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    Perhaps not a hillbilly could get together with the PIO member in Perth who is constantly seeking intellectual and sophisticated buddies to have meaningful conversations with? Said Perth member seems to have disappeared for the time being.
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    No, they'll know she wasn't resident because she wont have uk grades.
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    I still enjoy contributing, offering experience and learning myself
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    What does he want to do when he leaves school? Doing yr 11 and 12 or UK A levels isnt the be all and end all for every child. Lots of kids leave at the end of Year 10 and go to TAFE or on apprentiships etc, especially if your son is looking at a trade . Cal x
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    As I always say when someone is considering moving with a kid in the final year/s of schooling - consider leaving the child to finish their A levels in UK - they could board with family or friends and keep all their options open for Uni in UK or Australia. If, as you say, he's extremely bright then you would disadvantage him by moving him over. He would need to do the full 2 years of the VCE so he couldn't really land in year 12 and expect to do well - it's a 2 year course. He could go to TAFE but the cohort doing VCE in TAFE often isn't the cohort you'd want your child to be with (think repeaters or out of school for a while) and the wider experience you'd get from a school environment would be missing. His age makes him marginal for year 11 in 2024 actually. Cut off for Vic is 30 April so he would be one of the youngest of a year 11 cohort in 2024 and he could conceivably go into yr 10 for the remainder of 2024 then start yr 11 in 2025 when he would be amongst the oldest in the year. VCE has more subjects than A levels, usually Maths English and 3 or 4 more subjects.
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    For an RRV application, you need to make a separate BV application.
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    Can you please stop bagging out my home, if it doesn't suit you move Tassie is wonderful for so many things and I am proud to have my children grow up here. Aurora home plug in kit - never heard of it Next thing you know you'll tell me Tasmanians have two heads and IQ's below 50
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    Yeah, I'm pretty similar. No Christmas tree as such out here for us. We just decorate some of the fruit trees in the front and back garden.
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    I seem to always end up on sites when they're dropping off (honestly, it's not me causing it, I assure you) New here but have found that finding posts is harder than elsewhere - a better software program may be the answer. I'm here as I find other poms (& Europeans) a better class of person. Farcebook etc have so many rubbish types & mindless talk. Being able to say your truthful (not racist etc) opinion without being censored is getting harder in this society.
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    You should try to match your daughter's maturity & intelligence with the school grade. If she is brighter than the rest of pupils she may initially find the syllabus boring. It's known for immigrants to be in the top 3 of students for the first year due to better teaching overseas but then drop lower in the next etc. If in a higher grade she may become more shy due to the more mature students around her.
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    I also lost my father a couple of years before I migrated. It's a very long time ago now, but I too felt guilty about leaving my mum behind, especially as I was an only child, but that's the price you pay as an expat unfortunately. There's no easy way around it, but at least it's easier to stay in touch these days with Skype, WhatsApp, etc. My mum came out a couple of times and when she saw what life was like over here she said I'd made a good choice. If she'd been younger I'm sure she'd have moved over here too! I'm a little surprised that you're coming over on a 491 because nearly every teacher who has posted recently has got a 190, and then been invited to apply for a 189 almost straight away. Australia is desperate for teachers at the moment, as I'm sure you're aware.
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    Just noticing that the WHV is due to expire within a week. It's really, really vital that he gets professional advice about this, because he's at risk of being unlawful. Don't rely on advice on these forums, we're only amateurs. Being unlawful will have dire consequences, including being banned from entering Australia for 3 years, and it can ruin his chances of getting any other visa ever again. Don't think he can ring the Department of Immigration for advice, either. They're notorious for giving the wrong advice, and they have a disclaimer saying they're not responsible for any consequences when they do. A paid consultation with a good migration agent will ensure he's on the right track, it can be over the phone. Someone like @paulhand. I know it costs money but this is your son's future you're talking about.
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    Not me, I'm afraid. I could point you in the direction of three universities in Australia that are worth a jot in my opinion, but I doubt that'll be much help to anyone. I've become somewhat disenchanted over the last twenty years by academic standards globally, but that's a rant for another time and another place. Hopefully someone will be able to give insight into useful resources for that sort of thing. What I _will_ say is that TAFE is way beyond anything equivalent in FE in the UK. If your daughter is more inclined towards vocational studies, the support and investment out here certainly trumps what relatives and friends have experienced in the UK over the last ten years.
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    I don't think it has, because the OP posted about this previously and Paul Hand wasn't concerned.
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    @Worma, it's a minefield and I would just stick with the professional advice you get from Andy. Get it wrong and it can cost you a fortune in tax! One issue to be aware of is that right now, there is only one fund in Australia that is QROPS approved. It's a private firm and a very new player -- how do you know they'll do a good job or that they're secure? Super funds aren't covered by the bank guarantee scheme. I expect Alan will know more about the company behind the fund, who may well have a longer track record. Good luck with it.
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    Nonsense. Utter nonsense. Below 80, I'd go there... But 50 is insulting.