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  1. Quinkla

    visa place of issue

    I would put Melbourne as that was the office you applied - but I suspect Australia would be just as good an answer. I suspect this is just to help them find the paperwork and it is more relevant if the visa was granted by an embassy.
  2. You are free of most restrictions but you still can't become a terrorist because they can strip your citizenship if you do.
  3. Quinkla

    CANZUK freedom of movement

    The health insurance model in Australia is that only a portion of your healthcare costs are reimbursed by the insurer - there's a gap to be paid. And it is understood that most people, when they get really sick or really old transfer into the Medicare system. The insurance premiums on 100% cover for old age would be astronomical.
  4. Quinkla

    Citizenship Mock Test

    The real questions are, if anything, even easier. I got 20/20 in 1 minute 40 seconds. The first question, by way of example, was "what is the capital of Australia - Adelaide, Brisbane, Canberra or Darwin?". Apparently if you fail, you are allowed an immediate resit, and if you fail that you have to go to a seminar about Australia in lieu of a test pass.
  5. According to the Immi website: https://immi.homeaffairs.gov.au/change-in-situation/relationship-ended This doesn't look like it's automatic but it does look hopeful. It really would be worth investing in professional advice because if you stuff this up, it will be devastating for you and your child.
  6. Quinkla

    Melbourne suburbs ranked by liveability 2019

    Looking at this after a few months of Covid lockdown. My suburb (Diamond Creek) ranks very low because of lack of walkability, distance to schools, distance to coast, lack of public transports etc. But under Covid, it seems the suburb is very walkable with plenty of open green spaces where we can relax while being socially distanced. All the shops, cafes etc are close to one another in a real mini-town centre so we are quite self-sufficient. The low-grade cafes always led on carry out foods so they are in their element now. And when schools did go back (briefly), they suddenly seemed to be easily walkable when people wanted excuses to be walking. I wonder what life is like in South Yarra or Richmond right now.
  7. Quinkla

    Marriage Visa - off shore or on shore?

    Be aware that flights to Australia are very hard to secure and people get bumped off them at the last minute. Some Australians have apparently been stuck overseas for months and have been unable to get onto a flight - so don't go for anything where travel in a short time frame is essential.
  8. You need to try to find a way to stay for the sake of your child - kids need to know that their parents haven't abandoned them even if they cannot live together. If you can't afford an agent, could your ex-partner or her family help? This is a shared problem, not just your problem.
  9. Quinkla

    Need some advice.

    I'm about to go to Central Asia.
  10. Quinkla

    Best way to build air miles as a family

    It is possible to save enough points for flights. I have gathered enough points from Flybuys and a small amount of flying with VA to get myself redemption flights from Melbourne to Ashgabat and Tashkent to Melbourne in a mixture of first and business class. But, that is only possible by booking the flights some way ahead, travelling solo, being willing to be flexible on dates/routes/carriers, and a fair amount of creativity and persuasion along the way. Redemptions can offer excellent value in premium classes but tend to offer poor value in economy. And note that QF offers very little availability in premium cabins except for their gold and platinum members. Also note that BA offers some of the worst value redemptions, especially on long haul routes.
  11. Quinkla

    Best way to build air miles as a family

    If you are looking to earn points in Australia, I would recommend looking at Virgin Australia Velocity rather than Qantas as their redemption surcharges are much lower than Qantas and they partner with Singapore Airlines which usually has quite good redemption availability.
  12. Quinkla

    Where to go in the Uk?

    Not a village, but Edinburgh is possibly the most beautiful city in the world.
  13. Quinkla

    Confused about how health insurance works

    Waiting times for public health are based on need. We have private health insurance (against my better judgement). My wife was admitted to hospital with internal pain and as it was an emergency it was public. It was gall stones - the gall bladder was out within 48 hours and we didn't pay a penny and nor did the health fund - all paid by taxpayers. I think this stuff about private health insurance is just scaremongering. In my experience, very little is covered by private, there are huge gap fees to pay and if you do get really sick, you'll probably lose your job and no longer be able to afford private health care anyway. Most health care costs are incurred in the last year of your life.
  14. Quinkla

    Waiting for citizenship certificate

    Peter Dutton was not the minister from 21 - 26 August - he had resigned and the office was held by Scott Morrison. Mr Dutton was reappointed on 27 August. It is a source of great shame that my Australian citizenship certificate is signed by Peter Dutton. I am worth 1000 Peter Duttons.
  15. Quinkla

    Bulk billing??

    I still use a bulk billing doctor. And whenever I go there, the waiting room seems to be full of other Aussies.