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  1. Sea breeze

    Reflecting on our move from Sydney to Cornwall

    Hi haven’t posted on Poms for a lifetime! but was just looking due to the current Covid situation we also moved from Oz 5 years ago have lived in Cornwall for the last months absolutely love it here but do miss some things in Oz we ended up spending the last 3 years in Perth with my partner up the mines. I actually wanted to move over east coast but he had had enough... we are now seriously wondering if we may have to go back to Oz as the work situation is going to be awful and Oz usually bounces back quickly unlike the uk we are duel citizens too
  2. Sea breeze

    Semi rural horsey melbourne

    Hi buzzy Thank you for that not heard of thAt area I will look into it fly out tonite so will be over in couple of days (2 day stop indubai) really looking forward to going back over. Been about 5 years since lived in melbourne but that was only 8 months to save money. From there we drove all the way to Darwin! Good times xx
  3. Sea breeze

    Semi rural horsey melbourne

    Hello guys been a while I know been back in uk for almost a year and half now. Not settled at all. Long story short so off to melbourne for a look with fresh eyes so to speak. Gonna do a wanted down under tour lol lived in melbourne before for 6 months so know bits sothlands bon beach area looking for semi rural suburbs not miles from the beach also any info on keeping a horse over there ;-) i loved mornington last time we lived there anywhere green and pretty many thx xxx
  4. We got ours with no intention of EVER going back and living there. After a year of bad weather stress and not much spare cash in the uk all I'm saying is I'm glad we got a get out card if you can get it , get it you never know what the future holds xxx
  5. Two pet crates complete with water bottles etc in good clean condition £20 each jet pets and dogtainers crates pp40 size collect from cannock junction 12 m6 or Telford shropshire
  6. Sea breeze

    Anyone flying from PERTH to MANCHESTER in FEB?

    New rules in place 29th dec you have to travel 5 days either side of pets. It's due to all the European puppy farming. fourcorners are the Heros of the day they have helped me by putting forward their flights , thanks guys awesome !!! Xx
  7. Sea breeze

    Anyone flying from PERTH to MANCHESTER in FEB?

    Hi all was hard to explain but I will pay anyone $50 if they will email their flight details in feb to Lewis at dogtainers. All we need is name and details in order to fly my dogs back. You will have no responsibility for the dogs what so ever. They will not even be on the same flight please if anyone can help I really want my babies back!!! Please contact me if u can help pm me thanks a lot xx
  8. Go for it !!! It will change your world. Good luck xx
  9. Hi all, can an anyone possibly help? $50 to you :-) Dogtainers are shipping my dogs back from perth to Manchester in February but due to EU new law someone has to travel within 5 days. Unfortunatly we are already in the uk. The person would only need to email their details to dogtainers. They would be in no way responsible for the dogs what so ever. You can travel five days before or after not the same flight even please if anyone can help please I am totally stressed I want my babies home!!! Thanks in advance xxx
  10. Sea breeze

    Well we stuck it got citizenship but where now? Help!!

    Sorry continuing.. I def want to leave home or nz just it feels secure here now after so long I guess it's a bit of a rut. Anyway it's march one place or another anyone lived in nz?? No just the 2 of us no morgage , no kids , just 2 dogs might complicate things a little but they go where we do , flat pack the job is yours hope your good at cutting and blow drying :wink:
  11. Sea breeze

    Well we stuck it got citizenship but where now? Help!!

    Thx for your opinions all helpful.. We got citizenship in case we needed it in future , retire here move to nz it was my partner who wanted it really. I was past caring. we stayed this long in order to save and secure our future with an income and make the rest of our lives easier! We have major saved lived in share house etc. now it's about lifestyle and enjoying ourselves, we do miss our family and friends ( I was originally hell bent on moving home) but now it's coming to it I'm worried jobs , weather etc. we did go home 12 months ago and well of course it was same
  12. Sea breeze

    Well we stuck it got citizenship but where now? Help!!

    Thx guys que sera, we were saving for our uk "pension" as we have nothing mid 30's put the cash into buying rental properties,it has been hard but has on th other hand has got us ahead and some long term security also citizenship means nz is all sorted. It will be home or NZ no ping ponging .... I hope
  13. Hi all, most of u don know me , it's been a while but I thought this would be of interest as I'm now four yrs in! Citizenship awarded yesterday a milestone in our au tale. now we can leave hooray!!!!!!! Been living in perth for 2 years partner working 3 in 1 fly in fly out excellent pay but not good for lifestyle etc. we have just used this opportunity to save money . I have never liked it here and only really enjoyed our travelling experience ( we drove mel to darwin and down the easst coast) we have also lived in Melbourne and Sydney personally I feel if u don't like it in the first 3 months then forget it it ain't going to change. i have been hell bent on returning home, all planned for march '14 but now all of a sudden I'm not so sure..... Because we have been here so long our security jobs etc is here going home is a scary thought and the weather I'm not sure we can live with all the cold and rain! A couple of yrs ago we spent 2 months in nz and loved it! Now thinking move over there , we both have family there in both north and South Island help!!!! Any info would be great :biggrin: and welcome to ask me anything thx xx
  14. Sea breeze

    Returning to Wales

    Good for u all! Perth is losing some Brits next year , we are also off home in march from perth , never liked the place from day one. Getting passports my othe r half wants to I couldn't care less. I wouldn't even go so far as to say its been good . The only good part is the mineing money ... Set up for life :-) earn here spend at home yay
  15. Sea breeze

    Taking my Shih-Tzu dog to the UK...

    Try some perth companies, paws and claws so far best for price and they fly direct out perth to Manchester or London, very honest and friendly just give them a call x