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  1. You cannot remove the form, and if you leave the answer as incorrect that could have far more serious consequences than submitting a form tut it right!
  2. I assume the agent is registered, so be interesting to hear the MARA view on it.
  3. You need to complete and upload Form 1023, Notification of Incorrect Answers
  4. He's not wrong, you know....my husband and I know only too well that it is very possible, especially in recent years, to find yourself with a partner who is refused permanent residence (and we did use an agent). Are you prepared to move to Syria if necessary?
  5. Nemesis

    Sponsor going bust

    If your partner is Australian I'd be making a lot of attempts to get back together.......
  6. Nemesis

    FBI report on 482

    Five days? WIth character issues? You'll be the envy of the forum!!! Little point to note though - you mention spousal visas, you wont be on a spouse visa, you will be on a 482 as your husband's dependent. I know it sounds picky, but the correct visa terminology can make a difference. Spouse visa rules are very different to temporary work visa rules. Good luck!
  7. Why would you need to practice? Having been through this more than once I know that they just want to know about your relationship and marriage. If you are genuine that stuff is natural.
  8. Please do not name case officers on the open forum. They are just people doing a job. Australia places a lot of emphasis on the respect for people's privacy.
  9. Nemesis

    Resident Return Visa query/panic!

    I know I have read posts from agents lately saying that RRVs are someiimes now taking several weeks or even months. Sadly maybe you were just unlucky
  10. Nemesis

    Resident Return Visa query/panic!

    A lot of us never change our names, for a myriad of reasons.
  11. Nemesis

    457 and Redundant

    What family ties do you have? Is your partner Australian?
  12. You can do it through Immiaccount or by completing and uploading Form 929
  13. Nemesis

    Resident Return Visa query/panic!

    You aren't being penalised for being a woman what makes you think that? There are many reports of RRVs taking several months, thats just the timeline at present and anything quicker is good luck, male, female or otherwise! Because of the huge backlog or citizenship there are more RRV aplications now, so the queue is bigger, simple as that. Also you aren't banned from leaing the country, you can leave whenever you like. The problem is getting back in again.
  14. Nemesis

    Medical query

    Unless your child has exactly the same condition and prognosis, comparing the case with someone else's won't really help. Each medical is individual and each case gets investigated in ts own way, and at its own speed. Have you consulted with an agent? If so, are they experts in medical issues?
  15. Nemesis

    Partner visa from 457

    As I understand it, if your existing visa is canceled then the BVA gets canceled too. You can only transition onto the BVA when your existing visa expires naturally.
  16. You are eligible to submit documents for the 100 2 years after you applied for the 309. Log in to your Immi account after that date and it will tell you what you need to submit.
  17. If your daughter is eligible for Australian citizenship then she needs to get that, not a visa. If she is not eligible then she would be added to your husband's application as a dependent and pays the extra fee as a dependent oin that visa (not another $7000) Police checks need to be ACRO checks, DBS is no good for migration. https://www.acro.police.uk/police_certificates.aspx
  18. Just unpack for him, thats what I did! Admittedly we were very lucky with our rental and even back in the UK neither of us have had issues with having to move on faster than we wanted. He gets short term leases when working away somewhere, I just keep the home going and its always been at least 6 years between moves.Helps that I grew up moving a lot so I'm used to the whole packing/unpacking, and as child I was used to packing up and moving every couple of years so its in the blood. Can you get him to see it from the viewpoint of "life's too short, unpack, relax, enjoy"? Also, I am a bit of a hoarder, my book collection is as big as his and I have a lot of decorative trinkets and "material stuff". Last time we had to move I remember thinking at least I had stuff to pack and move -I had friends who lost everything to the Brisbane floods, and now people in California losing everything they own. Its an odd apptoach maybe, but I am just glad to have the option to unpack, relax, repack nd move, rather than fleeing and losing it all. As above, life is too short.
  19. Nemesis

    Visa required

    Do you have any formal qualifications? How much work experience? Do you know ANYTHING about the requirements to get an Australian visa?
  20. Nemesis

    VISA 3 year ban

    Please, do yourself a favour and get professional help putting together the "compelling reasons"
  21. Certainly doesn't sound like a break-up issue. If so me and my gorgeous hubby would've parted company years ago. Is it possible to find a long-term rental? I know nothing is guaranteed, but when we were in oz we had a rental place for over 10 years. Good relationship with the landlord, he just wanted an investment property and easy tenants. Not a box in the place, it really was just like our own place. And much easier than owning nd havig to deal with rates and maintenance etc
  22. Nemesis

    Extending a tourist Visa.

    Most - if not all - shipping companies require a copy of the visa of the person shipping their belongings. This is partly because if that person ships with no visa in place, and the visa is refused, the company ends up with a container full of stuff that belongs to someone with no right to enter the country to where the goods are being delivered. Hence they will want a copy of the visa. You (the OP) will be travelling on a tourist visa so thats what you need to tell them. Some companies will not ship on a tourist visa, so you will need to engage with shipping firms to find out their policies. As for the whole tourist to bridging visa to PR issue - the details on here show that you just don't understand the process, and if you follow the road you have outlined here you risk finding yourself onshore with no valid visa and thus in a lot of trouble. For your sake, go back to your agent and get them to give you all the details of the process very clearly.
  23. Nemesis

    Extending a tourist Visa.

    Then you will be aware of the errors in your post - such as you cannot apply for a Bridging Visa, and you cannot "take up residency on the issue of the Bridging Visa"
  24. Nemesis

    VISA 3 year ban

    If you are currently on a three year ban then I would suggest professional advice from a registered migration agent before applying for anything else.
  25. Nemesis

    187 Visa Processing Time

    Get some professional advice from a registered migration agent.