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    Hello beautiful people It's time for me to open the champagne My PR has been granted today morning, 4 weeks after s56 request and bit more than 8 months after the visa application. It was a very stressful time for me and I regret that I focused only on a visa and forgot about everything else what happened around. I was caught up in the destination and didn't appreciate the journey. Please remember that the time for happiness is today and not in the future. Wish you all the best
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    Well daughter has rung Centrelink 37 times in the last week or so, and eventually spoke to someone. As a result our son in law has had his Aos interview, and they’re just sorting out our second assuror...so We should be asked for money soon! So happy....good ol’ Friday 13th! Sunnies are well and truly being cleaned now! And we’ll be doing u-eys all over the place 🥳
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    By jingo. Those laughing faces are put to good use on this thread. Grown men working themselves into a lather and arguing about something they have no control over whatsoever is laughable.
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    Beggars belief doesn't it! The 6 vape deaths in the US this summer are clearly cause for concern: Good thing they’re banning vaping so kids don’t die before they have the chance to get shot in school. In the US, guns end 6 lives every 90 minutes.
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    Hi all... I got my golden email few days ago...soooo happy. 186 trt both nomination and visa applied on May 2018.nomination approved in August 2019 visa granted on September 2019. hope everyone gets there p.r soon.....
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    Hi all... I got my golden email on 9th September...so happy .... 186 trt applied May 2018 nomination approved in August 2019, visa granted in September 2019 .. hope everyone gets soon....
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    What I'd like to know, if YellowHammer is the document showing "base scenario", or whatever the lying Michael Gove tries to call the risk plan for worst case scenario.............surely the Government should be defending itself by releasing the other version. The one that tells us what all the opportunities are going to be? They're wasting £100 million on an information-free campaign saying "Are You Ready"? Ready for what ? Where is the advertising for the good times that are coming and the guidance for people to get ready for the opportunities?
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    It is the same tired refrain. Ignore the message and attack the messenger. They cannot comprehend how an environmentalist can take a flight or how a socialist can have money. I believe it is because they only care about themselves and people just like them so they cannot comprehend empathy or altruism. So they project their own narrow mindedness on everyone else. When you look at it like this it explains a whole lot about people who identify as on the political right.
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    Hi All, We'll my time has finally come to say I've got the golden email and my visa 309 and 100 were granted this morning. I knew it wasn't going to be long as i'd been contacted by ACRO on Monday for permission to let them verify my police check with the Australian High Commission. Perfect timing as we've fly on the 15th October. Thanks for all the support and hold in there.... your visa is on its way despite the wait.
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    I am just enjoying reading the thread! When we applied we would have jumped through so many hoops to become citizens but it was all actually pretty straight forward. At the time we did it, I know it has now all changed so much. Our timeline was applied early June, sat test late June, citizenship ceremony July. It has all changed now, times are so much longer, it was much simpler for us however, I will stress and emphasis, citizenship to us was incredibly important and our priority, we would not have been making any travel plans that could/would jeopardise it. You have to decide what is most important to you right now, leaving the country for an extended period of time will without doubt affect your ability to apply for citizenship and quite rightly so, regardless of your reasons, Australia’s looking for people committing to stay and that does mean committing to living in the country. Your time outside of Australia will undoubtedly go against you for your current citizenship application. I would suggest you do what you need to do them make a firm commitment to live in OZ for the required time then apply each for citizenship at that point when you are able to make the commitments in the true essence that is required by Australia.
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    If the Gents was full I can assure you there'd be a much longer queue for the Ladies. Much better off staying a bloke.
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    Greece, Italy, Spain,Belgium, Germany ( fall of the wall) have all had financial spasm's, Greece and Spain particularly bad ones but the EU is still there whilst the UK continues to wobble. Just because you wish it, doesn't make it so
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    Except that is not what I said. What I said was, there is no difference between the EU increasing it's military spend, and individual European countries increasing their military spend. Care to explain why you see a difference?
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    Finally....a response instead of a smilie. Please show me where the country hasn't been supporting Conservatives as a national Government and Brexit as an ideological movement, neither of which are going to do anything about zero hour contracts? If anything, they want to strip out more worker protections to squeeze more out of people. Now Corbyn, love him or loathe him....says this about the zero hour contracts you hate : https://www.mirror.co.uk/news/politics/jeremy-corbyn-pledges-biggest-extension-19927680 You prefer to conveniently ignore that and point at somebody from another party who has never been in power...assumedly to apportion some sort of blame? Why would you do that? It makes your comment above, and the cartoon you posted, contradictory and illogical. That is not trolling, but it is putting you on the spot for throwaway assertions that do not seem to be accurate. Fair comment?
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    Jealousy gets you nowhere. That is not a huge amount for a leader of an opposition or potential PM and that wage and livelihood should be the aspiration for everybody, but you're knocking it ? You do make me laugh with your pettiness, and wilful blindness. You cannot see that UK wages have been forced pitifully low....but you'd rather argue that everybody should be brought down to your level, is that it ?
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    Yes, he thinks that the UK leaves on 31 October, has a “short term hit” (whatever that means), the EU collapses (whatever that entails), the “liberal elites” (whoever they may be) will be moved aside. Then presumably BoJo and Farage will lead ordinary working people to some greater prosperity. And people like this actually believe that we are naive.
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    They're not though. Probably well over 50% have seen the mistake by now. Nobody is congratulating themselves, this country has a long way to go to repair itself and it's people. What it boils down to is that the UK is in no position to take this on, as has been shown by the people who voted for it and the people they voted for. A foolhardy escapade that can't be implemented and has given people false hope based on a pack of lies.. It's actually doing you a favour.
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    The bridge is impossible to build, it's a load of rubbish to distract Brexiters.....plus that dickhead couldn't even build one across the Thames.
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    Of course the Aussies didn't have Boris Johnson as foreign minister, so I guess that helps.
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    Have your read the papers @Rallyman? I thought they were pretty light on the benefits of brexit, what did you think?
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    There's also evidence that on the night of the referendum, Farage and Johnson's "admission" of defeat, just around midnight was deliberate to cause the £ to rise, at which point their backers shorted sterling, before the value plummeted when the result finally came in. They made an absolute killing. Anyone who still thinks Brexit is for the benefit of the people of this country have been badly, criminally mislead.
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