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  1. Nemesis

    Pension earned in Oz back to UK

    Why is it a con? The rules are quite clear. Permanent Residency is just that, you have the right to live there permanently. And if you read the conditions of a PR visa its quite clear you get 5 years of multiple entry and then need a RRV or citizenship, Did you not read all thee conditions before applying?
  2. Nemesis

    Jetstar alert

    A stroller is a pushchair, not a carry on suitcase!
  3. Nemesis

    RRV with 2 years residency

    Most people who do not have citizenship but have family abroad keep their foreign passports current and keep their visas current alongside.
  4. Will who help you to get a tourist visa? Immigration won't help you, they will just process any application you make. Stop reading about stat decs other people have done as they are nothing to do with your case. And bear in mind that if they do decide to grant your 820 while you are offshore then it could be cancelled by any tourist visa granted later. You seriously need to talk to your agent.
  5. Both Peter Bollard and George Lombard are highly recommended for medical issues.
  6. Nemesis

    Pension earned in Oz back to UK

    interesting in itself as RRVs are issued for 5 years, 1 year or 3 months.
  7. The NHS can ask for stuff like where you are living in the UK, proof of sale/end of lease in oz, any proof of signing up for utilities. Electoral roll, even a one way ticket might be handy. But basically once you become resident in the UK again you are entitled to NHS treatment. Totally different from being eligible for benefits, though showing you have applied for anything may help prove your residency. One thing people need to bear in mind when getting medical insurance in Australia - Ambulances (except in Queensland) are not free. You need them covered on your insurance, and even if you are relying on medicare, you still need to pay for ambulance cover. It is not covered by medicare and a trip of only a few miles can cost thousands of dollars.
  8. What visa were you on to start with before you applied for the 820? Cancelling the 820 will not just have cancelled the BVB but also the BVA. To say you THINK it will all be sorted out is a bit worrying. I think you would be best advised to speak to an agent before you find yourself in a real mess.
  9. Nemesis

    Partner Visa 309/100

    The first date, in March 2019, is your validation date. You MUST make your first entry to Australia by that date, you can then either stay or leave again. The second date, in 5 years time, is the last date on which you can enter Australia using that visa. After that date you need either citizenship or a RRV to enter Australia. If you are in the country by that date, then you can stay permanently. It's just that the travel rights on the visa only last 5 years.
  10. Nemesis

    Partner visa from UK

    If you are actually planning to marry she could apply offshore for a Prospective Marriage Visa
  11. Nemesis

    309 application form

    The application isn't counted as lodged until you pay for it. We had an Immi account for several months before we finaly lodged,
  12. Which visa?, there are loads of temporary ones and they don't all need police clearances
  13. Nemesis

    Citizenship Timeline for years 2015-2016

    It won't change until immigration receive confirmation from the council that you have attended the ceremony. However, you become a citizen as soon as the ceremony takes place, the online status is irrelevant
  14. Nemesis

    Where's the cheapest land you can buy in Aus?

    There probably are, but remember much of inland Australia is very dry, and currently in drought. Land might be cheap, but is it liveable?
  15. Nemesis

    Life in inland Brisbane

    The flying ones can't be kept out just by cleanliness, they still appear no matter how scrupulous you are. Keep the spray handy.