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  1. Shirt75

    Child visa query please help!!!

    I got the 820 in may 2014 but if it's taking that long will look into applying for the 445. I will have to go to a migration agent and find out the best way forward. There isn't much info on 445 on forums etc that's why I came on here. Thanx for the advice.
  2. Shirt75

    Child visa query please help!!!

    As she is under 18 she can be added as a dependant and yeah good advice on should have put her on in the first place but you live n learn. Thank you for the advice l really appreciate you taking your time to reply. Fingers crossed it will get sorted.
  3. Shirt75

    Child visa query please help!!!

    Thank you so much for the info just wasn't sure if I could apply soon after my getting my PR right now 445 might be too late as she needs police checks etc. I have till May so I left it too late.
  4. Shirt75

    Child visa query please help!!!

    Yes I did. She wasn't moving with me or within the year they give as initial entry date so I thought it best to apply if/when needed.
  5. Shirt75

    Child visa query please help!!!

    No she wasnt she wanted to stay in UK and visit here then decide where she wanted to live and she has decided now
  6. Shirt75

    Child visa query please help!!!

    I have I have a burning query my daughter who is 16 has been living the the UK with her dad. She is now ready to join us here. I am on subclass 820 and get my permanent partner visa in May (fingers crossed). She is finishing off her GCSES and will be moving here permanently after. After looking on the net etc one option is to get a child visa subclass 445 which is temporary and will need to be added to my permanent one before I get it in May but since its too close to do that and also she is coming after I get my PR can I just wait and apply for hers in July and she automatically gets a permanent residency or it doesn't work that way?? Please help as if I need to apply for 445 it has to be asap.
  7. Hi Sparkeltastic I applied to AHPRA in July and as RN dip in LD I didnt think I had any chance but as I have a top up degree in mental health studies (LD) I think that helped. Like you said yes, you can work as a support worker (a lot of vacancies) and if lucky as a project manager, outreach worker or coordinator for a residential, respite unit, day centre just like UK with not for profit organisations. There are a lot of those. There is no use for the nurse part but you can use your experience. I have been working as a support worker while waiting for my registration and though I am happy I got my registration I feel deflated that after all those years of training and dealing with with AHPRA I might not be able to use it here after all. I would be interested in mental health nursing so will keep looking into that. Sorry forgot to mention I'm already in OZ on a partner visa.
  8. I am RNLD and have been recently registered (last week) by AHPRA as a registered nurse with a notation "solely qualified in the area of disability nursing" in Melbourne not sure about QLD. There are no jobs here for disability nurses even though they register us. No go with mental health as job vacancies are asking for a mental health qualification.