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  1. Nemesis

    When to go?

    LOL- I should add that these experiences were only 2 weeks ago.
  2. Nemesis

    When to go?

    A lot of it depends on the hotel you are in. One friend who was quarantined in Sydney had a great room, good food, and could get deliveries from ubereats and local bottle shops. Another in a different Sydney hotel, at the same time, got small meals that would be a disgrace to a cheap airline, and was only allowed to order extra food from the hotel menu, at inflated prices. No alcohol except from the hotel again, at the similar high prices. He even had a row with the hotel management when he tried to get Chemist Warehouse to deliver essential toiletries to him. Took the intervention of the police on duty there to get the management to see sense.
  3. Nemesis

    801 Visa Interview

    Very unlikely to be interviewed, especially at present You will be expected to remain in the relationship until a decision is made. If the relationship ends first then you need to inform Immigration as the PR, if granted, is granted on the basis that you are in that relationship.
  4. Nemesis

    Off Topic Coronavirus 2020

    Not sure what country you are in but what stadium events? Certainly in oz and the UK there are no concerts, no sports events, no stadiums are open nor are likely ro be for months to come.
  5. Nemesis

    Remaining Relative Visa

    At the moment except for the NT, the government foots the bill for accom and food. Check the official websites for the States/Territories for any changes - don't rely on social media.
  6. The majority of people in this thread are not UK applicants and will have very different timelines. Try this thread instead
  7. Nemesis

    Bridging from WHV to 835 Remaining Relative

    Having a long history of various serious mental health issues in my family I am well aware of the difficulties they can cause. Having also been treated for severe depression which was certainly triggered by immigration issues, I just want you to be aware that when a family is split like this over two countries you really need to prepare yourself for the fact that you may never be able to do more than visit. I've spent a long time listening to people on various forums telling others that things will be fine and you will all live happily ever after in the same country. Sometimes though a balance is needed. Sometimes those visas are not granted, sometimes the visa classes are abolished just before grant. Sometimes a pandemic happens and people who have waited years for a visa find it evaporates into smoke along with their promised job offer. I've seen people's lives, marriages, families broken by having unrealistic expectations and by not realising that there could be a refusal round the corner I just want you to be aware that while I really hope you do get what you want in the end, there are no guarantees. I do genuinely wish you luck, but be careful.
  8. Nemesis

    Holiday visa

    There is only one site. The official government one that people have linked to. She needs to apply for a new tourist visa, she will then be granted a bridging visa once her current visa expires. That will last until the new one is decided. She does not apply for the bridging visa only for a tourist visa. If she has more problems contact an registered migration agent , not the "official hotline"
  9. Nemesis

    Bridging from WHV to 835 Remaining Relative

    I don't mean to be harsh, but honestly...... You are 30 years old. Until the current crisis you could visit your family regularly and they could visit you By the time I was 30 I had been independent from my family for 15 years, and although at present I would love to be back on the other side of the world with them all I am old enough and ugly enough to accept that I'm an independent adult and have to go my own way in life. Mentally destroying is a 15 year old who stayed home to finish school and now cannot rejoin their family in Oz because the government will not grant an exemption. Mentally destroying is a woman about to give birth this month but her husband cannot get an exemption from the Oz govt to join her in the UK. https://www.abc.net.au/news/2020-05-17/coronavirus-skilled-migrants-travel-bans-australia-covid-19/12253434 Mentally destroying is not an adult 30 year old who fancies emigrating to be with their extended family.If your family is all that close-knit why did they emigrate without you?
  10. If you have citizenship you can move whenever you like. If you don't want to move with your family move later. If you don't have citizenship, what visa will you be moving on?
  11. As long as its an approved panel doctor the medical can be done anywhere.
  12. Nemesis

    Fall in migration due to Covid-19

    If you fly into Qld as a first time PR arrival you are treated the same as any other PR arrival. flying in 2 weeks quarantine in a hotel.
  13. Nemesis

    Post from the UK

    I'm waiting for letters posted in the UK mid March. People in the UK waiting for stuff posted by me second week of April. Local post office in oz reckons allow 2-3 months at least at present.
  14. Nemesis

    Fall in migration due to Covid-19

    if you had lived my life you would understand why positivity is rare as it always comes back to bite me