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  1. Jon the Hat

    Not declared convictions

    You will have to provide a police certificate as part of any visa application which will show your conviction, and then it will be immediately obvious to the case officer that you failed to declare this when you applied for your WH visa. It is hard to see how you would then meet the criteria. One thing they really really don't like is people who lie to get a visa. I would suggest you go home and try in a few years if you have the skills.
  2. Jon the Hat

    Boris has to face up to his lies, finally.

    How does leaving the EU stop us attracting resources & people we need exactly? We will have complete control over who we let in; If we need certain skills, there is nothing at all to stop us inviting people to come.
  3. Isn't that the truth! Too many exceptions, too many changing rules, formats, codes etc. This is why the likes of Thomas Reuters are making so much money...
  4. Ah that is mostly a myth; I should know being head of delivering digital finance for a $5Bn multinational company .
  5. Jon the Hat

    The (all new) Brexit Thread

    I was disappointed with his performance as Foreign Sec, but I agree he was not committed to the role because he rather got half of it, or less after the creation of DEXU and Liam Fox on international trade. I think he will be a better PM than anything else. He is suited to being a motivation figurehead, and reminding the country we are much much better than we think.
  6. Jon the Hat

    The (all new) Brexit Thread

    If Boris can convince people to pay him that kind of cash to speak, he can get us out of the EU and deliver a free trade deal.
  7. They are just jealous Alan; secretly everyone wishes they were an accountant Jon, ACMA, CGMA, shortly CPA ha.
  8. Jon the Hat

    Boris has to face up to his lies, finally.

    Same here, this would be worth a lot to me.
  9. Jon the Hat

    And the next Prime Minister is, ???

    I am impressed with your knowledge of the demographics of the conservative party membership.
  10. Jon the Hat

    Boris has to face up to his lies, finally.

    To be fair, the tax burden on people earning in that range is much higher than it used to be.
  11. Hi there For all you accountants out there - is it worth applying for CPA membership under the mutual recognition agreement with CIMA? I am thinking it may help overcome the potential not getting past the first round of Resume review due to not having worked in Australia (although 14 years for an ASX listed group). Your thoughts and experiences welcome.
  12. Jon the Hat

    Boris has to face up to his lies, finally.

    If Gove has something on Boris he probably also has the brains to keep hold of it until a better time to become PM comes along.
  13. Jon the Hat

    Accounting Qualification - CPA

    Thanks Ferrets. We are hoping to live in Perth, so getting a job is going to be critical. I am working for an ASX listed company, but no presence in Perth and few jobs at my level anyhow, so we are going it alone. I may have to step down to a senior manager role to get work I guess, but for the right company that isn't a drama.
  14. Jon the Hat

    North shore schools and houses

    You get into the public schools by living in the catchment area - it is guaranteed (very unlike Surrey). essentially you apply once you have proof of a signed lease. I would say good quality houses in NS looked quite challenging for less than about $1200 a week when I was looking a few months ago. (The job offer fell through so we are off to Perth now)
  15. Jon the Hat

    Spreadsheet crew does Shipping

    Good progress all round! Good news, I hope you manage to enjoy some last UK summer along the way. We are thinking if the timing works we will rent a motorhome and do a bit of a tour for a few weeks before we fly out.
  16. Jon the Hat

    And the next Prime Minister is, ???

    The Conservatives are as they say, a broad church. I think his policies are a great example of fiscal conservatism and more liberal social values. Works for me. He won't win this time , but I would like to see him in a cabinet role in a new government.
  17. Jon the Hat

    Prawn Cocktail Crisps Australia

    Ha. Only Skips are worthy of the prawn cocktail flavour.
  18. Jon the Hat

    Spreadsheet crew does Shipping

    How are plans going team? We are still trying to sell so no movement our end. I blame Jeremy Corbyn.
  19. Jon the Hat

    Partner Visa Onshore - Not in Aus yet

    The risk is that you are in breach of your visitor visa terms and conditions if you then declare on arrival intent to apply for a partner visa. This is not a good plan.
  20. Jon the Hat

    And the next Prime Minister is, ???

    It is not really worth engaging in debate if you are going to write off anyone in the Conservative party with such nonsense.
  21. Jon the Hat

    And the next Prime Minister is, ???

    There are different routes to the right ideas. I work with a guy who was at Oxford with Rory; the guy is smart and engaging and cares. Too soon now but he will be I hope a minister in the next govt.
  22. Jon the Hat

    Vacation Days (what's normal?)

    It appears to be more of a thing in Oz to save up holiday over a few years and then take a chunk of time out. Also some have extra weeks for long service 5, 10, 15 year etc.
  23. Jon the Hat

    How to keep everybody happy??

    OK some great advise already on here, but for what it is worth I will add mine. My Mother in law suffers (we believe - diagnosis is impossible) with Narcissistic personality disorder (NPD) and I recognise all of the manipulation, situations, feelings, fears and confusion you feel, as I have seen my wife go through all of it. I strongly suggest you do some research on the subject, and how to manage someone living with it. A few KEY points. You are not responsible for your mothers happiness. It may be completely impossible for her to be happy unless she has everything her own way, and that is not compatible with actual real life, so you can forget that. Not possible. You are however responsible for your and to an extent your immediate family's happiness (as far as possible), and there are things you can do to improve that. We have cut off completely my Mother in law, and life is much much happier for it. This is also much easier on the other side of the world. Sadly my sisters in law in AU have not been in a position to do so, and they have suffered the consequences, as have their children. I wont say more than that, but people like this are very very damaging. In my view you are fortunate this hasn't already ruined your marriage. You already made the decision to move away, I suggest you know what you need to do next, but doing it is hard, and you need to balance the rational and emotional to do so. I wish you luck.
  24. Jon the Hat

    End of free NHS care for non resident Brits

    If you have quit your jobs in Australia, returned on a one way ticket, and your stuff is on the way, I struggle to see how anyone would want or be able to argue your status as returning residents. I would perhaps keep copies of resignation letters saying you are moving back to the UK, air tickets etc just in case, but i doubt once you register for a GP anyone will ask.
  25. Jon the Hat

    Does A Bank Account Build A Credit History?

    Not unless the system is very different to the UK. It might be a suppose, but generally they look to see a history of borrowing and repayment, plus assess your ability to pay from your income and outgoings.