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    VAC2 Payment request received today. VAC2 Payment done today. 143 GRANT Letter received today. 48 Months of Long Waiting is over today. Thanks to all on this Forum for contributing very valuable information related to cpv 143 which really helped us to do it ourselves.
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    I'll not comment then ...
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    The only two things in my life which are not speculative are taxation and death. Everything else is an assumption base on many decades of life experience and gut feeling. In fact the older I get, the more I like to trust my gut. And coincidentally the older I’ve got, the more gut I’ve got to trust.
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    VAC2 Payment request received today. VAC2 Payment done today. 143 GRANT Letter received today. 48 Months of Long Waiting is over today. Thanks to all on this Forum for contributing very valuable information related to cpv 143 which really helped us to do it ourselves.
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    I just wanted to say hello to everyone. I'm from Scotland moving back to Australia for the second time. One of the main things about being back home is the weather I live in North Scotland and I think it's freezing all the time. It's always rainy or windy. Now I've had children I realise we are stuck inside much of the time and I think everyone will have a better life in Australia. I'm not naive, I've been there I know what it's like I've been isolated, lonely etc but then I was isolated, lonely etc back here too. So I'm going to give it another try, I think we are so lucky that we can x x
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    Really? as you both have the same IP address too.... Cal x
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    Hi guys just now I got my golden email
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    Final entry on this thread from me: Applied: June 2018 Interview and test: September 2019 Ceremony: 26 January 2020 Passport applied for 8th February 2020 (regular service, not priority) Passport received 18th February 2020
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    Very true… there is now no obvious benefit in anyone 60 years of age, applying for a 143 visa over a 103 visa. The queues are about the same length and you have the option to switch to a contributory parent visa at any time without loosing your queue date (however there are other considerations). Contributory parent visa are no longer serving the purpose they were intended. The only way Australia can fix this is to increase the cost. There was a report a few years ago that calculated parent immigrants cost the taxpayer approximately $250k each. I guess if this were the price of a 143 visa today, then processing times would again be realistic. There is a general consensus here that if the cost of contributory parent visas should rise, it will not be applied retrospectively. And existing applicants will only pay the price quoted at the date they applied. But if you change from a 103 visa to a 143, you could loose this price lock-in. Also the ‘cap’ on all classes of parent visa can change on a political whim. So queues could dramatically lengthen at any time. They can also close down a parent visa stream (as we have seen in the past) or close parent visas for new applicants (like happened in New Zeeland). It’s always best to take advice from a good agent (like Allan). But if I were starting again I would lock-in to a 143 now and then get on with my life as normal. When we first applied, we thought the wait would be only 18 to 24 months, if we had known it would take more than 4 years, we probably would not have applied. But now we are thankful we did and 4 years seems like a breeze compared to the 10 years of possible delay for today’s applicants. And who knows how long the queue will be in the coming years, even ten years queuing might not look that bad in the future.
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    hi all i received my golden email this afternoon. So happy, took me 14 years. I arrived in Australia in 2006. Finish my studies and apply for pr in 2008 but my lawyer at that time disappear and my original documents he had in his office. I mean i lost my original documents. Than I applied mrt that took 4 years than i lost in mrt. Coz of mrt my wife were stuck in overseas for 4 years. And applied off shore 457 and that was rejected, i applied again and luckily i got 457 in regional area. Anyway long story short i did not give up and finely After 14 years of struggle i got my PR. JUST WANT TO SAY ONE THING AT THE END IT WILL BE GOOD, IF ITS NOT GOOD ITS NOT THE END.... good luck everyone and thanks for your massive support
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    For a matter of technical and pivotal significance that is going to be relied upon can I respectfully recommend paying a migration professional for a written opinion. Best regards.
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    Hello Everyone, I hope you are all well. just a little update on our snake story Brian cam back!!! Not seen him for a long while but he popped up on St Valentines Day, must be because he loves us lol here he is, relaxing in all his old haunts
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    What constructive comments have there been in this thread? All I've seen is bunch of people gossiping about people they have never met. All they know is second or third hand gossip (or blatantly made up) fed to them by the tabloids.
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    I don't play either but husband does. In fact it's where he is right now ............. though more likely in the club house now. Devonport golf club
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    Presumably when she found what such an arse he is.
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    Reading the post again, it seems clear the relationship has broken down to the point where the mother wants nothing to do with the father - she won't even put his name on the birth certificate. Maybe her desire to stay in Australia is part of her efforts to keep him out of her life? People can do very irrational and bitter things in the aftermath of a breakup, so one can only hope she changes her mind at some point. I think the OP has a battle ahead of him, but he'd be wise to wait until his ex has returned to the UK and to have that fight in the UK courts. He could consult a British lawyer now to prepare the case, as I don't think it will be long until she returns. It would be a waste of money to launch any kind of Australian proceedings because her chances of staying in Australia until the case is concluded are somewhere between remote and none.
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    I have no doubt that you did apply successfully by yourself and I am not criticizing your opinion about whether to use an Agent or not, as this is a personal choice based on individual situation. My issue is that in you comment, you specifically state in regards to Partner application; "it's just a form". This is a very dangerous and misleading comment. If you have done a partner application recently, you would be well aware that there is much more to it than just filling out "a form". Maybe if you were to witness first hand how devastating a refusal can be for people who were advised that this long and expensive process, is simple and only form filling, you may be less flippant with your comments.
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    When I first came over I read the book 1788 which was a very interesting read , funny how life changes hated History in school but love it now.
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    87.5% 1 year out on 1 question
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    Agree chickens coming home to roost uk is a massive economy not to be sneered at by any means. Not adopting the euro was best thing Uk never did
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    Don't they get up turtles nostrils or around dolphin beaks? Not good. Can't you just tie the box with organically sourced hemp string?