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  1. Jon the Hat

    Flights to Australia - reliability?

    We sold in March and moved into rental. No way I was booking anything with a house to sell - you are braver than me! PCR tests I have booked at Gatwick drive through with Express tests. £60 each. We live down that way so just easier. We are flying from LHR. We are using PSS, we have a 40ft container, plus the car. Same for AirBnB all cancellable in case.
  2. Jon the Hat

    Ping Pongers

    indeed, about half!
  3. Jon the Hat

    Ping Pongers

    Ah yes the judging British people on escape to the county, a show for people so incapable of buying a house they need professional advice, who then point out they are looking for literally something which doesn't exist in their budget.
  4. Jon the Hat

    Ping Pongers

    You are probably right in that most poms i think don;t move to Australia to sign up for a longer commute than they had in the UK. On the other point, only about half of Australians have a passport, so its possible your circle is not typical.
  5. Jon the Hat

    Tax on UK lump sum pension

    Tax offices don't work on a people reviewing number basis any more, they use data analytics to identify discrepancies, and automation to send you a claim / penalty. So anyone who tells the UK HMRC they are in Australia, HMRC will share their data with the ATO in a bulk file, who can run a single exercise to flag the missing income. They can pick up literally everyone. And they will. Once they have a discrepancy it IS worth their time following up.
  6. Jon the Hat

    Ping Pongers

    Not just POMS mate, most people in Australia won't travel either. Or they will go to Bali...
  7. Jon the Hat

    Flights to Australia - reliability?

    Flights are really starting to stress me now. We have the below booked all tied to our travel date. So much stress! Removals End of tenancy inc cleaner AirBnB in the UK PCR Tests Airport hotel Flights AirBnB in Perth On top of that, Travel Declarations, G2G Passes all of which rely on the travel details.
  8. Jon the Hat

    Things you miss about Britain

    Edited your list for things I have literally enjoyed in the past week! Eeek!
  9. Jon the Hat

    How long before it felt normal to live in Australia

    The UK has certainly lost focus on the importance of maintaining things.
  10. Jon the Hat

    Ping Pongers

    Just from a cost point of view I would try moving in Australia first. Myabe one of the towns skirting Melbourne itself? I quite like Melbourne to visit but it holds no appeal to live in for me.
  11. Jon the Hat

    How long before it felt normal to live in Australia

    When to sun does shine, out in the countryside there is nowhere more lovely than England. It's just a shame it tends to happen while you are at work all but a few days a year!
  12. Jon the Hat

    It's starting to kick in now...

    Double summer indeed! We booked both options with 24 hours of each other as we didn't want to move everything else, or spend more on accommodation before we go! I'm not quite decided at what point I have enough confidence in SIA to cancel the Qatar booking. Don't want to be on hold to customer services while sitting on the plane! I suspect this won't be an issue and Qatar will cancel or delay us a month before, based on word of mouth on their booking policies.
  13. Jon the Hat

    Shipping insurance - Letton Percival

    Thanks Chocci. I’ll give them a ring. PSS came down to 2.3% with no IPT for £40k plus of cover, but as you say 1.6% is much better.
  14. Jon the Hat

    Shipping insurance - Letton Percival

    Their website has been down since last week weirdly,
  15. Jon the Hat

    Border opening now mid 2022

    Even the first goal of 80k a week is pretty feeble. The centre we got ours in in West Sussex was doing 12-14k a week. One sports hall.