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  1. Nemesis

    3 year ban

    A good example of why advice should come from an agent, and not from the Immi helpline.
  2. Nemesis

    Partnership visa

    He could sponsor her for a de facto visa whilst married to someone else, there is no "must be free to marry" clause on a de facto sponsorship, but reading the description of their relationship on here I don't see how they would qualify for de facto. Definitely both parties must be " free to marry" when registering a relationship.
  3. Nemesis

    Partnership visa

    An agency cannot "be with MARA" only an individual can be a registered agent. Your English seems similar to that on the website; one wonders if you are being paid to promote them.........
  4. Nemesis

    RRV Options availble to me?

    Job offer, owning a house or proprerty, close family members (spouse/children), investments and bank accounts, that sort of thing.
  5. Nemesis

    Moving on to tourist visa after quitting on 457

    Applying for a visa does not cancel an existing visa. It wouldn't get cancelled until the new visa is granted. Assuming you are still employed by the 457 employer, the visa would still be valid and you can use it to re-enter oz. However if you no longer work for that employer the 457 should have been cancelled for that reason, not because of the new application.
  6. Sometimes that is a decision that has to be made. If they do not grant her a visa, what will you do? Divorce her, or go home and live with her? Start thinking about the reality of it just in case.
  7. Nemesis

    Bridging visa b

    They will always want the checks done, but the checks only have a "life" of 12 months. So if you do them too early then they may expire and you would have to do them again.
  8. Nemesis

    Difficulties in getting PCC

    https://immi.homeaffairs.gov.au/help-support/contact-us/offices-and-locations/list and select USA. That takes you here https://www.fbi.gov/services/cjis/identity-history-summary-checks
  9. Nemesis

    Return Resident Visa

    If you are granted a 3 month RRV you must enter Australia within those 3 months. If it expires and you want to leave again you need to apply for another RRV, preferably before you leave. Once you can satisfy the residency requirement of 2 years you should be granted a 5 year RRV. The eventual idea is that you apply for citizenship then you do not need to keep getting RRVs.
  10. That will be a factor in the refusal, the fact that you have not been to see your family for so long. You need to demonstrate that you keep in touch and see them as often as you can. If you have not seen your child for 21 months, he is no longer a new born but a toddler And make sure you hire a registered agent, that is different from a lawyer.
  11. Nemesis

    Help with partner visa

    If the child also needs a visa (so is not British) then yes, the income requirement is higher. But as the child is hers, and is (presumably) British and thus not migrating, that doesn't affect the figure. She just needs the basic £18,.600 to sponsor him as her spouse.
  12. Nemesis

    Help with partner visa

    For him to migrate to the UK they need to be living together for (I think) 2 years, or get married. She then needs to have earnings of £18,600 per year, or savings of £62,500 to sponsor him.
  13. Nemesis

    Help with partner visa

    You register the relationship and then apply for the visa as if you were married, except that instead of the marriage certificate you have the Registered Relationship certificate. That means you don't have to prove any time living together - same as if you were married. Your son goes on the application as your dependent.
  14. Nemesis

    Help with partner visa

    To qualify as de facto for a visa you need (as you know ) 12 months cohabitation. Registering the relationship, just like getting married, removes the need for the 12 months. In Qld,one partner must be a state resident, and both of you must be single and "free to marry". You then use the registration instead of marriage when applying for the visa. No need to prove any time living together - it just replaces the marriage certificate.
  15. You ahve already been told you do not need to know anyone in Australia in order to visit it. https://immi.homeaffairs.gov.au/visas/getting-a-visa/visa-listing/visitor-600/tourist-stream-overseas is the link you need. That is the official government website.
  16. They can report it anonymously. Even if the son later does a Freedom of Info request, he need never know who made the report. Anonymous reporters to Immigration are not asked for names and addresses. The only details recorded are the time/date of the call. Not even whether the caller is male or female, in oz or abroad. The caller is then asked to give as much info as they can to identify the applicant concerned, and explain why the report is being made. A FOI will have the transcript of the call in it, word for word. If the caller does not identify themselves within the call then no-one, not the applicant, nor Immigration themselves, will ever know who the call comes from. Its not something to be done on a whim, as all calls are investigated and one call can ruin not just a visa application, but lives, jobs, homes and marriages. https://www.directory.gov.au/portfolios/home-affairs/department-home-affairs/immigration-citizenship-fraud There is also an online form. https://www.homeaffairs.gov.au/help-and-support/departmental-forms/online-forms/border-watch
  17. Nemesis

    Pet Melbourne to Brisbane Flight?

    https://www.qantas.com/travel/airlines/travelling-with-pets/global/en Thats the Qantas pet travel link (if you are searching BTW, there is no 'U" in Qantas )
  18. Nemesis

    Lithuanian passport

    Looks like he should be eligible for an evisitor as long he isn't staying more than 3 months https://immi.homeaffairs.gov.au/visas/getting-a-visa/visa-listing/evisitor-651#Eligibility
  19. If they are married there is no requirement for the 12 months relationship, they can apply the day after they marry. All Partner applications need statements from friends and/or family to support the application and the case officer is able to contact them if necessary, though I must admit I have never heard of it happening.
  20. At present no. This may change when the rules change later this year and the sponsor needs to get approval first. No one knows yet what will be asked for then.
  21. They will not ordinarily contact family or friends, only if there are concerns. If the case officer can see no issue with the application they will not contact anyone. If the family have concerns they can contact Immigration, it can be done anonymously, and whatever they say will be thoroughly investigated. Just be very sure that they are aware it WILL be investigated and there is a good chance the visa will be refused, the woman would have to leave and would possibly have a ban on returning. If they have blatantly lied on the documents, that is just foolish on their part and really should be brought to the attention of Immigration, especially if it is implicating the family by saying they were living with them - that sort of lie can come back and bite the family later. When my husband applied for his spouse visa it was refused partly due to lies told by a third party who phoned Immigration, so just make sure anyone who makes a call is aware of the possible consequences.
  22. Nemesis

    Single person move to NT ....

    Had a mate who lived there for a few years, she was single at the time. Had a good government job so could afford a decent home in a good area. She has always described it as an "interesting experience". She's a pretty tough cookie, and always gave as good as she got. She said there's a lot of sexist attitudes stlll, and its a tough life in a harsh climate. Not one for the faint hearted. Shes one to make what sh can of hings and got involved in various clubs pretty fast but she said she had to do all the running, they don't come to you offering friendship with open arms.
  23. Nemesis

    Parent Visa - which one?

    Interesting. Didn't know you could do that with a UK State pension. I know if you try and claim the Oz one but are entitled to the UK one they make you claim the UK one first. Begs the question though as to why more people don't just abandon their UK pension and go for this visa!
  24. Nemesis

    Partner visa changes before June

    From what an agent (Raul( has posted it appears that the sponsor will need approval before the applicant can lodge their paperwork The chances are very high that the approval for the sponsor will take a few months, which means if the applicant has arrived on a 3 month visitor/tourist visa then that 3 months will run out before they can file the application. Hence they will have to laeve and apply offshore, no bridging visa will be possible. This would seem to fit with the desire of the government to cut the number of people sitting onshore on long term bridging visas, having arrived as "tourists"
  25. You can't do it now as the new system hasn't been introduced yet! I have heard rumours of March and June for dates of the change.