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    It's hard to believe that this weekend is my 4 year anniversary of being home. This will probably be my last post as I rarely come on here now. The door to Oz is well and truly shut and I don't even peak around it anymore. Any regrets? No. Has it been easy? Not always- but is life always easy? Does the UK grate? Sometimes - we live in a busy, overpopulated area and I can't really afford to be here. British politics - what a time to return - you couldn't make up what we're living through. But what have we gained? Belonging. Memories. Experiences. Laughter. Connection. Inspiration. Appreciation. Opportunity. Friends. Family. I never consider that Australia is something we'll regret leaving, but occasionally I miss the sunshine. Only occasionally, because after the recent hot spell in the UK I remembered just how hideous it was dealing with 35+ days for months on end. So that's it really. Home is still home. Always will be. Peace is worth more than a dream... Best of luck all x
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    Arrived home ( back to Uk ) 2 hours ago. Seeing my oldest Daughter, Mum, Dad and Step dad at the airport was the second best feeling in the world ( after giving birth to my children) I’m at present sat in my new house with a glass of wine and candles burn.......... I feel amazing. Only been here 2 hrs but I’m home [emoji16][emoji16]
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    Hi Guys Good News.....I got my PR yesterday....thanks for the support during long wait....finally we did it after 8 years and 5 months [emoji4][emoji4][emoji4]
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    Hey guys! Good news from our side. Finally we got our visa finalized. Just checked immi account, I saw it's shown as Granted. I am not so excited as I thought I would be when I saw the status finally being changed to Finalized. It was a long way. I migrated to NZ and lived there for 2 years to fulfill the requirement to a NZ permanent resident visa before moving to Canada, where I lived for 11 months. Then I continued with moving to Australia when I secured a job and got a 457 visa. However, Australian immigration policy changed immediately after I moved here, so I decided to apply for 186 visa under DE stream. I think I have to eventually give up my Canadian permanent residency as I won't be able to fulfill the requirement of Australian and Canadian residency at the same time. But the good side is that I do like living in Australia. My full timeline is: ENS 186 Visa and Nomination applied: 3 Sep 2018 Nomination approved: 3rd April, same day requested for NZ and Canadian police certificates and proof of relationship the same day, status changed to initial assessment. Documents uploaded: 16 April, status immediately changed to further assessment. Visa approved: 30 May 2019
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    YESSSSS ! our Visa is GRanted ! I got the email an hour ago and even had to log in my immi account to really see if this was real . 100 % finalized. I was one of the backlog who applied in 2017, and was in my 23 month waiting after applying ( not even counting the years before). So you can imagine how much built up emotions there are and that I cannot stop smiling & crying and chearing ! CHAMPAGNE time ! This forum was a blessing and sometimes a curse, But overall it helped me a lot to stay on top of things and not loose my nerves! and a big shout out to the regular members who are always there to help,I did not post much but I was sure online every day ! I updated my signature with my timeline ! Cheers guys, and I hope everyone will get their good news soon ! Angeleeloo
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    FREEDOOOOOM!!! Yes! There is a light at the end of the tunnel!!! After 26 months we got our PR! Still can't believe it! I have to say, in our case the complaint worked! First complaint put on March 26th and got notified about the character test assessment on the 8th if April. Put a second complaint 2 months after new medical check was done, on 10th of June, and got our PR today!!! Good luck everyone! Hang in there! There is hope! There is an end to this stressful situation! A big hug to everyone!
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    I’ve been back since April 2015. I remember posting in here about so unhappy in Oz. I remember getting on that plane with my 3 year old daughter, I had 2 bags & no money but the sense of relief was immense. When I landed at Newcastle my mam & dad were there & as we travelled back to the hills of Northumberland I knew I’d made the right decision. 4 years on I’m now divorced (ex still lives in oz) sold my old house & live in a lush cottage which looks out onto the hills, I’ve got a fantastic job & my daughter is doing well at school. I run ultra marathons now & am always outside doing something. I don’t ever have regrets for moving to Oz in the first place but I don’t regret leaving either.
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    It's happened!!! Today was the day that my husband and I became residents. Thanks everyone for the support YAY
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    My Pr is granted now. Hopefully, many of you will hear good news this week.
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    Hi All Visa has been granted!! yay
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    PR just approved Congrats and good luck to everyone else!
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    I fully understand this. My mum was, sorry I can’t deal with this, goodbye, kind of attitude, she won’t talk via video chat as she finds it too upsetting looking at me and how I’ve deteriorated. So she will only talk via text and then if I talk about health she just doesn’t respond to my messages at all. She stopped talking to my husband and my boys who also needed her support. In regards to close family who live with you, it is hard it seems common for a husband to leave or want to leave a wife who he has become a 24/7 carer for. It usually starts off with finding someone else who will listen to them and comfort them as they have to be brave in front of their wife, and then it moves on from there. ‘It’s hard on children in the family, you think they are coping, they also put on a brave face around the parent but deep down they need help and support. A school is the best place to start asking for help for them. My son ended up on suicide watch last year. It was the hardest thing And to know it was because of me and I couldn’t change anything made it worse. ‘Sometimes as well you may find she doesn’t want to talk to anyone. I’m sure I’ve upset a lot of people these last 12 months. I’ve just had bad news after bad news and to continue trying to fight and to support my family as been hard. All I’ve wanted to do is curl up and sleep, in fact 95% of the time that’s all I’ve been able to do. So if she doesn’t talk to you please don’t think it’s personal, she will still think the world of you. Thanks to everyone on here, friends/family after complications I finally started the new treatment in June, he has said it will take 2-4 months to start working but I’m getting there.
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    Hi there Paul here. well it’s been 10 years . Started off feb 2007 watching wanted down under one wet Monday morning . After a week of none stop rain I said who wants to go to live in Australia to my family wife 42 me 41 Paul jnr 13 tom 12 jack 7 Katie 5 months . We had a vote and we all said yes . Im a fabricator welder . So I looked at my options online and I had enough points 125 to get a skilled visa 175 at the time . Well by the time I got my skilled visa they had moved the goal posts and I never had enough points . So I said looking on here . You could get state sponsorship a 175 visa . So I went down that path . On the 30 Th of September 2008 we got the visa . We had taken our medical in the June so we had be out here by June 2009. We were very lucky we sold our house mid January and we had already thought we would have to rent the house out ,as we had flights booked for 25 Th of February. So lucky the bloke we sold too let us stay in it rent free till the day we left . So 13 suitcases 4 kids and a stressed wife we set off on the best decision of our lives . We were very lucky again my work friend had moved out here 18 months before us and picked me up at the airport and let all of us stay at his house with his family 3 kids . So jet lagged and staying in my mates house all 11 of us and dog . graham got me my first job it wasn’t the best but it got me going . Since then I’ve moved jobs 11 times . I’ve work all over Australia one job was on a oil and gas project 8 hrs flying time away from sunny Brisbane our home . The heat was unbearable at time and working 26 nights and 9 days off was tough . My boys love the place after a month of being here Paul jnr came home from school and said dad Australia is amazing. It made me so happy that they loved it . Since being here my eldest boy Paul got a job as auto cad operator a draftsman with a fire engineers . Sine then he’s completed his cert 3 and 4 in drafting and Is hopefully starting his degree in fire engineering next year . Sponsored by work . Tom my middle boy is a plaster and jack is doing a civil engineering degree. Katie is 13 this year and has just stared high school. The wife has a government job in the hospital 10 mins drive from home . ive given up working away now and I’m a leading hand boiler maker in a fabrication work shop 9km away from home . If anyone is thinking of coming here go for it . It really is the lucky country and I feel lucky being here . Good luck to anyone trying to get here . paul and family
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    WOOHOO - I received an email with request to pay 2nd VAC....I am beyond excited AND it's my daughter's birthday tomorrow so a great gift to us both.
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    Hello everyone! Been a silent reader as well Just got my PR granted today too! Nomination was approved 11 days ago My skill is Marketing Specialist, 186 TRT. Lodged the second application last January 2019 as my first nomination was refused due to Training benchmark. Congrats to all of us!!!
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    Silent reader for a while PR granted today 186 TRT sports coach applied feb 14 nomination grant March. Medicals requested may 24 provided June 24 grant today. Sports coach. England.
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    Hi All, Ages since I have looked at this forum and posted a comment I can't remember how to do it...just hoping this comes out OK. Our Journey so far. Our lodgement date was way back in April 2015 and we heard nothing for 3 years. When we were asked to supply further docs medicals, police checks etc we thought "here we go visa grant soon"..... no such luck...our end was fine but AoS was a nightmare...firstly our sponsor( Daughter ) was told there was an 18 week delay in processing to start with... after 20 weeks and hearing nothing she started phoning and visiting Centrelink....over the next 5-6 months she was given false information and was down right lied to. She was always told everything was fine and just had to wait....we later found out people who said they would chase up send emails etc didn't...our daughter was told the dept dealing with the application couldn't phone out..they can...she was told they couldn't phone AoS dept....they can....they couldn't give our daughter the number of AoS dept...they can. Visa team got involved and they were told 2 bits of information were missing from application....My daughter had photo copies of everything that was submitted and that info was there .. they were also told a letter had been sent to our assurer ( her husband ) back in September ( why not an email )...they never received a letter and no one could produce this letter when asked... they were also told our assurer was out of the country when they tried to contact him.... Not so, he never left the country in 2018 nor in 2019 and can't think of anyone that could have told them that he was out of the country.... In May the visa team asked us if we were aware that the application for AoS had been rejected back on 15th April 2019.... We were but only because our sponsor was told during one of her many phone calls to Centrelink on 10th May... ( still not had any communication to this effect ). Anyway on the 13th May a second application was submitted but this time we had the name and phone number of someone in AoS who was willing to go the extra mile. Everything this lady said she would do, she did, everything she said would happen happened.... In short she was a diamond . From this point on things really took of.... AoS granted 22nd May.. 2nd Vac request 28th May ( paid same day ) VISA GRANTED 29th May ... job done. We don't know why we had all this trouble, and to be honest now we have our Visa it's all like a bad dream. Arrangements have been made and we fly out to join our family, Son Daughter and 8 grandkids on 5th July...... Good luck to all those still in the waiting room....my only advice is don't believe everything you are told by Centrelink.
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    Happy to share with you that my Visa has been approved on 3rd August 2019
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    Great news - we were contacted yesterday by PVC to supply further documents, arrange our medicals and submit our AOS. At last things are moving.
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    After 18 years in Oz, I’ve been back in London for 17 days. So far so good. I was here for 2 months March/April 2019 so returning for good so soon after has made it easier. My first feeling when I landed was ‘what the hell have I done’, my second was ‘I’ll go back if I don’t settle’, my third was ‘I’m home’
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    Today is my day!! Waited over 7 weeks from "request for more information" Hang in there everyone - you think "its never going to come through" then all of a sudden its over and the weight is lifted. Best of luck!
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    I just received my golden email!!! Finalyyyyyyyy!!! I am so happy and wish luck to everyone!! I've updated my signature with the dates. Thanks, guys!
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    We just received the golden email! Our status changed from received straight to finilised. We applied Aug 18 - trt 186 We had our nomination approved 29 of May. We received the grant today 4th July. No additional information requested. All the best to all of you!
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    Hi everyone ! It’s been a wonderful day for me. I got a phone call from my Agency saying that my 186 visa is granted today. I’ve been a silent reader and check this forum every single day for the last few months. I know that we all have to go through a tough time here with visas. What I am trying to say is that we have to keep faith and keep moving. Hope for the best and prepare for the worst. Wish you all best of luck! occupation: cook application and nomination lodged: 13/12/2018 Nomination approval: 3/6/2019 visa granted: 24/6/2019
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