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Found 111 results

  1. From the research we have done we are looking at 189, 190 or 489 visas. My wife is currently an English secondary school teacher in the UK. She has a Masters Degree, her PGCE and is now working full time but doesnt have three years experience. She has 25 points due to age (36) Through online points calculator my wife has 40 points (age 25, education 15) and has booked up the IELTS course which we believe will provide another 20 (at least is should with a Masters in English...and it will if is has to be retaken!). I am now under the impression that 60 points is no longer enough for a 189 but if we opt for 190 or 489 we would gain the extra 5 points through state sponsorship. My wife has a sister who is a permanent resident living in central Perth so I dont know if that will give us another angle in. I run my own tiling installation company and have done so on a self employed basis for the last 6/7 years. My practical skills in these areas are minimal as I project manage so I am not sure if I qualify for skills assessment as a wall and floor tiler which I believe would get another 5 points. If the assessment is on paper i'll pass, if its practical I wont!! Our aim to is to get this through ASAP due to our ages (36 and 37) so we are not concerned which visa we get including if it means going regional. I would also be interested if there is a visa option I have missed and/or if there is a quicker way of getting across. Permanent residency is the end goal so any visa that we get initially would need to allow for this. I'm of the impression that using an agent would be beneficial in cutting down on time with regards submitting paperwork correctly, would you agree? Sorry if this is a bit long but some advice would be great!
  2. Hi all, OK first post... hopefully someone can help me out and maybe put my mind at rest (or not). Im a mechanic, 26, with qualifications and experience (carried out apprenticeship with VW), i gained my qualifications 7 years ago. Im applying for permanent residency soon and my main concern is with the vetassess interview via video call, i would really like to hear from people that have experienced this part of the process. I know myself i'm capable of doing my job but with it being years ago that i was last trained, and often rarely encountering some of the aspects of what i was originally trained in day-to-day, i'm worried what they will ask me and whether i will have the correct answers for them to pass! I am worried mainly about questions on testing electronics, auto gearboxes... areas that i haven't had much to do with, things that i know i could repair but still i'm worried about answering questions on them. i have read a couple of threads on a similar topic but the only answers i came across was people saying 'don't worry, its not actually that bad'........... i'm still worrying! lol I guess i would love to hear from someone who has done the interview as part of there process and to explain what it was like in a bit more detail... Is it hard?! What sort of questions would they ask? How in-depth do they expect you to go? How would they ask them? Is it more of a conversation than a test? How long dose it take? How would you recommend i prepare? Im not trying to worry too much but it just feels to me like this would be the deal breaker of the whole application! If anyone feels like they could help me out, it would be much appreciated! Thanks, James.
  3. Hello, I am looking to appeal to the Aus immigration powers, to lay oit the scenario that we have found ourselves in and I thought there may be more power in numbers. So our visa went active August 2019 and we we arranged to move in May 2020. If you are in a similar situation you will know that the first entry date rule has been waived, but that doesn't stop us 'losing time' available to build up to apply for permanent residency. I have seen that recently there have been some concessions applied to assist (some) who have been in the country and not quite attained the full application requirements and it is my intention to try and make plain my/our issues and hope that some relevant consessions will be made to suit our circumstance. So, please only join in here if you fit this scenario. All the best Darren
  4. Hi all My wife and I are currently on a 489 NT regional sponsored visa (signing an agreement to work 1 year & live 2 years in the NT). We have been living and working in the NT for the past 14 months but now have plans to move to Queensland (still within a regional or low-population growth area) respecting condition 8539 of our visa. Question: Will the fact that we will not have stayed in our sponsoring state for the whole 2 years as agreed, effect the outcome of a future 887 application we make? Thanks in advance for your kind advice.
  5. We were awarded a 489 visa in Nov 19. We intended to use the full year to get to Oz then borders were closed in March. We're aware the initial entry requirements have been relaxed but even if we make it to Oz now we cannot meet the requirements for a 887 visa. Queensland migration have said that we can apply for a 12 month extension which may help if we can get to Oz soon. But they won't tell us how to do this. They gave us links to our 489 visa webpage which clearly states the there can be no extension and refer us to an agent. We have applied for a travel exemption but had no reply. Anyone know how to apply for an extension? The bridging visa option doesn't help us as we won't be in a position to apply for a 887.
  6. Hello everyone, Hope anyone can throw some light on my dilemma here.. May be there are few here who is facing the same issue. We are planning our long delayed move to Australia earIy next year when borders open for other visa holders. Since due to border closure which is not our fault do you think the government will provide some concessions while we lodge 887 visa. FYI, we got our 489 in Oct 2019 and was supposed to land in aus in March. Since there are visa conditions to be met for being eligible for PR. We will be falling short on those now. We are still going forward with our move but worried what will happen if government does not announce any concessions. Anyone here on the samelines? What are your thoughts and any alternate solutions we can look forward to after Oct 2023. Many thanks, Lax
  7. sukh786

    489 relocation

    hi, anyone can help me on this topic, I have granted 489 september 2019 while i was in melbourne, but i couldnt move to sponsored state till end of january, but since january 2020 to till now am living in designated area n working in same area, so my question is late relocation could effect my 887 application Thanks
  8. Hi, Was searching for an on-going thread but couldn't find one, hence I am starting my own. My husband has been in Australia on his 489 for the past 2 years. He recently added me on the Subsequent Entrant 489 category in Nov 2017. Since I was already here visiting him therefore we applied under the on-shore category. In early December, a case officer (CO) responded back asking for additional documents which we duly submitted within a week's time. However its been over a month now (considering holiday season), and I am still waiting for a response from the CO. Can anyone please advise how much more time it'll probably take? The Immi website says subsequent entrant 489 is not a priority category hence it'll be processed on case basis. But I just want to know someone else's personal experience! Please do advise or share your timelines. Thanks!
  9. Long story short, I’m on 489 which requires 1 year of regional working and 2 years of regional living before applying for 887. I have completed one year of working in regional. The place that I work decided to shut down last two month and now I’m jobless. Now I temporarily stay with my cousin in the city. But I’m going back to regional soon. Will the time I spend in the city affect when I apply for 887? I’m still paying rent there. I’m concerned that it has now been 6 weeks. One thing I concern is my everyday spending would show that I am in the city. I planning to go back as soo as I can and finding a new job. Will plan to go back next week though. thank you for all inputs.
  10. Dear all valuable ppl, my wife, son and I have been granted 489 offshore on Jan 2020 and I am seeking a job in SA. I am a radiographer but it is not in priority skilled job list. I am wondering if i found a job and got an offer, can i apply exemption? and if I can, is the exemption will be granted to main applicant only? or all of my family? thank you for your time to read and looking forward to hearing any idea.
  11. Thanks for reading this post, I am desperately tying to find out the answer to this and my agent is unsure. We are hoping to move to SA this year and have applied for a Skilled - Regional (Subclass 489) (Provisional). I currently work for a global financial company and my current job, although based in the UK - requires time to support many countries. my question is: if I was to continue working in this job but be based from my new home (in an acceptable regional postcode in SA) for the 2 years. Would it satisfy the requirements of the 489 visa? any help would be greatly appreciated! thank you
  12. Hi, my first entry date is September 2020. When the CoronaVirus was declared as Pandemic in March 2020 and the Australian Government was planning to close their borders, i immediately took an available flight to Melbourne (though my state is South Australia). Stayed there for 24 hours and then came back. Now, i am confused whether my First Entry was acknowledged or not. I checked my VEVO account and the VISA Status says "In Effect" but shouldn't it be "Activated"? Any idea guys? Is there any email address of Department of Home Affairs where i can contact to get this sorted out? There are hundreds of email addresses i can see online but i don't see any for 489 VISA holders. Any lead would be appreciated. Thanks in advance! Best, R
  13. Hi guys, I am holding 489 since Sep 2019. I have been working full time ever since... Until Covid hits. I have been stood down for 3 weeks (but I claimed holiday pay for that period) Now I came back to work. However, the company gave Aussies first priority to work, which makes my work hours to be less than 35 hrs as per 887 work requirement. Would that affect when I submit application for 887 visa?? I know that Immigration has made some exemption for temporary visa but I do not know for how long. https://minister.homeaffairs.gov.au/davidcoleman/Pages/Coronavirus-and-Temporary-Visa-holders.aspx If I could not bring my hours back to Sep 2020 this year (Requirement for work full time is 1 year), do I need to continue working until I meet the requirement. I am so worried right now. Any one please suggest. Thank you so much.
  14. Hi there, I am currently on my 489 visa. I am a single woman, and renting the room out of retired couple. I pay cash to them fortnightly and that includes all water, electricity, and internet. My question is, what can i use to proof my residency to immigration if I want to apply for 887 visa after I complete the requirement of working and living in the regional area? Do they need a proper lease agreement of electricity bills? Or the letter from landlord is fine. Has anyone applied to 887 with the same situation before? Appreciate every comment. Thank you.
  15. Hi folks, I’m looking to relocate to NSW on a 491 visa. I was wondering if anyone has any experience finding jobs on a 489/491 regional skilled provisional visa? I ask because I currently hold a 476 Recognised Graduate visa valid for 18 months, but employers don’t want to know because it’s temporary. I’m worried that, since the 491 is technically ‘temporary’ (5 years and there is a clear and defined pathway to PR) I’ll be wasting $4k for the same results! For a bit of background, I’m a recent chemical engineering grad working in refining in the UK but hoping to move over to Aus and get into the water treatment business. I’ve been trying for 3 months now to get something on my 476 visa but it’s not looking likely! Does anyone have any experience that they can share? All the best, Kai
  16. Hello Everyone, Every exited to have received our visas and looking forward to call Adelaide our new home and meet new people. I know these queries would have been addressed here before many times. But i am still unclear after a lot of digging. But any additional advises on the below queries will help me greatly to clear my doubt clouds. I am planning to move with my 5 year old son in August 2020 from Dubai. At the moment just us as my husband will stay back, so he can finance us till i get a job and settle. So i am all the more nervous but thats the safer option. My queries:- Q 1- my son turned 5 yrs old this October 2019 and is currently in third term of his KG 1 here. looks like we have to break his schooling here. the SA education website says this -- If your child turns 5 on or after 1 May, they can start primary school (reception) the first day of term 1 of the following year. Which means my son can join primary school only in january 2020 rite ?? plz correct me if i am wrong. My question is does schools in south australia take kids in between their term. ? Because he will have to do a full reception again from jan 2021 till dec. and he will complete 6 yrs by then. Also can a kid join grade 1 straight if they reach the age criteria. Even if their preschool is incomplete from the place where they are coming ? Q 2- I am confused whether I should get our stuffs like kitchen utensils , tv , music system, books and few personal items collected over period of time. No furniture's or heavy home appliances though. Is it worth shipping them or should I just sell them and buy everything from scratch. Which is a big pain in the **s and also expensive I guess compared to Dubai. Q 3 - I have read in many places that getting the first house is a big deal. bcz many landlords dont give without job or fund proof. in our case my husband will still be working in dubai. So is that proof enough. his bank statements, Our dubai home electricity bills or tenancy papers. Will that help ??? Finally anyone here who have migrated from Dubai or planning to mig soon..!!? Looking forward to all your valuable comments from ur experiences. Thank you ....
  17. Mo Sayed

    Points calculation

    How many points will be claimed after finishing the PHD in one of Adelaide unis thanks
  18. Hello everyone, We have applied for South Australia state nomination (489) on 20th July 2019. We were wondering if anyone who has applied in June/July 2019 heard back from them. The main concern is the 10th Sept deadline for receiving invite for 489. We are not sure if we are going to make it since the average processing time on the website is 8 weeks and we just cross the 7 weeks mark till then. Anxiety levels are peaking!!! Fingers crossed!! Thanks, Palavi & Yusuf
  19. Anyone who has lodged for 489 Visa (state-sponsored)?? Let's try and assess the timelines here for grant. We lodged for 489 visa on 04th Sept and got a CO assigned on 04th Oct who asked us to upload PCCs. We did that on 11th Oct. No revert on grant after that. Anyone else here??
  20. Hello All, I have applied for NT sponsorship for 190 application but I have been offered with 489 visa. I am working full time in my skilled occupation from the last 18 months. I met all the conditions for 190 Visa but still I have been offered with 489 Visa stating that I need to be in NT for at least 3 years to get 190 nomination. However, it was not mentioned in any of the Migration NT websites. Has anyone got the similar response? Regards, RK
  21. JoeJoe

    QLD 489

    Dear all, I have a question regarding 489 in QLD but before I start, here are a little background about my situation. I am 40yo, my occupation is a carpenter and has achieved band 8 for my English test. I am currently getting my skills assessed and should be able to get a positive outcome by June. However, due to a recent change to the state requirement, I am not sure if I am still eligible. Below are the BSMQ criteria have an occupation on the QSOL ‘Working in Queensland’ list provide evidence of full-time employment (post-qualification) in your nominated occupation for the past 6 months in Queensland provide evidence of ongoing employment with a Queensland employer registered in Australia for a further 12 months (minimum of 35 hours per week) commit to living and working in Queensland for 2 years from visa grant. Carpenter is on the QSOL ‘Working in Queensland’ list so I met the first criteria. However, I am unsure about the second criteria. It says "full-time employment (post-qualification) in your nominated occupation for the past 6 months in Queensland." I assume full time meaning "35 hours/week" but when they say "in Queensland" does it have to be in a regional area or anywhere in Queensland? I have been working full time as a subcontractor (self-employed) providing carpentry services to a builder in Brisbane and also providing carpentry services directly to my client. Does that counts? Next, "provide evidence of ongoing employment with a Queensland employer registered in Australia for a further 12 months (minimum of 35 hours per week)". Does this criteria means I cannot be a subcontractor (self-employed) anymore and I have to find a full-time work from a builder? Lastly, "commit to living and working in Queensland for 2 years from visa grant." Do I have to move to a regional area now or only after the visa is granted? Any advice deeply appreciated. Thank you and best regards. JoeJoe
  22. Marvz


    Hi everyone! May I ask if any of you here has the same situation as I? I have received an ITA for Visa 489 last May 17, 2018. My partner and I has applied for it together with my 15 year old son. Unfortunately, it really did not cross my mind that ASD (Autistic Spectrum Disorder) is a big issue and hurdle in our application. I have sought advise from my agency here in Singapore and they have told me to proceed since of course a substantial amount has been paid for. Now, my situation is that my son was diagnosed with PDD NOS(Pervasive Developmental Disorder Non Otherwise Specified) when he was 3 years old, we followed what the Developmental Pedia advised us before to get Occupational Therapy and Speech Therapy. Also, his pediatrician has encouraged us to still enroll him in mainstream school and observe him if he is able to cope. Fortunately, he has really grown into a productive person, he is in the top ten of his class and he is really amazing with computer stuff, sometimes the school sends him to represent in a contest. I feel so sad for these past weeks thinking about our application and the implications his diagnosis will have with our future. Any insights on this matter will be greatly appreciated. I am now in the stage of preparing my documents for the VISA application. I have read in a lot of forums that Mr. George Lombard is an expert in this field, so I have sent him a query about our chances. Should I hold off the application for now and wait for his reply or should I proceed? Any insights about this matter will be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance and God bless!
  23. Can anyone please clarify to me? I have been nominated before with only 65 points. (For 489 visa). For some reason, my work experience was not satisfied by the state. So they cancelled my nomination. Now I just submitted EOI again (with the required timing of employment) and wait..... I would like to know the process after nomination is done and approved. Even though you are nominated by the state. But if you only have minimum points, are you still gonna get invite from DHA? I have looked in Invitation rounds from immi website. The points they are talking about is more than 80??https://immi.homeaffairs.gov.au/visas/working-in-australia/skillselect/invitation-rounds Does that mean, even you have state nomination with low points, you are not gonna get invite from immi anyway?
  24. I am a 40 yr old offshore applicant, around 5 years work experience in Management consultant 224711, wanted to confirm which state I am eligible for to apply under 489 visa ( 60 +10). Please reply.
  25. Hi, I am new to the forum. I lodged my EOI on 2nd December 2018 and received the invitation form BSMQ to apply on 19th December 2018. I submitted all required documents by 27th December 2018 and did the payment for application for which I received the payment invoice. Till today, I didn't receive any feedback from BSMQ. Now I am getting nervous as my friends, who have applied earlier, have received State Nomination in 3-4 days? Can some one please advice me on the reason for this delay? and How does BSMQ inform you if there are any problems with the 489 application.