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    It would be great to be so easily entertained, but some of us are more demanding. Personally, I want a wide choice of all of the following: adult classes in arts, crafts and dance; social dancing; plays, concerts, musicals, festivals, galleries, clubs, open-air events, shopping, etc. These all have to be real-world things, online isn't good enough. All those things exist in Perth or Surfers but with a narrower choice - not wide enough for me, because I need change and variety in my activities. I'd be happy there at first, but once I'd tried everything (which might take a few years, admittedly), I wouldn't know what to do with myself. I think you are more the type of person who develops a routine and then is happy with it, and there's nothing wrong with that, just like there's nothing wrong with my preferences. We're all different and that's good.
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    Sounds promising, I wish everyone to have a status like this. Only sadly that in immi account they don’t have that status listed.
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    I completely agree with everything you’ve said here. I also worry that attempting to put all this pressure on the government may actually have a negative effect. They’re not going to start letting more in and reducing the queue times but they may end up saying we can’t be doing with all this shit we’re getting. It’s quite possible that tons of emails and lobbying from ageing people wanting to move to the country quickly will just piss them all off. I understand people wanting to try and get the queue times lowered, I am in the queue myself. I do think what’s put on the website regarding wait times should be made clearer as it’s not right to give people unrealistic timescales and it’s good that people are asking for that to be looked at. I also hope they shock us all and get a positive outcome regarding the queue times too.
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    We moved to Perth lock stock and barrel on 24th October . We got our 143 visa on 2nd June and had a hectic few months selling everything in the UK . We booked business class seats on Emirates £8900 for two , we got bumped once after I realised that they were taking bookings for flights that were not flying . Emirates only land in Perth on Saturdays and Wednesdays so I insisted on rebooking only one of these days , the earliest flight offered was 21st December which I accepted but checked the booking site every morning and found earlier flights twice to bring the date nearer . The checkin and flight went smoothly and arrival in Perth airport was also not a problem , we actually enjoyed the 14 days quarantine as we were exhausted from the rigours of moving our lives to Australia . It’s great being able to live normal lives without virus restrictions
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    It's now Day 7 and not sure whether this is hump day or not, but it's beginning to feel like we're now looking towards the end of quarantine and not the start of it. It's certainly being made easier with the weather and being able to sit on the balcony and look at people below and know that all being well in just over a weeks time we'll be able to join them and know that our new life can begin. I can't fault the process and our health and wellbeing seems to be very important. We get a phone call each day from the nursing team to check on us to see how we're doing both physically and mentally and to ask if we need anything. The food is very good and every meal has a healthy option, be that greens or fresh fruit with it. I've learnt now though not to eat everything because without solid exercise I think the pounds could easily go on, or at least they will if I keep nibbling at the McDonalds I order for my daughter. I know it's a very abnormal process to go through, but if you embrace it for what it is, it's not that bad. And if you've come from London, it's the best thing you can be doing knowing that you're in the safest place possible when London and the UK is really sadly suffering each day. I'm by no means an expert, but happy to answer any questions people might have who are soon to enter quarantine.
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    Hello, Just beginning Day 5 in quarantine in Adelaide and so far so good. I'm not going to say it's simple, but when you look outside the hotel window and see people wandering around in the sun and life going on as normal you know that these 14 days will be worth it, especially if like me you've left the UK behind where Covid for the past few months has been running out of control. After a long flight the process of leaving the plane to arriving at the hotel and into the room was seamless and while you know you're going into quarantine, you can only applaud the efficiency of the authorities and the way you are made to feel so welcome when you're stepping into something most people have never experienced before. The hotel is great, food is good, healthy and plenty some and the only thing I'm struggling with is adapting to the time difference which I'm normally over in 24-36 hours, but I think this might be through not being outside and doing normal things. I don't actually feel like I'm in Adelaide yet, I think that's down to not being outside and when you wake in the morning, really you could be anywhere until you look out of the window. My time has been filled with sorting out some of the things I'll need after I leave quarantine, so car hire, tax ref numbers, school for my daughter and then some of the more things most people will do, Netflix, online or just chatting with people at home. I know that there's still more days to go, but I thought it would be harder than it is, so if anyone is on there way to do it, just embrace it for what it is, use the time to do things you've been putting off and then just relax because how often can you spend 14 days in pj's or go to bed whenever you feel like a nap in the day and not feel guilty about it.
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    Don’t do beach. Beach has sand and it gets into places it shouldn’t. River or pool more betterer imho.
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    I think it is absolutely brilliant that you have put this on here. There are so many people posting saying "I want to move to Australia" and it is going to be so hard for them to accomplish it so some brighter threads are a great change. Hope this one ends with some jobs!
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    MIL had the jab yesterday. I have been told mid February. It will soon be back to normal.
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    We did return to Scotland Toots, but decided it wasn't where we wanted to be and are now back in Australia - I've joined the ranks of ping-pongers! For the last 12 months I have felt very fortunate and relieved we made the decision to return when we did, prior to all the craziness of Covid.
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    Thank you all for the advice and I am glad that your cats were okay travelling. Kiwi (the cat) is my fur baby and he is big of part of the family. Whatever we decide is best for him won't be an easy decision.
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    The name's been taken up by Americans (and Australians) but did originate in England from a time (perhaps the 1930s but I don't really know when) when both (Association) Football and (Rugby) Football called themselves Football and the slang terms Soccer and Rugger were used to tell them apart.
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    In Newcastle you'd be asked if you were going to 'the match'
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    We were very lucky with the last of the 457s that covered our cost and last year getting PR very quickly with the COVID response. I really feel for the people who post their dreams on here and are met with doom and gloom! Just read that - the 457 no where near covered our cost! But, it helped.
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    Thanks. As a migrant myself I obviously know a bit about the process and how difficult and also how scary it can all be. I was very lucky, an Accountant who was married to a Midwife. But it is a massive life change and having a job to go to is one less thing to worry about. I am the only former Englishman in the town where I live so if I can bring someone over and help them acclimate with my own experience I am happy to.
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    Probably The Palais or Ocean? Actually the Palais was called something different back then and Ocean probably didn't exist. Ocean was the dodgier of the two down near Broadmarsh. There was then a big one - Oasis I think - that opened up on the ring road near the cinema which morphed into a strip club which largely functioned as a money transfer establishment for the flow of student loans from male to female students at the University!
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    I recently bought a 2014 Audi Q5, 3.0 litre turbo diesel from AHG for $25,500. Then paid a grand for them to do the ceramic paint treatment and put some other sealant stuff on the inside of the car. They did a really good job and I've had several people ask if it's a new car. I had it a week and had a warning that the coolant was low. Topped it up, not very low really, luckily Audi has good sensors. Few days later same thing. Had a good look down around the engine bay and could see a small amount of coolant under the radiator. Nothing on the ground as there's a cover under the engine. AHG are a big secondhand dealership and where I bought it from they take all the tradeins from the dealership garages around them. The car had been serviced at the Volkswagon dealership where AHG were based. I rang them as I'd got a warranty and they said take it straight back to the VW garage who would fix it. Turned out to be some valve that they had to order from Audi and it took them a day to fit and sort it. I did a bit of checking and it's a really expensive thing to get fixed, just awkward to get at. Made me think that was maybe why it was traded in. The dealership wouldn't have picked up a slight leak like that. Anyway, cars been great ever since and VW just billed AHG for the repair. If there's an AHG in Adelaide I'd give them a check on-line. They seem to have plenty of stock of all makes and the guys were really helpful, specially when I had the problem, sounded like he really cared and went round to the VW garage straight away to get it sorted. Checked again that I was happy with the service when I got it back. Have a check on the internet.
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    Hi! Is there a reason that it has to be in July? Things aren't great here at the moment and I wouldn't come back until things are as back to normal as they can be. If you have the choice of course. If it was me I would wait until we were through another winter to see how we cope and to see if this continues. I would give an arm and a leg to be back in OZ right now with little restrictions ... I'm looking out of the window, it's torrential rain and the only place we are allowed is the supermarket or for our daily walk (er no thanks!).
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    House prices are affected by many variables, and intuitively we assume under-supply to be the most impactful, but if you look at the studies that has not been a major driver, the biggest one by far is interest rates and the abundant supply of cheap credit. Secondary to that is anything else affecting monthly payments. Buyers don't buy based on house price. They buy based on affordability of monthly repayments. For a really clear example, look at the Help to Buy scheme in the UK. This is an equity loan scheme applicable to new builds only, which was intended to get people on the property ladder by helping overcome their credit and liquidity constraints. In practice it has substantially increased house prices because developers have pushed up the house cost to offset the benefit. If you are interested in more info google Economic Impacts of Help to Buy. You see the very same thing in the new car market. Deals aren't done on sticker price, the salesman or woman have transitioned selling tactics to focus on monthly cost. So the sell is now a combination of product and credit cost. So it seems reasonable therefore to predict that, as @newjez says, that inflation will be one tool employed to lower government debt that has grown due to Covid and so as interest rates go up, house prices would hold steady or perhaps drop.
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    You are completely mad. Wait another year until this lockdown nonsense is over.
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    I'd say job prospects would definitely be better in Brisbane. The problem with Adelaide, (which I like very much as a city), is that it's on its own. If you can't find work in Adelaide, opportunities elsewhere in the state are limited. Whereas if you're struggling to find work in Brisbane, it's very easy to drive to the Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast, Northern NSW etc for interviews - and it's not too painful to move the family if you have to.
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    I don't think it's a given that it would be "24 hours of hell and two weeks of anxiety". To suggest the decision is selfish is maybe a little strong and based on little evidence. I'm planning to bring my cat to Australia this year, and part of the reason is that he is a timid house cat, and we feel that rehoming him could be more difficult for him in the long run then the journey and quarantine. We love our cat and want the best for him. My mum thinks it's financially ridiculous to bring him with us, but then, she forced me to leave my two cats behind in NZ when we moved from there to the UK when I was a teenager. That was traumatic for me, and for my cats. Indeed, one of them ran away from their new owners and travelled over 10km and was found hiding under my old bed in my old house (my step-dad was still there at the time selling the house)! I think an owner knows their own pet, and their own circumstances better then anyone. And they will be the best judge of what decision to make. Ultimately, if you can afford it, it's not about the money. It's incredibly emotional, and there is a lot to weigh up. I don't think anyone makes these decisions lightly, or out of selfishness. I think in general, attitudes of Australians and British towards cats, or dogs, or any pet for that matter, is roughly similar and inconsequential in terms of a factor to consider.
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    It sounds like you are settling in better than the world's top tennis players are in Melbourne! I did do two week's quarantine in my own home last March when I overreacted to a probably allergy (not even a cold). I did have the advantage of both balcony and a small courtyard in my flat in Sydney. I was going to suggest listening to Adelaide radio (if you are not already doing it) as a way of helping get into the swing of Australia but I just put on ABC Adelaide - https://www.abc.net.au/radio/adelaide/live/ and turned it back off again (too leftie for me!) But you might like it. This might be better: (Sorry, it's the sports show at the moment but usually it's talk back radio like I guess Five Live? (I've not been back to UK in 12 years). As an imperative, you need to pick one of the two Adelaide Aussie rules teams - Adelaide or Port Adelaide! https://www.fiveaa.com.au/ Just by chance I still had the page up for the rivalry between the two Adelaide clubs: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Showdown_(AFL) If they let you get the papers read the Advertiser each day. You could subscribe on line but I think you may have to pay for it. https://www.adelaidenow.com.au/ Welcome to Australia!