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  1. That's a human rights violation right there. I have a proper Waitrose (juice bar, wine bar, cafe, bakery cafe, sushi, etc) and then a little Waitrose a bit close for emergencies. Both 5 minutes away. M&S take more like 10 as my car doesn't fit in their car park....
  2. Jon the Hat

    Is Dan Andrews doing the right thing?

    A lot of others countries have bounced back quickly and are not even technically in recession (which requires 2 consecutive qtrs of GDP decline), but then will not suffer again with the resurgence and further lockdowns. To be fair I don't think Australia and in particular NZ can be compared to Europe or the US, as they are so relatively isolated economically.
  3. Jon the Hat

    Is Dan Andrews doing the right thing?

    Indeed, and the lower is the relevant one if you are trying to extrapolate across a population. You can't ignore the fact, particularly in the UK & US were lots of people are not able or willing to get tested with no or mild symptoms, that the denominator for these %ages is probably very understated.
  4. Jon the Hat

    Is Dan Andrews doing the right thing?

    I'm not sure where you get the 2-4% from, that is almost certainly overstated. Most studies say 0.5-1.0%. Even then, the point it that the mortality rate is massively higher in some at risk groups, so a sensible approach is to lockdown those groups and support them, and let everyone else get on with life and the very small risk that applies to them.
  5. Jon the Hat

    Moving from Vic to WA

    If you are happy to rent, I would live in Cottesloe. Buying is rather more expensive.
  6. Jon the Hat

    Is the UK’s weather massively underrated?

    Careful, the Welsh don;t like people talking up Wales at the moment, they seem to think English tourists = death!
  7. Jon the Hat

    Form 40SP

    Looked in Immi account - it is called "Sponsorship for a Partner to Migrate to Australia (300, 309/100, 820/801" and is under Family.
  8. Jon the Hat

    Form 40SP

    You do not need to attach the file. There is a separate application type for the sponsor - either create your own immi account or submit it via the partners immi account.
  9. Jon the Hat

    Form 40SP

    Are you doing it online in the immiaccount?
  10. Jon the Hat

    Calling the UK

    Viber is also pretty good.
  11. Jon the Hat

    British medical records

    Your GP is talking nonsense, you have a legal right to your medical records.
  12. Jon the Hat

    309 to 100 visa

    I believe some people have had success by replying to the email and asking for the 100 as well, pointing out that they qualify. Worth a try anyway?
  13. Jon the Hat

    To return or not?

    I certainly wouldn't be moving to the UK in the next year. So much doubt over Covid response, the economy etc. When you do move I would keep your house in Sydney assuming you own it. You may never get back again if you don't.
  14. Jon the Hat

    Flight help

    Keep talking to your new employers - I am sure they will be flexible. Perhaps you can start working remotely before you go? Incidentally are you moving to work for a a big company? If so they might be able to put some pressure on the airlines if they spend a lot and have a procurement / travel team. On this end you can always find somewhere to stay for a few weeks. You will get there!
  15. Jon the Hat

    Three snakes in three days

    Being scared of spiders in Australia is just sensible! In the UK you don't need to be. Just don't stick your hands in places you can't see.