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  1. Jon the Hat

    Form 80 necessary on 309 visa?

    A few people seem to have been asked for it just recently, so I would include it personally if you are front loading everything else.
  2. Jon the Hat

    Manchester to Heathrow to Perth experience

    Good insight on them dreamliner direct flight, thanks! If you are in this position again either re potentially missing a flight I can highly recommend approaching someone at the queue for security, or just make your way to the front explaining you have been told to go straight through as you will miss your flight otherwise. Most people in the queue have plenty of time on their hands and don't mind at all, and most staff want to help. Been there a few times, and also arrived for loads of flights an hour or less before takeoff to find a huge queue at security. Do most things with confidence and it works.
  3. Jon the Hat

    Has the savings amount changed for spouse visa?

    Wow I didnt know about this, but dones some googling and it seems like it varies based on whether you have any income: In practice, therefore, when applying for temporary leave as a partner: • £62,500 in cash savings is required if no other income sources are being used to meet the income requirement: (62,500-16,000) / 2.5 = 18,600 • £17,500 in cash savings is required if the sponsor’s income is £18,000, in order to make up the £600 shortfall: (17,500-16,000) / 2.5 = 60017 Hopefully this helps. http://researchbriefings.files.parliament.uk/documents/SN06724/SN06724.pdf
  4. Well that is a little more positive! Perhaps if we applied before that they have already reviewed documentation and are ok with it. I could really do with this coming in the next few weeks - it might just secure me a job and relocation package to Sydney. Work are considering if they can wait the 2-3 months a TSS is likely to take.
  5. Jon the Hat

    Canadian Canoe

    Has anyone shipped a Canadian Canoe to Australia? 16 footer so will fit, not sure on the practicalities - I know duty is payable.
  6. Any updates from the UK crew? I have seem very few grants on applications after January
  7. Jon the Hat

    Australia Cost of Living - $62,000 a year

    Fair play to them, they are saving to build a home. Without that motivation (or similar) that sounds pretty bloody miserable to me.
  8. Jon the Hat

    Australia Cost of Living $200k + Not enough

    Littlewoods wasn't it originally? Plenty of others came after it and are mostly gone now. Next online is the current way of doing it on account. Very easy to rack up a few grand.
  9. Jon the Hat

    Will you watch the 'royal' wedding?

    As ever when there is an event which draws lots of crowds someone will no doubt tall us how much the policing costs, like those who are in the crowd don't pay taxes and deserve that policing to protect them.
  10. Jon the Hat

    Australia Cost of Living $200k + Not enough

    Lets be honest, when you need a G&T with lemon, you would pay $20 for a lemon.
  11. Jon the Hat

    Australia Cost of Living $200k + Not enough

    Plenty of idiots in Finance, I have employed a number of them over the years!
  12. Jon the Hat

    Australia Cost of Living $200k + Not enough

    The story is essentially idiots who can't control their spending and racked up $100 debt find they don't have much left at the end of the month after paying for it all.
  13. Jon the Hat

    Australia Cost of Living $200k + Not enough

    This is a timely pointer for me; I am considering a role based in Sydney, and looking at property Rentals which are frankly a bit scary - up to $1500 a week for a 3 or 4 bed in admittedly very nice suburbs. Putting aside for a minute whether I need to live in Lane Cove, how much would you want to earn (single Salary) in Sydney to cover this kind off rent? I am thinking something like $225k plus super. Any thoughts? We are looking a very nice suburbs because Sydney is not first choice, the job isn't perfect, and I don't want to move across the world to live in endless suburbia miles from anywhere.
  14. Jon the Hat

    Partner Visa 309/100

    Well at least someone in London has some contact! I am a week or two ahead in times of lodgement time, but I included Police checks for my Sponsor up front.
  15. Jon the Hat

    Partner Visa 309/100

    When did you apply?