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  1. Hi Neeskens. I would call the global helpline, although they might not be much help. It might be easier to go on a tourist visa to be honest, then head offfshore when the grant comes through.
  2. Sods law isn't it! Still we are much more ready to go now than we would have been - it has really focused our minds - that and the awful weather.
  3. Yes I love Perth, my wife is from there and it is where we met. It was always the long term plan - we also both have family in Perth. I like the hills, but want to be closer to the city - my wife grew up in Applecross, so we will probably try around there for Applecross High School zone.
  4. Congratulations on the house! Whereabouts in Perth? My job in Sydney fell through so we are back to plan A of moving to Perth once we have sold the house.
  5. It's the pinnacle of everything, you are bound to worry about the details!
  6. As soon as it is granted you can come back - the 5 days is just to give them time to sort it out.
  7. Jon the Hat

    We are home at last

    Boom! The move to Perth is back on: Work have just pulled out of moving us to Sydney early next year, so we will be waiting until the house is sold and taking my wife back home! We have visited on and off but are conscious Perth is a lot busier than it was when we left 15 years ago. My wife grew up in Applecross and surrounds, and we lived there for 6 months before we left, plus family in Como, Vic park areas, so we will be looking to stay around that area. Hopefully a dip in house prices offsets the drop in the pound...
  8. Jon the Hat

    New Processing Time 309/100 and form 80

    Unfortunately if you mean the flag in the system saying medical required that is not the same as an email from a case officer asking you to submit your medical. There is no reason to delay uploading your form 80.
  9. Told you Congratulations!!!!
  10. Jon the Hat

    Dean Stephens

    We might have a new government before you get your family visas! I hope you have been saving up...
  11. Jon the Hat

    Buying a car

    I have always found Bayswater car hire out of Perth mainly) to be cheap and easy to use and have basically new Corollas and Rav4's in white.
  12. I have a good feeling for you this week team London! Bring it on!!!
  13. Jon the Hat

    Advice on suburbs for a young family

    My mother in law is in Melbourne so we are never living there
  14. Jon the Hat

    Arranging Evidence for Future Partner Visa

    It will certainly help to be living together with mutual financial commitments: Lease in both names Joint bank account payment going in and joint commitments being paid out of it Bills in both names + other individual correspondence to the same address Both names on car insurance Evidence of travel together - joint names on booking documentation As Ali mentioned, Dating is not a defacto relationship, but you can overcome the 1 year requirement by registering, so I would focus on moving quickly into that status now.
  15. I think is you also put SCOTTISH in bold, then they have to realise it is love right??? You certainly didn't pick him for the Scottish Weather!!