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    We had our citizenship ceremony today, and are finally Australians after nearly 18 years here. The ceremony was low key in comparison to our children’s ceremonies pre covid, no native tree for us!! but not as bad as I was expecting. We were welcomed as new citizens and I felt quite emotional to finally become Australian. We went out for lunch afterwards and another couple from the ceremony were also there. So we took each other’s photos against the perfect background of the river and the sea at Cotton Tree. We were very touched when a fair few other diners congratulated us and welcomed us as new Australians, such a lovely gesture. Quite a few posters know that as a family the citizenship route has not been easy for any of us, but we are all now citizens, and Australia is home.
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    Silent reader and get the golden ticket today. I hope all your guys will get it soon. Cheer. Visa : 186 DE Nomination Applied - 17 Feb 2020 Visa Applied - 17 Mar 2020 Onshore : Yes MA : No State: QLD No. of applicants : 3 Role : Developer Programmer
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    Hi guys! My partner and I got our PR granted last Thursday. I was a silent reader for this whole year. I tried to post but I couldn’t figure out how to so I’ll give it a try here. Visa : 186 DE (On subsequent entrant visa Occupation: Industrial Engineer Current status - Finalised Onshore : Yes State: VIC No. of applicants: 2 (My partner and I) Nomination Applied: 11th Feb 2020 1st s56 Request for information: 11th May 2020 They requested documents from the business: Organisation charts, Letter of genuine position, BSB, Tax return, Signed contract, Licensing 2nd s56 Request for information: 15th Jun 2020 This time they asked for employment letter Document submitted: 29th Jun 2020 Application Applied: 27th Jun 2020 Nomination Approved: 4th August 2020 1st s56 Request for information: 4th August 2020: they requested police check from both of us and employment letter. Document submitted 26th August 2020 2nd s56 Request for information: 1st Sep 2020: Police check from home country requested Document submitted: 7th September 2020 Medicals: Did it last time we applied for 482 in June 2019 (They did not ask for new one) Visa granted: 8th Oct 2020 We’ve been here 6.5 years and this was a long and tough journey but I want to send good vibes to everyone. Please hold on and don’t give up. It’s a long waiting game but it all worth it in the end. Stay positive and strong. Good luck everyone!
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    Hi everyone, what a relief! Visa granted today after 4 years and 9 months. Mine was 07/01/2016 Good luck to everyone!
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    Hi guys, The golden email came through today. I wish all of you get the good news soon. Visa : 186 DE Nomination and Visa Applied - 26 Feb 2020 Onshore : Yes State: WA No. of applicants : 3 Role : Spatial Scientist Nomination Status - Approved 19 May 2020 s56 Request for More Information - 20 May 2020 Information provided - 05 Jun 2020 Visa Status - Further Assessment 05 Jun 2020 Granted - 05 Aug 2020
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    Hi everyone, We finally arrived on 15th September, singapore flights from London Heathrow. We was very lucky with our flights that they didn't get cancelled, we was quite anxious just waiting but turned out all good. The flights were practically 3/4 empty, had a row each so we could lay down and sleep. Food was very good too. Heathrow and Singapore airports were like ghost towns, so strange to witness it all. Arriving at Perth airport, we were ushered away from the international arrivals area to a quick customs check then collect our luggage on the carousel. There was a row of desks each with a police officer who we sat down with and they filled out forms. We was then escorted to buses waiting on the tarmac, once on, the police escorted each bus enroute to our hotel in Perth, The Novotel. Lovely large suite with a kitchen, more like an apartment, 10th floor, views of the swan river. 2 tv's etc....food is ok but not great when 2 very fussy eaters!! Each day a paper bag with your food in is left outside your door and they knock. It's great not having to cook, clean and do washing!! You have to really make the time as best as you can to stop boredom, its really quiet, no windows can be opened, no leaving the room. We try not to think about how many days are ahead, just take one day at a time. I have applied for a job on Seek and sorted out my resume, husband will do his soon, plenty of time to do things like that. We've got puzzle and sudoku books, out tablets/iPads etc...plus we can watch a film instead of the news, which is on all day and evening!! You get a call from reception to check you haven't gone mad and they ask if you are ok and need anything. I have made a few calls from our room and as long as local, are 90c per minute. We had our first covid swab test today, they will only contact you if positive, so no news is good news. We then have another one on the 11th day. It doesn't hurt and is not even uncomfortable. We have been looking at cars online, ready for when we leave the hotel, so we can go out and sort our licenses out, medicare card, register with a gp etc..... Sadly we cannot purchase a house now as the sale of ours in the UK failed to complete after exchange, so has been a very stressful time and will now have to put back on the market, something we thought would never happen!!! Our container arrives around mid October to Fremantle and will go into storage, something else we didn't want to happen. So, glad to be here for sure, but not being able to go out and find our dream home bas taken away the excitement. There is nothing we can do now but sit and wait for another buyer, just hope it's quick as dont want to sell an empty house approaching winter as it could get damp, which could have an effect on someone buying it cheaper, we would then lose out. We are devastated this has all happened. Still, taking each day as it comes. Good luck to those who are making the move to Australia soon. Xxx
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    Hi Guys, Finally, I got 2nd VAC request today, acknowledged 29/01/2016. Good luck.. to all of us..
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    Hi Everyone, I got my PR today. I hope everyone got their application finalised soon. Visa: 186 DE Nomination and Visa Applied: 1 Jul 2020 Nomination Approved: 10 Sept 2020 S56 Req: 10 Sept 2020 (Health checks and home country miliary service status) - Submitted 15 Sept 2020 Onshore: Yes State: NSW No. of applicants: 2 Occupation: Software Developer (261312) Medicals Completed: 14 Sept 2020 Visa Status: Finalised - Grant 15 Oct 2020
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    Hey guys just got an email request 2nd vac payment ,coudn’t be more happier . thanks for supporting during this time @Alice___ @palaceboy1 @AlwaysVet you Should hear soon too @Alice___ applied 11/02/16
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    Hi All, I got my golden email today. It's been a 9 months journey and hope everyone will get their grants quickly too. Thank you so much for sharing all the information with each other and wishing good luck to you all.
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    2nd vac request received today… wooooohoooo!!!
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    My 143 visa has been granted today. I am so happy. I can now relax for the next few years and then it’s citizenship. Hang in there to all those still waiting it will be worth it.
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    Yesterday I volunteered for the Covid vaccine trials here. It’s the one that was created in Russia. Got the first shot yesterday at 5:30pm, and I’m feeling pretty good with иo side effects whatsoeveя, and that I feelshκι χoρoshό я чувствую себя немного странно и я думаю, что вытащил ослиные уши
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    Yes, it is massively underrated by the British! The British attitude is "hot weather good, cold weather bad", which is why Australia is seen as a paradise. It's only when you have to live in a hot climate that you realise that (a) working in hot weather isn't nearly as much fun as holidaying in it, and (b) it is actually possible to be too hot.
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    Hi! Everyone I have been a silent reader this forum for 2 years. this forum gave me hope and keep me go forward! Many thank to everyone . just want to share my won AAT nomination. nomination , application refusals: 2017 apply AAT: 2017 Hearing AAT on 08/09/20220 nomination approved: set aside : 18/09/2020 Application remitted back to immigration department: 18/09/2020 now! I keeping submits AFP, police check from my country. state: NSW occupation: light technician visa: 186 TRT wish everyone still keeping hope and go forward. thanks
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    Hi everyone , jan 16 visa 143 applicant here , got the 2nd vac yesterday , paid same day , got the grant email today . Thank you to everyone on this forum for all your help and assistance thru the whole process. I wish everyone all the best.
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    Praise God we got out golden ticket today!!! Hey guys I have been a silent reader for almost 3 months now. I managed to find this forum while trying to gather more information and basically trying to get encouragement especially during this difficult time. Only we know how it feels to go through this stressful journey so thank you for sharing all the good news and encouraging us. It's been a challenging and difficult journey for my wife and I. But we just did our best to get things finalise via MA, prayed, kept our faith. We can finally have a peace of mind and officially call this beautiful country our home! I wanna support you guys as much as I can. If you have any questions do ask. Could also pray for you, PM Thank you Proverbs 3:5-6 "Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and do not lean on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make straight your paths."
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    Got our Visa Grant today! :) Nomination and Visa lodged - 3 April Requested for PTE - 22 June Submitted PTE results - 17 July Visa grant - 17 August Number of applicants - 3 onshore Job: Graphic Designer Goodluck to those who are still waiting! :)
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    So finally 8.5 months wait has come to an end.. got my grant yesterday.. best of luck to all of you.. its not easy to wait for approval... you will also get your approval... had my share of breakdowns & angry periods of time.. but all ended up well.. now I get to bring my family home.. next step.. to be a citizen... this forum has always been a great place of support.. thank you all for that.. timeline in signature... mine was the longest wait for approval in the long list of ppl that my company sponsored...
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    Hi friends, finally , got Visa granted yesterday.. Good luck to all .. thank you so much to everyone for sharing their experiences.. Really helps to keep the heart up. Thank you so much to the administrators who created this thread, without this , this particular journey is like walking in the dark.. Many thanks to everyone.
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    We visited my brother and his family soon after their immigration to Aus, excited to see first hand everything they loved about their new life. It was a happy trip and we have been back several times, but even on that first visit we struggled a little to see the world through their eyes. To some extent their friends were even more challenging as a fair few assumed we were on a recce and looking to emigrate ourselves. Trying to explain that Aus was great but home was in beautiful Wales and no, the weather wasn't a deal breaker, no we didn't hibernate for six months of the year, yes we do have a nice home in a nice area and enjoy our lifestyle... all seemed to fall on stoney ground. It made for some awkward moments and I'm sure at least one woman thought I was criticising her new life by seemingly rejecting it for my own family. The tumbleweed was huge and fast moving. But in answer to your question bug family, I knew from the get-go that I don't need to move to Aus to find what we already have, but it took a few years more and reading lots of PIO threads to realise there is no simple answer to what people need in order to feel that they belong. Most of us only know when we have lost or found whatever 'it' is. T x
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    Hello, I am not a silent reader (I read text a little loud ); I have a very good news to share you all. Just today received golden grant email! I wish you all good luck. Glad that I joined this group, I have received a couple of good advises. My timeline: Visa : 186 TRT Nomination Applied : 28 Jul 2020 Visa Applied : 28 Jul 2020 Onshore : Yes State: NSW No. of applicants : 4 Role : Software Engineer Nomination approval: 14 Sep 2020 Visa Grant- 22 September 2020
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    Good evening everyone ! Long route but shot story . Project Administrator : 2 Adult and 2 Kids | High Risk country Pakistan Sc 457= 15/March/2013 Nomination : 15/Jun/2015 - 2017 Visa Application 186 : 16/Jun/2015 - 2017 Refusal Of Nomination Twice: 2015 / 2017 Refusal of 186 Visa Twice: 2015 / 2017 ATT hearing Won Both Nominations 2019 Both Nomination Approved. 186 VIsa application approved: 20 Sep 2019 Applied Citizenship today . Good Luck everyone never lose hope I was very very unlucky but me and my company proved that we were legit , Still working with the same employer.
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    I don't have any photos of myself prior to age 16 but just received this today from an inmate at the orphanage I was raised in. I'm the one looking up at Santa 1954
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    Hi there, I got my 186 visa granted today. It's been a bit rough to get there. The point-based system for 189 went to crazy arm race soon after I got my 65 points. And then my first attempt on 186 nomination was rejected due to tech startup financial roller-coaster. Meanwhile, the country I came from has been trying to screw up the world by all the ways it can. I hope you all will get your positive response shortly! Wish you all safe and sound through this crazy time. @restaurant.manager As a silent reader, I saw a lot of your depressed comments. I felt the same, most of the time. I just want to give you a virtual hug and pray for you.
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