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  1. Nemesis

    Flights to the UK October or December 2020

    unless you are granted an exemption to enable you to leave the country you wont be going anywhere. And they can take months to come through. As for airlines cancelling their flights - you need to check with whoever you booked with. i would imagine most are dealing with October cancellations now, if not December.
  2. melbournne is not currently accepting intenational passenger flights
  3. Nemesis


    If you want an expert you should be talking to an agent
  4. Nemesis

    187 Visa Processing Time

    Sounds fair enough to me., The more time they spend answering repeated queries, the less they have to spend on processing.
  5. Nemesis

    Pet to Uk without flying (overland)

    The UK does not allow pets to be flown into the country in the cabin.
  6. Nemesis

    Is Dan Andrews doing the right thing?

    Just because you haven't met us all doesn't mean we do not exist..
  7. UK "Mothers Day" is actually Mothering Sunday, and was a religious celebration originally, with the date set in relation to Easter, whereas Mothers Day in the US and Oz is purely secular, as is Fathers Day
  8. Nemesis

    Flights to Perth

    I can assure you that is not true in the majority of cases When balanced against the hassle of cleaning, security etc the paying public is what hotels prefer. Many only took quarantine pax because otherwise they had no income at all. Govt negotiated rates are not a licence to print money, and with all the associated red tape, the paying public is definitely the preferred option. You should bear in mind too, that even with cost recovery, the state govt [pays, then reclaims the money from the traveller. Governments are not know for speedy payments and many hotels have to wait months to be paid - as opposed to the travelling public, paying on the spot.
  9. Nemesis

    Flights to Perth

    A lot of hotels are unwilling to take quarantine passengers. It can mean they are unable to also take "normal" people in, as well as having to adhere to all the State government rules.
  10. Nemesis

    Renewal of SC 461 NZ Family visa

    I may be wrong but I thought you had to be a member of a family unit of an NZ citizen to hold a 461? If you are separated, how can you still be claiming to be a family member? If you were still in a relationship with her she could have probably have included you on her PR application as a spouse, but not if you are no longer together.
  11. If you are very sick then you need to tell the authorities at your hotel
  12. Nemesis

    Corona Virus

    The one thing I do nis that I have no fear of flying! I'm not receiving an oz pension, the dwindling super plus a full British pension mean I probably never wil have an ozzie pension. At present I need to work to survive and no-one is going t employ an unskilled person approaching retirement My family are struggling to support a batch of 20-somethings youngsters who have all lost their income due to COVID, certainly not a time to ask them for help - and I wouldn't anyway, why should they bail me out when the mess is of my own making? The plan was to use my super as soon as I could to pay for shipping, rent, etc. There now is no moey to do that. C'est la vie. Plenty of people worse off.
  13. Nemesis

    Corona Virus

    The family cannot come here because they are not PR or citizens therefore cannot travel here. My aim was to move back when I retired but I think the virus has put paid to that. Can't go now as Ihave no cash to set me up over there and am far too old to get another job.
  14. Nemesis

    Iocksmith problem advice needed

    I didn't think the date of July 2021 was set in stone, I thought it could go on indefinitely if thats what ScoMo wants.
  15. Nemesis

    Corona Virus

    All my family are in the UK, as I emigrated alone and the vast majority of my friends Almost every friend I had here has packed up and gone home. My mother is frail and elderly, and I'm no spring chicken either, hence saying I am not sure if I will ever get to go back - or whether she will be there if I do. At the time when I emigrated it was possible to go home regularly - unlike people who came out in earlier years, so whether right or wrong I expected to be able to travel home often. Different people all have different expectations and experiences, must be nice to be like Paul and never think about it, but that is not my life.