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    Yes UK is defiantly more relaxed now, over the past 2-3 weeks things are getting back to 'normal' however we are mostly all making efforts to socially distance etc and the general feel from the government and community is we are all in this together, there is no blaming or anger towards certain groups here, not that i have noticed anyway! In comparison to Australia our daily count is high 400-700 cases day, but to us this feels great as we see the numbers dropping fast from 8000+ a day only a month ago. I guess the difference is we here really had a rough time, with a proper lock down and the world ending feeling that came with it, so now its just huge a sense of relief that it seems to be going in the right direction. I can totally understand why Australian government panics at the first sign of an outbreak no matter how small the numbers, at the same time I cant help but wonder how this approach is sustainable in the long term, this virus is not going away anytime soon, we all have to learn to live with it for a while at least. Id be interested to know what the Aussie governments plan is.... right now it feels its to shut off from the rest of the planet for years to come
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    I can’t imagine people will treat you like leppers and abuse you in the streets. Most people over there are nice, just like most people here are nice
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    I'm hearing you, I've tried to explain to so many ozzies exactly why some people still need flights into the country, not just migrants but also people who have gone home for compassionate reasons and that kind of thing - people have gone home to sayt goodbye to dying relatives and are now unable to get flights back and will face a phenomenal bill when they do get here, even though they could quite easily self isolate in their own homes. Its starting to show that Australia really is a very insular country and only cares about the ozzies who are here onshore. They seem incapable of understanding the position we are in when everyone we love and care about is in another country.
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    My parents are 82. They fell off their tandem last week. Front wheel hit some gravel. They got back on and rode home. Bit grazed and bruised but nothing broken. This is the generation who lived through the war. They built them tough. They're going to live a lot longer than the new generation. An 80 year old could easily have another ten years or more.
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    I do sympathise with you @AliQ, we made the decision on 12 March to leave because my DH was monitoring things very closely and he basically said - if we don’t get out now we won’t get out at all. Pretty cluey my old man! We booked tickets that afternoon, farewelled my dad in his care home, hired a skip, totally cleared what was left in dads house, cleaned up, locked up and left to spend the night with our son on Saturday and flew on Sunday. We were fortunate in that all our stuff had been sent on 12 December (the day the first sale of the house fell through!). We had also donated most and sold a few things. Our local garage were superb and offered to sell the car for us and they collected it Sat lunchtime. If we’d not been so far ahead it would have been impossible and, for sure, things got much worse by the end of the next week. I’d been much less gung ho, thought we might have a few weeks but, as it turns out, the DH was spot on. I hope your plans come to fruition sooner rather than later but I’m not seeing things opening for quite a while yet unfortunately!
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    Thankyou AliQ, I hope you manage to get on a flight soon to x
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    Good luck with the counselling. I hope you get one who is good at CBT or ACT - lots of strategies that might help you through each day. I certainly resonate with the trapped and in the wrong place but I’ve known it was the wrong place for at least a couple of decades - and it didn’t take me being in the right place for the last 8+ years to confirm that. The trappedness Does just add to the angst. If you can reframe - basically, you don’t have the option to leave (not without considerable bureaucratic shenanigans anyway) so start planning for when the entrapment will be lifted so that your rational decision can go smoothly at that point. Ironically, although I know I am in the wrong place and would give my eye teeth to be back in UK the fact that the government tells me I can’t be there has shifted the resentment I sometimes feel away from my General circumstances to the nasty big brother Government - oddly, easier to handle! Never been in the situation of having pets but it may be that your partner doesn’t feel as passionate about them as you do. Good luck! Hard decision but get your citizenship and you’re free to come and go as you like.
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    Hi Anita85. My husband and I moved here three years ago to be with my daughter and grandchildren and have felt a bit homesick from time to time but nothing drastic. Since COVID I have had a few days when I’ve felt desperate to go home. I am absolutely sure this is a reaction to being unable to do so, nomatter what. A double whammy for me is that I haven’t even got a passport - I returned it on April 6 because it was about to expire and the new one is still not here! I think it’s a normal reaction to abnormal circumstances and we just have to ride it out.
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    Congrats! I’m working as a receptionist at my local medical centre...lots to learn, and lovely people to work with. One of them is a Pom as well, and we confuse the patients as there’s two of us now. Four years was a long time and the last few months were definitely the worst...we were living in a caravan for a few weeks before flying out on New Year’s Eve ...but we’re here now and don’t want to be anywhere else. Had an evening out with the two youngest grandkids (6&8) on Friday evening at the local sushi Japanese and it was great! Husband says he hasn’t been so happy for such a long while! RESULT! As there were many times I thought he’d given up. Keep well and in touch with us all
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    I've been banned from Mumsnet! Some people just don't get sarcasm.
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    Interesting Quoll, I am regularly in touch with my UK friends, and without exception they are all being sensible but also saying things are beginning to get back to some sort of normal, in the last couple of weeks, and they live in many different parts of UK, from the Midlands down to the South. 2 of my friends have even sent photos of finally being finally able to visit the hairdressers. They are all in my age group 70+. The areas of Australia are perhaps very different, but honestly I really haven’t noticed any real change in people’s caring attitude to each other here on the coast. We have kept in touch especially with single people and are just beginning to see more of each other and so enjoying the contact even if still keeping distance. It’s difficult for large groups to restart like Probus meetings due to spacing constrictions , but we are going on our first trip on Thursday.in separate cars, to Noosa Botanical garden followed by a silent movie at the Majestic Theatre in Pomona and lunch. All carefully organised, and then a Christmas in July lunch 2 weeks later. There are lots of rules to be followed. We had a Christmas in July BBQ for our small street yesterday, we don’t live in each other’s pockets at all, but do look after each other when needed, and really enjoyed the sense of freedom. I think there is a sense of ‘anger’ perhaps a slightly too strong a word? towards Victoria, and a concern that it will spread.
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    Monday again. New week, new hope
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    The way you she described the anxiety's around Working and COVID and that sense of is it all worth it- is exactly how I feel. My main reason for being here - the good life, earning well- has been tipped on its head. I too have spoken to people who are changing the way they work and live. I wonder if it's a phase... Or if my goals have changed I can get my citizenship in a couple of months so will get this just in case I've learnt over time that I can be impulsive. So I'm trying to really ride this one out. Its been four months of constant back and forth. Perhaps when the boarders open and I can have a visit that will help guide me I feel lost knowing where I belong too. The thought of leaving either country is overwhelming. I hope you and your new man and come to Aus and you finally feel settled. I too love the outdoors life. I wonder if I loved back to the UK if I'd crave that too. Thank you for the pet advice also
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    Hi RosieH11, I hear you. I'm fed up of trying to explain to some people why we are still here in the UK. We actually had flights booked BEFORE covid, but they got cancelled, cancelled again, and now again. I'm ignoring those who don't, or can't understand, they will never get it if they don't understand by now. I wish you well and I really hope you get on that flight
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    Do you have family in the UK? It may be anxiety reaction related to this awful situation we all find ourselves in, your'e feeling of being out of control in a dangerous situation and home (UK) is pulling you back as it where your family are. It also may be a subconscious reaction to the fact that you are likely trapped in Australia due to the ban on leaving the country. I feel similar to be honest, but it the opposite for me as i already left Australia 3 yers ago to return to UK and pretty much for 3 years regretted that decision and wanted to go back...this year was the year for return but our plans are now in the air....... since Covid started my absolute certainty of wanting to return to Aus has started to fade, i'm not longer sure it the right choice and the pressure of making the decision is giving me Anxiety like i've never experienced in my life Do you feel trapped by your relationship? If your not happy with them perhaps this is the reason also, when we break up with someone we crave familiar surroundings and friends/family. I know i did when i left my ex in Australia. I hope you feel abit better soon. I keep reminding myself that nothing in life is permanent and better days will come
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    I know of someone that flew their dog London to Melbourne and arrived on Friday last week (to commence it's 10 days quarantine in the pet facility). Seemingly Qatar (possibly others) are flying empty passenger planes but full of cargo to keep the business ticking over. Since pets travel in the cargo hold, they are currently still able to travel (albeit with less flight options). Might be worth exploring. I know from personal experience there are companies that can collect pets from the Melbourne facility and transport them to an interstate flight, if you were to be located outside Victoria.
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    When you get old you still feel the same inside - if you are in reasonable health most would look forward to more years of living even if they are 90 odd. It is a sad fact that on the whole it seems to be only Asian people who respect older people. Ageism is every bit as bad as racism in my book.
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    Somewhere else in Europe perhaps . Two mates of mine ,and their wives ,now live in Spain permanently , and then fly back to the u.k ,either when it gets too hot in Spain during the summer - or for Xmas and birthdays - they have taken out residency . If you pick your flights , as they have a monthly planner - you can be back in the u.k in 2- 3 hrs for £50 return - easy . An even cheaper option - if you want beaches , art, culture , history, friendly people , safety , great food - is Portugal. A lot Portuguese speakers from the likes of Brazil and the u.s - moving there now
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    Strange one , because as very stormy stated , a lot of people are very busy . A lot of my mates - plumbers , window fitters - painters and decorators- electricians , are all really busy . But other people I know , in aviation - pub and restaurant trade are sat at home . A good mate of mine who is a chef , returned to work at a high end , private restaurant in the area . They have space for 100 covers - only 5 people turned up . I was watching a video from a British guy , living in Spain, who travelled from his home in Madrid to the Costa del sol , last month - eerily quiet . As I stated in a different post , watch the TIMELESS WATCH CHANNEL on YouTube. The guy filmed a fantastic video from Venice during lockdown . His videos are great anyway , even if you don't like watches
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    Hi everyone - I am back here as I have submitted my 143 now (see below signature for timeline) Initially I was so bummed that I did this route of 173 to 143 but upon reflection I am so glad I did as I was able to spend this conversion time it in Australia with my family. I have been here for 10 months and feel so at home. I have already found an amazing job just perfect for me working reception at a dentist, 8 min bus ride from home and 3 days a week. I have slotted in very well with the lifestyle here and in the home environment. Everyone has made me feel so welcome and every single day I count my blessing. To those of you - waiting 4 years to get my visa was hard - the last few months from getting request for docs to granting of visa was even harder but hang in there it will be so worth it in the end. In addition I will also be so grateful to those that did this journey with me your support and inspiration really helped me through this journey. I will be popping back in now as I am active in this group again so that we can continue to support each other.
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    Parley, you're missing the point again. The death rate for Covid-19 is pretty well-established. For the over-80's, the death rate is around 10%. For the under-40's, the death rate is less than 1%. You can work out the risk for those in between. But that's not the point. The death rate, IF the hospital system is overwhelmed (as it was in Italy) shoots up to over 15%, because so many patients don't get access to ventilators or even breathing support - and victims of heart attack stroke, accidents and other emergencies die because there are no beds. I don't think we can assume that can't happen in Australia. Of course it could. In normal daily life, if we're not taking precautions, each Covid sufferer is likely to infect 2 or 3 people, who will go on to infect another 2 or 3 people. So let's say those 216 infected people from yesterday were told to go out, go to church, go to work, restaurants, dancing, whatever - within a week, they would have infected over 100,000 people. That's why you need to be careful - not to protect you as an individual, but because if you catch it, you could infect a lot of people before you even know you've got it, if you don't take care. https://www.coronavirusrisk.org/risk-calculator
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    Hey, yes you can order your ACRO test now, as long as they are not 12 months old you will be fine. BTW if you are in WA, they just started the test and interviews
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    Flights were always likely to be cancelled at the last minute, even before Covid, so of course Qatar would say that. I've had it happen to me - the most memorable was when the flight was cancelled after I'd arrived at the airport (engine trouble). The only difference now is that flights are less frequent, so if a flight is cancelled, there are fewer alternative flights they can transfer you to. As I said before - book a flight to Sydney, because Qatar has a few flights to Sydney every day. If one is cancelled then he will be transferred to the next available one, so it won't disrupt anything. If he has to stay in quarantine, he won't be allowed to see family anyway. He's going for the activation and that's your priority.
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    I'd say -go for it. Albury is a lovely border town and lots of beautiful places nearby. We go up there for a break from time to time. Don't have any inside info about the hospital there but Albury Wodonga Health covers a large area I think.
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