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  1. Well I guess if they have never been then yeah, I'd leave it blank. If it lets you leave it blank then I'd say that was correct. Mind actually have been here, so that bit was easy. It amazing how often you have to enter the same into multiple times. For my holidays since I was 18, I filled all that out when I applied for PR, so they already have that, but you have to go though the pain of entering it all again. I'm just going to do the last 10 years for that. Regards, P.
  2. Awesome, thank you for your replies. Kind regards, P.
  3. One more question, in the part where it says... Give details of all countries that the applicant has lived in or travelled to since turning the age of 18, include: Since 18? I'm in my mid-40s, how did everyone else deal with this part, please? Thank you. Regards, Paul.
  4. Hello, I have just started my application for citizenship and I am not sure about the bit where you enter your parents citizenship details. The question is... Has this parent ever held citizenship of any country? Include all current and all previous citizenships held So my parents are standard British born and raised with British passports, so do I need to fill this part out? The pop up box asks for when and where the citizenship was acquired, how am I supposed to answer that? They wont know as their parents would have done it. Thank you for any help. P.
  5. Only just seen your reply, by chance. How can I prove it was a glitch? Is it well known? Did you call or email? Thank you
  6. I signed up thru this site, and still ended up paying a fee. ?
  7. Hello, I have some UK £, but some of the notes are the old ones, does anyone know if you can change them up somewhere here in Sydney? You can go to the Bank Of England anytime to change old notes for new as they never lose their value, just the note goes out of circulation. Thanks, PW.
  8. PW1

    Currency Transfers with Moneycorp

    Has anyone tried to transfer money from Santander to Moneycorp? It has been nothing but a nightmare. I'll forgo the hour and a half I spent on the phone to Santander to get my payments to moneycorp, but I have received an email from MoneyCorp telling me I have a negative balance, but the money should have been there by now. Looking at my online transactions is confusing, it looks like the money left my account, came back, then went out again. 30th - Bill payment via faster payment to moneycorp reference <myrefnumber> THE £ AMOUNT 1st - Pended bill payment credited for interest to moneycorp THE £ AMOUNT 1st - Bill payment via faster payment to moneycorp reference <myrefnumber> THE £ AMOUNT Does anyone know what this means? I cant ring the bank as its out of hours, and also for Moneycorp. I mean, its only going from one UK account to another UK account. What's the bloody issue? Very frustrated, I've done my part, now it looks like the bank is shafting me. The Au$ should have been bought on Friday as per the contract.
  9. PW1

    Currency Transfers with Moneycorp

    Thank you, John. Email sent.
  10. PW1

    Currency Transfers with Moneycorp

    Hi John, Thank you for getting back so quickly, I did log on to my account, but could not find any live links to take me to live rates. Does this only become available after my documents have been verified? Regards, PW
  11. PW1

    Currency Transfers with Moneycorp

    John, Is the budget expected to weaken the pound? I am thinking of using MoneyCorp, I've opened an account and uploaded documents. I was wondering why MoneyCorp does not provide the opportunity to put in a figure somewhere so a customer can see what they would get after the transfer, Transferwise has this on their website. Regards, PW.
  12. Thank you, I'll check them both out. Presumably you've no reason not to recommend HIFX? Regards, Paul.
  13. Hello, I wondered if anyone on here has actually used Moneycorp to transfer a large(ish) sum of money over? How did you find it, and how did they compare to another transfer service you have used in terms of ease of use, and rate? Thanks, appreciate any and all feedback. Regards, PW