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    Hi guys, The golden email came through today. I wish all of you get the good news soon. Visa : 186 DE Nomination and Visa Applied - 26 Feb 2020 Onshore : Yes State: WA No. of applicants : 3 Role : Spatial Scientist Nomination Status - Approved 19 May 2020 s56 Request for More Information - 20 May 2020 Information provided - 05 Jun 2020 Visa Status - Further Assessment 05 Jun 2020 Granted - 05 Aug 2020
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    Hi there, I got my 186 visa granted today. It's been a bit rough to get there. The point-based system for 189 went to crazy arm race soon after I got my 65 points. And then my first attempt on 186 nomination was rejected due to tech startup financial roller-coaster. Meanwhile, the country I came from has been trying to screw up the world by all the ways it can. I hope you all will get your positive response shortly! Wish you all safe and sound through this crazy time. @restaurant.manager As a silent reader, I saw a lot of your depressed comments. I felt the same, most of the time. I just want to give you a virtual hug and pray for you.
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    Hi Guys, I have received our golden email today. Hope this good news to let you all know the department is still slowly processing cases. Hope you all receive your golden email soon.
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    Received a request for AOS already - it only took a month from 143 submission. I was also asked to apply for Australian National Police Check as an additional document although I haven't been in the country for more than 12 months. It is easy enough online. Hope you all well and your own personal applications are progressing.
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    First working day of August. Even Covid situation is getting bad again in few states, but I'm still hopping more grants this month.
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    We are going for it, it's now or never, we've come this far to give up now.
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    I don’t think we are talking about the effect of kicking a few immigrants out onto the street will make. Neither are we talking about a few economic migrants taking advantage. We are talking about thousands of people that have illegally turned up on our shores and are housed and cared for at great expense. Many are from African countries, with plenty of money in their pockets for the expensive journey and look anything but starved. Can you let me know what problems of theirs we created and what bombs we made that had such an effect on these African men. Are you able to explain why women and children are largely unaffected by these issues we created as these young, fit men seem to just leave them all behind. Come on be honest, they are all just trying their luck at a better life, nothing to do with the cost of bombs. Many here are just fed up with it, it’s getting worse and most see them for what they are. The guy BTD put a post up about that originally came from Syria. I touched upon him making an unnecessary long journey to get here but that seems irrelevant to many even though it’s not. It read like he was some hero yet he got to the U.K. using a fake passport. He fraudulently entered our country and got to stay and now lives in a London flat. We need to be more honest as to why they come here and it’s not because we caused them all problems and made bombs, it’s because they all know they get more in the U.K. than they do in other countries.
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    Good for you, @bunbury61. When I moved to Australia, I got my citizenship as soon as possible, because I always thought I'd have to go home and look after my Dad at some point. Thank goodness I never had to, because one of my sisters took him on. My sister needed a place to live after a marriage break-up, and she was always very fond of our family home (which the rest of us thought of as old and draughty!). So Dad sold her the house, on condition he could live there till he died, and split the proceeds between us all. He lived for another 15 years. Sadly, my two sisters now barely speak to her. They think she swindled us out of the house (funny that, because our Dad consulted us all about the price before he sold, and we all agreed) and she's now "sitting on a gold mine'. Personally, I will be eternally grateful and can't put a price on the service she did for all of us.
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    I think there's a progression on the forums. People come to learn about visas/migration and move from the visa sections, to the shipping sections to the Aussie/UK chat sections. Over time they get what they need from those sections and there isn't much new to see, so they find their way to CTF. I think possibly for that reason, new posters are more focussed on other sections of the forum and have no need for CTF. I also think CTF can be quite abrasive and unpleasant and even now I actively avoid it most days, dipping in and out from time to time and then leaving again. I miss a lot of what is said in here and deliberately so.
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    Cape Hillsborough this morning. Cheers, Bobj.
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    It’s not going to change at all as borders aren’t opening till at least January. Qatar is getting more bad reviews about refunds etc because they’re flying more flights than the others, not because they’re any worse in that regard
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    I’ve often thought that it makes a difference if you have moved round a lot throughout your life? The longest we have lived in the same house is eight years and the longest time in one country is fifteen years. I think this made a big difference to our expectations when we moved to Australia. We didn’t feel we needed to be really close to our family - two hours is fine, once a week is fine - we have our own lives to lead and want to be around our daughter and grandchildren but don’t need to be sitting on their doorstep.
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    I have just received my approval!!!!! OVER THE MOON Thank you to all for your support and advice over the last few months it really means so very much xx
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    @Barnyrubble, why would you think otherwise? You are effectively jumping the queue by exploiting a loophole in the law. If you choose to do that, you have to accept the consequences. The normal way to apply for any visa is to apply from your home country, wait there until you have been vetted and approved, and then migrate. But a loophole means that if you arrive in Australia and apply for a visa onshore, you're allowed to stay on a bridging visa, even though you've gone through none of the vetting procedures normally required to get a long-term visa. I know you're thinking, "but if I go home and wait, I'll be waiting 30 years". Well actually, the government doesn't want anyone to apply for the 804 visa. Parents on 804 visas are costing the Australian taxpayer a fortune in medical bills, aged care and pensions, so the government tried to abolish it a few years ago - but it had to go through parliament and was defeated. So they have made the waiting time unreasonably long to deter applicants. However they neglected to close the loophole. Frankly, you should count yourself lucky that such a loophole exists, because it doesn't exist in most other countries.
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    Your command of the English language doesn't look too good, simmo. "You was"??? And, the snake swam away quite strongly as the hook was only a small one, Cheers, Bobj.
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    On other news, we have someone who wants to buy our house, they just need to sell theirs first. Not going to get too excited at this stage.
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    Well, their infection rate has declined since its peak - which was about 1300 a day - but the economic impact has been almost as severe as in Denmark and Norway which introduced stricter controls from the beginning. And now those two countries and Finland have introduced a travel bubble from which Sweden is excluded. It doesn't look as though it will gain much (if any) economic benefit from its much greater death rate which, per capita, is 10 times that of the other Nordic countries.
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    Like fishing and catching sea snakes and wondering how to extricate the hook without being bitten by one of the Earth's most venomous snakes... Cheers, Bobj.
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    I think it does too. I had two very good friends when we lived in Perth WA who went back to Scotland after they had babies. They were very close to their families and had never really left the area where they grew up prior to migrating so found it very hard going. Funnily enough their daughters who grew up in Scotland are now back in Australia. Both with good jobs in Sydney. Both my friends (their Mums) died from cancer a few years ago. I had lived all over the place since leaving home at 16 so coped without help from family - no problem. Even when Mum used to come out for 4 months every 2nd year I didn't use her as a babysitter. I don't have grandchildren yet but chances are, when they arrive they will be in another country or mainland Australia ....... we are in Tassie.
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    Believe me mate, most people don't want the feds in charge of this stuff, espeically the current lot (after the bushfires). Certainly not in WA where Mark McGowan has huge support for his stance. I suspect SA, Qld and Tassie is the same. The federal govt only dropped out of the court case against the WA state govt closed border at the last minute. The Liberals would have been on track to have been completely wiped out in the west electorally. Australia as a whole was doing quite well and on track for elimination until the quarantine breaches in Victoria. It shows that it doesn't take much to spiral out of control.
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    It's a LOT better than it used to be. I really couldn't be bothered with some of the posters who would try almost anything to get a response to their annoying rambling of how their country was so much superior to the UK or to Australia ............... both as bad as the other.
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    We are lucky to be in the special club then.
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    Hi @Skani I saw that on my Tasmanian news update this morning regarding the border will not open now in August at all . It is very re-assuring that the state wish to protect everyone on the island taking action accordingly and we can of course understand that wish too (Just wish we had already arrived there). It's a bit like trying to pin down jelly at the moment making renewed plans to migrate. We should have actually arrived in Launceston tomorrow (2nd planned arrangements) but we know we will make it eventually (fingers and toes crossed) just have to wait a little longer for our Tasmanian chapter to begin. Apreciate you posting the update
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    It’s not denying people their humanity. It’s just saying you can’t always chose where you want to live. Someone not getting what they want doesn’t equal denying them their humanity. Honest answer please, are you happy for them to turn up here in their thousands and get to stay at an enormous cost to the country? Can I save myself visa fees and just turn up in Australia one day and remain there as if they say I can’t it’s denying me of humanity? Of course it’s not. I want doesn’t always get as my mum used to tell us. I do empathise. I realise to be born a British Citizen makes me luckier than so many, It’s a lottery of life where you are born and I did better than those that are trying to get here. I really do realise that and I understand why they want to get here. That still does not mean we can open the gates. We do offer sanctuary to many genuine cases but most of these are just trying their luck and you can’t hold a hand out to the whole world.
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