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  1. Bluesky12

    I Just Need To Get This Off My Chest,

    I was diagnosed in 2016 with breast cancer....had a mastectomy and 12 months treatment ending with been on tablets for 5 years...and am keeping my fingers crossed that it doesn't come back....it's swings and roundabouts with cancer ...it doesn't care who it touches or when it appears...but with all sorts of new treatments available now you have a better chance.... I have a friend who had secondary cancer 7 years ago and is still leading her life as normal while on treatment to keep it at bay..she knows she will never be free of it but is so great full to have been given treatment to keep her here.....good luck to all that are receiving treatment at the moment ....my cancer was a hormone based....and I don't think it can be blamed on your lifestyle...I don't drink and just live normally (well I think I am normal) .
  2. What you are doing is not selfish at all!! by the sounds of things you should have done it years ago...I did I kept saying I was going and finely after 17 years and 5 children later I went and never looked back...my children where younger than yours Tink...I wish you all the luck in the world ...you have to be kind to your self... your children will stand by you because they will know what you have suffered to keep a home for them...and once you have taken the first step away you will be surprised at how easy everything falls into place..please look after your self ...I have loved all your stories on here ...and hope you find a peaceful little place for your self and your children to visit you...sending you loads of love and huge hugs ? your way.xxx
  3. You look lovely just as I imagined you would look....you are such a lovely lady and have a heart of gold ( can tell by reading things on PIO) your family should be happy to take you as you are....you do so much for them....don't let them get you down...
  4. You have done so well so far! You are bound to have ups & downs....every one does see how you get on in the next week or so....then if you feel you can't carry on there ....don't stay because as you say you want nice memories to remember....look after your self it's your life and your family back home that's not well....
  5. Good luck thinking about you....I have just finished 12 weeks of chemotherapy..it's not easy you will have up's and downs ...onwards and upwards Suzukisscottie...lots of love and best wishes to you......
  6. Bluesky12

    Bottlers Patch

    Excuse my ignorance Bottler.....but are you leaving the floor like it is ...or are you putting decking or something else down along the ground where the Verandah is ?....
  7. Bluesky12

    what are you doing right now?

    I think it would be nice if you and Johndoe got together Bottler....you both seem to be on the same wavelength.....and he from the sounds of things is a brilliant Gardner, handyman, photographer and cook.......??
  8. Bluesky12

    Are we too old at 70 to think of returning to U.K.

    I am a cancer patient in the UK and can not fault the NHS......GP on a Monday...quick access cancer clinic on a Wednesday which was X-rays..consultant..scan and biopsy and results......operation 10 days later...now having chemotherapy....can not fault the level of care by all of the doctors and staff ....
  9. Bluesky12

    what are you doing right now?

    Omg how can someone be so cruel! Is she scared her children would have such a good time with you....and would want to see you lots...she sounds as if she has a problem...I would mention it to your son..what can she do she can't stop him coming round to see you with the children! Sounds like emotional blackmail to me....hope things improve and you can see your G/children soon...do they have grandparents rights in Australia like they do in the UK?....
  10. Bluesky12

    what are you doing right now?

    I am wondering what has happened to "Jacaranda"...since she arrived in Australia...has anyone heard from her..miss having her around hope all is going well for her.....
  11. Bluesky12

    Not so good news but wonderful NHS

    I do believe you can apply for a Medical Exemption Certificate if you are living in England...and then get your medication for Diabetes free on the NHS ....but if you live in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland you don't need a MEC..to apply it's already free on the NHS....
  12. Bluesky12

    UK TV sets and Netflix Consultancy required....

    You can still buy them!! I believe Chortlepuss was bringing her TVs back with her from Australia... & yes all TVs do have Freeview built in now....plus loads of other stuff as well...
  13. Bluesky12

    UK TV sets and Netflix Consultancy required....

    Hi Chortlepuss...Yes you can buy a Freeview or a Freesat box ..to go with your TVs...the Freeview works off your TVs aerial & Freesat off your satellite dish...all free programs after you have bought the box...go on Argos website or any of the selling sites to see the different prices.....