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  1. Daisyflowers

    Medicals autistic child

    @Mom2. Hi yeah you can message me.
  2. Daisyflowers

    Is my 190 activated😬

    I know this is going to sound ridiculous but I have the fear that I’ve some how not activated my 190 properly or I should have told someone at the airport immigration/boarder control that I was activating my 190 for the first time not that I was expecting a fanfare but maybe an acknowledge of some sort to say I had been to Oz and now my PR is active for immigrating! I know it’s a daft thing to think, but is it really just a case of go to Oz on holiday (as usual!), come home and get ready to make the move!
  3. Daisyflowers

    190 and moral obligation to stay

    Thanks again for all the info. I’m going to contact my state and see what they say. Depending on the answer I guess will determine what I do. But if anyone has any experience of contacting a state or not living in their sponsor state and how you manage that i would be grateful for the information. Thanks again.
  4. Daisyflowers

    190 and moral obligation to stay

    I really appreciate all the information. The more I look the more confusing it is! When I was looking for best ways to contact your state I found a video by Karol Konrad made this year saying; you don’t have to stay in your state, there is no risk to your visa being cancelled as the visa has already been given, and no impact on citizenship later down the line. I can’t understand the different information around on such a huge matter. Surely it’s a yes or no situation. It just adds more stress in trying to figure out my options
  5. Daisyflowers

    190 and moral obligation to stay

    Thanks. It’s such a difficult situation. I’ve read a few things that suggested contacting my sponsor state and explaining my situation and asking if I can be ‘released’ for the moral obligation part. Others have said there is no repercussions if you don’t stick to your moral 2 years and anything stating other is intended to make you believe there will be a risk to your visa and/or getting citizenship so you do stay. . I don’t think I could take the risk and will contact my state. I just don’t know what I would do if they said no! But it seems the consensus on the forum is it’s risky not to fulfil the moral obligation.
  6. Hi. I am having a bit of a situation. I have a 190 granted for a different state than my family live in. We haven’t made the move yet (work/house sale etc) but planing to soon. Being in a different state from the family didn’t really factor in to our decision as we have traveled to see each other for years. However, a family member is currently experiencing significant mental health problems as well as a separation. They have asked if I could move in with them to care for/support them. They don’t have anyone else to take care of them/support them. It’s not a great situation. However, I understand my moral obligation to my sponsoring state. If I contacted my nominating state and explained the situation, do you think my ‘moral’ obligation to care for my family member would be factor enough to release me from my moral obligation to my sponsoring state?
  7. Daisyflowers

    Medicals autistic child

    I can’t advise you on that @Vama as I don’t think that a child being autistic is a negative thing or that a ‘label’ is something that weighs a childs development, or general life happiness down in anyway. I can only give our experience of the visa situation.
  8. Daisyflowers

    Medicals autistic child

    @Vama from our experience having supporting documents from school that your child can/does maintain an unsupported mainstream placement seems to be the crucial document (assuming there’s no health or other issues). We didn’t have a health waver option on our visa. but we feel confident enough that because he was in transition to mainstream and had no health issues that we were in a position that we felt we should at least try. Despite that there was always a plan for mainstream school for our son, we went in knowing there was still the chance of being knocked back because he is autistic (from everything I had read etc). We understood the reasons why immigration are so tight on restrictions (not to say we thought they were fair), so we just got on with it and did everything we were asked. Being honest and organised was the way we chose to do it.
  9. Daisyflowers

    Medicals autistic child

    Even if you dont have a diagnosis the doctor at the medical would have an expectation/understanding on where a child should be in terms of developmental milestones.if a child presents with any delay in development I imagine that would be enough for further evidence to be requested from immigration. We were honest regarding my son being autistic from the very start as you need to get the right supporting assessment in place to support your medical if further evidence is asked for. For us we felt if we are honest from the start then we could get organised when our medical came round and have our assessments ready to take to the medical.
  10. Daisyflowers

    Medicals autistic child

    Hi @Vama I can’t give you and advice on your visa, sorry. for school, from our experience; it’s about if your child can cope independently in mainstream school. For us there was already a transition plan in place/taking place and there were no concerns that a full mainstream transition couldnt take place by the end of the year (with no support). So it’s not that a child is autistic it’s the level of support they require. some visas have health wavers that allow you right to appeal if your rejected. That’s not to say it would change the decision but it’s an option. You would need to speak to your agent about the terms of that. We didn’t have a visa with a health waver so I’m not sure what the process would be.
  11. Daisyflowers

    Medicals autistic child

    Hi @bearbear128. I can only tell you from our experience so this isn’t to say it’s the way it works for everyone. I don’t think its that a child or person is autistic that causes the difficulty in the getting a visa rather it’s how much support they need (you will be able to read that in multiple post on this forum). My son was in an educational support unit specifically for autistic children. But his educational plan supported a main stream transition and main stream secondary placement. He also had/has no other input from other agencies so no health etc. only education. The only supporting document we provided was an assessment from school showing his current and projected educational plan; what is capabilities are and that he would maintain a mainstream placement (after transition). We took that with us to the medical as we knew we would be asked for further evidence as we ‘declared’ that he was autistic from the outset. I guess if a child has lots of intervention you could get other supporting documents but thankfully we weren’t asked for anything else. It is really stressful because it’s not until the very end of the process at the medicals that it even became a factor in the visa process that our child’s autistic. So you could do all the hard work involved in even getting to that stage and then be knocked back. It’s definitely a risk but we just had to try and thankfully it was a good result.
  12. Daisyflowers

    Medicals autistic child

    Hi, glad to say we got our grant.
  13. Daisyflowers

    After the medicals (190 visa)

    Thanks @paulhand. It should have said final review not assessment. I didn’t know if getting a cleared medical was the last, last stage before a visa was granted. What other information could they ask for at this stage? Is it just a final check of passports/police check dates/medicals etc? thanks.
  14. What does it mean after you medical has been cleared when your application is queued for final assessment. Is there another part to go through to provide other information? cheers.
  15. Daisyflowers

    Medicals autistic child

    Thanks for the reply @Quoll. The school report will state his current situation exactly as is. It’s not something we are trying to ‘get around’, but having an idea of what the medicals will be like and what reports I will need is great to help me get any reports sorted before we go to medicals. Thanks for your help.