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  1. Ours took over a month to come to the UK, not convinced they always send them the next business day...
  2. Jon the Hat

    U.K. application time frame

    Wow you have moved quickly! Good luck with the move!
  3. Jon the Hat

    U.K. application time frame

    Yes the Australian Federal Police National Police Check. There have been a few people on here who got them in a couple of months, so fingers crossed.
  4. Jon the Hat

    U.K. application time frame

    As many have suggested, I am trying to assume 12 months, new medical and certificates etc (although to be fair, I would book a short notice flight rather than that if I had a few weeks), anything better than that is an upside!!
  5. Jon the Hat

    U.K. application time frame

    We are in a similar boat, married 11 years, 2 kids, full application now in. I guess the case officer will only contact you if they need something. I am rather hoping to go straight to a grant letter with the magic 100 on it! We applied on the 19th March, so close to 2 months now. My wife's NPC only arrived on Monday though, so fully loaded as of yesterday.n Good luck!
  6. Jon the Hat

    Permanent residency granted

  7. Jon the Hat

    How do people actually get into work in Australia?

    I wonder whether you should broaden your search to anything vaguely IT related to get your foot in the door? Even a low paid role is better than eating into your savings for months.
  8. Jon the Hat

    VEVO not showing updated passport change

    Definitely take both until you have confirmation. This is surely the whole point of moving to paperless Visa's though so you would hope it works!
  9. I'm at 52 days since submission, medical done and clear, UK police checks done and clear, waiting on AFP certificate to arrive in the post for about 3 weeks!
  10. Congratulations! Did you get any requests for additional information or was it granted straight away?
  11. Jon the Hat

    Applying for a partner visa

    It didn't occur to me to use an agent, mainly because the 309/100 in my case is pretty simple; married 11 years, two kids both Australian by descent, rented two and owned two homes together, never lived apart, loads of mutual commitments, no health or criminal issues. Then frankly it becomes an exercise of organizing your paperwork, paying and waiting. Mind you I haven't got mine yet!
  12. Jon the Hat

    309 partner visa - panic

    My only other comment is that the AFP check is taking a looong time to make it to the UK. Took about 3 weeks to be prepared, and has not arrived yet 18 days after that, so if you are in a hurry maybe kick that off. I am not clear whether the sponsor's police check influences the last entry date or not, but we are happy enough to go to Australia for a holiday etc before end of March next year so this was not an issue for us.
  13. Jon the Hat

    309 partner visa - panic

    We did as well, but I hopfeully have enough with wedding evidence, buying a home together in 2006 etc. Utility bills not so much!
  14. Jon the Hat

    309 partner visa - panic

    Yes... In my enthusiasm I used a few upload slots on that, applications then certificates when they were granted in 3 weeks! Much quicker than i expected.
  15. Jon the Hat

    309 partner visa - panic

    I found the fact that I never delete emails was a great help - my yahoo account had old car insurance documents, holiday itineraries etc. All useful stuff.

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