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    OMG! OUR VISA'S JUST GOT GRANTED!!!!! Just literally now- i hadn't even bothered checking IMMI since the 21st Dec - but they ARE working! WHAT AN END TO 2018! I'm uncontrollably crying!!!! Remain positive everyone - positive energy attracts positive outcome! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! Thank you for all the advice, encouragement and laughter the past 2 years!! My timeline is in my signature!!! All the love, hope, and positive dust, Chris and Bella xxx
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    Hi All, I'm really happy to share with you all that I've received the golden email just now! I'll now open the champagne in the fridge This forum was incredibly helpful for me so thanks everyone and I hope you guys will have the good news soon as well! Cheers!
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    Happy Days, I have just been given the golden email - granted my PR with no required documents needed. So crazy happy right now!. I received an email from the department so I'm guessing even my MA doesn't yet know as they are QLD based. This page has been awesome thanks to everyone for the support and banter. I will keep checking often it's a great family. Time for that Moet champagne
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    Oooooohhhhhh my greatness!!! Just got our GOLDEN Email, PR granted!! Timeline updated in my signature.
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    long waiting is over,after 26 months finally we got our pr so relief nomination and visa apply 3 nov 2016 document requested nov 21 2018 Nomination and visa Grant 4 feb 2019
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    Hi All - I am glad to share the good news that I got my golden email yesterday. 11 months of anxious wait is now over and ready to move on in life, take up the next challenge and enjoy life as well during the course. I can imagine how stressful is the period of this indefinite wait for people looking forward to hear the good news but stay positive and trust the process, as the saying goes "The two most powerful warriors are patience and time" Below are my timelines and same is updated in the signature. Please update the spreadsheet. Please note medicals had expired in oct/nov 2018 and there were no request for additional documentation. Occupation: Software Tester State: QLD Country: HR Stream: 457 - 186 TRT Number of applicants: 1 ENS 186 Visa and Nomination applied: 20/02/2018 Nomination approved: 12/12/2018 Visa approved: 22/01/2019 Wish you guys good luck and sending positive vibes!
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    Finalised!!!!! Granted a couple of minutes agooo!! omg I am shaking!!!!!! Thank you guys!!!!!
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    MY PR HAS JUST BEEN APPROVED! I AM SO SO SO SO SO SO HAPPY!!!!!!!!!!! ARGHHHHHHHH!!!!!!! WANT TO SCREAM THE WHOLE OF SYDNEY DOWN!! Occupation: Architectural Draftsperson Country: LR (UK) Visa and Nomination Submission: 28th August 2018 Nomination Approved: 12th February 2019 Visa Approved: 18th February 2019 NO ADDITIONAL DOCUMENTS REQUESTED! GOOD LUCK TO THE REST OF YOU LEGENDS ON HERE! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE SUPPORT! ")
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    Visa granted yesterday!!! They called to ask my travel plans as I’m currently offshore, when they found out I didn’t need another police check they granted the visa!!! please update the spreadsheet, I’m Sean in March also edit that my nomination was approved saturday, and it was Nswpse! hope everybody gets their good news soon, and thanks to everyone on here who have put their timelines up on the spreadsheet, it’s been really helpful. i partied a bit too hard last night and feel like dog poo, but knowing I’m a PR in Australia softens the blow! Peace out and Good Luck!
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    Good Afternoon, I have been a silent but a regular reader of this forum,, Today I have a reason to share my words with all of you. After 7 years of struggle through 457 I am pleased to Announce atleast I relifed from it. I have not heard from my MA yet but my immi status has been changed from received to finalise. I had applied 457 in 2012 on first attempt it got rufused over a banana reason which I had won through MRT that time in 2014.. My profession got removed from Immigration list after that so finally my employer agreed to sponsor me for PR through arrangements of grandfathering system. I was a boy when I came to Australia with one dream and hopes of bright future and now I become man in past 10 years, All my hopes and thoughts got rust and dust on them due to changes in immigration law every time I was closed. But today i believe I can finally say from past 10 years this is the day I feel I am relaxed . Here is my time line Applied 186 TRT Nomination and visa applied 15 of March 2018 grant date 19/01/2019 direct grant no documents were asked. Pre-press trade worker HR Country and 1 person only. So stay there hang on one day your dreams will become true. I know the pain and stress of wait but trust me at the end it will be over . May God Bless you all. Wishing you guys best of luck,
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    HI all, I daily reader here. After a long journey finally I've got my Golden email just now. Keep focus and faith everyone, I can't describe the feeling to received the GRANTED email. 186 DE HR- India Onshore Nomination and Visa application- 7/02/2018 - NSW Nomination approved: 10/01/2019 Visa approved: 16/01/2019 Application status- Finalised Occupation- Web Designer Good luck to everyone!! Friends, you are the first one with whom I am sharing this good news, because u kept me strong and helped me in my this journey, Cheers!! I think we all should celebrate this happiness together and I pray for everyone who are waiting!! Believe me GOD exist around u!!
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    We got PR!!!! So relieved! They didn’t ask for any other documents. Nomination granted exactly 1 week ago. Immi went from Recieved to Finalized today. Sincerely, want to wish the very best of luck to everone still waiting
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    Hi all, Happy to announce that I got the golden email today! You can see my signature for my whole timeline. Would like to thank everyone in the website for being very supportive. It was really encouraging to check this website everyday to see updates and grants. I did not use MA but I can see the benefit of having one. It really depends on your situation. Reminder to everyone that once you apply for PR, you are eligible for Medicare! This saved me a lot of money! My advice to all is to keep calm and try not to check immiaccount everyday. Your time will come! Will visit once in a while! good luck all!
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    Its been an age since I logged on to this site. There was a time when I couldn't stay away but I guess life just got busy. A post that seems to keep coming up time and again is one of 'why is everyone moving back to the UK?' and I see The pom queen reply that some people are just busy getting on with their lives, and that's where we fit in. Sept 2014 we moved as a family of four, me 46, husband 39, daughter 18 and son 10. We located to Gold Coast. We landed with four suit cases, 1 xbox, a BMX bike, the dogs ashes, a holiday rental and some very high hopes! Fortunately my husband had already secured a job beforehand which alleviated a lot of the stress others have to cope with, and our home was in a container on its way. We moved here with the mindset that Australia is still a young country, and if you want something real bad and you try hard enough things will go well. At 46 I knew it was going to be harder to find the kind of friendships I'd made in the UK, I was never going to have the history with anyone here or have the opportunity to meet the School mums given that my kids were older. Having worked as a Special Ed teaching assistant in the UK within the month I'd started volunteering at the local special ed school ... BTW Australia loves a volunteer, it will get you a foot in the door. There is an organisation on the Gold Coast dedicated to volunteering. Sure enough after a couple of months I was offered a temporary contract (Australia is also big on Temp & Casual Employment). As you have probably read elsewhere there is a distinct lack of funding in the Special Ed sector and instead of employing 3 or 4 TA's per class as well as the Teacher, over here there is just 1 per class. This resulted in me being offered a 1 day contract after the first year and the rest of my hours casual. Casual means having to wait by the phone each morning and wait in case they call and ask you to cover for the day. This is the norm and Iv'e known people who have waited over 5 years for a full time and permanent contract!! However I made loads of new friends who I still see regularly at weekends and in the evening. Having given up on the Ed sector I decided to retrain. I enrolled at the monster which is Tafe and gained an Australian Qualification in Administration. It was perhaps the best thing I could have done. Within a week of leaving I was in full time employment in a Law firm. Another thing here in Oz, it's not what you know, it's who you know. My boss is best mates with my tutor at Tafe who I got on really well with, hence my job. Going back to the friendship thing, I had to network for a long time. Work, websites, expat meet ups, coffee mornings etc.... As it works out I have a great group of friends from the expat community, but Iv'e also made a lot of Australian friends through our dogs (the only Australians in the family). I take part in dog sports such as Fly ball and Nose work, I get involved with the rescues which has meant I already had a common interest with these people. I do get ribbed about my cockney accent but it's all in good jest. My besties are from the UK and they do take the place of family. We spent a lovely Christmas in the sun surrounded by the friends who have become the aunts and uncles the kids left behind, and their kids the cousins. My husband has found some of the work practices over here a bit archaic (he's a civil engineer) but he's learned to put up with it. Lets put it this way, it can be a bit politically incorrect on the Goldie and a lot of paper shovelling. He plays for a football team in his spare time and socialises with his team mates (Oz & UK). Daughter, remember 18 is a dodgy age to be emigrating with your parents, mehed and griped for the first 5 months. I wondered if she would ever forgive us. As soon as she started Uni though we hardly ever saw her. Being permanent residents we had to pay up front for the fees. We still qualified for a Commonwealth discount but the cost is still considerable. We also paid for her to stay on campus in Brisbane. Another huge expense but a sacrifice we made so that she could make a new life for herself and live with kids her own age. Best thing we could ever have done. She has recently told us that she loves it here and has never been happier. She has some great friends, a lovely boyfriend and as of last month, a Degree in Economics. As far as her prospects are concerned its all Rosie. She has secured a graduate position in a very prominent finance company, I'm not sure if she would have had the same success in London. Son, was never really going to be an issue. Fitted in at school, aussie accent within the month and loads of mates. Hes swapped his BMX & XBox for a boat and is now whats known locally as a 'Tinny Rat'. I hardly ever see him at weekends and holidays. He gets up at 5am and takes to the canals for the day, because according to his friend (another expat) the water is like glass at that time. Its been amazing watching him grow up over here and take the chances he does, I would never have imagined him as a 13 year old getting up at that time in London. He camps over on Straddie, fishes from the beach and cooks his catch on campfires. It hasn't been as plain sailing for some of our friends over here. A few who were far better off than us in the UK have found it a lot more expensive than they imagined. Our saving grace was the value of property in London when we sold up and moved. That gave us a good start and we were able to buy the house we've always dreamed of. For others they've found the Gold Coast to be a lot more costly than they thought, it really isn't cheap. Our groceries are a lot more expensive and we now run two cars whereas in London we only needed one. On the Goldie its virtually impossible to get around without a car. The light rail is a good addition but still have to drive to it (bus runs every two hours from our house) Well that's just our story and I hope it gives a more positive read to some who were worried that everyone was moving back. Yes its hard bloody work but I wouldn't give it up!
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    Guys! It HAPPENED! I just got my PR granted. Nearly 20 months of waiting. It really hasn't sunk in yet. This has been BY FAR the most expensive, stressful, rollercoaster journey of my life. My case was quite complicated and there were many hurdles but I did it! If any of you need an MA i can't recommend Carmen & Associates enough. They have always gone above and beyond for me and were just excellent. I have spent the last hour on calls to friends and family and I cannot wait to celebrate with everyone. NO work has been done since 3.30 Thanks to everyone on this forum for all of your support, advice and laughs over the many many months. Just know- if you have a complicated case, small business turnover and high-risk occupation and been waiting FOREVER-- there is hope! Here's hoping the 2-year-old bottle of Dom Perignon has aged well! Thanks again guys and all the best! x
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    Got my Golden email just now from my MA. Visa granted yesterday, 21/01/2019!! I am in tears! Years of uncertainty are finally ended! --- No additional documents asked. Everything has been provided in Fed 2018.
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    GOLDEN EMAIL ALERT! Application finalised at 9am 19.02.2019. Its been a long few years getting to this day, This site has been a mantra for my sanity and commitment. Thankyou and wishing you all the golden email very soon!
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    Guys I just got a call from my MA to say that I received my PR!!!!! It has been the longest, most stressful year and I have been checking my immi account twice a day for the last few months. I have had my champagne ready to be popped and chilling in the fridge for a few months now, can't wait to finally open it tonight! Please update the spreadsheet - I am under Feb 28th, 2018 - MDS. Good luck everyone! Occupation: Advertising Specialist State: VIC Birth Country: LR Stream: 186 DE Number of applicants: 1 Visa and Nomination applied: Feb 28th, 2018 Nomination Status: Approved on Jan 26th, 2019 IMMI Status: Finalised (Feb 18, 2019) - just shy of 1 year
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    Yesterday, the first day of Chinese New Year I received a golden email from the department as the best new year gift. I am silent reader here and have waited for exactly 20 months since my application was lodged in 5/6/2017 and The both approval happened at the same day without new request documents. My position is Restaurant Manager and I want to tell you please stay positive and your turn is coming, waiting is a hardship but life will be sunny. Nomination: 5/6/2017 Visa:29/6/2017 Position:Restaurant Manager Country:High risk
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    Hi all, We've finally received our Golden email an hour ago!! I wish everyone all the best.. Hopefully all the grants will start coming through very soon in the new year! I've just gone and bought a Australian Flag and a Blow-Up Kangaroo which I will surprise my Husband with when i get home today!
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    Hi all, I have been a silent reader for some time now but yesterday we finally got the golden email!! Nom and visa lodged 26/2/18 insurance agent 186 TRT onshore 2 people from the UK in Sydney Nomination approved 13/12/18 visa approved 20/12/18 GOOD LUCK EVERYONE! Merry Christmas!!
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    Hello Roomies, Well, today is the day I thought would never arrive! This evening we fly to Sydney – on a one-way ticket!! Three years of waiting and wondering and sending ‘test’ emails and gnashing teeth when the date has not moved. Then six months of anxiety. Nerve-wracking medicals, frustrating AoS palaver, sorting removal firms, packing, chucking, scrubbing (shoes and boots), paper work, resignations, and emotional farewells. Everyone asks if I’m excited - but at the minute I just feel numb and just a teeny bit apprehensive. But this is the bottom line: I am moving from one comparatively rich and comfortable country to another - to be with my daughters! How very, very lucky I am . . . . . Good luck to you all! This will be you one day! See you in Oz, M
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    Hi guys, Just checked my immiaccount and I found that my PR is granted today!! Please find my details here: Occupation: Financial Broker State: NSW Country: HR Stream: 457 - 186 TRT Number of applicants: 2 ENS 186 Visa and Nomination applied: 08/03/2018 CO requested for more documents for nomination on 12/01/2018, submitted on 07/02/2019 ENS 186 Visa and Nomination granted: 12/02/2019 IMMI Status: Finalised Hope everyone gets their PR soon!! Love you guys
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    Got my visa approved couple of hours ago. I'm as happy as Larry.