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    Hi Guys, I got my silver & golden email today. Got my nomination & visa today. Details are in my timeline. Thank you all for your support. Hope everyone will get soon.
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    Can’t really believe it, but our 143 visas were granted this morning!
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    guys! I just got my visa!!!!!!!!!! I believe this will give some hope to all people in Hospitality in NSW!!!!
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    Me and my eldest completed the Rottnest Island swim on Saturday as a duo. Feel blessed that I'm still fit enough and get on well with him that he wanted to do it with me. Not many people get that sort of opportunity. Tough swim. Good conditions when we set off, we were on for a 6hr 30min swim at 14km, then the wind changed and the last 6km was tough, finished in about 7hr 30min, we were happy with that. Had a good time in the pub after and in bed by 9:00pm.
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    WELL! they have stuck to their word and started issuing parent visas to those onshore as from today. Got my grant this morning after 5yrs 5days! Good luck to the others waiting, as at least we know now they saved us a place !
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    What makes you think I don't make an effort? I am trapped because I love the Australian man in my life (and I've had him for so long and I would hate to have to train up a new one!) I do get in with it, I've worked, volunteered, worked for government and NGOs, I'd like to think I've done my bit but it doesn't mean that the place has to resonate with my soul. When I moved here over 4 decades ago, the first rule was leave your baggage at the door, don't hang on to your heritage, be Australian, so I did that. It's only recently that the "multi culti" thing has flourished and every man and his dog is getting in on the "my heritage" act. Actually, I think it was probably easier back in the day - knuckle down and get on with it, don't bring your baggage and everyone was doing the same - common cause and all that. I do think you have to be aware, though, and not disparaging of people for whom the country does not resonate and its quite OK that they may think that. What they may choose to do with their lives is up to them but don't denigrate them for making the choice to go or stay. There is nothing in the rule book that days you have to like Australia, even if you live here. Covid has definitely made it worse because you can't get your sanity hits which is how many of us cope (whilst still being good and valuable Australian citizens!).
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    I'd have thought you knew Quoll by now, Dusty. She is one of those people who gets depressed and feels "out of place" when living in a foreign country. However, she does not have the choice to go back and live in the UK because of her Australian husband. She has made the best of a difficult situation by becoming a citizen. I would hate it if nasty comments caused her to leave these forums, because her experience is invaluable to other husbands or wives caught in the same situation.
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    Hi everybody ! After 5 years of waiting , our visa is finally grant on the 1st of April but my agent just inform me today . The payment was made on the 31 of March .
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    Just to update my timeline. We were offshore and have to make the first entry by July 2021. Luckily, we've arrived Sydney to validate our visa yesterday morning (18 Jan). The process to the quantine took a lot of steps, but very smooth.
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    Hi all just giving an update that we received 2nd VAC request FINALLY yesterday. Words can't express the feeling of relief and happiness. As soon as Visa is granted I'll do another update. The next chapter to start now, thinking about the move during this pandemic, with flights from Brazil all going via US right now with a minimum 55hr journey. Hopefully vaccine will be available soon and things get bit better this year. Thanks to all of you who contribute to this forum. It has been an amazing support.
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    And grappling with an ongoing health crisis like most other countries would have had a lesser impact on the economy? Repeated and extended lockdowns? People living in fear of stepping out of their front door? Potentially massive long term mental health issues across the population? Our economy is open now, has been for months and is tipped to grow strongly if not boom from now on. Ninety-odd percent of the jobs lost to Covid have now been recovered and, Victoria aside, most retail and hospitality businesses have been functioning since the end of the initial lockdown almost a year ago now. In the UK they've all been closed completely for long periods of time. How can you look at the state that other countries find themselves in now and say that the Australian strategy hasn't been a success with minimal economic impact?
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    Hello, Just beginning Day 5 in quarantine in Adelaide and so far so good. I'm not going to say it's simple, but when you look outside the hotel window and see people wandering around in the sun and life going on as normal you know that these 14 days will be worth it, especially if like me you've left the UK behind where Covid for the past few months has been running out of control. After a long flight the process of leaving the plane to arriving at the hotel and into the room was seamless and while you know you're going into quarantine, you can only applaud the efficiency of the authorities and the way you are made to feel so welcome when you're stepping into something most people have never experienced before. The hotel is great, food is good, healthy and plenty some and the only thing I'm struggling with is adapting to the time difference which I'm normally over in 24-36 hours, but I think this might be through not being outside and doing normal things. I don't actually feel like I'm in Adelaide yet, I think that's down to not being outside and when you wake in the morning, really you could be anywhere until you look out of the window. My time has been filled with sorting out some of the things I'll need after I leave quarantine, so car hire, tax ref numbers, school for my daughter and then some of the more things most people will do, Netflix, online or just chatting with people at home. I know that there's still more days to go, but I thought it would be harder than it is, so if anyone is on there way to do it, just embrace it for what it is, use the time to do things you've been putting off and then just relax because how often can you spend 14 days in pj's or go to bed whenever you feel like a nap in the day and not feel guilty about it.
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    2nd VAC requested yesterday. Paid 2nd VAC today morning and my parents visa granted in the afternoon (my parents are oversea at the moment). Quicker than I expected
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    Witches are quite susceptible to water. You will have noticed the beach culture in Australia, which outsiders always believed to be for fun. This is in fact a ritual performed for generations, whereby the population enters the water en masse to purge itself of witches and witchcraft. Australian houses have also been fitted with running water and showers to esnure that any witches that escaped the beach purge are eliminated. You should be quite safe if you stick to the watery coastal areas and carry a water pistol at all times.
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    Can’t believe I’ve only got a month left of my current college course.. at the start I didn’t know if I’d make it the whole way it’s been a bit of a struggle doing it all online rather than face to face. Once I finish in June I get a wee break and then back to the books to do my HNC occupational therapy assistant course
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    I just sound posh Only joking, because I have moved so much and lived in several countries, I probably have an unidentifiable English accent. Probably mostly south of England, but then I go back to Nottingham where I last lived and automatically use local expressions. Then when I’m with my African side of the family,, I start to use some of the African expressions again. When pre covid ( hate the need for that statement) we went back to England every year, people mentioned I had slight Australian accent, then when just back home here, friends say I sound so much more English. Just a mess really!!!! I Think I identify as British/Australian, but in some ways I don’t think I will ever feel totally Australian as it isn’t my original background. When Australian friends of my age talk about things they were used to when growing up here, music groups, personalities etc, I have never heard of them, they weren’t part of my growing up. Having said the above, when after 18 years here I was finally eligible to apply for citizenship, I had no hesitation in applying. and was emotional when I received my Australian citizenship, I am a proud new Australian and very settled in my adopted country.
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    WELL! they have stuck to their word and started issuing parent visas to those onshore as from today. Got my grant this morning after 5yrs 5days! Good luck to the others waiting, as at least we know now they saved us a place !
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    I think you have misread the post. Loopylu is back in the UK with her father but is cross about the fact that she had to apply for an exemption to do so and is cross that getting back to Australia is a bit pot luck, or vastly expensive. She seems to think that the boarders should be wide open and citizens allowed to travel freely regardless of the consequences.
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    Hi Guys , i got golden email few days ago 04 /03 /2021 Application lodge : 25 / january 2020 as a Cook Nomination approved : 24 February 2020 Ask my Wife police checks : 04 April 2020 Submited new born passport : 21 August 2020 Visa Granted :04 march 2021 I think they already start working on Hospitality visa , hope you guys will getting it soon !
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    I have been on this site for what seems like forever and have put up all my families trails and tribulations on the huge task of getting to Australia. For anyone thats still in the “talking about it” stage this has been around 5 years in the making. It was always something my wife and I discussed as I was addicted to the English program “wanted down under” but three years ago after a terrible year where I lost a brother, my mum had a stroke and my wife lost a new born baby we decided life was indeed very short. After a month visit and indeed falling in love and not wanting to go home for the first time ever we made the choice to start the visa process. To cut a long story short after a couple of different emigration companies we found a great one in Go Matilda if I’m aloud to say it! They looked at all ways we could get there and helped with all the very complicated paper work that was required. We were granted a 190 state sponsored visa in November 2019. We planned a summer in UK then we would move then you can guess what hit? So 6 flights cancelled we finally had a flight that looked like it would go on 20th this month only trouble is we all had COVID 3-5 weeks earlier and my wife was still testing positive. We needed the negative test 72hrs before we left and drove from Bournemouth to Heathrow for a test, I was negative but the wife was positive. Bring on panic and tears. We new she was no longer infectious but the virus can stay in your system for 90 days, she even had a negative NHS test days before so it came as a real blow. I booked 2 tests in Southampton the next day one from the same company in London the other you pick the test up and do it in the car and return. This meant I could take the test in her name and hand it back, very naughty but when your desperate and at your wits end it seemed a plan. Turns out the proper test came out negative just 24 hrs after the positive so we had our negative tests both from the same company which they actually asked at the airport. At the airport after the assistant had to ring the Australian government to see if we were aloud in (common apparently) we made it through and of we went at huge cost! At the other end I was still worried as they were not sure at Heathrow if I filled out the travel deceleration properly but we sailed through and took on a bus for families and are now 4 days in to our quarantine in an amazing suit in Sydney CBD. The days seem to be going fast as we’re always trying to entertain the 3 year old boy or get things sorted for leaving such as air B&B and job hunting. Interview tomorrow for me. The wife already has a job so things seem to be going ok. Bit worried about the cost of rent but something we will del with nearer the time. The food is good or better than expected. We can order take away or beer and wine from reception and we have a balcony to boot. I know people on their own wont get the room size but for us we feel very lucky. This might change in a weeks time but for now we are doing ok. Happy to answer any questions as I’ve not got much else to do so feel free. What a journey but we made it and hopefully worth the sacrifice. ill keep updated on how things are and the procedures.
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    We did it!! https://www.sbs.com.au/news/parent-visa-changes-announced-so-applicants-don-t-have-to-fly-offshore-during-pandemic
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    Recent photos of the snow in parts of Scotland. Caspar the wee West Highland enjoying himself in the snow and a full moon over the Biggar Hills.
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    Hi everyone. Im not sure if anyone will remember me but it was just to let everyone know my husband secured a fantastic job in Jersey in the Channel islands in November. We sold our house, cars, wrapped up life here and despite the Covid situation are flying home tomorrow from Adelaide. I thought we would have some sadness but to be honest we just feel a sense of relief and that we are 'going home' We are flying business class with Qatar. Flights and exemption were very straight forward. Have a safe and wonderful Christmas and New Year and I hope 2021 is a more peaceful and happier year for everyone! I will keep you posted........... Much love XXXX
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    No one is made to feel welcome? Many have arrived there throughout this pandemic and I’ve not heard of any saying they’ve been made to feel unwelcome. You mean you wouldn’t make anyone feel welcome. Again, please refrain from assuming everyone has the same thoughts as you. Thankfully an entire nation doesn’t turn their back on everyone else because there’s a pandemic out there. Human nature brings out much kindness, not just unwelcoming thoughts like you mention.
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    It was never about family for me. I left home at 18, and lived 100's of miles away from family for my entire adult life. After my dad (who I was really close to) died when I was 24, I saw my mum/sister/grandma maybe once a year? I never missed them at all, nor my ex-husbands family, who we also lived 100's of miles from. Being 10,000 miles or whatever away from them didn't matter. Of course I enjoyed seeing them when we visited the UK, but they weren't the source of my homesickness at all. When we moved back to the UK, we chose Scotland, which is almost as far as you can get from family in Kent and the Midlands! I haven't seen mum or my sister since my grandmas funeral in January (although obviously I couldn't even if I wanted to at the minute). Yep, I can't even really explain how it feels - it never really hit me until we'd been in Aus for maybe five or so years. I'm not a believer in woo or magical thinking at all, but it's almost like your soul is just in the wrong place or something. Like your feet are walking on ground that you don't belong to, or you're in a place that you aren't part of in some way. And although I now live in Scotland, even though I've never lived here before, it's still part of my island, and I feel like I'm meant to be here or something. It's really hard to describe. It's a really deep sense of...everything.