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  1. JonnyM

    G2G pass?

    A bit of an update. I’ve arrived in Perth, all fine. It seemed the only one they checked was the g2g declaration rather than the other Australian declaration I had done. I’d still do both if I was doing it again though
  2. JonnyM

    G2G pass?

    Hello, I am emigrating to Perth from the Uk (via Singapore) in a few days and have filled in my Australia travel declaration online. someone from work in Perth has mentioned I might have to fill in a G2G pass too? I’ve been on the site and started filling it in and it seems a little strange that I might need to fill this in too. The documents with my flights only asked to still out the Australia travel Declaration. anybody any experience of this?
  3. JonnyM

    best method for booking flights to Australia

    Are they still bumping people off flights at the moment? We’ve got flights booked for 3rd June to Perth with Singapore airlines. Hope to god they don’t bump us. Supposed to start a new job after quarantine.
  4. JonnyM

    Keeping UK mobile number in Oz

    Thanks all EE said if I went with PAYG I would have to top up every 6 weeks (not sure if she meant top up or use the phone). Will likely go with one of the other providers though once my contract finishes. Some include international calls/texts etc too.
  5. JonnyM

    Keeping UK mobile number in Oz

    I’m moving over next month for a project that will last 3 years. Possibly looking to stay after that but I’m wanting to keep my current Uk mobile number in case I do go back to the Uk. I’m with EE and will probably just change to pay as you go if they let you do that. I’m also wondering if an Australian mobile provider allows you to use an e-sim so I can keep the Uk sim in the slot or vice versa. I’d prefer not to have 2 different phones. Has anyone any experience of doing something similar?
  6. JonnyM

    Flights via Singapore from UK

    Hello, my visa and travel exemption has just come through and my company want me to travel before the beginning of June (late notice, I know) with my wife and 2 kids. we’re moving from Aberdeen to Perth. some of the options for flights that aren’t ridiculous prices are via Singapore but I’ve found it very difficult to understand the transit rules. Those flights would be going via Aberdeen - Amsterdam - Singapore - Perth. I couldn’t tell for sure but is there some rule that you can only transit through Singapore from the Uk if you’re on the Singapore Airways LHR-Singapore flight? all very confusing!