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    Booooooooom heard today, Mr Dutton he say Bridgie it’s your turn to submit further info and play the AOS game[emoji3][emoji3][emoji3][emoji3][emoji3]
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    I found this forum extremely helpful a few years ago when we first started thinking about 'upping sticks' and moving from Australia back to the UK. Just thought I'd post a quick reflection after coming back on here to read some of the posts after a very long time . We came to the UK in 2016 so have been based here for over three years now, with a couple of trips to Sydney in-between to see friends and family. I’ve been interested to read perspectives in relation to the incomes which one can achieve in the UK versus Australia. As a comparison, our annual household income is currently £90k+ here in the UK, whereas in Australia it was $230k+ (the currency conversion at the moment suggests £90k = $170k). We are doing broadly similar jobs, which clearly generate a lower income in this part of the UK but that simple metric isn’t sufficient to make any value judgement. During our six years in Sydney we lived in a freestanding house in Mcmahons Point with water views, and that wasn’t cheap. We enjoyed all the benefits of living in the heart of an amazing city, but we also 'enjoyed' all of the related costs. We now live in an old stone farmhouse in Cornwall, surrounded by open fields and grazing animals, and without wishing to state the bleeding obvious, the pace of life is slower, and the general cost of living here is significantly less than it was on the lower north shore of Sydney. If we had swapped like for like, leaving our busy lives in Sydney for living and working in central London, I am sure we would be still be earning (and spending) more. However, that wasn’t an option which featured on our radar, as we’d enjoyed that busy city life in London from 2002 to 2010, then Sydney from 2010 to 2016. We still love London (and many other cities) for regular visits and have lots of friends who couldn’t live without the cultural stimulation that goes hand in hand with the urban surroundings of any metropolis, but our hearts and minds feel very content in the UK countryside. We’re quite prepared to deal with the sometimes wild weather, so for us Cornwall manages to combine some of the best of what we enjoyed in Australia: an outdoors-oriented lifestyle, beautiful beaches and creeks, lots of surfing, sailing and watersports; with many of the best attributes of the UK – stunning countryside, great walking and open access to much of the countryside, wonderful village communities and a strong sense of pride in its history. At the same time, we love Australia, we became proud Aussie citizens, we’re glad to have Australian passports, and we’re captivated by its natural landscapes, the wildlife, the history and the exciting and diverse contemporary culture. We fully intend to spend time between the UK and Australia for the rest of our lives (although we're aware that external factors may force us to rethink this). At the moment, we feel that living and working in the UK with semi-regular trips to Australia in order to catch up with family and friends seems to be the way forward. As we get older, or if things change in a negative way for us here in the UK, we’d be very happy to live in Australia again, but it’s highly unlikely we’d want to live anywhere urban, even if Sydney is regularly hailed as the world’s most liveable city. We’re grateful and fortunate to be in a position where our skills and interests open up various options in front of us. I wish anyone who is thinking of making a move the best of luck, and encourage you to do whatever your heart is telling you.
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    Clearly the Assurance of Support process is not fit for purpose. When I get back to Australia (I'm in the UK presently - I get back at the end of next week) I think I shall send a letter to Minister Coleman inviting him to make due enquiry. In the meantime - to all applicants with AoS's in the system - don't let the b*****s grind you down! Best regards.
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    Just got the golden email, I’ve been granted 100 visa can’t believe it! Off to Melbourne on 29th December. thanks for everyone’s support, and I hope that people that are still waiting get their grants soon!
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    Hi I just joined the forum. Been following it for a while now. I applied 143 visa for my mother in Jan 2016 and just received the most awaited email yesterday :) Now I am looking into AoS and other requirements as detailed in their email. Thought I'd let you know so that your hopes continue to be fueled by the progress they've made. I am going to add details to my signature shortly.
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    This morning, we've received an email from pvc team asking for more information!! Hooray.
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    Hi everyone, update from me - I got my email last night that my visa is ready to grant!! Really pleased and relieved. I've been in Melbourne since March on a 600 visa so need to leave within the next 6 weeks so my visa can be granted. Hoping more good news this week for others on here.
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    1) I grew up in the 80’s when everyone was obsessed with Australia eg Crocodile Dundee, Neighbours etc.!Later Billy Connolly’s Tour of Aus and Bill Bryson’s Down Under kept the Aus fire alight. 2) During Uni I had the opportunity to come to Perth for a couple of months. Loved it. Wanted to emigrate/return ASAP. 3) After saving up for a couple of years I came out as a backpacker. Loved Aus all the more. Met a local bloke in Tassie. Took him home as a souvenir! ( First mistake .... not meeting him.... but should have stayed In Aus then and got a visa via work) 4) Retuned to Aus 2 yrs ago as husband hated living in the UK. Had intended to move many years before but housing crash stopped us followed by children / struggling to save up despite both being professionals. 5)Jobs/earnings/house buying prospects all better for us both here. 6) Weather .... sort of anyway. I love seasons so Tassie suits me. I couldn’t cope with mainland heat. But on the whole Tassie has milder winters/less greyness/ more daylight in winter. Summer is usually slightly warmer/ more predictable than a UK summer but anything over 25 I don’t like anyway! 7) Kids enjoying the outdoors more. They joined surf club which definitely wasn’t happening on the North Sea! Out on bikes more. Looking at SUPs/kayaks when they get a bit older as we’re only 5 mins to the coast. Obviously skin cancer risk is higher so we are careful/ sun smart. 8 ) Love the Aussie wildlife in our garden. The space we have. Have neighbours but we’re not squished in. Room to breathe and enjoy the birdsong, bandicoots, wallabies and our resident echidna. Sorry I went over the 6!
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    Hi Everyone, I been checking this form for a while. I can understand the frustration which we get from Aos. I m n Melbourne and I applied for my parents in nov 2015. I got invitation for further docs on 29 July . Applied my Aos on 14/08/19. Got interview on 6/09/19. Got bank guarantee letter on 09/09/19. Uploaded bank guarantee letter through mygov on 14/09/19. I received rejection letter on 29/09/19. Was shocked and frustrated. During 14/09/19 - 29/09/19 , I literally made 50 phone calls to Aos customer service number 132850. Got different story every time call them , they actually don't know wat they r doing. Best answers most them gave it will 6 months just wait. Even, after uploading my back docs I called them 25 times to make sure they forwarded my docs to Aos team . Every time they said yes and they said put a note on ur file. Now back to story when I received rejection letter. I was so frustrated bcz I knew this thing will delay more now. I called on a complaint and feedback number on , which is on bottom of rejection letter, even u can find it on mygov aswell, the lady who answered my call helped me at her best. When I told her my situation, she straightaway put on hold and called the person who interviewed me. And they approved my application in 5 mins and she also told me that I got rejection letter bcz my docs weren't forwarded and also I put financial when I uploaded through mygov. She said I should have put Aos , I told her there was no option for that. Even she had no answer. And interviewer said me just upload and call on 132850. But nothing to worry that rejection letter is automated letter generated my computer bcz they didn't receive bank guarantee letters . After 3days i received my approval letter in mygov inbox. From my experience in these situations always call on complaints and feedback number. So will be answered in 15-20 mins . If they ask tell them I m not getting clear answers from other number. And keep calling every single day those who still waiting for interview. Tell them people getting their approval letter in 1 month not 6 month. Msg is bit long , may b it will help someone. Thanks
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    Moderator hat: Creating a timeline is not a compulsory part of the being a member of the forum - it's personal choice. Agents are the only people who must create a signature in order to display their credentials/Agent registration number. Yes, the ignore doesn't work if someone quotes a post We don't have a block function but I have flagged with the owners - perhaps this is something that could be added You have a personal choice as to which posts/posters you read and respond to I think our forum guidelines covers the being respectful to others in Forum Etiquette (which I'm sure everyone read when they signed up). Member hat: I found it a little sad to read that someone doesn't respond to posts because they don't have a timeline. After 13 years on the forum - my timeline would be absolutely irrelevant to anyone now. The forum is here to help people on their migration journey, to offer support and share experiences. IMHO that can and has been done quite successfully irrespective of someone having a time line or not. To the members who don't want to post a timeline - don't I'm 100% sure you will still get a response to your questions from someone who genuinely wants to help.
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    So finally we are into jan 2016 applications
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    Hi Guys , So we also received our grant yesterday! (We applied 30th Dec 2018) Strangely, we were already on our way to Melbourne from London just on a tourist visa and whilst we had stopped in Singapore to catch the onward flight we received the grant email! I nearly didn't even see it as I scanned my emails but missed it. Only when my partner asked if any important emails had come through just as we were about to board the flight, I double check and saw it! Hang in there all as Jan/Feb grants must be on there way very soon now. Good luck all and Take Care
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    You must be thinking of the referendum on leaving the EU which was held in that year. There has however been no referendum on leaving the Single Market of the EEA. Brexit means Brexit -no less and most importantly no more. Any attempt to expand its meaning to cover more than Brexit requires another referendum.
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    A pod of whales about 50m off the coast at Byron Bay
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    Well, before I'd finished the patio I'd have picked the same.
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    I'm off the naughy step. Now just need to control myself. Thanks to the moderators who have helped me in my rehabilitation.
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    Hi all! 309/100 granted this morning !entry by 7/11/2020. So relieved hope yours all come soon!!
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    Look who just got a visa grant to day!!! Wooohooo! Words cannot describe my state of happiness right now!
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    great news everyone a user on another forum with 04/01/2016 app date got further doc request today
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    We did this over the weekend. No joinery or carpentry involved, just a bit of sanding and painting.
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    England can have some MORRIS DANCERS doing a bit of ' hey nonny nonny ,' in front of the opposition before the final '- that's cultural
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    The plastic ozzies.....or pozzies as I like to call them......shameful.....well done England......Rugby is such a great game......I watch my 15 year old play each week with school and his club.....even at that age they show so much character and passion.....it is a brutal game.....the boys that play it have my total respect.....controlled chaos and pandemonium.....they spend 80 minutes pretending they are not hurt whilst footballers spend 90 minutes pretending to be hurt......sums up the different culture of the two games.
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    People from down south always get digs in about the Scottish weather but Scotland is a water-rich nation whereas England is not. Loch Ness, one of Scotland's 27,000 freshwater lochs, contains more water than all rivers and lakes in England and Wales combined. It's estimated that Scotland's supply is 100 times higher than what is actually used. One day water may be exported to England. England’s South East faces the most significant risk, currently considered to be under serious ‘water stress’ with the highest population levels but low levels of water supply. Climate change will result in hotter and drier summers reducing England’s water supply by between 10%-15%.
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    Got my good news yesterday 1st application - Sep-2017 (RCB, Nomination and Visa) Cancelled in Jan-2018 (quit Job) 2nd application - Feb 2018 (Visa) April-2018 (Nomination and RCB) Aug-2018 - RCB approved April-2019 - Medicals and police clearance for India and Australia Aug-2019 - Nomination approved No documents asked... Just police clearance for UK and Germany Visa approved 23rd Oct- 2019 Occupation--Chef
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    @Maricota I just got it 309/100 Speechless!