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    We spent a couple of days at the tiny town of Arthur River on the far north west coast. Lovely tranquil wee place - nice for a short break but i couldn't live there.
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    I think if you feel 'that' strongly about not getting the jab, perhaps you should reevaluate your career choices and not work closely 'with' people. COVID is new. Businesses and industry have to adapt to the risk. The public health response is appropriate and perfectly just. Anything less would be negligent.
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    We do that all the time with every single vaccine we ever take. Its what people in developed countries do. Its led to reduction in infant and childhood death rates, long term chronic disability, longer lifespan, No medicine is without risk. None. Nada. The real trick is in identifying the risk/benefit ratio (as with everything in life) Some people promote their personal autonomy and safety above all. That's ok I guess but not the way the majority (as evidenced by take up rates of vaccinations) think. Humanity is a collective endeavour. Theres no I in community.
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    We watched the new Michael Portillo series last night where he's taking a walk round the coastal path in Devon and Cornwall. Started off with him waterproofing all his gear as he went in May, so was expecting bad weather. He said he felt like he'd lost a year of his life in Lockdown in London Interesting that he asked the people he met on the walk, who all live close to the ocean and coastal path and all of them said they'd quite enjoyed the lockdown. Made old Michael very reflective of what his whole life and lifestyle has been about. Interesting watch.
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    ...or what about doctors and nurses being forced to nurse them if they get Covid?
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    What about people being 'forced' to mix with unvaccinated people? In my workplace there are more of us concerned about that scenario than the opposite.
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    Poxy spider had been scurrying up and down past my back garden security camera - setting of my bedside Alexa telling me every half hour that I have intruders in the garden.
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    I think you're saying the same thing as HappyHeart. If you have some pre-existing health condition, a health professional might not "medically recommend" you get vaccinated...so the same thing. But if there's no medical reason not to get vaccinated and you still refuse it, then you're by definition anti-vax....it doesn't matter what reasoning you use for that, you just are.
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    Although UK « Covid » deaths published daily appear very high compared to other European countries, it’s not clear that all countries count Covid deaths in the same way. It is always stated in the UK figures that the deaths have occurred within 28 days of a Covid diagnosis. However, this may include people killed in a car accident, a cancer patient, someone in their nineties with organ failure …..they tested positive for Covid but did not necessarily die from it.
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    I have just noticed that I am an “ Advanced Member “ …
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    Why would someone who is unvaccinated put a vaccinated person in danger? As both are able to catch and transmit the disease there seems to be no coercive justification for requiring someone to have a jab. Unvaccinated people are at the same risk to society as vaccinated people. It's the infected one needs to worry about not the unvaccinated.
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    Good point...many have died to to prolonged exposure. I hear there will be new health policy coming out and the need to split ICU's as well. One to split and protect the staff into separate ICU workforces to cover risk of absence, secondly to protect other non-covid ICU patients from catching covid from an infectee who would have expected admittance. This will all require additional funding. They should charge anti-vaxxers a covid levy if they choose not to protect themselves but then expect emergency treatment.
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    So, if this is an analogy, let's examine it in the context of vaccination. X sees a child in the surf. The child is out of its depth but well within the depth for X. It's obvious the child is in danger but they are not actually drowning yet. There's a good chance she might even manage to get to shore herself. X thinks to himself, "I could take pre-emptive action to protect that child, because there is no actual evidence that I'd be putting myself in any danger by doing so. But wait, there is an unknown possible risk - maybe there's a hidden side-effect of my action, which I can't predict at this point. A shark maybe." So he decides his safety is paramount, and does nothing. Unfortunately this child is one of those unfortunate children who drowns. How would society judge his actions?
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    I think that you will find that you are 22B, staying despite knowing that your heart and soul belongs somewhere else takes courage in my book
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    I suspect the majority, are self serving, even if not admitting it overtly. Altruism, while a grand concept, has increasingly been seen as naivety, sadly, or denigrated equally by other terms. The loss of community, and crass individualism has been in evidence since at least the eighties where self advancement was stressed . This led on to the narcissism and self aggrandizement and greed which resulted and encouraged We have become a more Darwinism world with the libertarian brigade leading the charge.
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    Ah, so let's disband all police forces, let's sack all the doctors and social workers and....need I go on? There is a thing called civic responsibility. Those of us who don't have the intestinal fortitude to do the really dangerous work, like fire fighting or nursing, should at least not be such cowards as to refuse to make small sacrifices for the good of our community.
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    You will probably have the same situation no matter which state you go to, but you will find something, you may just have to go over budget to get something. We came last June to SA so competition wasn't as strong for rentals, we had no jobs but we just showed funds in our account which they were happy with. Have a look at tenant options(I think) it's what real estate agents ask you to submit when applying for rentals, you have to get references etc, we used our airbnb host then we gave them the contact details for the estate agents that sold our house in the UK.
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    I found this article interesting https://www.theguardian.com/world/2021/oct/15/why-britons-are-tolerating-sky-high-covid-rates-and-why-this-may-not-last
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    Best thing we had on tv was an ornament! Cheers, Bobj.
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    That's very different. Note the wording. Medically advised. If you're medically advised NOT TO Of course you're not anti vax
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    Service NSW App now has vaccine digital certificate linked to venue check-in, and amazingly for a government mobile app, it's seamlessly brilliant.
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    You have given me the nudge I needed. I went to the doctor for another reason today and took the opportunity to ask for blood test including the PSA. It is one of those thing like bowel cancer which don't give you symptoms early on and it is easy to forget about getting things checked proactively.
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    At least this puts rest to the silly posts earlier in the year that borders would be closed until late 2023. The plan was always to have it finished by end of this year and it will be delivered. A feather in Scomo's cap and looks good for him for election next year.
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    As I keep saying, that assumes migrants with parents who want to travel, are a large percentage of the state's population. We can look at migrant figures for each state but that doesn't tell us much. Many older migrants have lost their parents. Many, especially from poorer countries, can't afford to travel and go years without seeing each other even in normal times. And some migrants left their home country specifically to get away from family! I'm sure Victoria will open soon because once they reach 80%, why wouldn't they. I think WA and Tas are holding out for 90% last time I looked.
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    a blood test … please do it …
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