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  1. Jon the Hat

    We made it to Perth!

    Studland Bay possibly? Lovely beach although can get very busy.
  2. Jon the Hat

    We made it to Perth!

    There are some lovely beaches in the UK, but they are not circa 30 mins from where most people live like they are in Perth, and you can't rely on the weather. The later is the reason people go for some summer sun in the med etc. I used to laugh at people who sat on a beach for two weeks, but I must say as life becomes busier and work more stressful, I can see the appeal of stopping and chilling somewhere beautiful.
  3. Jon the Hat

    I am so bored in Australia

    WFH is not helpful when it comes to making work friends, and that is as true in the UK as it is here. I can only suggest you really push yourself to get out there and join clubs. Think of something you never did but always wanted to, and go along to a try out or something.
  4. Jon the Hat

    Perth rentals

    I would encourage you to do a few viewings and even if you don't offer, chat with the agents, they might well help you out. We ended up renting a house we hadn't considered which has worked out well.
  5. Jon the Hat

    Australian and UK Covid Responses

    Step back for a minute and think about what you are advocating. You can taken by police from your home and locked up for 2 weeks on the possibility you may have come into contact with someone. No cctv saying you were 2 feet behind them in a queue, no positive test result. That is insane. Suspected murderers have more rights than this. perfectly fine to be asked to take a test and self isolate until you are clear.
  6. Jon the Hat

    Partner Refusal to Grant question

    You are welcome.
  7. Jon the Hat

    Partner Refusal to Grant question

    Send them to the email address which requested them I guess?
  8. Jon the Hat

    Australian and UK Covid Responses

    Murdoch did own 43% of Sky News via 20th Century Fox but sold when they blocked the full takeover of Sky. Either way a news channel license in the UK comes with conditions of impartiality, so the Fox News US / Sky News Australia type nonsense is simply not allowed.
  9. I literally got my Land Rover last Friday after import via Iron Lady, can highly recommend. The gold service means you essentially just have to go and get your plates at the end.
  10. Jon the Hat

    Enrolment into school

    We found it easier to get them in asap, they had already been off school for months last year due to lockdowns, and then 3 months since they broke up for the summer. Obviously if they are just out of term in the UK a month or two won't matter. Makes sense on the budget front. The catchment primary has actually been really good for our son, and his teacher is lovely.
  11. I have to say importing the car was very easy because of the help from Kristian at Iron Lady. It’s not cheap but works for us due the difference in price uk to Australia for our car, plus we love it!
  12. Jon the Hat

    We made it to Perth!

    Good to hear! We are pretty settled apart from work! Rental, schools, medicare etc all sorted, and I was very close to a job which unfortunately I missed out on a month ago. Have to be patient as there are not many jobs at my fairly senior level around. We also go our car this week. Have spent A LOT of money since we arrived, so getting a job sooner rather than later would be good!
  13. Jon the Hat

    Enrolment into school

    Be aware that you may well need to have a 12 month lease signed to get into a good catchment area secondary school. They won't even accept the application without proof of residence. Primary schools are a bit less militant, but we had no luck trying 4 out of catchment schools which are closer to the high school and not in the opposite direction We are in Perth. I would also say it might help if you can starting them at the start of a term, ours have been upset by missing a few weeks and then finding they can't catch up and then getting low scores on tests. Waiting until Feb wasn't an option though as they stopped school in the UK in July!
  14. Same here now! Arriving in Freo on the Margaret River Bridge on the 23rd December, so will be Mid Jan I think before we get anything. Our container is spending 17 days in Singapore now. Our car was transhipped in 3 days.
  15. Jon the Hat

    Recently Separated - mental health is suffering

    It is very tough, I went through this after a 4 year relationship when I was younger and that was tough. They say there a three pillars in a really happy life - family, friends and work. It sounds like you have been reliant on two for some time without much of a social group (lots of us are especially when we migrate), and that makes it tougher. Be careful though before you take out the work one (assuming you are happy at work) and assume the family / friends one in the UK will take up the slack. I would agree moving out is critical, and getting past the "she might take me back" takes time and is much harder if you are right there all the time.