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  1. Dean0703

    Expression of Interest

    State registration not required for the purposes of submitting an EOI. Some states your can only register in person on Aussie turf. Others you can do online. How many points did you have on your 189 Arch? Those changes in November have done me right out of that one. And yes the AITSL is for teaching.
  2. Dean0703

    Expression of Interest

    Been for the English test, that’s fine. had my AITSL teaching approval in. now waiting on wife’s approval from AITSL Then I can start filling in the EOI and submitting still think that’s end of March to be honest the AITSL aren’t quick
  3. Dean0703

    190 Visa - Victoria

    What’s the story for Teachers in Victoria. I’m the main applicant, secondary, ICT qualified teacher. Mrs is Primary.
  4. I completed it with a pen so no typing issues. Plus, I managed a 9.0 in speaking and I have a very broad West of Scotland accent, although I did have my “parents night” voice on. This may have helped matters along.
  5. Dean0703

    Is it pointless to apply now??

    Congratulations to you - what are yo ur jobs and what were your points and where did all your points come from? Am I right in saying the standard points test isn’t as important for 190 nominations... How long did it take as well, 190 VIC is my current preferred route.
  6. So to solve the mystery listening 9.0 speaking 9.0 reading 7.5 writing 7.5 overall 8.0 Their Reading I can’t dispute as whatever they say the answer is is the answer. Although even doing all their practice stuff, there are some of the reading exercises where I find myself disagreeing with the answer, or finding that there could be two or three possible answers. Problem is they’ve decided there’s only one answer. I don’t agree with their writing score either. According to what they’ve sent me as their band descriptor of a 7.5, my writing lacks “understanding of some linguistic features,” and contains “occasional spelling and grammatical errors but not that make the piece difficult to understand.” Naw - that’s fictional. There wasn’t an error in my writing in any aspect of spelling, grammar or sentence structure. I do teach this stuff every day so I do know how to write. But in the eyes of the IELTS my English ability can only be described as “very good.” Of the four people I met on the day and kept in contact with, none of us achieved above a 7.5 in the writing and I was the only one of us to get a 9.0 in speaking. I’m absolutely convinced it’s corrupt!
  7. I've typo-d that but my iPad is fond of correcting me, it should have said that I do think it's well written in terms of word choice and grammar. I didn't use as fancy words in mine although I was descriptive enough as far as I see it and I did answer the question. We shall see. There certainly isn't enough guidance as to the expectation of any of these tests. If I want a pupil to get an A in their exam, and they want one too, then I can show them all the steps to get there and how marks are achieved. IELTS and what I found on PTE is all very cloak and dagger. Their marking scheme for the writing is just a selection of broad statements that are objective and don't tell you what picks up credit. Unless you pay to do their practice tests for both organisations, your preparedness comes down to how well judged your guesswork has been. Maybe a little bit of natural ability as well. Certainly at £180 a go it's good business. It's a money spinner.
  8. Dean0703

    190 visa state change from SA to NSW

    I think it’ll go that way but at the moment from what I read across many forums the 190 is more or less a license to do what you like and still have permanent residency and citizenship a few years later.
  9. In respect to that band 7.5 example in the link, whilst it isn't very well written in terms of the word choice and grammar, I think it should only a band 7.5 because their agreement of the point isn't clear enough. They say that they agree in the first paragraph and it's not referred to again. It is more descriptive of the various viewpoints rather than the adopted stance of the argument. That's a secondary school teachers opinion as well as a test taker!
  10. I did the paper based IELTS last week and didn't find any of it too challenging. We shall see when I get my score next week. If I don't get a band 8 in everything I will be amazed.
  11. Dean0703

    Secondary School Teacher Points Limit

    Indeed. It does appear that Australia are more actively trying to stop immigration rather than promote it.
  12. Dean0703

    Secondary School Teacher Points Limit

    Funny reading this months down the line - 190 now requires a year worked in NSW so for teachers who are off shore it’s 491 only with 5 years experience. Funny how things change so much in next to no time at all!
  13. Dean0703

    BSMQ Commitment statement

    I wouldn’t mind a butchers at what a commitment statement is like either
  14. Dean0703

    Expression of Interest

    I’m not using an agent. I met someone yesterday who’s agent had told them a complete pile of rubbish. I did take a lot of time researching and finding out details but I worked it out and have hopefully saved myself a couple of grand.