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  1. Nemesis

    Australian tax on UK house sale money

    .....and in my personal experience, unless you have a serious amount of money involved, and the company giving you advice can see a large gain for themselves, they will simply brush you off asap to concentrate on their more affluent clients.
  2. Nemesis

    Medical Checks and Privacy

    I do seem to recall that with a Spouse Visa there always used to be a Health Waiver available, so even if the applicant suffered from some conditions that would bar any other visa candidate, they might be accepted on a Spouse Visa, on the grounds that a refusal could be detrimental to an Australian citizen (the sponsor) Maybe @Paulhand could clarify whether such a waiver still exists?
  3. Nemesis

    Is it wrong(Selfish) to leave elderly parents behind.

    Remember, if you go, and it doesn't work for you, but your wife decides to stay - your kids will almost certainly be staying too, whether you like it or not.
  4. Nemesis

    Medical Checks and Privacy

    No skin off my nose obviously if he chooses to lie, but I think he should know the possible consequences.
  5. Nemesis

    Medical Checks and Privacy

    Any migration agent will tell you - never lie to Immigration If you do choose to lie to Immigration and they ever find out, its visa fraud & could have serious consequences Did you read the replies on your previous thread?
  6. I was advised to put everything not going in the container (including stuff going as luggage) into one room and just close the door and put up a sign saying Do Not Enter! It worked
  7. Mine was a few years ago, $160 for destruction, can't remember the fee for treating it but I think it was higher and the hat would've ended up useless anyway! I would say if you don't use the stuff in the UK it may not be worth the hassle of trying to clean it. Be careful with the Xmas decorations for sure, and if bringing wooden things like kitchen stuff, put it all in one box together - they are less likely to open lots of boxes if they think you are aware of what might need inspection.
  8. Boxes labelled as Christmas decorations always get checked as they are paranoid about pine cones and will destroy any they find. Similar for any decorations made from bark and that kind of thing. They only destroyed one item of mine - a big floppy hat with artificial linen flowers on the front. They reckoned the imitation flowers contained real live seeds, which was just ridiculous, but they refused to listen and wouldn't release the rest until I paid for the destruction.
  9. Nemesis

    Would love to move to Queensland

    Interesting choice. Big mining community all over that area, will you be able to get work there? Its also very hard to find rentals up in that region as the mining pushes the prices up.
  10. Which PR visa are you heading for? 186, 189, 190? I'm guessing the 186, but......
  11. Nemesis

    RRV an option after WHV?

    As one of those who unfortunately fell in love with an Aussie only for the marriage to collapse after several years, it seems like an odd comparison. Expecting to be able to live in the same country as the person to whom you are married, is a rather different thing from expecting to be able to live in the same country as your parents (once you are no longer dependent of course), especially as your parents emigrated there themselves. In the case of many failed international marriages, by the time they fail there are children involved, the foreign spouse has their entire life based in the new country, all their possessions, their home, their employment - are you suggesting people should stay in a loveless marriage for life or leave the country, abandon their kids etc? Equally, if every person who emigrates to another country automatically as the right to bring their parents, grandparents, adult children etc along too, then you can imagine the chaos........ (Although personally, looking back, I wish the govt had taken the view that being married to an Aussie gave me no right whatsoever to live there - would've been much happier staying in the UK!!)
  12. Nemesis

    Return to Oz after 10 years

    If that was aimed at me, then a) I was seeing a GP independently, nothing to do with my employer. My boss only knew because I had supplied a sick note for 2 days the previous week. I was paying the bill, naturally. I have never in my life taken stress leave or anything similar. This ailment was nothing to do with my job. Assumptions can be dangerous, thought you'd know that!.
  13. Nemesis

    Return to Oz after 10 years

    It certainly is, and I was absolutely livid. My manager told me he had phoned the GP, told her that I was OK with discussing my medical condition, and then on the strength of that she went ahead and had said discussion. Had I been more mentally with-it and less depressed at the time I probably would have made an official complaint but he had already ground me down too far to even consider it. Left me with a very bad view of the Aussie public health system, I know its wrong to judge on the basis of one event but.........
  14. Nemesis

    Return to Oz after 10 years

    I think the healthcare issue is the same in both countries - some places are better than others. I had some great GPs in the UK and a couple of waste-of-time ones. Good service in public hospitals both here and in Aus. My opinion of GPs in Aus is not very high though, as the one I had dealings with badly breached every rule in the book by freely discussing my medical history with my boss (who was looking for excuses to sack me) - without my permission, in fact without even asking me. Rather made me avoid GPs after that. What did concern me in Brisbane was that I did know of families who would not go to a GP because they couldn't afford to, and because they knew they couldn't afford the cost of tests etc which would likely follow a visit. Not so much in the early years but certainly since about 2018, when bulk billing GPs became rarer than hens teeth.
  15. Nemesis

    RRV an option after WHV?

    I would say that personally I don't think he stands any chance of a RRV, but maybe consult a registered agent like Paul Hand (who posts on here) in case there is a slim hope. Your husband - the main applicant - has already been refused a RRV, the original 176 was granted over 11 years ago and none of you ever made a permanent move, plus your son has held a WHV since - none of which sounds promising. But I'd love to be proved wrong, and TTVs can throw up surprises sometimes, so I'd get a professional opinion before abandoning it altogether.