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  1. Quinkla

    Where to go in the Uk?

    Not a village, but Edinburgh is possibly the most beautiful city in the world.
  2. Quinkla

    Confused about how health insurance works

    Waiting times for public health are based on need. We have private health insurance (against my better judgement). My wife was admitted to hospital with internal pain and as it was an emergency it was public. It was gall stones - the gall bladder was out within 48 hours and we didn't pay a penny and nor did the health fund - all paid by taxpayers. I think this stuff about private health insurance is just scaremongering. In my experience, very little is covered by private, there are huge gap fees to pay and if you do get really sick, you'll probably lose your job and no longer be able to afford private health care anyway. Most health care costs are incurred in the last year of your life.
  3. Quinkla

    Waiting for citizenship certificate

    Peter Dutton was not the minister from 21 - 26 August - he had resigned and the office was held by Scott Morrison. Mr Dutton was reappointed on 27 August. It is a source of great shame that my Australian citizenship certificate is signed by Peter Dutton. I am worth 1000 Peter Duttons.
  4. Quinkla

    Bulk billing??

    I still use a bulk billing doctor. And whenever I go there, the waiting room seems to be full of other Aussies.
  5. Quinkla

    PMV Granted

    Many congratulations - I came on the Prospective Marriage Visa myself many years ago. It's a great feeling when it comes through.
  6. Quinkla

    Confused about how health insurance works

    Health insurance works by you paying thousands of dollars a year to an insurance company and then if you need hospital inpatient treatment they will give you back about $20, leaving you to pay hundreds yourself. If you get extras cover, the same will apply for physiotherapy, dental treatment or medical devices.
  7. Anything older than a year is really not relevant. You have to address each of social, financial, home and relationship. Each of these can often be done with two or three pieces of evidence.
  8. You actually don't need loads of evidence if you are married, just examples of evidence that tick the boxes that are set out in the guidance notes. The piles of evidence become necessary for proving a de facto relationship where you are expected to show evidence for every month of the past year.
  9. Quinkla

    previous relationships

    They cannot prove a de facto relationship and they really aren't interested in them. The burden of proof with a de facto relationship is for the person in one to prove it exists, not that it doesn't. A former de facto relationship cannot get anyone a visa.
  10. Quinkla

    previous relationships

    They are only interested in marriages or registered relationships. Anything else can be explained as dating or house-sharing.
  11. If you are properly married and in a genuine relationship, you don't have health issues and no criminal history then there's not much point in hiring an agent. All they would do is fill in the form for you - which you have already done. If there is an issue, the case officer will give you a chance to correct it. The agents are useful when an applicant cannot cope with paperwork, has limited English language ability, where there are health or criminal issues, or when you are trying to make out that a few months of dating should count as a de facto. No idea about other visas, but I cannot believe Australia is short of policemen.
  12. Quinkla

    Kidney Transplant and Visa!!

    Waiving medical insurance doesn't make sense. You have your own answer from the migration agent who specialises in health issues. There is no point in keeping on rephrasing the question on a forum in the hope of getting an answer you like better.
  13. If your 457 expires, I think if you leave Australia you won't get back in. There are bridging visas for people who have one visa expire and await a decision on another visa - and Bridging Visa B allows travel in and out of Australia but it used to be very hard to get. In this case, it may be worth talking to a migration agent - especially if there is a gap between the 457 expiring and losing an EOI.
  14. Quinkla

    Kidney Transplant and Visa!!

    George Lombard is the agent who specialises in medical issues - if he says there is no hope then you can bet he is right. Organ transplants fail the medical test twice over - once for cost and once for use of scarce resources (likelihood of needing a repeat transplant). If the visa does not have a health waiver available, then it is just plain no. I know this will be disappointing, but George Lombard's candidness has probably saved you wasting a heap of money and time to get the same answer.
  15. If Australia has not criminalised entering/leaving Australia on a foreign passport, then it is legal to do so and you cannot be stopped if you are doing so. Personally, I do follow the advice/guidance from the Australian Government on travelling overseas. I find it saves hassle and delay. But this thread is about what happens to people who can't/won't follow this advice and the answer to that is about the law, not about guidance/authoritarian desires/what South Africa does. And incidentally, although I tend to behave quite conventionally, I will defend the right of unconventional people to exercise their full rights as given by the law and the constitution. To me, that is what embracing Australian values is all about. The state belongs to us, not vice versa.