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    Hello everyone - just an update to keep you all up-to date with one of the hardest weeks of my life. My PR has just been granted Woah I cant even believe it and I'm literally shaking. The decision to refuse nomination was overturned and my Visa was granted today I will post again soon to explain the exact process and what went on since my nomination was refused - once I find the time to detail it all as was a complicated case. Put it this way, my MA agent was unbelievable and I owe them so much. Its crazy, I've went to feeling so down to so high in a matter of weeks. I will post again soon detailing the whole timeline and what exactly happened....for now, I'm going to celebrate
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    Hi Everyone, Finally after 367 days of waiting I received my Golden Email - I am in complete shock and it couldn't come as my parents were visiting and we just finished a trip down the Great Ocean Road. I also turn 30 in two weeks so it's literally the best birthday present I could ask for! Nomination was approved March 9th with no documents requested. VISA approved March 19th with no documents requested. Still doesn't feel real and I think I'm in a bit of shock! For all those still waiting, please keep being positive and don't let other peoples approvals get you down (I know I struggled when I saw other people who applied after me get approved before me!) See my signature for my timeline. I will update the spreadsheet!
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    Hi all, Just got the golden email, PR granted after 16 months long wait. Thanks all and hope your golden email will come soon.
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    VISA GRANTED FINALLY Just got the golden email after 17 months
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    Silent reader: I`ve just received the GOLDEN email. No Documents asked! I`ve already uploaded the Spreadsheet. Nomination & Visa Applied: 20/04/2018 No. of Applicants 2 Profession: Engineering Manager Country of Birth: Italy (LR) Citizenship: Italian Stream: 186 DE Status: Granted (04/03/19)
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    Some more details on my case. My Nomination was refused 2 weeks ago. I spoke to my MA who immediately informed we need to act quickly and have two possible options. 1. MA would contact the department to ask them to vacate the decision to refuse my nomination - on the basis that the correct legislation wasn't followed. No guarantee this would be successful. 2. If above wasn't successful we would need to appeal to the AAT within 21 days. MA advised I had a strong case for this, unfortunately it would just be a long wait. Luckily my MA was able to get the department to review the decision and this week I received nomination approval and visa grant together. Now I'm still in shock - as I didn't actually believe that option 1 would be possible. I'm so grateful to my MA and would encourage everyone to use a reputable agent where possible. If I had applied myself I don't believe I would have had the same positive outcome. My MA is a large worldwide company - so that must have helped. I'm not going to go into the reason why my nomination was refused in the first place as that's my personal choice. I hope you all understand that. Looks like you all haven't got rid of me after all
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    Hi Everyone, Just wanted to share a bit of good news. We have got our GOLDEN EMAIL! yay! Our Visa Grant has been Finalised and Granted yesterday, March 06, 2019 (timelines updated in my signature) It has been a long journey of 1 year in anticipation and constant waiting. We applied for our application last March 2018 and at that time the processing time was 8-10 months. We've seen the processing timeline increase month per month but this forum has kept our spirits up. So I'd like to take this opportunity to thank you all. I wasn't as active but i learned from advice of people from this forum. So for that THANK YOU VERY MUCH! Please ensure to check your documents when you get access to your application, this will save you so much waiting time! It never hurts to do a bit of due diligence. For those who have been waiting long, just keep the faith, your golden emails will arrive soon
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    Hi Guys, Silent long-time reader & 1st time poster. Finally Received the Golden email yesterday afternoon after almost a year long wait. No extra documents were requested for either nomination or visa application- Direct Grant. Went from Received to Finalised yesterday. Medicals and Police Checks where done just few weeks after my Nomination was applied in March 2018. I used to check my Immi status 10-15 times a day due to anxiety & follow this wonderful forum each day. Finally, some relief. I'll continue to support this forum whenever needed. Below are my timelines. Occupation: Systems Analyst - 261112 Stream: 457 - 186 DE State: NSW Birth Country: India (HR) Number of Applicants: 2 ENS 186 DE Visa and Nomination applied: 15th March 2018 IMMI Status: Finalised on 06th March 2019 Migration agent: - EY Thank you again for everyone’s contributions to this page. It was such comfort to know we were not alone. All the Best and prayers to all those waiting on your approvals
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    Guys i had received my golden email today. PR granted after long wait.This group helped me in sharing important information all the time. no documents asked Changed received status to finalised today at 5 pm. I will be still active in this group for sure.
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    Received our golden emails at 6PM today! So happy!
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    Guys....... ive just had the email to leave Australia to grant my visa!!!!! im shaking soooo much! Thank you so much for your support everyone!!
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    Morning Everyone!!! I've received my golden email yesterday 26/02/2019 after exactly 12 months from applying!! It was a very long stressful journey but I had faith in God that i will receive my PR eventually good luck everyone and thank you all for your support
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    Hey! My PR was granted today after 12 months and 2 days!!! 5 days after my nomination was approved. Just had half a bottle of champagne haha! No further documents requested; went from "received" this morning to "finalised" at around 5pm. I went through such an emotional roller coaster the past 17 months, realise some of you have been waiting for a lot longer and wish you all the best. I found being part of this forum both tough and very helpful. Tough because it's impossible to find a pattern and you simply don't understand why some people get their PRs faster than others, why your application gets rejected for a missing document and others have a chance to provide missing documents, left with a bitter and frustrating "why them and not me" feeling at times which isn't particularly healthy. But I'm still so grateful for everyone in this forum because the help and support it brought me outweighed the frustrations. And once the initial frustration was gone, I managed to feel joy each time someone got PR and it helped to tell myself that it meant my application was slowly making it closer to the top of the pile! 2 key messages for you: - Don't waste too much time/energy looking for a pattern (even if it's tempting...), be patient and keep faith - Be happy for all the PRs granted and tell yourself that it means yours is 1 application closer to being looked at! Good luck to everyone who's still waiting!!!
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    Good Morning everyone, Happy and excited to share the good news!! We have our Visa approved today!
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    Hi all, I have been reading quietly and checking my immi account regularly. Finally received our PR. Here are the details Occupation: Early Childhood Teacher STATE: NSW Country: LR (Singapore) Number of applicants: 4 ENS 186 (TRT)+ Nomination applied on18th June 2018 PR granted: 4th March 2019 - direct grant I can't imagine the pain of waiting longer than this. A big hug and heaps of good luck to those who are waiting. It would be great if someone updates my details on the spreadsheet under June. This site has helped me immensely both with my 457 and 186.
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    Hi guys! It came!!! After 12 months I took my golden email today! No docs request, direct nomination and visa grant! thank you for your support! You are awesome!! please someone could update the spreadsheet? I am row 12 in March 2018 sheet (LR)!! hopefully a lots will follow me!!!
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    Dear Friends, Finally my PR got approved today (14/03/2019) both nomination and PR granted on the same day with 30mins interval.. i applied last Jun 15th 2018 through visa 186 direct entry stream..skill set : Software Engineer This forum really helped me answering lots of useful queries. Thanks everyone and wish you all the best for those who are waiting for the golden email. Thanks.
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    Ding Ding Ding. Approved finally. Thanks everyone for the support and info. You guys been awesome.
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    Hey Guys, Another grant story! I received my ENS 186 visa grant yesterday evening. The waiting period wasn't that bad and was in line with the current processing time. The time it took to verify my Nz criminal record was a bit long, however, that eventually concluded and the application was finalized. My details are in my signature. Cheers and all the best to rest of you guys here! @Friskycharmer @Black Serpant You guys should see your application concluded in next few days, all the best!
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    My hands are literally shaking while typing this message. My PR has just been approved. I've been visiting this page almost every hour since I lodged my application in April 2018 and all you guys are amazing. Timeline: Occupation: Management Accountant Stream: 457 to TRT Number of applicants: 3 HR country ENS and Visa application lodge: 11 April 2018 Visa Granted: 05 March 2019 (direct grant)
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    Hello, We've been following this forum for a couple of months and were always happy to see grants coming through, so I thought we'd share our!! Occupation: tennis coach Country: FR Stream: 186 TRT Number of applicants: 2 Visa and Nomination applied: 28 March 2018 Further Assessment on 21st Feb 2019 (Requested proof of registration to Tennis Australia) Status: Finalized (27 Feb 2019) Good luck to everyone
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    Got the golden email today, good luck to everyone else, I feel you’re pain but it will come. To anyone thinking of waiting till the nomination gets approved till they do the application, DONT!! Prolonged the process Nom applied- Nov 2017 Nom granted/ application applied- Aug 28th 2018 Visa granted- March 7th 2019 Region- NSW, Skill - gas fitter Country- UK all the best to everyone!!!!
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    Dear friend, today I received the GOLDEN EMAIL!!! I still can not believe! Thank you all for your support, best wishes to whom is still waiting and to whom had issues with the visa God bless you!
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    Hi all! A silent reader as well... I've been reading the forum for a few weeks now and I wanted to share that about 3 hours ago I received my GOLDEN email!! I was not expecting it so soon!! I'm incredibly happy and surprised it happened so fast (3 months and 25 days). My guess is that post-SAF Levy applications are being processed faster... My boyfriend is also waiting for his, we applied separately around the same time (each with their employer). I've added his timeline to my signature as well and I'll keep you posted on the progress. Thank you for all the info and support in this forum... I hope everyone gets their PR soon!!!!
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    Hi guys! Just got approved cook apply march 05. Thank you lord! wait until golden email will come.