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    How beautiful Autumn in the Lake District is. Just on the last day of a week up there and it is so lovely. Not too crowded ( I would hate it in Summer I know). Only downside is the greedy local councils who charge so much to park and even charge for you to have a pee. Terrible. Anyway we feel refreshed, revived and ready for the next stop in Barcelona and it was nice to catch up with a few rellies we hadn’t seen since the 1960s.
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    Growing up in the 60s and 70s and as a passive interest in the 80s, sometimes watching British TV, I tend to recall mostly the comedy shows. Going way back was "The Rag Trade" with Miriam Carlin as the shop steward, and then Til Death Do Us Part with Warren Mitchell, and Dandy Nichols as the "Silly Old Moo". Moving on, there were the classic comedy moments, such as Del boy and Rodney as Batman and Robin. The Young Ones when Vivian had a bad case of abdominal wind and Rik (Mayall) thought he was pregnant, . Minder- Terry and Arthur. Bottom with Richie and Eddie with an inflatable doll named Monica and a tube of super glue! The list goes on. Do you have fond memories of particular moments or more generally of classic British television, comedy or otherwise? Then let's hear it.
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    They call them the widow maker. I have seen a big branch fall with no warning on a perfectly still day. Luckily it didn't hit anyone but they can fall for no obvious reason.
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    No it doesn't. It just shows people would rather remain than hard brexit, but would Brexit if there was a good deal. Why do you guys find this so hard to understand?
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    https://youtu.be/LFuYIi5-igc Although David Jason's character was very funny anyone who's read his biography will have been disappointed to find out that he is one of the most boring people ever...
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    Looking more closely at that cartoon it is quite revolting — only in America, as they say!
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    Well all my pro Brexit Northern rellies have now changed their minds and would rather stay but it seems that is not an option. None of them like or trust Doris.
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    Thank you for share, I will read and ask my company about this option definitely. Guys thank you for your help, I will keep you in touch with everything.
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    Thank you, but I don't care about money, just want to do what I like.
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    Surprisingly the documents required are minimal compared to most visa applications. One with face and signature, proof of birth, proof of current citizenship and some others - if you fill out the application online via immiaccount and get to the end the required documents come up in a list before payment or lodgement is required (only for citizenship applications in my experience). This info will likely change by the time most people read this comment!
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    Hilarious. How did they all keep a straight face ? Several takes I would think.
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    Huge respect to the comic geniuses ..... David Jason (Del Boy) ..........Rik Mayall RIP, in The Young Ones and Bottom,....... Colin Ball RIP as Trigger or "Trig" in Only Fools and Horses.
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    The whole cast was funny in their own way, i think thats why the show was so popular. Cal x
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    I loved Trig. "Alright Dave ?" ( Rodney)
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    Thank Hex. I just got a call from my MA that my visa has been granted!! I received the golden email shortly after. Thanks to everyone who responded and for those who are still waiting, hang in there!
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    Listen to me sweet pea, the only effective way to make any difference to carbon emissions is less people. When the world excepts this simple fact you will all be saying "yep... Simmo was right again"
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    Hi all, Just my 2 cents worth...I lodged the AOS with Centre Link on 3rd Aug 2019, on myGov the estimated date of completion was 16th Sept....checking everyday can be soul destroying! Finally after nearly 8 weeks Centre Link sent me a letter requesting a phone interview. The interview was very straight forward they basically just check your personal details... took about 10 mins maximum. The interview was on a Thursday, the following Monday I had a letter in the post to arrange the bank guarantee with Commonwealth Bank...just a note when you go to CBA have $150 cash ready if you don't already bank with them...this is the fee they charge to set up the fixed term desposit account. Make sure you find a staff member who is familiar with the process as I had a rookie (less said about that, the better)!!! You have to upload the centre link letter and bank docs on mygov/centrelink, it's not very clear on the steps you need to follow but use the number centrelink give you for the interview to ask any questions, to be fair CL were very helpful. So i'm now waiting for CL to inform immigration and hopefully request the 2nd VAC, anyone know how long this takes?
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    Just got my ceremony email. Looks like it's not going to be hosted by Moreland Council, so probably a DOHA ceremony on 14 October.
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