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    It was for service - just like firefighters/police. I've been a nurse for 38 years .. I pretty much think I deserved it lol
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    Hi all, I have been a silent reader for a while, but today I just got my visa granted. Please find my time line below: Visa : 186 DE Nomination and Visa Applied - 14 Feb 2020 Onshore : Yes No. of applicants : 2 Role : Production Engineer Thank you all and keep tight that everyone will get it as soon as possible! Cheers!
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    2nd vac request today🥳🥳
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    Maybe you didn’t understand the post - she needs to get home to her family and husband who is already here but cannot get a flight for the dog - a dog is for life not just Xmas - it’s family ( only true animal lovers get this so don’t worry) So your perception of a nightmare and mine will never agree. The dog was bought whilst they were living there they never thought they would need to return to England - and yes these are exceptional times and yes there are other families in the same situation. I was asking if anyone had experience or contacts to help. However it’s sorted now so thanks for those who had positive comments.
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    Yes those poor people having to stay in this sh:t hole. And having to be there between 8-10 am or they would miss breakfast or 12-1pm or miss lunch. It barbaric i tell you!!
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    Usual rule of thumb - do the coin toss - if your response to the first answer is "best of three" you know what you need to do. I would once have considered myself a very successful migrant but 30 years down the track I was trapped and loathed it. I've just returned from nearly 9 years in UK and without a doubt they were the best 9 years I've had of late. It really is a stupid ephemeral thing - belonging. If you dont belong, you dont belong I reckon and trying to be rational and pragmatic about it just doesnt work. For me it's a whole load of things - colours, humour, friendships, variety, history - the works. Marisa said it - dont let yourself get past the point of no return! I had to laugh at your comment about better weather though - in Ballarat????? (sorry, the in laws live there and the weather has done all sorts of weird things when we've been there, including the year it snowed on Christmas Day!!!! Bushfires in Canberra and sleet in Ballarat, go figure!). Good luck with your decision making!
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    Being an old fart in my 70's, so much has changed in my life. So many wonderful advances in technology, entertainment, general living, travel etc. But the one thing that really sticks out for me is the lack of manners that many people now exhibit towards their fellow man/woman. Just simple things like holding open a shop door for someone, giving up your seat on public transport for the elderly or a pregnant woman, giving way to let another car in when you are in a line of traffic, putting your supermarket trolley into the trolley park and not leaving it against someone elses car, etc. It isn't just one generation who exhibit little to no manners either as I have witnessed this right across the generational board. I find it sad that decent humanitarian principles have diminished..... and then out of the blue someone totally blows me away.... like the teenage boy who was with his Mum who had parked next to me at Bunnings yesterday. We were both unloading trolleys into our cars, and he came over and unloaded the sacks of potting mix from my trolley to my boot, and then smiled and said, "I hope you have someone at home to lift that for you". I thanked him profusely and then thanked his Mum for bringing up a wonderful human. It restored my faith in humanity for a while.
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    I have been following this forum for the past 15 days. I've applied for my visa with a decision-ready file on 01st of March 2020. Timeline: Nomination applied and approved: 07 Dec 2019 Onshore: Yes No. of Applicants: 01 Visa applied: 01 March 2020 s56 Request for more info: 12 May 2020 Visa Granted: 15 June 2020 Plant and Production Engineer ENS 186 DE I am sure everyone will soon get a positive reply.
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    Hi everyone, Been a silent reader. Just want to let everyone know I have received my visa grant today. Nomination: July 31, 2020 Occupation: Special Needs Teacher (186 TRT onshore) Medical: February 6, 2020 Visa Granted: June 15, 2020 Thanks
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    Technical difficulties usually works for me
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    They're hardly sending in the troops. The federal government offered a small contingent of military personnel to manage the hotel quarantines, since some of the hotels seem to be doing a bad job of it. They are also helping with the door-to-door testing in hot spots. It's not like there's going to be soldiers marching down the street. We also had the military involved in fighting the bushfires. I think it's a great idea - why have all that expertise sitting around doing nothing?
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    As I had taken a break from university, my latest assignment was the first in a year. Got my results back and managed to get 80%, my highest mark to date!! Got one more to submit then thats all academic work done for second year. Also managed to get home for a bit the first time since Christmas. So my mood is finally lifting.
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    You'll get plenty of people telling you, "Don't go back, you'll be worse off, you'll be mad to leave such a great lifestyle". That's not the point. The question to ask yourself is, can you see yourself growing old in Australia? Can you look forward to spending the rest of your natural life here, or does that thought fill you with dread? If it's dread, then make a definite plan to go home as soon as you can. It's going to take time to rebuild your life, pensions etc in the UK so the sooner you start, the better. We have seen so many members who wanted to go home but decided to persevere for a few years, to take advantage of better pay/better conditions etc. But the problem is, the longer you stay, the more entrenched you get, and you'll find yourself putting it off for a couple more years, and a couple more, and suddenly you're stuck - "we can't move now because it will disrupt our chlid's education", "we can't move now because he wants to go to university and we'd have to pay international fees in the UK", "we can't leave now because our son wants to stay with his girlfriend and I can't bear to leave without him", and finally, "we're stuck here forever now because of the grandkids". Don't be one of those sad people who get stuck in a foreign land.
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    I find it wrong that all Premier League players must have black lives matter on their shirts, yet were forbidden to wear poppies for Remembrance Day.
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    I know I'm ok. In fact, just been moved up a pay grade today
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    No one was offended before 2 weeks ago.
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    If you can afford it, do it now. You have to explore the experience of these things yourself, and no one can make the decision for you, but once you have "tried it" it will hopefully help you make up your mind. We've ping ponged, been back in the UK again for just over a year now and due to fly back to Aus in August. We've loved our spell here in the UK but it's just not for us anymore. However, it's been money well spent as we've had incredible experiences and thoroughly enjoyed it. There is no shame in returning to the UK, or returning back to Aus, you need to follow through on your feelings, just be prepared to spend a lot of money I wish you well.
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    I live in WA and I am happy that our interstate and international borders are closed at the moment. This is keeping us virus free from community infection as the only cases we have are from international arrivals and they are in quarantine for 14 days, and life is just about back to normal for WA. Hand sanitation is still happening, even if social distancing is going by the board. My son and his family live in Queensland on the Gold Coast and I normally spend time with them 2 or 3 times a year, for a month at a time. They also come to WA a couple of times year too, so we normally have a lot of physical contact. It is now almost 6 months since we were together and I have to say that skype just isn't cutting it for me any more. However we all know that this isolation is for the best of everyone, so we will continue doing it for the time being. The question is though, when do you allow interstate travel? Personally I think any state who has community infection should be totally blocked until there is no community infection. However the rest of us have to still remain vigilant, whatever the personal cost.
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    As soon as we got one my Dad put a box at the side that you had to put money in if you used it.. I forgot to mention a bit of respect for police, some teachers, perents, elders and people in authority. If you didn't you got a good clip round the ear or worse, even from teachers and definitely from parents. These days it appears that if the cops ask you anything the fist thing you do is challenge them, give them a bit of lip and record their actions on the phone. The worlds going mad.
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    I have no idea what you're arguing about as I haven't followed the thread, but I agree with Parley. Keeping an open mind and being willing to change your view when faced with new information is a sign of maturity and strength. Refusing to change your mind at any price is a sign of obstinacy and prejudice. So I'd be careful about claiming it as a virtue, since that could give people totally the wrong impression.
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    Way back in 2004 our daughter went backpacking to Sydney on a one year young persons’ visa. We were then in our early fifties. She was lucky enough to get a permanent job and a PR visa, and we began to discover the joys of the 24 hour flight to Australia. Eventually, exhausted by years of bawling in foreign airports, we joined the waiting list for a parent visa, my unenthused husband vastly comforted by the proposed twenty year wait. (Pause for more howling in foreign airports). Then our grandson was born and everything changed. We changed our application. We were now contributing. Things moved on a pace. Suddenly an email from PVC hit my inbox. I wondered why someone was trying to sell me plastic and almost deleted it ... Parent Visa Centre pinged into my head at the last second and I discovered that on the eve of a ten day holiday in London - with no internet - we had lots of lovely new hoops to jump through, with only three weeks to do it. The medical went well, we got the police clearance, filled in the dreaded form eighty and interrupted our long planned holiday in Sydney with a week in New Zealand so they could issue the visa while we were off shore. (????). Suddenly, we were entitled to stay. I remember thinking “bloody hell, we’ve done it!” ... but sadly no wild euphoria, none of the bottles of Champaigne I had envisaged ... because we still had to go back to the UK ... and by this time my mum was too ill to leave. Mum died the following year, and we moved over six months later. Thanks to mum leaving us a little bit of money, we travelled out business class and toasted her as the plane lifted off. Mum also paid for our new car. I swear she was cheering us on. Living here is simple compared to not living here. Our grand daughter was born the week we arrived. We found a place to rent after three weeks at my daughter’s house and bought our own place ten months later. We love being near our only child and her family, but we don’t live in their pockets - we live two hours away on the South Coast in a town we chose the year we got our visas. We’ve had ups and downs of course ... possibly the worst was the incorrect UK tax bill for £65,000 - actually they owed us money... we’ve had a couple of health problems, but are appreciative of the short waiting times we’ve encountered so far. I don’t like the Aussie tax system because I have to pay more than I did in the UK, but then we’re not forking out huge sums for holidays in Australia any more. I hate the UK government for freezing my pension ... I love being able to walk to the beach every day ... I hate being without my lifelong friends ... I love FaceTime. It’s a balance, and we both love the way we’ve been accepted by everyone we’ve met. Best of all, I love just hanging out with my daughter and her kids and not having to make it ‘special’ all the time. It’s a good life, and we are so very lucky to be here. Even my originally unenthused husband says so.
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    Im sorry if I’m wading in here late but I think you need to do a recce of some cities if you can afford it and are now wondering if Brisbane maybe better etc -they are vastly different (not architecturally or even really geographically, but climate and vibe/busyness wise). People on here are massively helpful but you’ve got to do tonnes of research yourself and know to an extent where you want to be headed that will suit your tastes. Will be a big shock when you land otherwise - could be a fantastic shock, could be not so nice. Poor @Marisawright is always hugely helpful on here but you will see she has been criticized on this thread (unfairly) for “doing Sydney down”. The fact is - and the point I think she is trying to make is - Sydney is wonderful in so many ways but there are downsides, that’s a fact. Some people can cope with them some can’t and get hugely homesick. As this thread has probably shown everyone has different opinions on places and you can take bits of advice but if you are really unsure and nervous about taking the plunge you have to invest some time and cash in checking places out for yourself to make the best decision for you and your family x
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    My Dad was so very fond of her music that we played 'We'll Meet Again" at his funeral in 2007. She had a lovely voice and gave a bit of cheer during the dark days of World War 2. A life well lived.
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    Flights finally booked for 29th June so not long to go. £1860 for 4 of us with Qatar
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