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  1. When your spouse applies for their Partner visa you just fill in your address details then. At present they have no need to know where you live..
  2. Nemesis

    Emergency!!!help!!!Many thanks

    you need feedback from a registered agent, not an embassy
  3. yes, but whether he is eligible to sponsor you is anther matter
  4. you would need to look at whether he can sponsor you for parents visas.
  5. Depends whether you are living in it together.
  6. Nemesis

    Is it the right thing?

    You might have already posted the answer, and I've just missed it, but...... how many times have you visited Australia and how much time have you spent here?
  7. Nemesis

    Subclass 103 Parent Visa

    Try https://immi.homeaffairs.gov.au/visas/getting-a-visa/visa-listing/parent-103
  8. Nemesis

    Moving on a skilled visa

    Nothing to stop you applying to the US at the same time. Totally different countries and they will not care - they won't even know unless you volunteer the information,
  9. Nemesis

    Medicare on TSS visa

    Nothing is guaranteed in the world of immigration. Visa requirements change frequently, and skills are often removed from the list. There really is no way to be sure that you would be able to apply for PR in 34 years - or even next year.
  10. Nemesis

    Rheumatoid arthritis

    One of the problems with looking at the results of other people's medicals isthat everyone's medical condition is unique. I have RA, passed the medical with no issues but it was years ago and at the time I wasn't on any medication. I would not like to say that anyone else would do the same because I don't know the ins and outs of their RA - it can be so mild or so severe that it really is an individual decision.
  11. As you have to provide the birth cert they obviously cannot grant the visa yet. The entry date on the visa is usually 12 months from the medical/police check. As the wait for the birth cert will push you nearer to April (when the original police check was done) I would suggest that the CO is asking for a new police check so that you will get a longer entry time - otherwise you could end up with a visa granted n March that must be validated by April!
  12. can't your agent tell you?
  13. No, it is still a condition for the Partner (not parent)Visas, so one cannot sponsor multiple partners, just two and they must be 5 years apart. The loophole that was closed was that if one person in a marriage was granted a Parent Visa, they could not then sponsor their other half on a Partner Visa - a huge well-exploited loophole that saved many people many thousands of dollars.
  14. Nemesis

    Married in UK but name change in QLD

    Just apply online for a new British passport with a name change - they will need a copy of your marriage certificate.
  15. Exactly, and that is how I know even genuine relationships can be refused, and no-one should ever promise anyone that their visa will be granted. For the people sending my private messages - I do not give migration information by pm. Any details I am willing to share are already on the forum.