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  1. Nemesis

    Medical visa autistic child

    Its never a good idea to lie on any part of a visa application, including the medical part..
  2. Was mentioned a fair bit in the UK press and on the news, and ITV is running frequent trailers of a drama/docu about his conviction. It certainly wasn't ignored over here.
  3. I don't see that people's viewpoints are any less valid because they haven't just made the move themselves. Its still possible to keep up to date with visa issues, and the viewpoint of a long term resident with regards to housing, shopping, schools, work etc is just as valid as someone only n the country for a year. If anything, longer experience of Australia can be valuable as you haven't got the rose-tinted approach that many have in their fist few months. Had to smile at your list of reasons why the UK is doomed! Horrendous experience with healthcare? I lost all faith in Australian healthcare after my GP and my boss started discussing my health issues behind my back. And some of the experiences friends had in hospitals in Brisbane were just degrading. Schools? No kids myself, bit have a friend whose child was at a primary school locked down three times in a month due to knife crime. Dentist? Don't make me laugh, who can afford one of those? Bins? Just before I left Brisbane the residents of my narrow street had our bins unemptied for a month because the bin lorry refused to enter the street saying he "didn't believe it was a real road" and the council did nothing. My only brush with sports centres was trying to get access to a swimming pool - no chance, all booked out for "length training" or schools! Neither country wins, they are just two western nations with very similar issues
  4. Nemesis

    PR query

  5. Yep he did, What's another Year in 1980 and Hold Me Now in 1987
  6. Nemesis

    Budget May 2023

    Noooo, its all down to the " house explosions. (much unreported) "..........
  7. Nemesis

    Cost of Living.

    But fairly accurate. Lidl did have that reputation before I went out to Oz. Much more upmarket now
  8. Nemesis

    Cost of Living.

    Up to $18 a pint in Brisbane, depending on what you re drinking. Now drinking in Sussex and not only is it cheaper, but the beer is better.
  9. Nemesis

    The Coronation of King Charles III 👑

    There were limits on numbers of people in the streets along the route, for security reasons.
  10. Nemesis

    Visa review report

    Clearly I don't know who Steve was referring to specifically as my psychic powers aren't working this week , but I do know although some Partner Visas come through quickly, not all do, especially if a Partner from a High Risk country is involved. And I have seen complaints from Partner applicants on this very forum, not all justified maybe, but when some are waiting 2 or 3 years whilst others are granted in 3 months, maybe those are justified. Parents Visas do have many more huge issues, I don't disagree with that, but most visa applicants are only interested in the speed of grant for their own class, ad really aren't bothered about what happens in other classes. My point really was just that this sub-forum is for all family visas, so I don't think any of us can assume that a post is about a particular visa subtype unless that subtype is specified
  11. Nemesis

    Visa review report

    Hate to niggle with you Linda, but its a subforum for Family/Partner Visas, and many of us follow it for the Partner Info more than the Parent info. I think Steve's post was fair enough, we don't all assume that every post s aimed at Parent Visas
  12. Nemesis

    Returning to UK after aged 60

    Can't advise you what is best for you, but I've just done what you describe in the first part of the post, including moving it all to the UK as personal savings, before I actually moved back in person. Part of it is now in an ISA, I am considering what to do with the rest as regards savings accounts etc. I have an appointment with an adviser next week to look at ins and outs and possibilities for inveting it. Made sense to me to move it all, rather than take it as a pension, as it removes all the business of transfer fees, I won't need to do Aus tax returns, won't need to worry about exchange rates Everything is in the same country, and after this year's tax return I can cut all monetary ties with Australia. Makes life simpler going forward. Your super fund is rather more than mine, and I'd say you need professional advice before you do anything with it.
  13. Nemesis

    Visa review report

    Don't understand what you mean by a lottery? They aren't going to pick people at random, they are proposing that instead of a desperately outdated skills list, they try and get people who actually fit into where thee is a skills shortage, and do away with people arriving with no hope of working. Some parts of the migration system desperately need an overhaul - wait times for parent visas, people on bridging visas for many years, people leaving (or not even arriving in) their sponsoring state for the 190, and many more.
  14. Nemesis

    Doctors and Australia

    As with your previous thread, you need to look at the duties and responsibilities, rather than at the title of the role.
  15. Nemesis

    Employee Sponsorship

    The biggest red flag could be the children. Depending on their ages, you are asking them to probably move twice between very different school systems. And if they are older teens, they must remain dependent on you if you hope to get PR. In addition, depending on which State you are heading for, you may have some very large school fees if you are on temporary visas.