experience so I don't think this would be an option for us). However, I understand that for either category my skills would have to be assessed and therefore I need qualifications. I am about to commence an NVQ3 in IT. I understand that under Computer Support Technician, TRA would assess my skills. However, I understand that the NVQ qualification is not recognised in Australia - the equivalent being AQF III and TRA do not accept NVQs. How can I go about finding an RTO in England to help me? Any advise would be appreciated. I have little other qualifications. I do have ITIL and also am about to undertake an MCP. I wonder whether these are classed as trade certificates? I am very experienced already, working in the IT industry for over 10 years. I am desperate for some advice in the best way into Australia. If it means going under a tempory visa to begin with then that is fine as long as I have a good chance of getting a permanent visa after. Also my wife would need to be able to work part time under my visa. I think I have read that TRA need a 3 year apprenticeship. However, this would be a backward step for me. I am already highly experienced. Also, I wasn't sure whether if I can obtain a sponser and I can get a tempory work visa, I can then also study towards an AQF whilst working so that after I would be able to gain a permanent visa? Do you think this is a viable option? I hope someone can help as we need to know which way to go as it all seems so confusing.
  20. yumimumi

    courier for tra documents

    hi please help i collected all the information needed for the dreaded TRA. arranged for interparcel to courier the paperwork over to australia. Cost me 35 pounds including insurance to make sure it didnt go astray. the shipping note stated the address for the tra department. some sort of GPO address, but there was no street name for the address. Now the courier turned up and refused to take the documents without a street name. I tried to explain that the shipping note stated what was needed but he wouldnt budge. av tried to phone TRA department but they are unobtainable due to moving offices or something. getting really stressed out now as am 35.00 quid down and no nearer to getting this to australia has anyone used interparcel and encountered problems such as this or can anyone shed any light on a street name please please help
  21. Hi Guys, I am on 457 visa as a Butcher ( 1 year). I got through RPL a Certificate III in Meat processing last month. I am intend to apply to get my skills assessed on Trades Recognition Australia. They say: "The TRA Migration Skills Assessment Applicant Guidelines state that where an AQF qualification has recently been obtained through RPL, an applicant must also provide evidence of employment that: covers no less than six years of full-time (or equivalent) paid employment, three years of which may be as a trainee under the direct supervision of a tradesperson/employer (this is considered an informal training period) with an additional three years full-time (or equivalent) paid employment completed at the required skill level for the occupation." I already have one year of experience in Australia and back to my country I got 2 years of experience as a trainee but I was under 16 and after that 4 years as full time. And it was more than 10 years ago (I am 32 years old). Does anyone in this forum had any similar experience? Thanks
  22. Guest

    TRA and Chefs

    Hi, We have been thinking about a move down under for a while now and have finally decided that now is the time to give it a go. I know our first step is the TRA skills assessment and was hoping someone could help. Hubby has been a chef for the last 18 years. He has letters of reference from almost all his employers over that time (which states his time with them and his job title etc but they don't go into detail about the duties he carried out) but because of the business he is in most of the owners/managers are no longer there and some of the hotels aren't either! Would he have to do statutory declarations for all of these and just include these references with the application to back up his employment times? Also, exactly how much information do they need for each job? Are there any other chefs out there that can point us in the right direction? We would really appreciate any help anyone can give us. Ta in advance, JG
  23. Hi chaps You may think I am being a complete fool! But What is the address to send your TRA skills assessment? Do you just send it to the TRA office in Canberra? TRA dept of industry GPO Box3022 Canberra ACT 2601 Australia Just want to make sure it's right before I spent £50 posting it!! Thanks So excited this day has finally arrived!!
  24. majalil

    TRA Assessment

    Dear Friends, I will be launching application of skill assessment for 312412 Electronic Engineering Technician with TRA. I have few questions regarding TRA Assessment but first I am going to explain my profile details. Education: 3 Years diploma (Electronics) From May 2003 till June 2006 and 2 Years bachelor degree from September 2009 till February 2010 (One year of study was omitted based on work experience). Employment: Company A: Worked as Printed Circuit Board Design Engineer from January 2006 till November 2009 = 35 Months Company B: Worked as Senior Printed Circuit Board Design Engineer from January 2010 till August 2012 = 32 Months Company C: Working as Printed Circuit Board CAM Engineer from October 2012 till now = 23 Months and counting So here are my questions. I hope this form will help me out in my decision. Q1. Company A is not longer exists, I only have 2 letters from this company which indicates my position title, joining and finishing date but I have contact details of my supervisor so I am planing to make a statutory declarations regarding this situation and will also attach these two letter that I have. Please let me know your thoughts about this. Q2. From Company B, I have received an employment letter which covers all the required information that TRA ask for in an employment statement. This is the only letter that I can show for this company. Please let me know if it will be okay and sufficient for TRA. Q3. My first plane is to submit TRA assessment application with all 3 companies work experience. Can anyone please explain me what will be written on TRA outcome letter i.e. Will it be mention that how many years of skilled work applicant have or something like this?? Q4. If TRA do not mention this information about how many years of skilled work do applicant have then I think the better option for me will be to submit application with only Company B and Company C and later with DIAC I will submit application with all 3 companies with statutory declarations for Company A . Please let me know if it will work this way? Thanks for reading this out and for your time and replies, I know it is a bit long post :wink:.
  25. Hi - I'm new to this, first post so please bear with me! My hubbie is a welder and we know we have to apply to TRA for recognition of his skills - however we are hoping to apply for him being a 1st class welder, as he does all of the tasks listed on the governments website for this job. The only thing is that the government website also states that the entry requirement is an AQF Level III or higher qualification.:err: My hubbie did a 2 year college course in welding and has a National Certificate in Fabrication and Welding Engineering Practice (this is his highest qualification) - is this equivalent to AQF level III, or does he have to get the AQF level III? Does the TRA do this for us when we apply for a skills assessment? I'm completely confused now! I hope someone can help :confused: