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    Going out on a limb here but i don't think you would find any of the Aussie athletes knitting in the stands.
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    Thank you everyone. The bit I was most frustrated hearing about was the tax on the whole pension amount (growth since I landed) even if I am only taking 25% out. I guess I need to pay to talk to someone here in Australia. Thanks for the tips. Edit: I tried to message Andrew within this forum but says I cant do that. Is there a restriction for new members?
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    They did say that AZ will pretty much be gone as an option by October because of greater availability of Pfizer as well as the arrival of Moderna.
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    P.S Non Australian Advisers may work on commissions and in a lot of cases these will not be fully disclosed and can be very high which is a terrible practice (ultimately commissions result in higher product fees which then directly erode your money), therefore best bet is to work with either an Australian (ASIC) or UK (FCA) regulated Adviser.
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    Eleven Local Government Areas in Queensland are in a lockdown which has been extended by 8 days. LGA's include Brisbane, Gold Coast ,Sunshine Coast, Lockyer Valley etc. There are 13 new Covid-19 cases with a total of 31 cases.
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    AAT can approve both but providing the written documents is not in their jurisdiction, so even if both are approved by AAT, you still need the IMMI notification.
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    Sounds about right. So another TURP or an actual prostatectomy- that's be the entire prostate with the turp being like taking the core out.
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    You’ve put you were Australian born so she should be able to get citizenship by descent. Assume you mean you were a citizen at birth? Just being born there may not cut it.
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    1. Probably - but it's complicated there are pros and cons and it depends upon what exchange rates do in the future. 2. If you take the lump sum it's taxable in Australia whether you move it over or not - however only the Applicable Fund Earnings (AFE) on the lump sum are taxable. If you take 100% of your pension fund as a lump sum then the AFE is the amount the pension fund grew since you became resident in Australia. The part that existed before you moved to Australia is tax free. However if you only draw down part of the fund then amount you draw down comes out of the AFE first and the tax free portion later. What that means is that if your fund has grown by a third or more since you moved to Australia the entire first 25% (the part that is Tax Free in the UK) is taxed and so if you only wanted to take that 25% it would all be taxed. One strategy to minimise tax (works well for smallish pension balances but not so well for large ones) is to take the lump sum in the UK and then pay the taxed portion in to your Super fund and claim a tax deduction for it. There are however strict rules on how to go about doing this and the amount you can do it with is capped, but if your total Super fund is under $500K you can make use of Unused Concessional Contribution Caps from previous years (FY2018 to FY2021 = 4 years of up to $25,000 each) plus the current year's $27,500. Note however that any SGC contributions by your employer come out of this Cap as well any contributions you make. Your super fund will pay 15% tax on the amount received but your tax saving should be a lot larger. Don't forget that any tax you have to pay in the UK (because you've taken more than 25% and you've gone over your UK tax free allowance) is an offset towards your Australian tax bill. 3. They charge fees, earn commissions or both.
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    My OH moved his pension last year with @Andrew from Vista Financial. There is a lot involved in the process, especially if your UK is a final salary one. He moved his to the retail fund here in Australia and so far it has performed pretty well. The only other alternative is to move it to a SMSF but we were not keen on this option. There is a fee but it was taken from the funds that were moved rather than us having to find the money separately.
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    My experience is the opposite. I only know one person who's had the Pfizer jab and she was fine with both. All my other friends have had the AZ jab and all of them felt crook after the first jab, but absolutely fine after the second.
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    It can get horribly complicated and people have lost an awful lot of money by trying to do it themselves. I suggest you book a consultation with @Andrew from Vista Financial to look into your particular situation. It will cost you a fee but it could save you thousands. And that's how agents make their money - by charging you a fee for advice and to make the arrangements. If you come across an agent who is offering to advise you/organise it free of charge, they are a con artist, being paid by some dodgy firm to entrap customers - don't touch them with a bargepole. Currently there's only one Australian super fund you can transfer the money to anyway, and it's run by some investment company I've never heard of. Personally I'd be a bit anxious about that, but maybe that's just me being over-cautious. Andrew can advise. If you take a lump sum, yes, it will be taxable in Australia. The bad news is that it will be taxable in Australia even if you don't move it over. The rule is that you're liable to pay Australian tax on ALL your earnings, no matter where in the world they're earned or where the money is.
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    Stay safe Cal. It’s more frightening I think when you’re not used to it. People are generally more compliant too. Hopefully be stamped out soon.
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    The conversation was about food availability and poor socio-economic management, but I don't think Australia has ever really been ahead of the UK, they have profited from watching the UK very closely and avoiding making the same mistakes, taking what's good and avoiding what's bad...usually. They are very strong financially, people have high wages, their quality of living indicators outstrip the UK on nearly every count, yet they are a unionised nation. That is impossible to believe if you live in the UK, because 30 years of rabble rousing and gaslighting has preached the opposite, and the results are now plain to see. Large parts of the UK are a cesspool and they will not improve with current attitudes and no plan that makes sense. It's ok to talk about saving lives when the UK has allowed over a hundred thousand to die througn complete managerial ineptitude, then tried to wipe that from memory by banking on a vaccination drive to deflect the public's attention onto saving lives instead of ending them. Australia's vaccine response has been horrendously miscalculated but deaths have been minimal and they are not under the same financial stress as the UK. Australia will pay a high fiscal price for prolonged lockdowns, but nothing too damaging in comparison. When this is all over however and you're counting numbers, only one country willingly sacrificed the lives of it's own population and will try and whitewash that history. And it will probably work within the UK, but outside the UK it has been shocking to witness the repeated mistakes and recklessness shown. I cannot believe that you are "not unhappy" with that.
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    so excited my nephew and his wife are at this moment flying to Australia … they are coming on a temporary visa hoping to become a permanent one … he came over on a visit a couple of years after I emigrated and loved it … fingers crossed it all works out …
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    Just awaiting to find out if I've passed my final assignment on Friday, hopefully I should as it's my personal tutor marking it xD my final grade doesn't make a difference to my overall classification now so if I've worked it out correctly, I should finish with a 2:1 which I'm happy with annoying 2 marks off a first, but I'll gladly take it!
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    Once you've checked your contribution record as advised by tea4too, it would be worthwhile calling the Future Pensions Centre to determine which pre-2016 years it would be worth you paying for to produce an uplift in your pension entitlement. The State Pension scheme changed in 2016, and if you have pre-2016 contributions on record you are under the transitional rules, and the practical effect of that is that your contribution record will show all gaps that you can pay to fill, but some of those might not produce any improvement. It is much cheaper to make class 2 contributions if you are eligible (c£158 vs c£780 p.a.). You will need to fill in an NI38/CF83: https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/social-security-abroad-ni38 https://www.gov.uk/future-pension-centre You have until 5 April 2023 to pay voluntary contributions to make up for gaps between April 2006 and April 2016: https://www.gov.uk/voluntary-national-insurance-contributions/deadlines
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    Lost a fence panel this morning in the worst winds I've ever experienced in Perth. Thankfully my son saw it happen and was quickly retrieved without too many dents. Son in law, husband and son put it back in. We are really being tested just lately.
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