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  1. Sang

    Another moving to Hobart!

    Hi, great news your moving to TAS! Can I ask what your job is? Currently trying to secure sponsorship really tough though!
  2. Sang

    Welfare Centre Managers- Are you one of them?

    Hi, useful thread just wanted to hear how you all got on. I am in the early 'stressful stages' of organising skills assessment with ACWA and up until this point migration agents said I had a good chance with 'youth worker' for state nomination even though I repeatedly told my agent I last worked in 2014 (second child). However when i looked at minimum requirements with ACWA (no longer vetassess) bachelors degree etc, proficient English and then it states currently community working? Really worried now if this is a show stopper and I have failed assessment. Not sure whether it's worth applying for now... ?. Please advise ....
  3. Sang

    Work experience?

    hi, I have consulted several agents, and overall they advised that I would need state nomination by NT. question is about work experience post qualification. I have over six years, however from 2014 I stopped working after my second baby. Now they all seem to think I could still apply for a 190 or 489 with NT. I am confused as I had read somewhere that NT require one year of RECENT experience? Yet migration agents all still saying I would have a good chance of obtaining visa. Please share your thoughts or experiences. thanks in advance
  4. Hi,

    please may I have some advise? My family and I would love to move to Australia, I have spoken to a migration agent several times this week. She advised we should apply for a 190 PR visa and would need to await a state nomination, therefore we need to wait for lists to come out in July, to see if my occupation is on there...


    i havent worked since 2014, as I had my second baby, had another baby since then too... My experience post qualifying overall is roughly about eight years... I have a degree in Social sciences... In your view is this the correct visa to go for? Even though I have not got any recent experience... Agent seems to think it's based on 'overall' experience post qualification. I have family In Melbourne too. My husband works for construction sales, there is a slight possibility he maybe able to get a transfer to Work for his business in Australia. So looking at options now... Just want to apply for right visa.


    many thanks 

    1. wrussell


      If you go to my website: pinoyau.com and use the contaqct form, I shall let you know what I need to see to undertake a preliminary asessment of your case.

  5. Sang

    190 visa

    Hi thanks for the replies so far. I have emailed a few agents on this site, at the moment I haven't heard back. Just would be really good to know before I start the process. Would so so love the opportunity to move to Australia now more than ever... As before it just wasn't the right time. Your right about NT I had read information about it, and ideally wanted to move to another location. Agent said initially with 190 they would prefer if we moved there (should I get nominated) but not a legal obligation. As we are moving over with a young family just want to get it right! So all advise appreciated and welcome. Thanks
  6. Sang

    190 visa

    Hi, for me my husband and three children (5,4 and 1)! It's a lot of money and she also said we need to have a sizeable amount in our account or assets should we get a visa..... Can't remember exact amount but it was a lot!! Something like 30,000 dollars each ?....According to NT requesting this as a state... Just don't want to get this wrong so trying to research as much as possible...
  7. Sang

    190 visa

    Hi, i have been been advised from my migration agent that I should be able to get a 190 visa based on my experience. Drug and alcohol worker NT PR. I haven't worked since 2014 since my second baby. She said it's based on overall experience since qualifying. So eight years. However I thought it would be based on recent experience. We are waiting for new lists to come out in July. Just wandering if it would be possible? Before spending upto £9000 on the whole visa/migration process. I know there isn't any guarantee... Would love to hear other people's experiences. Thankyou
  8. Sang

    A few visa questions

    Ok thanks so much for replying. I am finding all of this a mind field. I spoke to a migration agent and she did discuss what you just mentioned about NT and she said if I applied for 190 visa I wasn't legally obliged to live within that area, or work there, or even work at all?? She said husband could work, they wouldn't have any expectation for me to once visa is obtained... they would prefer it though... Seemed like a grey area... Ideally we would have liked to be nearer Melbourne (where I have family). I also have a young family so initially we were hoping my husband would be the one in work full time. Does anyone record any reliable trustworthy migration agents? Be good to know. Thanks again ?
  9. Sang

    A few visa questions

    Hi, this is the first time I have visited this forum properly and I am hoping for some advise. My husband and I have finally decided to take the plunge and would love to start the process to move over to Australia. Wanted to ask a couple of things regarding visas. Firstly I have a Social sciences degree and my area is drug and alcohol counselling.. Migration consultant said we have to see whether my occupation comes back on the list around July time, if it does go forward with this on a 190 visa, state nomination Northern Territory to gain permanent residency for myself and my family. there maybe a chance that my husband could be given the opportunity to work for his company in Australia. Sales rep industrial products... This is where I am confused, as his job is on what used to be CSOL list, so could his company nominate him and could this be a way in? Or would this ONLY be on a temporary basis? Or could this lead to permanent residency... All this is so confusing! As it would be ideal if he could move with his job as he has worked in uk branch for over five years has great experience etc... But we want the security of permanent residency... We have young family etc... Any advise appreciated. Thanks in advance. ? Consulant didn't seem keen on second option... Said it would involve slot of paperwork...
  10. Hi, would really love some advise. I am currently living I. The U.K. With my husband, and three young kids... We would so love to move to Australia...my husband is a construction sales manager, working specifically with acoustic noise prevention barriers. He has helped build up a very successful company. However we still would love to move to Australia and trying to think how we can do this. Only thing is on one hand we are hearing the construction field is striving out there, and I see on the skilled shortage list, it says construction project manager...however cannot see anything specific to sales etc... Can anyone advise what would be good next step. Does this mean game over...? Would be really good for some advise... Thanks in advance!