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  1. Yes.You have used your first one. Whether you used it for one day or for 12 months is irrelevant.
  2. Nemesis

    How to apply or register to ASMIRT from overseas?

    https://www.asmirt.org/about/membership Filling in the membership form might be a good start?
  3. Nemesis

    190 VISA HELP

    Some people may have those in their family unit. As rammygirl says, Your family unit is just you, your partner and any children you may have. Not your extended family.
  4. Nemesis

    457 visa application Timeline for Years 2017/2018

    You do know the 457 can no longer be applied for?
  5. Nemesis

    moving to Australia as an over 55 buying a property help

    you still need a visa, even if its one designed for the "extremely loaded lucky gits"
  6. New members need a few posts before they can send messages. But stuff like this is better on the open forum anyway, helps everyone else that way.
  7. Nemesis

    Travelling light

    And take lots of power boards and adapters for your electrical stuff.
  8. Nemesis

    How to apply or register to ASMIRT from overseas?

    Have you tried their website?
  9. Nemesis

    Electrician: How to get started

    Still a lot easier and more secure than trying to find an employer to give you temporary sponsorship though
  10. Nemesis

    Citizenship paperwork and Police check

    Yeah for citizenship the AFP checks are done by the Department, not the applicant.
  11. Nemesis

    Buy a dwelling to get a VISA !!

    No. You need to read the immigration website for details of different visas, just buying a property will not get you one.
  12. Totally untrue. In fact my original PR 801 was granted in June, some years back.
  13. Nemesis

    Visas being stopped

    You are talking about the skilled independent category and the State sponsorship being totally scrapped? I suspect there is a myriad of visas more likely to be binned before they scrap the one which brings in the most skilled migrants. Its not unknown for them to change the subclass number, for instance the 175 and 176 were replaced by the 189 and 190, but scrap it? Extremely tremendously unlikely.
  14. Nemesis

    skill occupation

    Make sure you are looking at current lists. CSOL and SOL no longer exist.
  15. For a 309 or 820 you need to be married or in a long term relationship. For a 300 you only need to be able to prove that you have met your partner. There is no stated timeline for how long you need to have known them. When you then apply for the 820 after marriage Then you have to prove that the relationship is solid, ongoing, committed etc.