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  1. Some positive news on the SA employment situation: From: https://www.adelaidenow.com.au/news/south-australia/sa-jobless-rate-drops-from-73-to-63-per-cent-shaking-off-title-of-having-the-nations-highest-unemployment-rate/news-story/b84976153dabb48c07c7ed135bf119eb
  2. llessur

    New tallest buildings in Adelaide

    Progress shot from last week of Realm (foreground) and the Adelaidean. (Image courtesy of the Sensational Adelaide discussion forum)
  3. llessur

    Family communities in Adelaide

    I'm not overly familar with Aldinga as a city (which is what it is called here, but it's more like a small town in UK terms) so someone else might want to step in here but in general it's a nice part of the world. Obviously it's quite far south as far as the Adelaide metropolitan area goes so if you had a job in Port Adelaide for example you'd have an hour's drive to get there - maybe a bit more in peak hour. I don't know where the bulk of your work would come from but if it's all over the metropolitan area you might want to consider living more centrally so that you've never got more than half an hour's drive to any job. That said, we've just finished renovating our house and I would say the majority of tradies we had through lived down south so it certainly can be done I guess it's a case of weighing up the beachy lifestyle vs longer commutes.
  4. llessur

    Family communities in Adelaide

    Ahh, there you go. It's all a bit tongue in cheek with the map - although I think it does give a rough idea of how the main metropolitan area is split into unofficial zones (e.g. eastern suburbs vs beachside suburbs vs northern suburbs etc). I love the hills and we've talked about moving there one day - although places like Mount Barker do feel quite far away for me as I'm used to my 5 minute commute to the CBD by train. Stirling or Hahndorf would probably be the furthest I'd want to live from the city at this point in my life, but somewhere just inside the hills region with access to a train like Blackwood/Belair would be perfect! At the end of the day a commute here is still the same as a commute in the UK (i.e. dead time) so I do think it's important for those who haven't been here before to get an idea of the scale of Adelaide and its surrounds before they commit to an area that might be a deceptively long way away from their work in the city - hence my woop woop comment
  5. llessur

    Restaurants and bars in Adelaide

    Opened a few months ago now but I thought it was worth a mention: From: https://www.broadsheet.com.au/adelaide/cbd/bars/sparkke-whitmore
  6. llessur

    Family communities in Adelaide

    Fixed it.
  7. llessur

    Family communities in Adelaide

    Haha, correction accepted. I am just a city boy after all...
  8. Happy to provide them. I think there's a similar situation here as with product reviews on the internet - people who've bought something and had no problems with it are unlikely to jump online and tell everyone how great it is. The few people who have problems though are the ones most likely to shout about it publicly. Best of luck with your move!
  9. llessur

    New tallest buildings in Adelaide

    The Adelaidean and Realm are coming on nicely (Image courtesy of the Sensational Adelaide development forum)
  10. llessur

    Family communities in Adelaide

    Right, I've knocked up a rough guide based on my own experiences. The blank bits around the middle are just average suburbia. Corrections and suggestions gratefully received.
  11. In all fairness your experience relates to IT so stating that 'anyone considering Adelaide should reconsider' is probably a bit strong. Perhaps if you're chasing an IT-related career with a big corporation and wouldn't be happy in an IT role in a school, university, health care provider, the public service or a smaller organisation then Adelaide perhaps wouldn't be your first choice. However, we have lived in Adelaide since 2012 and have had absolutely no problems in finding (non-IT) work. Both my partner and I work in Universities (non-academic roles) with short hours, great employee benefits, good pay and are eternally happy that we don't have to put up with the long commutes, overcrowding and ridiculous house prices of the eastern cities. Adelaide tends to gets a lot of bad press on these forums and, whilst that's obviously not the case with you as you live here, a lot of the negativity seems to come from people who either lived in or visited Adelaide (or had a friend of a friend of a friend who did) 10 or more years ago, had a mediocre time and then have bashed it ever since. I've said it before on this forum that Adelaide has changed immeasurably in the last 7-8 years in terms of vibrancy and attitude - it is finally embracing the smaller boutique city that it actually is rather than trying to play catch up with the larger cities. I would highly recommend Adelaide to anyone who wants an easy, relaxed lifestyle, free from many of the problems than blight the larger cities. We have great weather, lovely beaches, endless parklands, a vibrant city centre, next to no traffic, decent public transport, realistic house prices and two of the world's best wine regions right on our doorstep. It's a great place to bring up a family but now the city centre has sorted itself out I'd also be more than happy living my younger days here too. Thanks to my wife being from Adelaide originally, we have a large group of friends, all aged 30-40 and from a wide variety of educational backgrounds - I don't know of anyone who has had significant trouble finding a job in their chosen field in Adelaide. It's also a bit of a fallacy that no major organisations have a presence in Adelaide - many do, although not their head offices. Origin, Suncorp, Boeing, BHP, ANZ, Westpac, Bendigo Bank, Ernst & Young, JLL and Santos a just a few off the top of my head that have a sizable workforce in Adelaide. If you're chasing a specific career or you want to further your career by moving through a large number of organisations in a relatively short period of time then you might decide to move elsewhere from a strategic perspective - but that's the same for any city in any country. If you wanted an IT career with a big corporation in the UK you'd move to London, or another major city. You'd be unlikely to move to Littlehampton - although the latter would offer an arguably much better lifestyle for many people. People shouldn't write Adelaide off just because it isn't Sydney or Melbourne. The lifestyle advantages Adelaide offers exist precisely because it isn't Sydney or Melbourne.
  12. llessur

    Family communities in Adelaide

    That's the age-old question without a definitive answer Most areas in Adelaide are safe, especially when compared with big cities here and overseas. There are some less desirable spots (Elizabeth for example has a fairly bad reputation) but ultimately where you live will be decided on where you work, how far you're prepared to commute, where you want to send your kids to school and what you want in your local area - beach, city, hills, cafes etc. Adelaide and its metropolitan area are pretty large and the suburbs all have distinct characters (some are the epitome of quiet suburbia, others have much more in the way of local shops and cafes etc). If it looks walkable on a map it's quite likely not, especially in the 40 degree summers. Prices to rent and buy also vary quite considerably. Usual advice is don't commit to anywhere long-term before you've arrive. Find a short-term or holiday rental somewhere fairly central (stay within a few km of the CBD if you want a good, central base for exploring the area) and spend a little while checking out different areas for yourself
  13. llessur

    Opening Australian bank account from UK

    We set ours up with NAB from the UK - no problems during the process or in the seven years afterwards. ANZ on the other hand...
  14. llessur

    Public primary school

    Someone more knowledgeable will hopefully add to this but in the meantime here's a link that might answer some of your questions: https://www.sa.gov.au/topics/education-and-learning/schools/choosing-a-school/enrolling-in-primary-school
  15. What sort of information?