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    My Pr is granted now. Hopefully, many of you will hear good news this week.
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    Hello everyone! Been a silent reader as well Just got my PR granted today too! Nomination was approved 11 days ago My skill is Marketing Specialist, 186 TRT. Lodged the second application last January 2019 as my first nomination was refused due to Training benchmark. Congrats to all of us!!!
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    Silent reader for a while PR granted today 186 TRT sports coach applied feb 14 nomination grant March. Medicals requested may 24 provided June 24 grant today. Sports coach. England.
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    I just received my golden email!!! Finalyyyyyyyy!!! I am so happy and wish luck to everyone!! I've updated my signature with the dates. Thanks, guys!
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    We just received the golden email! Our status changed from received straight to finilised. We applied Aug 18 - trt 186 We had our nomination approved 29 of May. We received the grant today 4th July. No additional information requested. All the best to all of you!
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    Hi everyone ! It’s been a wonderful day for me. I got a phone call from my Agency saying that my 186 visa is granted today. I’ve been a silent reader and check this forum every single day for the last few months. I know that we all have to go through a tough time here with visas. What I am trying to say is that we have to keep faith and keep moving. Hope for the best and prepare for the worst. Wish you all best of luck! occupation: cook application and nomination lodged: 13/12/2018 Nomination approval: 3/6/2019 visa granted: 24/6/2019
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    PR granted! I hope you guys get it soon. Keep positive
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    Hi Everyone, been a silent reader here from the start of this year. finally today i have got my PR granted. it has been a long journey for me with all ups and downs since i first stepped foot here 15 years ago. i am over the moon right now as the dream become a reality. Just wanted to say a big THANK YOU to everyone here that have shared their stories and timelines, it made a lot of us aware of what going on, exchanging comments..etc . i wish everyone all the best with their applications and hang on tight, don't give up. Below are my timelines Occupation: Retail Buyer State: NSW Stream: ENS TRT Number of applicants: 2 ENS 186 Nomination applied: 10 October 2018 Visa Application submitted: 20 October 2018 Received the famous email in April Nomination Approved :03 June 2019 PR Granted : 01 July 2019 IMMI Status: Finalised
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    Got assigned a case officer today. So good news is 143 Visa queue for September 2015 is moving.
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    I got my approval today as well
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    Hello everyone... let me give you all a good Lunchtime dessert... received my GOLDEN MAIL an hour ago... I’ll attach my entire case below... RETAIL MANAGER - South Australia RCB - 07/2016 RCB Approved - 08/2016 Nom & Visa Applied - 09/2016 Nom Refused - 12/2017 (as usual u all know the fake reason they gave) Visa Refused - 01/2018 (due to Nomination Refusal) Appealed at AAT Nomination 01/2018 and AAT Visa 02/2018 Received an email in 03/2019 from AAT to submit for information regarding the business (my agent only know what documents, since it’s My Company Business privacy). We submitted them via email to AAT on the 15/04/2019 same day NOMINATION got approved without any hearing. My Visa file sent back to IMMI on the 26/04/2019. CASE OFFICER allocated on 26/04/2019 and requested for S56, Medicals, AFP and PCC from Overseas for my wife. submitted them on the 9/05/2019 and finally today I am here In front of you all as an Australian Permanent Resident. dont loose your hopes, your day is coming guys...
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    Yes, after nearly 46 months I have been assigned a Case officer!
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    My pr granted today!!! After a month of nomination approval.
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    Hi guys I just received golden email. Motor mechanic Visa applied - dec2017 Nomination approved- 3 May 2019 Visa approved- 4/7/2019 Good luck everyone for future
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    Hi everyone I got my pr today oct 2017 visa and nomination nomination approved 2 May ask docoument form 80 submit 10 may visa approved 2 July motor mechnic victoria
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    Just got my PR!! It was a long wait full of obstacles, but finally it has arrived. keep positive, that is the key
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    Heyyyyy, we got our visa yesterday So relieved!!! Applied on 14th Dec for 489. Direct Grant.Gonna be arriving in Adelaide on 26th August 2019. Fingers crossed for yours to arrive soon.
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    I got golden mail today ! 186 trt - cook Apply 457 cook : 30th Mar 2016 Approved 457visa : 28th Sep 2016 Submitted 186 application : 6th DEC 2018 Approved Nomination : 21st May 2019 Received additional information s56 ( afp, health check) : 21st May 2019 Submitted all information : 13th June. Approved pr 7th July 2019
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    We finally got our grant today. Lodged December 17th. Direct grant 2nd July Family of 5, 190 visa. So happy, final month felt like a year knowing they were going to slow up due to end of financial year. Good luck to everyone else waiting. Fingers crossed for you all.
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    I got my PR granted today! Yay
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    Hi there Paul here. well it’s been 10 years . Started off feb 2007 watching wanted down under one wet Monday morning . After a week of none stop rain I said who wants to go to live in Australia to my family wife 42 me 41 Paul jnr 13 tom 12 jack 7 Katie 5 months . We had a vote and we all said yes . Im a fabricator welder . So I looked at my options online and I had enough points 125 to get a skilled visa 175 at the time . Well by the time I got my skilled visa they had moved the goal posts and I never had enough points . So I said looking on here . You could get state sponsorship a 175 visa . So I went down that path . On the 30 Th of September 2008 we got the visa . We had taken our medical in the June so we had be out here by June 2009. We were very lucky we sold our house mid January and we had already thought we would have to rent the house out ,as we had flights booked for 25 Th of February. So lucky the bloke we sold too let us stay in it rent free till the day we left . So 13 suitcases 4 kids and a stressed wife we set off on the best decision of our lives . We were very lucky again my work friend had moved out here 18 months before us and picked me up at the airport and let all of us stay at his house with his family 3 kids . So jet lagged and staying in my mates house all 11 of us and dog . graham got me my first job it wasn’t the best but it got me going . Since then I’ve moved jobs 11 times . I’ve work all over Australia one job was on a oil and gas project 8 hrs flying time away from sunny Brisbane our home . The heat was unbearable at time and working 26 nights and 9 days off was tough . My boys love the place after a month of being here Paul jnr came home from school and said dad Australia is amazing. It made me so happy that they loved it . Since being here my eldest boy Paul got a job as auto cad operator a draftsman with a fire engineers . Sine then he’s completed his cert 3 and 4 in drafting and Is hopefully starting his degree in fire engineering next year . Sponsored by work . Tom my middle boy is a plaster and jack is doing a civil engineering degree. Katie is 13 this year and has just stared high school. The wife has a government job in the hospital 10 mins drive from home . ive given up working away now and I’m a leading hand boiler maker in a fabrication work shop 9km away from home . If anyone is thinking of coming here go for it . It really is the lucky country and I feel lucky being here . Good luck to anyone trying to get here . paul and family
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    Good morning everyone! Finally! We have received our PR yesterday night 9pm!!!!! Just wanna say thanks to everyone for your company here Really really appreciate every comment/advises you have shared with. And hope all your dream came true very soon!!! Occupation: Marketing Specialist Visa type: 186 ENS TRT Country risk: HR Number of Applicants: 2 Nomination submitted - 4/10/18 Visa submitted - 11/4/19 Nomination Approved - 10/05/19 Request for more information - 15/5/19 Requested documents submitted - 3/6/19 Visa Approved - 7/7/19 Processing office: Team 10, WA
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    Occupation: System Analyst State: QLD Birth Country: HR Stream: 457 - 186 TRT Number of applicants: 4 ENS 186 Nomination applied: 20 Feb 2019 Visa Application submitted: 9 April 2019 Nomination approved: 9 April 2019 Visa Application approved: 04 July 2019 IMMI Status: Finalised
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    Hello everyone I would like to share the news that we got our golden mail today. Finally, one biggest tension is over.
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