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    Just awaiting to find out if I've passed my final assignment on Friday, hopefully I should as it's my personal tutor marking it xD my final grade doesn't make a difference to my overall classification now so if I've worked it out correctly, I should finish with a 2:1 which I'm happy with annoying 2 marks off a first, but I'll gladly take it!
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    so excited my nephew and his wife are at this moment flying to Australia … they are coming on a temporary visa hoping to become a permanent one … he came over on a visit a couple of years after I emigrated and loved it … fingers crossed it all works out …
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    Out of interest did you go to East Germany in the 1970’s? It was split from West Berlin like an iron curtain for 28 years. I have never forgotten the reality of Germans separated by the Berlin Wall, living behind the wall, their windows locked and barred. Armed guards with vicious guard dogs patrolling the far side of the two separated high wire fences covered with razor wire, in the more rural areas, with lookout posts at regular intervals. I can’t believe that you think Australia is little different to the conditions endured by East Berlin for 28 years. My son and grandsons have been in lockdown in England for about 15 months, the boys have hardly been to school, the pressure of home schooling has not been easy, only essential shops have been open. They couldn’t see their friends, enjoy any activities, the only time allowed out of the house was to walk the dog. It’s been a dreadful time for them, In comparison the children here in my family have had very little disruption to their lives.
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    If you think WA is an exception, well Victoria has successfully crushed the Delta strain from Sydney and is now on the road to recovery. How did they do it? Through an early and hard lockdown.
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    No. I’m saying states that go hard and fast with 1 or 2 cases stop the virus spreading and lockdown is much shorter. In every case in Australia where we’ve had prolonged weeks and weeks of damaging lockdown it’s been as a direct consequence of hesitation. There’s been days of indecision and ‘wait and see’ approaches. Not good enough. By the time lockdown is implemented it’s run away. Last but 1 lockdown in Perth we got about 6 hours warning (after I think 2 cases discovered in previous 24 hours) We were out of area and driving back to Perth. It was done and dusted after 3 days. If he hadn’t have moved fast, pissed people off on a long weekend, ruined holiday plans, gone soft, it’d have run away and taken many weeks to bring under control. I don’t know why or how anyone can argue with that. Police Roadblocks in place to intercept travellers breaching intrastate borders. there’s been fundamental differences in the SPEED and SEVERITY of lockdowns between states. That’s what makes the difference.
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    My Sister and family are loving it. They said it's only been hot for a few days and couldn't understand the warning. They interviewed some old ladies from a care home on sky news. The interviewer asked them how they were finding the hot weather. They all loved it, then she asked when they remembered it being that hot, ladies looked at each other and said last year.
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    He has not done a good job, the NHS and volunteers have done a good job, he has pi__ed the NHS off by offering a 1 % pay rise after they have had a very high number of fatalities, from cleaners and porters to consultants, now he and his sidekick Patel are busily pi--ing the police off with a pay freeze after having rewarded mates with contracts which have not been competitively tendered worth multi millions, pollies and their mates have become multi millionaire's out of providing PPE which was useless and now cannot even be traced because there was not even storage for it so it rots in containers in farmers barns. The reason I have given up posting is because all that I get is derision from parts of this site so I don't even bother anymore. But I made an exception for an obvious wind up to incite me to state the what can be read in any media that is not engaged in Trump games of being an agent provocateur. Deaths in the last day were still at 131 due to covid, how many deaths has AUSTRALIA had , I think it is in total in the teens over weeks and everybody thinks the end of the world is happening, think what it is like having a govt that tolerates the number of deaths daily that the UK has
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    I lived in an 8'x6' tent for 2 years, out from Broome, WA. I was in a MRD camp, building a road from Broome, towards Derby. 1964-66. No phones, tv or any comforts of life. It is chronicled in 'Reminiscing'. Indeed, there was no tv in the whole of the Kimberlies in those days. Cheers, Bobj.
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    Compare Melbourne and Sydney then, which are very close to the same size. Melbourne had a big outbreak in 2020 but learned from it. We've had a couple of outbreaks since which could very easily have gone the same way as Sydney's has now, but the Victorian government applied those lessons, got them under control in a couple of weeks and we got back to normal life (though admittedly, we still have to see if this current one has worked). NSW seems to have ignored all the lessons learned from Melbourne's experience. Simple things like, don't talk to ordinary people about "'staying within your LGA". Most of them don't know what that means. Don't even talk about "stay in your suburb" because people don't know exactly where that starts and finishes. Melbourne discovered that, and switched to 5km limits, which caused a lot less confusion. It seems NSW wasn't paying attention. Simple things like, if you leave shops open, people will visit them even if they're asked not to. The only way to make people stay at home except for essentials, is to make sure that only essentials are available. Simple things like, don't have light restrictions in affluent areas if you're locking down disadvantaged areas, even if it makes logical sense to do so. The disadvantaged will immediately think they're being victimized and you''ll have non-compliance and protests.
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    WA contact tracers are currently assisting NSW and Victoria so despite some posters comments they are assisting other States.
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    Mark McGowan has never fannied about dithering about a hard lockdown. His swift and decisive action has kept West Aussies safe, free and enjoying life as normal for the best part of this entire pandemic. Within the confines of the state. Our economy is healthy. The short lockdowns we’ve had have been damaging yes, but nowhere near as damaging as a long protracted lockdown as seen in Vic and NSW. Its like Bill Shorten was saying, Australia has turned into 8 separate countries. Scotty from Marketing loves passing the buck. The federal response has lacked accountability. There should be a comprehensive and consistent national approach to lockdowns. WA Labor have done a great job.
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    Probably back to Galloway, SW Scotland where is was born and brought up. Another place I am very fond of is Troutbeck village in Cumbria. I used to walk the mile from where I lived to the village pub (Queens Head to regularly meet up with a group of friends. Also great walking country with lovely views. Yes, I could easily relocate there too.
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    The people criticizing Boris and Freedom Day seem to have gone very quite on here lately. From what I have been reading lately things are going very well in the UK with new cases halving in the last week. Lets be grown up and admit when he has done a good job and been proven right. We are quick enough to condemn when people do the wrong thing.
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    No stress, I supplied very strong evidence, still, they asked for a telephonic hearing, which went for 45 minutes on the 23rd of July, and I received the good news today just an hour before that my nomination has been approved.
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    @Jon the Hat, to expand on my answer: there have been no outbreaks in Australia from cargo ships. Ship's crew are very strictly controlled. Example - Queensland reported 19 cases today, all of them crew members on a cargo ship. But officials went onto the ship to do the testing. The crew won't be allowed onshore unless one of them gets sick enough to need hospitalisation. Which is what has just happened in Perth. Two critically-ill cargo crew had to be brought onshore, and two unprotected hospital staff walked into a lift immediately after those two crewmen had been in it. But that is still not an outbreak (at least, not yet). The two staff have been quarantined as a precaution. No one is blaming the international travelers. It's the decision to quarantine travelers in city-centre hotels that we're blaming. There have been no leaks of infection from Howard Springs, you'll notice. We all feel sorry for arrivals, stuck in hotel rooms with windows that don't open, at risk of catching Covid themselves from others in quarantine. It's disgraceful that governments haven't made more effort to replicate Howard Springs in other states.
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    No, it hasn't been anything like ours. For the first few weeks of the so-called lockdown, shops didn't have to close. People were told not to go out except for essentials, but most retail stores were still open normal hours, including dress shops, shoe shops, furniture stores, Bunnings etc.. So you can imagine what happened! However, the bigger problem was that all the managers and shop assistants and cleaners and delivery workers for those shops had to go to work every day. You can imagine how many thousands of people were traveling across Sydney every single day because of that. Not to mention the risk in the shops themselves - one woman worked an 11-hour shift in IKEA while infected. That's how the virus got spread across the whole of Sydney, though the worst of it is in the West (where most of those workers come from). They've tightened things up now, but the travel restriction is still 10km from home unless you're in one of the high-risk suburbs, not 5km as we had.
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    I think people are accepting of lockdowns at the moment only because the end is in sight and vaccinations will be 'completed' by early next year. They understand short term sacrifice will save lives and benefit in the longer term. The second vaccination rates hit 70% (if they get that high) people will no longer tolerate lockdowns, so I disagree with your comments. I am a dual citizen and I am very happy to be here having seen what family and friends in the UK have gone through during this pandemic, and what they continue to experience now. ITs difficult to say without sounding patronising, which is not my intent, but I hope you're ok as you sound deeply unhappy and angry at present
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    Over 11 million doses of jabs now given. It’s time the governments stop these blanket lockdowns and give a real pathway out of this. But they won’t as they’re all gutless cowards. I’ve lived relatively happily in Australia for 10 years - and was really proud to get my citizenship a few years ago- but as soon as the international borders re-open to let us out, I’ll be spending half of each year in Europe at least from now on. And I’ll make it work, somehow. There is absolutely no way will I live full time in a country which prevents its citizens from leaving for years. I’m sure many naturalised Australians with dual nationality feel the same way as I do. The Australian governments and individual Australians reaction the pandemic has shone a light on a really very callous and uncaring, unforgiving side and streak to this country, one that “others” people who aren’t exactly like them, and who have no regard for their fellow citizens. I no longer wish to spend all my life here. the relish with which a public health issue has become a matter of political competition over who can have the harshest and most damaging restrictions, and has elevated punishments, fear and blame as positive characteristics and responses to a situation like this is utterly woeful. It flies in the face of everything that normal public health measures are meant to be about, yes even during pandemics. Andrews and his friends didn’t even mention once “get vaccinated” in their press conference today - yet it’s the only single thing really which can assist get out of this. What on earth are these people doing?? “Zero Covid” mentality has turned this country into a hateful place ; it’s full of zealots, and idiots. The reflex to control, the unquestioning mantra of “staying safe” at the expense of livelihoods, education, mental health, even as circumstances change is lunacy. It’s like it’s forever March 2020 in Australia. One of the worst things is how people have just come to meekly accept that their freedoms - to work, to travel, to see their family, or even to leave their houses - can go up in smoke, at a moments notice. The way this has been totally normalised rather than being seen as reserved for what should be utterly dire circumstances is truly scary. the government can turn your privileges on and off and play you like an electric piano. Once Covid goes, you can guarantee there will be other reasons given to restrict and reach deep into our daily lives, and the tools will not go back in the box easily. Some bureaucrats in particular have found their new found long term power over people ( and politicians) lives absolutely exhilarating. You can see it online every single day - the ease with which these measures are reached for are a testament to that. Banning us from seeing family and restricting what work can be done and when on a whim. encouraging people to inform on all sorts of “rule breakers” and shame them. Demonising and decrying other countries responses and their respect for liberties. Building a Berlin Wall around the country for what looks like is going to be several years. The messaging that only the state can keep you safe and calling out opposition as selfish . It really is very little different from East Germany in the 70s. I cannot wait to slam the door on my way out. Good luck to Australia attracting new skilled migrants or anyone else other than the totally desperate.
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    I find that song challenging to like, given I believe in neither god nor the notion of royalty. Asking one to save the other, when I believe in neither, seems a bit odd. Theres also the issue with the final verse and crushing rebellious Scots, which hasnt aged well to put it mildly. It will never change, but I think a song celebrating the UK rather than a head of state would be far more appropriate. For the record I also dislike Flower of Scotland for similar reasons - a king of one faith fighting a king of another faith isnt very inspiring. I'd much rather a positive song be used as the unofficial anthem, like Caledonia which speaks of a love and longing for Scotland.
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    That’s the excuse the UK used when comparing their horrendous record to Australia. Contact tracers lose track when cases get out of hand because of slow and ineffective lockdowns. Lock down immediately across entire metro areas. Never lose control. Get back to normal quickly. It’s a fairly simple and effective concept.
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    Might be a tiny minority!! but when a family member’s business has just begun to get back on track, and now because of the lockdown, has had to close again, with no income coming in and is hanging on by a thread. Then the difference between the lockdown ending soon, and business’s just surviving, if the lockdown is extended because of ‘words fail me’ then that tiny minority, has become the biggest threat to surviving or loosing everything, so it feels huge, that’s the reality.
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    I meant in the context of "Sydney has had enough"
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    Yet somehow you think McGowan is calling all the shots?
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    Can't see why you should, your own premier created the problem and there's still lots of people in WA queuing up every day. I bet there's a few that thought McGowan was wrong that think maybe he was on the right track after all. It's more than just PIO members that like him.
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