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    Hi everyone. Im not sure if anyone will remember me but it was just to let everyone know my husband secured a fantastic job in Jersey in the Channel islands in November. We sold our house, cars, wrapped up life here and despite the Covid situation are flying home tomorrow from Adelaide. I thought we would have some sadness but to be honest we just feel a sense of relief and that we are 'going home' We are flying business class with Qatar. Flights and exemption were very straight forward. Have a safe and wonderful Christmas and New Year and I hope 2021 is a more peaceful and happier year for everyone! I will keep you posted........... Much love XXXX
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    No one is made to feel welcome? Many have arrived there throughout this pandemic and I’ve not heard of any saying they’ve been made to feel unwelcome. You mean you wouldn’t make anyone feel welcome. Again, please refrain from assuming everyone has the same thoughts as you. Thankfully an entire nation doesn’t turn their back on everyone else because there’s a pandemic out there. Human nature brings out much kindness, not just unwelcoming thoughts like you mention.
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    But it is the same though, even after 32 years....I have this argument time and time again, people say that the place will have changed after a long period of time, therefore it is some fantasy land that you must be living in and yes time and progress will change an area to a certain degree, the building of new areas and more infrastructure etc, but the overall place has not changed, the mountains I looked at in wales are still there, the rivers are still running, the beach is still the same, the hedgerows, fields and old church yards are still there they have not changed
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    Both tested negative Christmas is on!!! Moved back in the house and have spent the last couple of hours happily cooking as so relieved. Have baked pickled pork(tastes most like gammon) sausage rolls, mince pies. About to make trifle. Will collapse shortly and leave the rest to the younger generation, but I’ve enjoyed it. Happy Christmas everyone x M
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    "Don't get involved in arguments about politics, religion or money" was sound advice my father gave me, which I've generally adhered to throughout life. If he was alive in 2020, he might well have updated it to 'Brexit, Covid and BLM'. When people feel strongly about a subject, they often become incapable of distinguishing fact from opinion. At that point I find it prudent to bow out of the discussion. I wish all PiOers a safe and pleasant Christmas wherever you are, and the hope that 2021 will be better for everyone - M.
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    Not necessarily. As part of our discussion before we actually didn't return from our holiday my DH did say to me "but if I had to live in England then I would be depressed". I taxed him about that afterwards when we'd been there very happily for a year or more. He apologised profusely because he was actually very happy. There is no reason why someone relocating to UK is going to be depressed, they may be, they may not. We had been in Aus for 32 years, 8 months and 3 days when we accidentally stayed there and I can assure you for 8.5 years there it was a whole lot better than I had built up in my mind!!! If the finances had stacked up better we might have considered staying but we were just too old.
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    after such a crappy year this made me bawl. Lets try to be nicer - better next year. Merry Christmas to all PIO member, Administrators and Moderators.
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    To 2020. One of the very worst years in history. Bush fires, floods and then Covid. Not a good year for our family personally ,either , except for a couple of bright sparks- new baby in the family in October and grandson got accepted into a medical degree. Other than that, forget it, move on!
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    Happy New Year everyone I hope all your dreams come true in 2021. What are your plans for tonight? We are staying in, I presume it will be the same for a lot of people this year.
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    A number of things are currently being discussed regarding this message board and some temporary changes have now been made. These changes mean there must be no threads that could be considered political, religious, race related or about COVID (unless discussing outbreaks and alerting the members). Any such threads started will be removed and the poster potentially losing the right to post. I am afraid a minority of the members spoilt this for the majority At this moment in time, the changes are temporary but could be made permanent. Other changes being considered are removing CTF indefinitely. Please remember this is an Australian Visa related community message board.. Can I also remind you that duplicate accounts will see both accounts banned for life and all new members placed on moderation. It is not up for debate at this time and, as such, this thread is locked. Some threads have already been removed.
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    Marisa I'm glad to hear you are wearing masks in riskier situations. To everyone complaining I have this to say: Coming from a country that has suffered from COVID, I find it upsetting that people are having to justify why they choose to wear masks in the midst of a global pandemic. I find it even more upsetting that its the people wearing them rather than those not that are looked down on. Does everyone know that a mask doesn't protect the wearer at all? The wearing of a mask is for the protection of those around you, it does next to nothing to protect the wearer from others. So next time you see someone wearing a mask don't think "Oh my God they are going to give me COVID" instead think "Thankyou for wearing that to protect me, I appreciate it"
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    I remind you that there were no active cases in Melbourne before the big outbreak, except in hotel quarantine. There had been no active cases in Sydney for several weeks before the current outbreak, except in hotel quarantine. So Queensland, right now, is in exactly the same situation. If an outbreak happens, you'll have no idea until the infection has been out in the community for at least a week, probably more. How many people will be infected by then, if everyone has stopped taking basic precautions? It's good to know people are still socially distancing, signing into venues etc on the Sunshine Coast. I noticed in another post, you mentioned a limit of 2 people in the lifts. What alarmed me was MaryRose mentioning 8 people in a lift in his hotel, and seeming to imply there were no real restrictions there any more. As for mask wearing - in Melbourne, we only wear them now when social distancing isn't possible, or when we're in enclosed public spaces like public transport and shops (because Covid can concentrate in the air in those places). It horrifies me if people are being made to feel silly for wearing masks in Queensland (by "that look"). What if it's a nurse or a hotel quarantine worker, who's wearing a mask as a sensible precautionary measure (since they're working with Covid sufferers every day)? What if it's an immuno-compromised person, who knows they'll die if they catch covid, so they feel more comfortable wearing a mask? What a nasty thing to do, to make them feel bad about it.
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    If they have recently arrived they would have had to quarantine in a hotel for 2 weeks, be tested twice and not able to leave quarantine unless the test is negative. So they would be less of a risk than a resident who was unknowingly carrying a locally acquired virus.
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    I’m sure there are political/racist forums out there you can join Parley, they are the subjects that are taboo. It was a handful of people constantly having a dig, abusive pm’s, and reporting posts they know who they are. It was that or losing CTF and I don’t want to lose CTF. ‘Anyway the boss man calls the shots and there isn’t a lot I can do. So please let’s move on.
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    Oh I don't know..... Brexit finally happened.....I smashed War Zone with the kids and had a 3 month paid holiday from March to June.....my private pension went up by nearly 10% in the last 6 months!! f@%k knows how but it did.....I found time to paint the kitchen and dining room.....sort the garden.....I had a brush with the "round boy" in October but apart from that I only know of 2 people that have had the virus......missed my holidays though but I always try to find a positive with everything.....theres always a plus somewhere......but I would agree we would have to be really unlucky for 2021 to be like 2020......
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    I think it is more than an appreciation of tangible things. You can find a nice area to live, have a decent standard of living and enjoy what the local community has to offer in most first world countries. An extra dimension such as the weather will seal the deal for many and they never look back. For others an intangible element that feels like a piece of the jigsaw is missing, never goes away. The feeling may ebb and flow but is ever present, and over time can become a weight that throws a shadow over everything in life, even the good and positive aspects. It's not a choice thing. I started another thread recently about genetic memory and I do think there is a degree of merit in the theory that some people inherit a sense of belonging through their DNA. And if that's true no matter how hard an individual tries to settle, how many friends they make, how the rest of the family feels... they themselves will always be drawn and attached to somewhere else by invisible threads. T x
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    Honestly I moved here just over 3 months ago and most Aussies don’t have a clue how bad it is overseas, they are surprised I had to do hotel quarantine. Life has gone on uninterrupted here for the most part. They are even more surprised when I tell them how much we paid for business flights.
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    As things currently stand, I feel very fortunate to be living in Australia but sad to see the state of affairs in the UK. I consider myself an optimist but get the sense my home nation is in a state of long term decline. For this reason I would not move back, but look forward to being able to return for a holiday.
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    Hi All, We were one of the ones who got told to head offshore to be granted visa, no other way about it. My parents left Melbourne to Singapore as transit passengers, they are now in Quarantine in Perth. They were granted the visa after 10 mins having gotten across departures If you're in the same boat and have any questions, please by all means send me a message. Lucky for us, after nearly 5 years, we're done. Best of luck to you all
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    It was almost a relief when I found out that other people felt like this too. I spent years blaming myself for not trying hard enough to make it work, although I know that I did. It wasn't that there was anything wrong with the place or the people, it is a beautiful country and I met some wonderful people, but I just couldn't shake that feeling of it not being my place. It was something deeper than there being things that I didn't like about Aus or preferred about the UK, if that makes sense?
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    It was never about family for me. I left home at 18, and lived 100's of miles away from family for my entire adult life. After my dad (who I was really close to) died when I was 24, I saw my mum/sister/grandma maybe once a year? I never missed them at all, nor my ex-husbands family, who we also lived 100's of miles from. Being 10,000 miles or whatever away from them didn't matter. Of course I enjoyed seeing them when we visited the UK, but they weren't the source of my homesickness at all. When we moved back to the UK, we chose Scotland, which is almost as far as you can get from family in Kent and the Midlands! I haven't seen mum or my sister since my grandmas funeral in January (although obviously I couldn't even if I wanted to at the minute). Yep, I can't even really explain how it feels - it never really hit me until we'd been in Aus for maybe five or so years. I'm not a believer in woo or magical thinking at all, but it's almost like your soul is just in the wrong place or something. Like your feet are walking on ground that you don't belong to, or you're in a place that you aren't part of in some way. And although I now live in Scotland, even though I've never lived here before, it's still part of my island, and I feel like I'm meant to be here or something. It's really hard to describe. It's a really deep sense of...everything.
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    Just after Christmas lunch. Cheers, Bobj.
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    I find your comment rather rude, how can you judge a members brother and say he has gone overboard by having an Aussie accent and partner and that he is trying to prove he is happy. Personally I wouldn’t dare say that about a member of my own family let alone a complete stranger I’ve never met all because they haven’t taken out citizenship. We have family in Melbourne who have been here 50 years and never taken out citizenship but they detest everything British. If I was to suggest that they were trying to convince themselves they didn’t want to go back I would probably get a slap.
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    Of course we checked mortgage rates - we were not (and still aren't) naïve. You seem to make an awful lot assumptions about people without basis Marissa and seem to counter anything positive with a negative.
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    I have no intention of returning to live in the UK after nearly 28 years away, first as an expat, before moving to Australia in retirement with no immediate family here. Two of our children followed, and also have no desire to move back. Our oldest will never leave UK, (actually it’s his wife who wouldn’t) and our only grandchildren are in UK. Shows how different your offspring are, but the two youngest spent more time in Brunei with us, and couldn’t settle back in UK. I can relate to people who say ‘it’s not my country’ if it’s not where you have grown up, I am really happy here, but I grew up in a different country, so my background will never be Australia, but like many immigrants when I moved here it felt right and I knew I wanted to live here It is now my home. I happily live in the now, not the past. Yes we miss our grandchildren, and pre covid we went back most years for 3 months. Obviously unrealistic now, as in our mid to late 70’s until who knows when, but that doesn’t make me want to return to live there. Australia is home, we only go to UK because our son and grandchildren are there, otherwise we wouldn’t bother,