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  1. Nemesis

    Australian and UK Covid Responses

    Queensland transplant patients who cannot receive a lifesaving organ until they are fully vaccinated against Covid claim the mandate “takes away chances of surgery”. Queensland transplant patients who cannot receive a lifesaving organ until they are fully vaccinated against Covid are calling for the government to compromise and allow them to sign a “no blame waiver” to progress on the transplant list. The patients say they are not anti-vax but remain unvaccinated as they fear any Covid vaccine side-effects could hamper vital but harsh treatments like dialysis. Full article is here, but I suspect its paywalled https://www.couriermail.com.au/news/queensland/organ-transplant-patients-plead-for-end-to-covid-stalemate/news-story/6626bef50d140fa0ead79dbaf0954ed0
  2. 189 and 190 are Skilled Permanent Residency Visas, you get PR at once. From the sound of the first post they would be coming as permanent residents.
  3. Nemesis

    Medicals autistic child

    Interesting. Don't think there's been any change to the criteria.
  4. Nemesis

    Medicals autistic child

    But what visa are they on? Is it PR or something temporary like a 482?
  5. Most Premier and Championship teams have groups and pages on facebook, some country-wide, some specific to States or cities. Frequent meet-ups for game are quite common. In Brisbane, if that is where you are heading in Qld, the main place is the Eagle St Pig & Whislte.
  6. Nemesis

    Partner visa queries

    If you have been together, either married or de facto, for 3 years then you are eligible for PR straight away. If there is a child of the relationship this drops to 2 years.
  7. Nemesis

    Partner visa queries

    Definitely disclose the relationship. You will be asked things like when did you first get together, and you need to be honest. Never lie to Immigration - your instincts are correct. The fact the you have got back together, and have a child together, will go in your favour. And having been together for that length of time you should get PR at once, and not have to wait the usual 2 years.
  8. Nemesis

    Born in Aus, but due 6 month vaccines when in the UK

    Does this help at all? https://www.babyjabs.co.uk/prices.html
  9. Nemesis

    Retiring in Tasmania

    Just going on chats with some locals there last week. They reckon its usually ok these days, but sometimes the Sunday afternoon queues are still up to 3 hours. The good news of course is that the ferries keep going till everyone is off the island that wants to get off! And you can get through a stunning amount of cherries while queueing up! That guy must make a fortune selling to motorists waiting to cross!
  10. Nemesis

    Retiring in Tasmania

    Even in summer, come prepared. 32 in Hobart on Saturday, by 11pm last night (Sunday) if was 13 with a feels like temp of 7. Definitely, stunningly beautiful and still largely unspoilt. Plan ahead for the ferry though, queus can be 3 hours long com8ng back from Bruny at the end of summer weekends. Possibly my favourite place on the planet, its like another world.
  11. Nemesis

    Malaysia Airlines

    Crew Resource Management is fascinating, so many differences between different nationalities, as you say.
  12. Nemesis

    Malaysia Airlines

    As I said, I think the issue was resolved, possible restrictions on flying in European airspace and stuff like that I believe from memory. I'm just personally wary of them now as I ended the trip feeling extremely weak and queasy, only flight I really didn't enjoy. But I guess memories like that stay with people and do lead to reservations against booking again. The two more recent events wouldn't stop me flying with a particular airline.
  13. Nemesis

    ? Criminal record

    The only way to clarify it is to get a Subject Access check. That will clarify if a caution is currently on file, and thats the best they are likely to get. Non appearance of a caution on there doesn’t necessarily mean it was never issued though. It could have been weeded, for many reasons, or just disappeared somewhere in mounds of paperwork and so never recorded on the database. As an example, thousands of cautions have been weeded (deleted from the database) over the years because of being a single offence within a certain period of years. Likewise many single convictions have been weeded due to being many yearsold and no further offencecommitted. It doesn’t mean they never existed, just thattheyqualified to be weeded and so no trace of them remains.Those people would receive Subject Access & ACRO checks stating “No Trace”
  14. Nemesis

    Malaysia Airlines

    Had a bad experience on Malaysian, back in maybe 2002? I was flying with a friend who is a pilot and he diagnosed the problem quickly as a lack of oxygen in the airflow.Apparently the airline had a history at that time of cutting the percentage of oxygen in the cabin airflow as a) it put passengers to sleep so less service needs and b) cost less in fuel. Apparently the UK CAA were looking into it at the time, as it was illegal and dangerous. Not flown with them since and I gather that issue was resolved, but it made me very wary in future.
  15. Nemesis

    ? Criminal record

    Could it have been a warning not a caution? Or even just a ticking-off? Many years ago (20 rather than 10) many cautions never made it to the national database, they were just held locally on paper files. And back then it was not unusual for paperwork to get lost, misfiled, etc. I’m sure that still happens now on occasion, especially in smaller stations Titally agree that if they have mentioned it elsewhere they could be asked about it. And even if they haven’t, there have been occasions where paperwork turns up later and is input to the system months or even years after the offence, so non-declaration is a bit of a risk.