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Found 11 results

  1. Hi all, What year of applicants are getting their Remaining Relative Visas at the moment? I applied in January 2010 and got my queueing date 20/05/13. I have no idea whether they're close to processing that year of applications (or queueing dates?) or not. if not, I should pursue the spousal visa route after getting married last year. Spousal visa is more expensive, but has a clearer timeline. I'm not a carer, not under 18 and not over 65.
  2. clairechesh

    Partner Visa - help!

    Hello everyone, I have been with my husband since 2010 when we met in Australia whilst I was on a WHV - my partner is Australian. We have been living in the UK for the last 11 years and have a little girl who is 2. We are now looking to make to move to Australia and wondering which partner visa is the best to apply for - off shore or on shore. Looking at the processing times, I am concerned as my husband’s UK visa is due to end August 2023. I wonder if I can enter Australia in a tourist visa and apply onshore? However, worried about how long this will take as it will mean I am unable to work. I should also add that I am a primary school teacher with 10 years experience and looking to continue teaching in Australia. Thank you for taking the time to read and for any help Claire
  3. Dear all, I am new here and have tried to look for some info on this forum via the search bar, but so far I have not had much success. Hence the query here. Maybe somebody has experience with a similar issue and can shed some light on it... Basically, my wife and I, both British, have PR and lived in Victoria in 2019 but in Dec 2019 we came back to Europe for personal reasons and then the pandemic hit. Since then, we have been unable to return to Australia, and now we are expecting our first baby (yuhu! Smelly nappies and blood-shot eyes here we come!) We would like to return to Australia by July 2022, as I may be starting a new job in Vic then. However, our baby is only due to be born this December, giving us only approx 7 months to apply for a PR child visa before the job begins. Therefore we have two options I believe, a child 101 visa or the child 802 visa, meaning the baby will also receive PR. Does anybody have experience taking either of the two visa paths for the child: 1 - apply for the child 101 offshore, and then head to Australia with the baby on a tourist visa, until the 101 is approved? 2 - travel to Australia with the baby on a tourist visa (with private health insurance for the little one, or trying to get the baby on medicare) and then apply for the onshore 802 visa? Both the 101 and the 802 seem to have incredibly long processing times, more than 12 months, and well, my employer might not let me wait so long. I do now want to leave my wife with the baby whilst I go to Australia and wait for the visa decision, in case somebody suggests that. If we do not return to Australia by July 2023, our PR expires, so we need to somehow expedite the process if at all possible. Any help, pointers, tips would be much appreciated! Cheers, A
  4. Dear all, After keeping an eye on the child visa 101 processing times, I have noticed that in the last few weeks the application process estimation times have gone crazy. 21 months for 75% and 34 months for 90%. Who on earth can realistically plan their lives with these kind of times?? Is there any way to speed up the process? Our PR visa runs out in 2023 and due to Covid and my wife's pregnancy we have been unable to travel to Australia in the last 12 months. With the birth in December in Europe, where we have been stuck since early 2020 and only being able to submit the baby's PR application come early 2022 (birth certs, health checks etc), the visa would only likely be processed after our own PR has expired. Does anybody else have any similar experience? I also might have landed a job starting June 2022, so preferably our dependent child would need his visa by then. Any help much appreciated. Thanks, Adrian
  5. Hello,I'm currently waiting for my remaining relative visa to be approved (It's been 7 months and onshore application. people say it can take decades). My parent, brother, sister, nephew and niece are all Australian citizens.While on the wait, DIBP granted me a bridging visa A in which i'm not allowed to work. 2 months ago DIBP requested my medical check result (from BUPA) and police record from my country of origin. There has been no other request from them eversince. I have recently re-applied for work permit after i got rejected 5 months ago (DIBP said i did not demonstrate my financial hardship). My questions are: 1. After undergoing my medical assesment, what will be the next process and how long normally from the time DIBP received my medical result?2. Is it possible to get my work permit approved after second application?I hope someone can help me with the answer. Thank you.
  6. esmat

    Family Visa

    Hi guys, I am a 24 year old British Citizen living in Australia with my parents for the past 4 weeks. My Parents hold Australian PR visa and are living in Victoria. My question is this does anyone know that if there is any way that i can stay in Australia for good. thanks

    NZ Family Visa 461

    Hi All, I was wondering if anyone could help me with some advice? I want to apply for an NZ family visa 461 here in London (I am British and my partner is kiwi) and I do not know where to apply for it (online? or by post and then to whom?). I have been online but cannot find this visa category under immiAccount and I have also been to the High Commission of Australia here in London who chased me away saying they do not deal with any visa applications. I have researched it for awhile now and cannot see where to lodge my application?? Any help would be most welcome!! Big thanks in advance!
  8. So here's our situation - My partner is a British citizen, I am an NZ citizen and we are currently waiting on a decision for the 461 temporary resident visa. We applied in March this year in Auckland, and our main problem was that we were together for only 8 months when we applied for the visa (as you probably know, the minimum is 12 months), but we explained in our application that this was due to the fact that I had to be in Australia by February for the start of university year. So we are currently long-distance, and have been since February this year, with plenty of evidence of flights home, holidays, etc. to show that we have still seen each other regularly. We heard from our CO in August, asking for further documentation (not the right police checks, evidence of our relationship since we submitted, etc.) - we were given a 28 day deadline but one of the police checks took around 21 working days to arrive, so we emailed our CO and asked for an extension on the deadline as it was clearly not do-able. She never replied and we just submitted what we had, and submitted the police check when it arrived. It shows on our application on the TTS website that the application was "submitted for processing" again in late August (before the 28 day deadline) so I worry that they're not going to consider our additional documents which are critical in proving that we've still been together since we applied. I'm also concerned that since it says it was submitted again, does this impact the wait time and so we have to wait 10 - 12 months again? Does anyone know anything about this? Or had any experience with late submissions/no responses? It gets even trickier. My partner's not going to extend his NZ visa, which finishes in November as we had a holiday planned to Thailand, and were really hoping to hear back regarding the partner visa while we were in Thailand or even earlier and planning on coming back to Aus together. I'm continuing my studies here, and so we are planning on coming back together after our holiday (him on a tourist visa), and just having him stay with me until we hear back. He's also considering applying for a student visa, as it allows him to actually be doing something productive while he's here and work on the side too. Does anyone know if we can apply for multiple visas at the same time? I'm aware that he will have to leave the country prior to the partner visa being granted, but if he goes on a student visa, will this impact our partner visa application? We have contacted our CO about our plans for him to come to Aus on a tourist visa after our holiday but considering she has not been in contact with us since asking for the additional documents, I am doubtful that we will get a response, or notification if she plans on granting the visa. If it is granted while he's still in the country, does that render the entire thing pointless? I haven't seen much on NZ citizens bringing partners to Aus so any advice or experiences would be greatly appreciated! Thank you
  9. Lukey1234567


    I am British male 24, my mother is married to an Australian citizen and has just received permanent residency. Will I be able to get some sort of family visa & how long will I have to wait to apply for this ????
  10. Hi, me and my sister are both over 18, and are dependent in a de facto(temporary) visa application for our mom and her partner. We stated that we are still studying as to why we are dependents even if we're over 18. We lodged the application last Dec 2016 and we're still waiting for the approval til now. We're currently in a tourist visa in australia. My first question is: how likely is it that our visa will get approved? We've been waiting for 6 months now, and we havent heard from them yet. this end month, our tourist visa will expire and i am planning on going back to our country but my sister and mom are planning on extending for another 3 months. My next question is: is me going back to our country alone and separated from my mom and sister will affect the decision of the embassy to our application? please help. Thank you!
  11. Hi! Do you have an experience when your application for Sponsored Family Member Visa was denied? I now made an application for an appeal with the MRT. Do you have any idea how much this costs and how long will they process the appeal? Your opinions and advise are really much appreciated. Thanks