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    Not sure about applying in person but Online is lot easier. Just login to Centrelink's website (You can login to MyGov and then go to Centrelink) then go to Payments & Claims > Assurance Of Support > Start New Application. Once submitted, you should go to nearest Centrelink's office for Identity Verification and then just have to wait for the phone call from them.
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    Only just seen this for some reason. Could well be the case, weren't Dr's/Scientists around the world saying that too many jabs could weaken the immune response?
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    Harry enjoying a walk through the woods this afternoon.
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    I think it depends on the individual. It's a strange virus indeed. OH and I have had the four jabs. Covid was rampant in this area a couple of months ago but the people we know who had it only had the symptoms of a cold and not a bad cold at that. They had all been jabbed. OH and I have not had Covid (yet) or the flu or a cold so our immune systems seem OK. Our 84 year old neighbour, recently widowed and recovering from breast cancer did have Covid but very mildly and is now as lively as ever. She really is a tough old chook and has a wonderful sense of humour and is just starting to enjoy life again. You would never believe she is 84.
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    I referred to Scotland as a state in my initial post on the matter on Thursday. If I termed it country in later posts, it was in accord with the the label being used by others. Surely you can see that England is the dominant feature of The United Kingdom? Making mischief ? How exactly? You may not want to read nor agree but I have put my arguement most clearly in what nationhood is. As for drugs, well let me put it this way, the slightest research will disclose Perth is the Ice capital of Australia. Now Australia is tops in the world at the consumption of this. May I suggest all this Ice comes from somewhere? I'm not saying it is from only my street, although a number are hard at it as I speak, it is everywhere in Perth and many WA towns. We have a problem as a city, state and nation. But then it is I that have to live among it not you, so please allow me to display the utter contempt, for all those involved in this evil trade.
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    Blue Flu, I'm very disappointed in you. YOU are the one who used the word country, in the statement "[England]has the status, obviously somewhat elevated. due to far larger population and power base of London, of the principle country (many would argue) within the union " See? You called England "the principle (sic) country." It cannot be the principal of something unless there is more than one of those things. Ergo, there must be other countries in the union. This proves to me that you are simply making mischief. Which now makes me question the validity of all your constant drug-related posts, which I had previously taken seriously.
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    Absolutely ! You must have seen the adverts over here each year advertising holiday cruises on the Rhine or Danube...I bet a load of Aussies are over there now looking at 12 inches of water. You cannot rely on rivers, they're seasonal and depend on rainfall or melting. There was a 7 yr drought over here in the SE until about 2012, people couldn't wash their cars and water was very scarce and rules were very strict....ornamental gardens basically died forever and the whole culture changed to water preservation, native planting etc. They used to have a 2 week "Spring Relief" to let people wash their cars and clean off the dust....otherwise people would park their cars outside when a shower was forecast and run out with a cloth to clean the windows with rainwater. Triickle irrigation is everywhere in gardens and water preservation is very advanced now, all new houses need big water tanks and pumps are used for outdoor use rather than tapwater. They built a much bigger dam wall and expanded the reservoir which is now full and gives water security for 9 years from 100%, including for target population growth. UK needs to do the same if they cannot guarantee water supply.....or, they just carry on ignoring it and expect to moan when it runs out every few years. http://www.bom.gov.au/water/dashboards/#/water-storages/summary/state
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    The problem is that this year has seen very little rain both in the UK and across Europe. In Germany the Rhine is at such a low level that barges can no longer travel on it. Some reservoirs in southern Spain are at just 12% capacity. We all need to value our water more.
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    Thank you, and hope all is well with you. They've had another piece off my prostate and all is good now apart for needing a hip replacement which I've turned down. I have this funny feeling that if they open me up again I'll be "done for". "If the engine's still ticking, don't lift the bonnet" is my mantra atm
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    On Sunday I took part in the inaugral Swansea Ironman 70.3 triathlon. After a swim in the harbour, you cycle out from Swansea, past Mumbles and take a tour of the Gower before returning to run along the beachfront. When you finish more than 2 hours behind the winner (a certain Alistair Brownlee) you get time to take in the scenery during the ride and the run segments. It was glorious weather with blue skies and plenty of sun and I vividly recall thinking to myself "this must be why they named New South Wales as they did". Not only are the beaches and scenery as good as any I've visited in my time in Sydney, they actually looked similar to my eye These pictures aren't my own as electronic devices are banned during the race but it looked very much this way on the weekend..... .....and there's been a lot of money spent on Swansea since I was last there 15 years ago - it's moving up in the world - I really enjoyed my weekend there, the whole place was buzzing all weekend and had a great atmosphere. I am keen to go back for a more relaxing visit soon. Pretty sure I am in this shot. I'm wearing a green swim cap
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    Anyone heard from @newjez Hope he's OK.
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    Wasn't my experience when we (self plus wife and son) had it a couple of months back - I'll go as far as to say I've had far worse and longer lasting colds. But not only is every individual different there are different strains of covid going around so it really doesn't work to compare experiences.
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    What's the saying Aussies like to bring up from time to time?. Oh yes, That's the one. Aussies love to support the under dog . Another urban myth??
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    First you need to post I think 3 times before you can PM. As you can see my post was from 2010, and I’m sorry I am not up to date with any changes. All I can tell you is that in my daughter’s case, she had no problem getting her visa she declared her epilepsy when applying for her WHV and had to have a medical but there was no problem after getting a letter from her specialist, Also had no difficulties with seeing a Dr. here and having her medication prescribed, obviously check that your boyfriends medication is available here. and bring his medical history and a prescription with him to show a Dr. but prescription medication for epilepsy is not free in Australia even with a long term condition. Your boyfriend must get ambulance cover, as on the only time my daughter needed it while not covered it was very expensive, but there was no extra cost to her while in hospital. She’d had a bad burn while having a fit, and the care she had afterwards was fantastic. She ended up being chosen to see a top skin specialist at no cost who was using a new lazer treatment on burns. I can’t remember if she was still on her WHV then or had applied for a partner visa. She met her future husband here and her epilepsy wasn’t a problem for the partner visa, as well controlled. She has always had good jobs even on the WHV as she is well qualified and experienced, but again I don’t know how easy it might be to get work now on a WHV. I think it makes sense to get health insurance cover, but that’s a personal choice, and as I mentioned ambulance cover as a minimum as ambulances aren’t free here. I hope this has helped and that your boyfriend has no problem getting his WHV. My daughter thinks she has had much better medical backup here than in UK, but it might be better now. Epilepsy is a mean condition, but my daughter has never let it hold her back, and as I mentioned it wasn’t a problem for her to get a partner visa after meeting her future husband here. Wish you all the best and let me know how you get on xM
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    Hi, I have epilepsy and I got a PR visa, they didn't even question it, so I'm sure you will have no problem with your child. I really researched this an apparently they are looking for more serious conditions. Don't get me wrong epilepsy is serious to us but it can be controlled with meds so they are ok with this. Just on a side note, epilepsy meds are not cheap here so just a heads up with that. Also, there's lots of support groups here if you need any help etc.
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