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  1. Jon the Hat

    Son wants to go back to Australia for a couple of years

    The lifetime loading only kicks in at 31. It is a scheme designed to encourage people to take out hospital cover insurance, essentially by loading 2% on top of your premiums every year after 31.
  2. Jon the Hat


    If it makes you feel any better I am 45 but have completely silver hair and it didn't stop me getting a job.
  3. Jon the Hat

    Marihuana to be Legalised in WA

    Is this based on the dubious article in the West Australian about the proposed bill by 2 independent pro legalisation MPs? McGowan has already quashed it.
  4. Jon the Hat

    Alternative medicine

    I am very cynical of pseudoscience like this, especially when we know there are people who are very good at reading tells which we give. Had she mentioned gall bladder before she said you had had yours out? A skilled reader of body language could tell whether you had it out or not without you telling them. You need to look after your heart is a pretty general statement too.
  5. Jon the Hat

    Alternative medicine

    They are simply a placebo imo. Which says a lot for the ability of the mind to control what we feel, and not much for people who peddle homeopathic nonsense.
  6. Jon the Hat

    Alternative medicine

    Those aren't really what I think about as alternative medicine, because they are drugs which are known to have an effect. Unlike super diluted nonsense in a bottle which is scientifically proven to do absolutely nothing. Re your other point on big pharma, I am inclined to think they would have already brought a variant of these to market to make money from them if they believed they worked for the wider population without significant side effects.
  7. Jon the Hat

    What month is best to move?

    Also worth noting if you are looking at a popular high school you may have to sign a 12 months property lease to be able to enrol. We certainly did. They have a problem with people "moving" into catchment for a few months.
  8. Jon the Hat

    What month is best to move?

    Thanks Ken, I think though pro rated from when you arrive and become tax resident rather than the months you are working?
  9. Jon the Hat

    What month is best to move?

    We chose to move in September. Logic was I had a bonus paid that month, it is half way through the UK tax year so I get a rebate in the UK, and also in Australia I start work partway through the year and get a rebate as well. This is due to tax free allowances and tax bands applying for the full year even if you only earn for part of the year. Benefit depends on your income level, but it all helps. Weather in Perth was nice Spring, not too hot and improving - got us all used to the heat gradually, not arriving in Jan to full 40 degree heat. We also got to enjoy UK summer and skipped a winter As Quoll said the kids got a couple of months of school pre Christmas break which means they and we had made some friends before the 6 weeks holiday. Work wise it took me 4 months to secure a role, but I was looking at a senior level where they are not that many around. Patience paid off.
  10. Jon the Hat

    Travel Restrictions

    They want that everywhere you have to show the certificate now - hospitals etc. You can forge the paper, you cannot forge the app with the moving tick.
  11. Jon the Hat

    Dog import info

    Good luck! Its a stressful time.
  12. Jon the Hat

    Dog import info

    Pretty much all import agencies work like this - we had the same importing our car. I expect they will send you the invoice for quarantine if it needs to be paid in advance.
  13. Jon the Hat

    Travel Facilitation Letter

    They might have already missed the normal 12 months enter by date, and need the facilitation letter to cover that.
  14. Jon the Hat

    Considering moving back to the UK.

    On the dentist front there is no need to go anywhere near the NHS, many many private dental practices around, and I am sure with experience working here she should be well placed.
  15. Jon the Hat

    I know no one will care but...........

    The judge capped the compensation, so he gets $10.25M, and Amber also awarded $2M in her counter claim. What a toxic pair they were. Next up in trashy people suing each other - the Wagatha Christie verdict...