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    I found this forum extremely helpful a few years ago when we first started thinking about 'upping sticks' and moving from Australia back to the UK. Just thought I'd post a quick reflection after coming back on here to read some of the posts after a very long time . We came to the UK in 2016 so have been based here for over three years now, with a couple of trips to Sydney in-between to see friends and family. I’ve been interested to read perspectives in relation to the incomes which one can achieve in the UK versus Australia. As a comparison, our annual household income is currently £90k+ here in the UK, whereas in Australia it was $230k+ (the currency conversion at the moment suggests £90k = $170k). We are doing broadly similar jobs, which clearly generate a lower income in this part of the UK but that simple metric isn’t sufficient to make any value judgement. During our six years in Sydney we lived in a freestanding house in Mcmahons Point with water views, and that wasn’t cheap. We enjoyed all the benefits of living in the heart of an amazing city, but we also 'enjoyed' all of the related costs. We now live in an old stone farmhouse in Cornwall, surrounded by open fields and grazing animals, and without wishing to state the bleeding obvious, the pace of life is slower, and the general cost of living here is significantly less than it was on the lower north shore of Sydney. If we had swapped like for like, leaving our busy lives in Sydney for living and working in central London, I am sure we would be still be earning (and spending) more. However, that wasn’t an option which featured on our radar, as we’d enjoyed that busy city life in London from 2002 to 2010, then Sydney from 2010 to 2016. We still love London (and many other cities) for regular visits and have lots of friends who couldn’t live without the cultural stimulation that goes hand in hand with the urban surroundings of any metropolis, but our hearts and minds feel very content in the UK countryside. We’re quite prepared to deal with the sometimes wild weather, so for us Cornwall manages to combine some of the best of what we enjoyed in Australia: an outdoors-oriented lifestyle, beautiful beaches and creeks, lots of surfing, sailing and watersports; with many of the best attributes of the UK – stunning countryside, great walking and open access to much of the countryside, wonderful village communities and a strong sense of pride in its history. At the same time, we love Australia, we became proud Aussie citizens, we’re glad to have Australian passports, and we’re captivated by its natural landscapes, the wildlife, the history and the exciting and diverse contemporary culture. We fully intend to spend time between the UK and Australia for the rest of our lives (although we're aware that external factors may force us to rethink this). At the moment, we feel that living and working in the UK with semi-regular trips to Australia in order to catch up with family and friends seems to be the way forward. As we get older, or if things change in a negative way for us here in the UK, we’d be very happy to live in Australia again, but it’s highly unlikely we’d want to live anywhere urban, even if Sydney is regularly hailed as the world’s most liveable city. We’re grateful and fortunate to be in a position where our skills and interests open up various options in front of us. I wish anyone who is thinking of making a move the best of luck, and encourage you to do whatever your heart is telling you.
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    Whoohoo..... we have our visas! Yay Friday 13th not so unlucky then! Thanks to everyone’s support on this forum...we wouldn’t have survived without you all. Good luck to everyone waiting....it’s worth the wait.
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    Thank God. I am really very thankful to you God, you didn't disappoint me. Finally my day has arrived, i got my PR couple of minutes ago. I'm literally crying at the moment, can't explain what i am feeling right now. Thank you everyone, you guys really helps a lot. Now i'm going to call my family to book a date for my marriage, life going to move to the next setup. Guys, i'll keep in touch with all of you. Please update the spreadsheet, my details are in my signature. Thank you
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    Finally......we have the letter!!!!!!!!!!! Aos accepted. Phew that took ages! Now waiting to give PVC a lot of money
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    G’day... we received our request for second Vac yesterday and Visa Grant today. Just for information.... we paid via Bpay with CommBank.. in the mobile app... select Bpay... new... use your phone to scan the invoice... ( it said the amount was more than my daily limit. Would I like to increase the limit) I increased the limit no problem and clicked pay. So simple ... I then sent a copy via the same email I received from team 1. The Visa was granted at 3am. We have until the 29/11/2020 to enter Australia to validate it. Thank you to everyone that helped us over the last 4 years, without pomsinoz to help us it would of been just about impossible to get through all the paperwork needed for a successful outcome. We didn’t have a migration agent but with all your help we made it. Thank you and good luck to all those awaiting their AoS letters and final Vac payment, especially Rosiejaq I feel guilty getting our Visa before you. We can’t travel before April as it takes 6 months for the process to bring our dog. Good luck Shelagh
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    Well......................we’ve been asked for the Aos bond time to raid the piggy bank @Marilyn yes!
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    Hi Guys. My Pr got approved this morning thank you all .
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    Visa granted 28.1.2020 :), so happy.
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    Happy day people, time to lit the bbq, my visa was granted today, no words to describe my feelings, thanks to everyone in this forum. I suggest to all the people waiting not to lose hope, sometimes it's just at the corner..🦘🦘
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    Well guys today was the day I received my email to leave Australia so that they can process my grant. I almost don't believe it but am so utterly relieved. 50 weeks of one of the most stressful times of my life. I think I need to let it sink in as I think I'm a little shell shocked lol I was down to the wire, heading back to the UK on holiday on the 14th then back to kick start my new life properly this time. Thank you so much for all the help and advice from everyone it really helped out in the dark times.
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    Hello all, Sorry for the delayed update i only arrived back in Australia a few days ago and have been busy / jet lagged since!! I would say I am not going to waffle on...but that would be a lie lol, Anyhow two items to note: here goes, right prior to going back to the UK on my epic December trip i had wanted to take my children with me on the holiday, but simply did not have the funds to do so, my son (Daniel 11yrs) was particularly upset as he wanted to see his country of birth etc and to go on a boys trip together....... well out of the blue (call it fate or karma) a cheque arrived a few weeks before I was going for the sum of 647 pounds out of the blue!! from the student loans company, basically when we moved to Australia I carried on paying my student loans from over here in Australia (this was 4 or 5 years ago) well apparently I had over paid...and they sent me a refund!!, this meant the world to Daniel and to me and we purchased him a flight ticket and updated the accommodation about the extra person etc, to surprise him we wrote in a little card and sealed it in an envelope that he would be spending Christmas in the UK on a road trip with me.........he cried when he read this. second item: My sister informed me that my mum was a bit down and that it might be a nice surprise to tell her that i was going prior to arriving which would also help with planning so i rang her and told her that myself and Daniel where coming over....................and she also cried Right o .....onto the trip itself..what can I say.......it was absolutely amazing....i absolutely loved being home, I can not overstate it, as we flew into British airspace and I got a view of the coast for the first time I ..............cried , no really I did, my son held my hand and the bloke on the next isle gave me a funny look hahaha, From the moment we got to the airport the holiday went so well, for example at the car hire in Manchester airport, I was told "sorry the car you booked is unavailable"..oh right I thought..."so we are going to upgrade you to a new Mercedes A class", at no extra cost (bear in mind I drive a battered old mini cooper in Australia) i didn't even know where the handbrake was on the Mercedes (its a button on the dash, i had to stop and ask) the dashboard is fully electric and not unlike a spaceship in the amount of displays it had. I hit the M56 and within 5 mins it was like I had never left..honestly i felt instantly at home, I am not going to knock aus in this post but being on an actually motorway with four or five lanes as opposed to the 'free-way' consisting of two lanes we have here in Perth, even this small item made such a difference. I could not stop smiling....we drove up to Leeds to see my mum and sister they where so happy to see us, que a round of good food and pubs for a few days, a proper pub and wide range of food, one thing I had forgotten was the range and choice of food available in the UK, we walked into a sainsburys local store and i was stood mesmerised by the range and the price...1:50 for a pack of bacon, 3 pound for a meal deal (sandwich, fruit bowl or snack and a drink) and sainsburys is not the cheapeast!! the value and choice was amazing, also the amount of supermarkets available (tescos, sainsbury, asda, morrisons, safeway, waitrose, etc) ...greggs sausage rolls (i am a man of simple pleasures)....McDonald sweet curry dip and banana milkshake ...the people we met where so friendly, for example we ran out of coins in a laundrette this gentleman simply put money in for us to continue drying our clothes, a lady in a shop spent time googling attractions in the area and ringing up for tickets for us both, two of the B&B's we stayed at decided not to charge any extra for Daniel staying, the hotel in gloucester upgraded us, i could go on and on. After a couple of days we started our road trip around the UK ...the weather was cold and sometimes wet.......we loved it hahaha....we wrapped up warm, the first cold christmas in 8 years. They say its about the journey and not the destination well in our case it was both, Daniel was simply awestruck by the countryside, the buildings and architecture, the roads, houses, the food the beaches...we stopped in a little town called stow-on-the -wold, what a magical place straight out of a harry potter or similar novel, we went to Blenheim palace, stayed in yha near Stonehenge, on to lands end stood there with a storm blowing, right at the bottom of the UK blowing a gale we both got soaked and loved it, we stayed that night in an old YHA nearby (this building is 500 years old) and the power went out we where in the dark in the storm amongst the woods in a 500 year old building, i did the decent thing and told Daniel ghost stories (he wasn't keen) ..not sure why ...... from here the journey continued, Gloucester cathedral magnificent, Cardiff was amazing, beautiful Tenby, and on up to Barmouth...have you ever been to Barmouth....go..just go, have a pint at the Last Inn (other pubs are available) it is a stunning place, ...then up to north Wales where we stayed in Rhyl for four nights and explored the North Wales area and caught up with old friends and colleagues, they where all very welcoming and happy to see us, i have to say i kept asking Daniel for his unbiased opinion and pointed out to him that we where in the depth of winter and that it could look a little bleak and dark, he kept assuring me that he loved it and was having an amazing time (he is still talking about it now we are back in Australia), we finally returned back up to Leeds to spend Christmas with my mum and sister, we even went to a pantomime in Leeds city center which was a lovely way to end an epic road trip.....a trip that i am sure will stay with Daniel and I for a very long time, we did just over 1800 miles, which is not bad when you consider that the total length of the UK is 870 miles. I had to pinch myself at times that i was really home, and so was Daniel....i found it really hard to leave once again and I think that feeling told me all I needed to know, that after over 8 years away the UK is still home and will always be so....thank you for listening I shall return ...one day.................... Happy new year to you all, where-ever in the world you may be
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    I had just started transferring money into Aus dollars...and lo and behold...........2nd VAC requested! Wohoo definitely have my sunnies ready now!
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    Guys I got my golden email a minute agoNo words to express my feeling ..
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    We have received our visas after a long four year wait. Thank you everyone on the forum for all your help and support over the last year. Although I'm sure I'll need plenty of help in the coming months. Its a lovely Christmas present and I hope Rosiejaq you get a present just like this, as you deserve a bit of luck and good fortune. Jellybean you and I will be collaborating on removal companies in the coming months I think. Linda x
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    I received my 309 today!! Good luck everyone!
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    Visa granted 🥳🥳143 for my mom and sister
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    Assurance of Support letter received today and uploaded to Immi. Now the wait for the second installment.
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    Booooooooom heard today, Mr Dutton he say Bridgie it’s your turn to submit further info and play the AOS game[emoji3][emoji3][emoji3][emoji3][emoji3]
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    Very Happy to share that after 8 years in Australia My visa has been granted . Thank you god and all the people in this forum to support each other . Please keep your spirits high and come to this forum if you frustrate somebody will definitely understand you . I would like to thank everybody in this forum
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    Someone must be watching this I just got my golden email Over the moon There is hope 17 months 3 weeks
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    Hello beautiful people It's time for me to open the champagne My PR has been granted today morning, 4 weeks after s56 request and bit more than 8 months after the visa application. It was a very stressful time for me and I regret that I focused only on a visa and forgot about everything else what happened around. I was caught up in the destination and didn't appreciate the journey. Please remember that the time for happiness is today and not in the future. Wish you all the best
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    Finally got our Pr granted on Saturday 3 weeks after s56 request. It took me 18 months and a week.
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    Finally, Visa Granted. Received the 2nd Vac request yesterday, And at around 3PM Perth time today we received the grant notification.... SOOOOO HAPPY...... The other 173s got their Visas granted much earlier but we had a bit of an issue : End of July we were contacted by Immi , since our CO decided to go that extra mile and request Police checks again; this time from Birth . This took another 3 weeks. Anyway, at last after such a long wait , I can finally have my parents to stay forever. Good luck to all of you for speedy Visa Grants.
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    All dears . Just got grant notification. Thanks to members Thanks dear LindaH27 for your posts.
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    Got our PR application approved yesterday! Wish you guys all the best! Details in my signature.
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