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  1. Nemesis

    Australian and UK Covid Responses

    These are the forgotten victims of the closed borders - families who own homes or are paying rent in Queensland but are not allowed in. https://www.smh.com.au/national/karrina-kemp-pays-585-rent-for-her-home-but-she-s-living-in-a-tent-at-the-qld-border-20210930-p58w3m.html Karrina Kemp never expected to be living in a tent with three children, but that’s all she can afford while waiting to be allowed to cross the Queensland border. Ms Kemp is one of more than 11,000 Queenslanders stranded in NSW or Victoria while waiting for border passes or exemptions to be allowed across the border. She is also one of several people who told The Sun-Herald they were sleeping in a tent or car as a result, mostly in NSW border towns and some in Victoria. Ms Kemp, 43, is still paying $585 a week rent for her home in Bundaberg, and it costs an additional $360 a week to stay in the tent park in Ballina in northern NSW, where she has spent the past three weeks. She said her daughter, 12, and son, 13, were “beyond frustrated and getting upset” about living in the tent and not being able to go home. Her youngest child, 18 months, is enjoying the outdoor exploration but having meltdowns when it rains, or it is time to come inside.
  2. sorry, I was following on from the situation you had outlined, where it could rebound on the OP later on.
  3. Cancelling citizenship is relatively simple, but u fortunately requesting that your PR be cancelled is far more difficult. Having seen a post in a facebook group from a US citizen with Australian PR, who wished to leave permanently but had been refused several times, I asked an agent friend if it was possible to cancel PR in order to leave. Seems it is complex and far from the easy process one would expect. He even got advice from the Ministers office. Unless one breaks the law or similar, and results in the Immigration Dept cancelling it, its pretty much impossible.
  4. And if that approach is viewed as controlling/abusive then it could come up further down the line. I'm assuming you are not a citizen yet, yourself?
  5. It certainly wasn't mentioned when the very first people - who would have included your friends - entered Qld, it got mentioned for the first time over the weekend, and the rules have certainly been changed on the website. I was with a police officer who got a call asking the question. He phoned Queensland Health expecting to be told it was rubbish, but the person he spoke to was definite. No Coles, no Woolworths. He was stunned.
  6. But if they live in SA how can they complete home quarantine in NSW? they'd have to do hotel quarantine there. Qld is just being plain batty about it. Not o ly the strict rules about no shared entrances etc forhome quarantine property, but you are not allowed to get any deliveries! SO you arriver back from staying somewhere for months because of the border closures, but aren't allowed to order any food. And thats been cinfirmed by Queensland Health. No food deliveries, not even supermarkets, no mail, no nothing. Not sure how they plan to stop the mail, think that really is a step too far. You also need your own transport and have to drive to get tests 4 times. Thats even dafter. Not allowed to get food delivered but you are allowed to go and and drive around to find a test centre. It also means if you don't have your own car, you will be put in a hotel.
  7. I have had a similar discussion with Marisa in the past and she challenged me to post details of people who had been refused permission to leave permanently. As I had come by those details partly through work, and partly though being a member of Facebook groups I was not prepared to share the intimate details as I feel that is unfair to the individuals concerned. As a result she refused to believe in situations such as dual citizens being refused permission to leave 4 or 5 times, or the most distressing one - an elderly lady who was set to follow her family home to the UK in March 2020, but is still here, with little money, no home and no belongings, as her family took them all in anticipation of her following them. Its good to hear from someone else who has witnessed these heart=breaking refusals.
  8. Big difference between the way posters on a forum may feel sympathetic, and the way governments do. Governments - especially the Australian one - are not big on sympathy towards anyone, as their hard line on keeping families apart for the last 20+ months should tell you.
  9. Nemesis

    Australian and UK Covid Responses

    But you don't need to be a citizen to get a vaccine jab.......
  10. Nemesis

    How much do you need to retire in Australia in 2021?

    There's no one-size fits all though, is there. Never been lucky enough to get a windfall of any kind, though I always rather foolishly expected a half-share in my parents' money/property as an inheritance - which would have got me somewhere decent to retire to. When it came to the crunch though, they moved in with my sister and signed everything over to her to enable the building of a "granny flat". I don't begrudge her the money at all, just makes me think I should have been more cynical at an early age and never anticipated anything so I couldn't be disappointed!
  11. Nemesis

    Australian and UK Covid Responses

    A path well trodden is a path that has been trodden on very well by people. See it as a problem if you like, no skin off my nose, its a phrase I picled up from my father back in the dark ages. Neither a problem nor an excuse, just a phrase. My point was that you appeared to be suggesting that immigration should become a thing of the past, and dual citizenship should be banned - a subject that I have often heard raised in my area. Many people I know are of the opinion that anyone with dual citizenship should be stripped of their adopted Australian citizen status, and then returned to the country from which they migrated originally.
  12. No final decision yet on the cricket families. Its possible that Cricket Australia and the ECB could fund a quarantine hotel specifically for them, but it would be an unpopular move. And even if they arrive into Brisbane for the first Test (early December), the other States have to agree to allow them across the borders - what happens with quarantine there?!
  13. Nemesis

    Australian and UK Covid Responses

    Why? Are you suggesting a halt to immigration, everywhere? And what about those if us who already have dual citizenship? Some people are even born with it! Surely you aren't following a path well trodden by people round my way of "strip them of their citizenship and send all the immigrants back where they came from"?!
  14. Nemesis

    Flights to Australia - reliability?

    Good news unless you're in Queensland New modelling shows states that are leaning towards 90 per cent vaccination thresholds as a condition of opening up may not reach those milestones until almost mid January. Modelling by Dr Chris Billington from Melbourne University, based on current vaccine supply and seven-day averages of jabs, shows Queensland will not have fully vaccinated 90 per cent of people aged 16 and over until December 31. But if Queensland insists on including everyone aged over 12 in its vaccination tallies – something that is increasingly being discussed – the state will not reach the 90 per cent milestone until January 11.....,. .........Mr Miles could not say what mechanisms were available for the State Government to prevent Queenslanders travelling overseas when international borders opened....... ......However, there are fears Queensland could continue forcing returning travellers into hotel or regional quarantine facilities. “We are putting in place our own arrangements to try to allow for more inbound international travel,” Mr Miles said. “By Christmas we hope to have Wellcamp open and operating with 100 beds so that we can be bringing back more people.” https://www.couriermail.com.au/coronavirus/new-modelling-queensland-may-not-reopen-until-2022-if-it-follows-plan-to-wait-until-90-per-cent-vaccinated/news-story/178c89eca440c3364fdc95aa92185f4d (might be behind a paywall)
  15. Nemesis

    British passport renewal??

    Yes the website has instructions. Pretty easy to follow, did mine with an iphone.