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    To the PIO Family. Just reading through the thread and completely choked up!! (god damn you!). Probs boring for you but for the last 12 months at work i have been stepping up to cover for my inept managers who have been in a grievance with each other meaning i have been managing a team (under resourced) and covering 3x roles on my own. During this i came down with this covid thing and the only support I have had was from a colleague in a different region who subsequently came down with it (very seriously) himself. HR (human remains) have been hopeless. Whilst the shower that where my line management where bickering, I could barely get out of bed to use the bathroom! and they didn't even know. So as soon as this is all over some home truths coming the way of my CEO. Anyway .. you lot!! knowing that you care has meant so much. I know we disagree on some (most) things but you are like extended family (I disagree with my real family a lot too). Please stay safe and take this very seriously - not just for yourselves but for those around you. Love you all xxxxx
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    Also hope Tink is ok, has anyone heard from her? Stay safe Tink if you read this xM
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    Been a long road for you Simmo but glad to hear you are on the final downhill bit now. Keep on taking good care of yourself - and the job situation sucks but with your new found energy you will get that sorted too!
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    When all this settles you need to find a job where you are appreciated and looked after. Glad your on the mend, you can be a PITA at times but you are OUR PITA,lol take care Cal x
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    Knowing that you’re on the mend is brilliant. There really are some lovely people on here and it goes to show that someone doesn’t have to be visible to be a friend, take care x
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    Grandad says this is how it was decades ago, people looking out for each other, making sure older people are ok and doing their shopping if needed, people seem to be not so selfish in this crisis and actually taking the time to smile at their neighbors and actually be kind. Less traffic on the roads and just so more peacefull
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    I am not sure if many of you have seen the uproar going on with the backpackers, farmers and rural communities? The forum owns a number of backpacker groups and I’m also part of the farmer support groups and for weeks now it has been very heated. Basically right at the beginning when the government were telling everyone to go home there were hundreds of backpackers across multiple groups basically saying there was no chance they were giving up their holiday here. Then every day since the first announcement there have been constant posts talking about illegal parties, meeting up and driving elsewhere, etc. After they had finished partying they would then say they were off rural to find work. The farmers on reading these posts would beg them not to go to their town, locals reading would get their councils involved etc. ‘It was because of these backpackers that we have had the interstate borders closed there was a huge campaign going on behind the scenes to protect the rural and inland communities. Toowoomba became a hot spot last week they say it was probably the passenger from the cruise ship, and the backpackers in the Lockyer Valley. Bondi made headlines, another hot spot and again backpackers were the centre of it all. Unfortunately the hate has got so bad now that some backpackers are being refused accommodation, employment even some takeaways have refused them service. A number of them say they are sleeping in their car either because they can’t get accommodation to accept them or they have run short of money. Which then led to another argument that obviously backpackers aren’t arriving with enough funds to support themselves because they are all saying they should be getting Centrelink. I read a post today from a mum, she said her son was stuck here with no where to sleep tonight because the Aussies were being @#% basically her son split with his girlfriend, sold his car, gave up his rental and belongings to come. There was a Mum on another group basically saying the same her son also had no where to go, she said she had worked hard to buy him a ticket to travel hoping he would be here 4 years, he has only been here 6 months and told him to hang it out but can’t believe he is now living on the streets. There will be some innocent backpackers caught up in this who did want to get home because it happened so fast but the ones who continue to party and travel risking everyone in their path I think they should be put on kangaroo island until it’s over.
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    Surely the respective embassies would assist back packers return home if they wanted to go. They'd be a lot easier to repatriate than cruise ship passengers. I saw a quick grab on the TV this morning saying that backpackers visas could be extended so that they could help farmers. https://www.abc.net.au/news/2020-04-04/coronavirus-backpackers-allowed-to-extend-stays-in-australia/12121004
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    She has been on quite recently. @Skani where are you ?
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    Hi You are fine. As long as you applied for the 143 first( as you have) you can then get an 870, but not the other way round. Meaning you can’t get a 870 first then apply for a 143. We are in the same position applied for 143 in March 2016 then got a 3 year 870 last October. We supplied our AOS inFebruary which was accepted then came lockdown. Hope this helps.
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    My VW only takes 95. This week 95 was cheaper than 91. Never seen that before!
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    I actually see him ending it all - or trying to. He's been utterly emasculated and she now has claws firmly affixed so will either suffocate him to death or set him free to a state of utter emotional bereftness (and minus half of what he now owns) as she moves on to someone with more clout and more money.
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    I agree. If they can’t behave stick them somewhere out harm to others. I have a friend who’s 22 year old son and his girlfriend went to Melbourne at the end of January on a WHV. They had planned it together for over a year saving up hard. She posted on Facebook last Monday that they were on a flight back home. They were devastated their trip had come to an end but had no choice but to leave. She didn’t say anything else and I assumed it was just because of things closing, less work etc that they couldn't stay. From what you’ve said maybe they had nowhere to stay and no choice. They certainly would have been the innocent ones, not the partying type. I’ve known the family for many years, they are all lovely. Such a shame for them, can’t do it again and they’re 18 month old dream is over. Still, it’s horrible times for many right now.
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    Well, one isn't too healthy...Forgot to water it... Every orchid grower has the crucifix and the dancing lady orchids, but the exotic, showy and well scented orchids are the expensive ones, along with difficult to grow orchids. 2 months ago, I saw a vanilla orchid in Woolies that was only $10, Been looking for one for about 5 years so, the $10 was a real steal. Yes, the commercial vanilla. Most of the phalaenopsis are $22 in Woolies as they are very pretty and the flowers live for around a month. And, contrary to common belief, most are extremely easy to grow, if one follows the correct routine. Cattleya, 'Broughtonia" expensive slight scent. Vanda, "Fiona" expensive, no scent Cattleya, "Wedding song" , expensive, delicious scent First and last were given to me as the owners didn't know how to keep them. The vanda was $25 Cheers, Bobj.
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    I keep hearing about Zoom haven’t even looked at it yet. ‘Now my son had finished my track we decided that we needed to try and keep our minds occupied so we are doing a huge outdoor enclosure for our cat that includes one of the big trees. My son is so good because I can’t physically help I just sit there offering support and passing things. He isn’t a builder, no one has taught him DIY because hubby is an IT guy not a hands on guy but he is doing really well and I’m so proud of him. I just need to try and get him to put the tools back when he has used them. I took the dogs out tonight for their walk and we went off the track in to the bush and randomly found an axe and a pair of pliers. Yesterday it was a rake and a hammer It’s like a treasure hunt every time I go out. Apart from the cat enclosure I’ve been looking at orchids online there are soo many different ones. I was looking at this Brisbane company who had a sale on this evening and they were selling from $8 - $50 and I’m thinking how on earth do you tell what’s worth $8 and what’s worth more? Is there a valuation book on orchids lol How do you know what’s rare and what’s common. I bought some for a dear friend last year, I got told by the shop owner they were all extremely rare only to find out my friend had them all.
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    Probably so cheap as no-on is going anywhere. I filled up 3 weeks ago before I started self isolation and paid $1.03 a litre and thought that was good. My local petrol station tomorrow is selling for 89c a litre.
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    I'm much better and improving each day. Still feeling rough around the gills but 100x better than I was. Thanks everyone for caring, you have been a great comfort. Stay safe everyone!
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    Only saw this fb post as a quote, hence replying to your post. That made my day that did. I was looking for some thing to lighten the day and that hatchet job of ham journalism that is ‘Current Affair’, hit the spot. All it needs now, is the shot of the hack journalist in the editing/cutting room splicing newsreel, book ending the piece , as he massages the video content to fit his story. Add some ham sleuthing music and the montage is complete. Love it. So they are expecting us to believe (and some must clearly do), that supermarkets are still letting people take bales full of stuff out in plain sight, when they are strictly enforcing limits on things (I’ve seen the enforcement with my own eyes). Then customs and border control are checking them (as they always do) and just waving it through? Riiiiiiight. I wanted this thread removed/locked, and told the mods so, but maybe it should stay, as it is going to provide a laugh a minute, and we all need a pick me up in these times.
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    https://www.macrobusiness.com.au/2020/01/its-time-to-abolish-costly-parental-visas/ https://www.sbs.com.au/news/new-visa-for-migrant-parents-to-stay-in-australia-for-up-to-10-years-for-20-000 People often don't realise the cost of healthcare, especially when coming from the UK where it's free and you don't see the underlying cost. But a simple hip replacement - which, under a parent visa, you'll get for free - costs the government around $35,000. I'm 66 now and my husband is 67. We're still (touch wood) in good health and most of our friends are active (social dancing or walking) - but we are noticing that all of us are developing health problems. For some of us they're small and niggling, but for others they're more serious. Statistics show that in fact, at least half of all people over 65 are taking several medications. On a parent visa, those medications are subsidised, but the government has to pay the full price to the pharmaceutical companies - try adding that up over 10 or 20 years. Then there's aged care - one of those articles gives an example of a woman who's on a home care package, which costs the government ove $50,000 every year. You may say you're in good health now, but you're going to die of something, and you're going to die in Australia. These days, many people die slow deaths - so you may have months or years of cancer treatment, a heart bypass, a pacemaker, transplants - the list goes on. Even if you stay healthy, you'll be having more and more checkups as you age, to make sure you stay healthy - and they cost money too. Then there's the Australian pension, which you'll be entitled to after 10 years. You may not get it if you have assets, but it's there as a safety net - and many people who don't qualify in their early retirement will claim a part pension at some point, unless they are rich. It's true that if you're coming to Australia in your fifties, you will contribute some taxes to the system, IF you can get work (Australia has a real problem with age discrimination, even though it's supposed to be illegal). It's also true that you provide free childcare and support to your adult children. All those things have value but they are much harder to put a $ value on - so I'm afraid the bean counters don't take them into account.
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    Great news, finally, much awaited movement is there. Hope this continues. Congratulations!!
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    Congratulations!! This is so good to hear!
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    I agree and the "must not arrive after" is not the initial entry date, it's the expiry date of the 100 visa. I would be applying for an RRV soon. If the OP wants to get in touch I can explain how this works.
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    this lock down is giving me a chance to listen to some stuff I wouldnt normally listen too.....this is good!
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    Hi All, A mate of mine who applied in the first week of June'16 got asked for further documents. There is hope still... Any June applicants in the forum who have got asked for further docs?? Please share. Stay safe!
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