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  1. Try starting your own thread with a more relevant title.....
  2. The applicant only needs to intend to stay in Australia temporarily on that occasion, and then leave again. Nothing to stop them returning at a later date on a PR visa. As long as they are using the 870 to visit Australia with the intent of returning home prior to its expiry, there is no problem with them having also applied for PR. The same clause applies to most temporary visas, there should be an intent to leave again.
  3. Do you have access to a scanner/printer? You just scan several documents one after another, so that they effectively form one large document - for instance, all your financial info. If you don't have access or still don't understand, ask your friends. Someone will have access to a scanner and will know how to scan several documents into one, its a basic office task.
  4. Nemesis

    Financial assistance

    Knowing some friends who have recently migrated to the UK, we'd be interested to know what financial support is available there. They are Canadian and neither is entitled to anything, as yet not even to NHS treatment. Not that they expected anything, sounds a bit wrong to arrive in a country that has granted you a visa and instantly ask about financial help.
  5. You are travelling on your 309, you don't need a tourist visa, and if you get one it might even cancel out your 309!
  6. Nemesis


    Certainly wouldn't be using that agency. The age limit for 189 and 190 was changed back to 45 a couple of years ago.
  7. What visa are you on now?
  8. Nemesis

    3rd WHV Question

    There is also a large number who apply and get a refusal because they have not done the regional work, or if they have, then cannot prove it. Some of them have even posted on this forum. To claim the work when you haven't done it is actually an offence. Its Immigration Fraud. You don't need to have held a WHV to know that.
  9. I have just done some reading on the various State registration websites, out of interest, and certainly NSW and VIC state that remarrying means an automatic revocation of the registration. So it would appear that even still being in a registered relationship has no bearing on whether you are free to marry or not! I am really surprised, to me that is almost saying that registering a relationship really is just a means of getting a visa and isn't even taken seriously by the States concerned!! So, judging by what I've read, and the answer you got from the registry, it would seem you are free to go ahead and remarry, regardless of whether your previous relationship has been deregistered, or not! Good luck with getting that application in by the 17th!
  10. Did you tell the celebrant who signed the NOIM that you are still waiting for the deregistration? My understanding was that you are not free to marry until the deregistration is complete, but if a celebrant has signed to say you are free, then maybe things have changed. However, in your shoes I would now be consulting an agent before stating on the 300 application that you are free to marry.
  11. Nemesis

    British pension

    You should still be eligible to get the money paid out from them. Super schemes are not subject to the same rues as government pensions.
  12. Nemesis

    British pension

    Did you not pay into any Australian superannuation scheme while you were there?
  13. To apply for a Prospective Marriage Visa you must be offshore, and must be free to marry your fiance. You cannot apply if you are still officially in a relationship with someone else.
  14. Be interesting to see how the explain the time spent apart, and how the can justify a genuine ongoing relationship when they've been living apart for 5 years.
  15. Nemesis

    PRs who never bother to take out citizenship

    Only if you meet the means test, and you don't have to be a citizen