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    This is the question that's worrying people. Why are we hearing about the Christian Brothers going broke? is it because the Vatican is gearing up to say they are a separate business entity, declare them bankrupt and thus avoid having to pay up? Let's hope not.
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    Hi everyone. Have been a quiet observer on here for a while but we (or my husband that is) received his golden ticket today - both visas came through together. We are so excited and nervous at the same time. Now the hard work begins. Good luck to those on their way and especially to those still waiting. Hang in there as it will be worth the wait! All the best, Jodi
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    That got my heart beating. I misread your message and thought they were asking a fellow March 2016'er for further documents. Anyway, welcome to the waiting room.
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    Going back to the original topic Toots, my only concern is that if they run short of money the victims of their abuse may be unable to receive compensation.
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    Whilst ever the Catholic Church insists upon celibacy for its clergy and considers sex outside of marriage a sin then it will have sexual perversions happening amongst its adherents
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    We are on holiday in Australia visiting family, and we have just received the email from immi requesting extra documents. Can’t believe it’s finally happening.
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    Money won't compensate for the suffering of those children and young people. It would be better if the Catholic church had a long hard look at its requirements for priests to remain unmarried and celibate because it clearly doesn't work. The really frightening thing is how well developed the whole paedophile rings were and how they had worked out ways to hide it and move priests around.
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