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  1. LucaLeon

    Job offers

    Hi everyone, We have been looking into applying for an RRV. One of our options to gaining a successful application would be by either myself or my husband securing a job offer. My first thoughts are that it would be impossible to get a job offer while we're still in the uk & have no return date? Am I right? You're advice on this would be appreciated.
  2. LucaLeon

    Too old?

    Thanks for you kind advice and information on this everyone. My hubby would be happy to go back if he could get work, as it was always his dream in the first place. I will contact Paul and gage his thoughts. Take care,
  3. LucaLeon

    Too old?

    We were in Perth and would most likely go back there again as we have friends there. X
  4. LucaLeon

    Too old?

    Hi Paul, we have looked into this. We haven't any family in Oz & no real evidence as to the reasons we came back. It would be annoying to go through the whole process again as nothing has changed apart from our age, but I fear we have no option?
  5. LucaLeon

    Too old?

    Hi there, It was a skilled visa 189.
  6. LucaLeon

    Too old?

    Hi all, We immigrated to Australia 6 years ago and then returned to the UK. I feel we made a mistake coming back and are thinking of applying for a visa again BUT me & my husband are 44 now. Is this too old? I am interested to know peoples ages when they made the move. Our kids are 12 and 8. My husband is a Plasterer and feels he is too old to start at the bottom again as it was a struggle to find a job when we came before.