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    I passed my HNC and got into university to do occupational therapy 🥳
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    Hi Guys, I just wanted to provide everyone with an update. All your advice has been really helpful and I wanted to say thanks to you all. We are now looking at spending May to October 2023 in the UK. We will rent our house out and treat it as an extended maternity leave for my wife and a sabbatical for me. We've cleared it with our employers that we will have our jobs when we get back. I'm hoping the rent will cover our mortgage but I am keeping a constant eye on interest rates (that whole situation has me worried). My mum has agreed to host us, she lives alone and has 3 small spare bedrooms so we will just about squeeze in. (will be my wife and 2 small children) Im hoping to buy a (very cheap) camper van for the UK as I don't think I could spend 6 months in my mum's front room. This way we can be around for most weekends but during the week when people are at work we can go on adventures around the British isles. We are very excited. We won't have a massive budget but this really will be a trip of a lifetime so quality time with family, camping adventures around the UK and perhaps a couple of trips to the continent. Maybe even a music festival. Let's all hope everything fits together and we can pull it off. Thanks again for all your help.
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    HI All, Received an email for AOS & additional docs (Medical/PCC/AFP) on 28/7/22. SO it seems things are moving slowly..
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    family arrived in the UK … flight took off on time … no problem with the baggage …
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    This is Tropical Corner in our garden in East Anglia….
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    Why are you laughing @simmo? Everybody I know realises the jab does not prevent you getting Covid. What zippy states is what most people I know also think. Know what? The whole Covid thing is boring me rigid. OH and I haven't had it .......................... yet but nearly everyone we know has. Some hardly knew they had it - others were really quite crook with it. All of them now fine and dandy. I won't be saying anything more about the virus. Like I said ................. bored rigid with Covid "discussions".
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    When boiled down, all countries are just rock and dirt, it is what one does and how one manages in them that counts. Off my soapbox now and off fishing. Hooroo, Bobj.
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    My son and daughter-in-law retired today … flying to see her parents and family after two very long years next week Qantas permitting …
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    Of course they do. Even when my daughter was living at home and working as a young adult her old childhood/school friends would be frequent visitors and now they are all parents with their own professions and children we all still keep in touch, despite all having lived interstate or overseas at some stage. And I don't believe it's a generalised UK versus Aussie thing. I'm not a very sociable individual but have regular catch ups with friends I was at school with (in Australia) 60 years ago even though we've all moved away (and come back) at various times. Only yesterday we had lunch together with another of our old school mates who was visiting from Canada.
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    If the areas you mentioned are in your budget then that's where I'd be looking, especially if you will be on call. Subiaco and Daglish are also close by and I've worked with lots of medical staff who lived there as they worked at KEMH and the old PMH.There are several private schools over in Clarement/Nedlands and the traffic is usually heavy at school drop-off and pick up time so something to bear in mind. I don't think that public transport to the hospital site is particularly good, everyone I know whose worked there has driven in. I can't imagine there being a huge drug problem in City Beach, it's still considered a very expensive area but according to someone on here there is a drug problem in every street in Perth .
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    I don't think that's quite right. It's not about speaking against the narrative. Accepted wisdoms should be challenged, and indeedthey always are, particularly in the scientific community - that's how progress is constantly made. I believe the pushback you personally receive is from those people (myself included) who perceive that you are ignoring evidence in favour of opinion, or being very selective in choice of evidence and denying evidence because it cannot be absolutely proven (which is impossible outside of mathematics).
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    God no. The biggest surprise for me when moving here is that Australia is a foreign country, with its own customs/habits/behaviours.
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    Really? Lie to Immigration? Never a really wise move.
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    Another unusual lousy wet and windy winter day today, I know which winter weather I prefer.
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    It's so much easier to make friends here in the UK. The British are much more used to strangers making conversation. I found in Australia that if you try to start a conversation with someone who you don't know they tend to be suspicious of you.
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    I can't be bothered with people like that. Narrow minded tossers.
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    Sorry to be morbid but perhaps you need to start planning for when your parents are gone then you can do what you like, unless you bite the bullet and take them back now and keep fingers and toes crossed that they will manage the trip. Your daughter will do what she likes and, who knows, by then she could have moved to the Gold Coast and never looked back. It wont be too late for you to leave, you have to look after yourself. She probably needs to start looking at real independence now - get her own place and do her own thing. My guess is that once she sees you are firm in your resolve to leave, she will come with you because she has it too good with you doing all the work for her! Edited to say, you are absolutely NOT the worst mother in the world, you have put your life on hold for her and she should be bloody grateful. However, if you continue to enable her in her behaviour you arent doing her any favours at all, unfortunately.
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    The difference with Australia is that all non citizens require a visa to enter Australia and an Australian citizen cannot, by law, be granted an Australian visa. Therefore you cannot enter Australia on a foreign passport if you are an Australian citizen. They cannot turn you away if you are an Australian citizen and do not have an Australian passport but expect significant hassle with the airline and some time wasting at the border as your identity and status is confirmed.
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    A heap of posts have been hidden due to reports . It appears some members cannot help name calling other members despite numerous warnings, so we will try the moderated function for those members. Sorry to anyone whose normal post got hidden in the crossfire. Cal x
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    There was an article on ABC about Australian seaweed being fed to cows in relatively small doses, reducing methane emissions by 90-95%. If real world results match these estimates, this seems a better place to start (if the argument is environmental only) as I can’t see people changing their eating habits in large numbers/with any urgency.
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    Well, wot abaht the methane gas? Eat a cow and save the planet. minus the hooves, horns and tripe! Cheers, Bobj.
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    I think it’s very hard to compare the two. I think most people would say some things are better in Australia and some things are better in the UK. It can also depend on what area you live in. A dump is a dump in either country. Both countries have many positives and both can offer people the chance to live a wonderful life.
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    Enough with the personal comments please. Maybe time for another topic ???? Cal x
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    On the subject of where people were born, by wife's spent the last 20 years telling people she was born in Ukraine and getting the response "isn't that part of Russia". Now all of a sudden people seem to have changed there minds about that (apart from Putin obviously).
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