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  1. Hi, I've been in Aus for 3 years on a 457, my company have offered to sponsor my PR but I could also get a partner visa and wanted t oweigh up my options, I was hoping someone on this forum may have been in a similar situation and could point me in the right direction. My main queries as as follows, any information would be really appreciated as I am struggling to get the answers from gov website: - Which one is quickest to get? We are planning on buying a house early next year so will need the visa in place quickly. - How much do the visas cost with and without a migration agent? My company will pay for the sponsored visa but I will be tied to them for a while, if I did the partner visa I would be keen to do it myself but happy to get an agent if it looks tricky. - Re: the partner visa is there a guide at all on any website on how to get started? I am keen to start reading around the process but can't find where to start! Thanks in advance for any help!
  2. EJMac

    Quantity Surveying in Australia

    It can depend on your background and experience, have you a contractor or PQS? If you have engineering/infrastructure background there are a lot of opportunities in mining at the moment, I am based in VIC and work for a PQS firm but a few colleagues from our Perth office have recently left to join BHP so they seem to be hiring.
  3. HI all, I was hoping for some advice with regards to how far is feasible to commute to Melb CBD.. For context we've been in Melbourne for 2.5 years now, I'm still on a temp 457 visa but will convert to get PR in August this year. We have been renting in Moonee Ponds but now we are looking longer term trying to decide where we might buy and settle. We love it in Mornington and spend a lot of time down there, ideally we wold be moving to that side of the city, the question is how far is the limit commute wise? We are looking at Frankston South/Mount Martha/Mornington, (Mount Martha would be the ideal) does anyone on here live there and commute to CBD? How feasible is it?? From research it is about an hour to Flinders from Frankston on the train which seems ok.. Currently I cycle into work so will miss the convenience of where we are, but after living in London for 10 years before Melbourne I am keen to get out of the City. I am able to work from home a couple of times a week which wold help. I would love to hear from anyone currently doing it or has experience of it? Thanks
  4. Hi, I was wondering if anyone on here may have experience of the tourist tax rebate, or more specifically how you know if you are entitled to it? For context, I am looking to get myself a new watch and am flying back to UK in October so was looking at duty free, however I have been advised that due to changes in tax rules it is often cheaper to buy in a country and claim back GST/VAT at the airport. I am in Aus on a temp 457, if I bought here in Aus am I not entitled to claim it back as a tourist? If not, can I buy in London and claim back the VAT the other way? or am I not a tourist in UK as I am from there even though living abroad? If anyone has any experience of this I would really appreciate any anecdotal advice! Thanks in advance for any help.
  5. EJMac

    457 - PR - Quickest Route

    Thanks MaggieMay - this is really useful. My employer has confirmed that they will carry the costs but I will be expected to work for 4 years to pay back, if I leave earlier there is % discounted on sliding scale. Interesting that the accredited sponsor makes no difference, i hoped it would. I'm pretty confident with the skilled visa as I started going down this route when we first looked into coming over, but we decided to have our baby in Aus over UK so had a tight time limit so went 457 as it was quicker. Partner should be fine as we have baby/lived together in UK for a few years etc. Thanks again really useful, I'm pretty dubious about migration agents as they seem to just regurgitate info from gov websites and when we started doing the forms before they were really straighforward, I think they try to make things sound complicated to justfiy their fee but I will but will refer if necessary. Thanks
  6. EJMac

    457 - PR - Quickest Route

    Hi, I did a post on this before but it was a bit vague, I've been doing more research and it would be great if anyone with any experience of getting PR could help as seem to go in circles on the govt websites. I have been on a 457 for nearly 2 years, I am keen to get PR and I believe I have the following options: - Spousal - Works sponsored - Skilled I could have got the spouse or skilled one from the UK before I came here but we needed to get out here quickly and the 457 only took a couple of days, however I am keen now to convert to PR so we can hopefully get a mortgage next year. I keep getting advised that after 2 years I can apply for work sponsored PR? Does anyone know if the 2 year timeline is still significant? My company have intimated they will sponsor and they are an approved employer so I believe can fasttrack visas (I understand this is why the 457 was so quick) I would be keen for my company to pay but I will be tied to the job for a while if I did that. My other options are skilled as my job is on the list or spousal as my partner is Aussie, does anyone know which of these two is cheaper and quicker? If anyone has been through the process how long did it take and what sort of cost? I am happy to do the application without an agent as should be a straightforward case. Thanks in advance for your help.
  7. EJMac

    482 visa tax %

    This is useful: https://www.paycalculator.com.au/
  8. EJMac

    Sponsorship advice

    I agree with the above, this can be a useful forum but the usual suspects are so negative. I got sponsored on 457 from the UK, as above the Visa took 4 days to come through will be getting sponsored for PR. I found the job through Linkedin and I had some contacts at the company. I found it to be a more rigorous process with regards to checking references etc than I was used to in the UK. As the advice above, if it is a reputable company then you should be fine. Good luck with it all, I can only talk of my experience here in Melbourne but there are loads of ex pats here on temporary visas and they're not all living in fear of being made redundant, having jobs pulled from lists or changes that may or may not happen in 3 years time.
  9. EJMac

    457 - PR

    Hi, I used this forum a lot before I came out to Melbourne on a 457, it was really useful through a quite stressful time so thanks! I've been our here around 18 months on a 457 Visa, I was wondering is anyone knew when I can get PR? Is it after 2 years? I appreciate that the answer will be on the gov website but I seem to find conflicting information? Particularly since the rule changes. My company has offered to sponsor me and I could get a spousal visa, but I think I would prefer to do it independently, anecdotally people have mentioned applying after 2 years but I can't get this confirmed? Thanks in advance, if anyone has been through this process and could advise me where to start/what it entail it would be appreciated.
  10. Thanks for the responses, I just saw this morning qantus flights from 09/12 - 03/01 for $1,400ish so gong to book it up, and try my hardest not to check into Sky Scanner again to check prices, I know it serves no purpose but I'm terrible for it! Snifter: great advice to look at the same dates for a month before and compare prices, puts the increase over Christmas into context which makes it more palatable. Ancient brits: you must be excited for the first trip back in 10 years! Christmas feels a way off but will come round quick, I will have only been here about 18 months when I go back but we had a baby here so looking forward to introducing him to the family. Thanks again
  11. Hi All, we're looking to book a trip back to UK for Christmas this year, does anyone know what a 'good' price would be? I know it is loads more expensive at Christmas, but I've been looking daily on sky scanner and I've seen some around $1600 with Etihad which seems a good deal, I'm keen to buy them but don't want to find them cheaper a few months down the line... I know there are a lot of factors in the prices but I was wondering if anyone had any thoughts on when the best time to book is and what sort of price to expect to pay? Thanks in advance!
  12. Hi all, I was hoping some one may be able to offer advice on our chances on getting a mortgage. I am in Aus on a 457 Visa, my gfriend is Australian and we are going to at some point convert my Visa to a spousal/skilled Visa. In the meantime we are very keen to buy a property, mainly to take advantage of the fist time buyer grant and stamp duty relief. The issue is that we are aware of the potential 10 months wait to get the Visa and would hopefully buy somewhere before, the question is can we get a mortgage in my gfriends name but taking my salary into account? Or if we have a joint names mortgage will we not get a deal due to my being on a 457? Also if anyone has any brokers contacts who may be able to advise it would be appreciated. Thanks in advance for any help, this website has been incredibly useful to date in getting out to Aus, so thankyou for your contribution.
  13. Hi, just a note re: 457, I had a company sponsor mine and it only took a week to be confirmed following submission of the docs, really straight forward. This was last week. I was also concerned about the changes and was anticipating waiting for a much longer time, I think the challenge is finding an employer willing to sponsor but I wouldn't give up on it 100%. I appreciate there are a lot of issues with being on a temp visa, but it has suited us. Good luck with it all.
  14. EJMac

    Approved '457' since April 18th?

    Hello all, just got my 457 Visa approved this morning it was very quick in that I had a note on Monday morning from the migration solicitor that my documents had been submitted and an email today confirming my Visa had been granted, so only 2 days. The company that is sponsoring me has accredited status with the dept of Immigration which apparently expedites the process, however I was advised that it would take 2-6 weeks so was quite surprised. Now have to get prepared for new job/country/baby in the next few months so I'm sure I will be popping up on the forum for advice!
  15. EJMac

    Total rent costs (inc bills etc)

    Thanks for this, really useful. I've been looking on realestate website and it seems for $500 you get a 2 bed new build flat, we're looking around the Kensington/Moonee Ponds/Ascot Vale/ Essendon area. I'm conscious that they look nice on the website but perhaps will be pretty small in person. We are hoping to buy but will probably be renting for a year or so. If you don't mind me asking it would be useful to know how much is the internet and mobile phones of the $500 budget? Thanks.