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  1. I would say it is worth being ambitious when you arrive, as there is a shortage of talent at the moment. I was prepared to take a step backwards, but in the end with a little patience I got a role at a higher level in a new industry which ticked all the boxes for my next career step.
  2. Jon the Hat

    Moving to Perth from uk

    Congratulations! PSS were fine for us, and the company they used this end, the Key Moving Solutions were helpful with storage etc and splitting the delivery. It is usually recommended to use letton Percival for insurance.
  3. On this we can absolutely agree, and once it has been bought they should be taxed so much for leaving it empty they are all but obliged to rent it out.
  4. If you can, try to imagine being stuck in the UK forever, your visa plans gone. How does that feel? If it feels shit, then move. you can always move back, but the chance to come to Aus might never come again.
  5. Jon the Hat

    Reducing shipping costs

    Absolutely container costs are back to normal levels, so anyone with a quote from a couple of months ago should be asking for a requote.
  6. If $198 is putting you off, migration is not likely to be for you.
  7. Jon the Hat

    Age 42 and 50 - are we mad?

    I was 45 and my wife 49. All going well so far apart from expected dramas with teenager.
  8. Jon the Hat

    Age 42 and 50 - are we mad?

    One is probably the mean, one the median.
  9. Jon the Hat

    Age 42 and 50 - are we mad?

    According to the news this week, the average is actually $150K.
  10. Jon the Hat


    There is a lot more to NSW than Sydney though - NSW is about 4 times larger than the UK. Lots of people live in other places. Depends what you do of course. It is bloody hard making new friends without working I think - maybe find your football team's local supporters club or something?
  11. Jon the Hat


    Sydney can be quite overwhelming I think, maybe try heading up the coast, or over to Melbourne or Adelaide? Yes I can imagine it can feel pretty lonely. hard enough coming with family to support.
  12. Jon the Hat


    Where are you? Australia is a pretty varied place, and I don't think in any of them are the best bits near the airport. Maybe get out and about a bit, you might find somewhere you prefer. It is pretty hard while you are not in work though to feel in any way established.
  13. Jon the Hat

    Worth a try ?

    If Perth is a possibility, work wise I would have a chat with Eric Macias at Macias consulting, or Craig Youngson at Da Silva Youngson. It is hard to progress much until you are here though.
  14. Jon the Hat

    Condition of belongings on arrival

    Unless you are in temporary accommodation, get them to unwrap everything, else you will have a mountain of packing materials to store until they bother to come back and collect... We had a garage full for weeks.