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  1. Visa options, complete beginner

    If you cannot match an occupation to the list for a 457 or any visa then there is no real pathway unless you are a business owner maybe. Also age is a factor, the cut off is now 45 for all skilled visas. A 457 is a temporary visa and no longer has a clear pathway to PR or renewal. IF you qualify for a 457 then unless you also qualify for a PR visa then you won’t be staying. The occupation lists do change though so you never know. Also do not get hung up on job titles look at the actual duties, it may be that he can apply under a different job title if he can prove he matches the criteria.
  2. Australian animal most likely to kill you

    Ooh fire ants. I once sat by a lake in Florida on the grass...........next thing I knew I had fire ants in my shorts. Very painful. I had no option but to strip off to get them out! The bike ride back was a tad uncomfortable too. Fortunately I didn’t have a bad reaction but needed antihistamine and a cool bath.
  3. Australian animal most likely to kill you

    Yup. Disturbed a nest whilst gardening yesterday and two of the beggars got me through my gloves! Still sore. I got my revenge though.............
  4. 3days time to update status

    Send proof to your CO that you have applied for the police check, a receipt or acknowledgement. As long as you have applied for it in the time frame that is all you can do and they should accept that. They will wait for the results, it is out of your hands. This happens a lot, some countries can take months to return results the 28 day time frame is standard but not set in stone. The 28 days is for you to action the request as long as you let them know and send proof of this you will be fine.
  5. Visa Approved now where to start? What do we do first?

    Well when I added up the cost of replacing our stuff for insurance it came to far more than the shipping costs. Although you need to add in the extra cost of furnished accommodation I guess. But then it is a lot of effort to replace everything. It really depends what sort of stuff you have and other circumstances for living without at either end for a few weeks.
  6. Applying for a partner visa

    You only need a separate partner visa if your husband already has PR or is a citizen. If he needs a visa to work in Australia then you should be added to his visa. Does he have a visa yet? It isn’t unknown for people to have different spellings of names, you just need to explain and possibly make a statutory declaration.
  7. Visa Approved now where to start? What do we do first?

    If you are from the UK you will get reciprocal Medicare. You can check the detail on the Medicare website. This covers all essential care so more limited than full Medicare but fine for most needs.
  8. Visa Approved now where to start? What do we do first?

    Beware the gap............
  9. aussie bank account for trip?

    Get a currency card or a card that doesn’t charge foreign fees. Not sure if it is possible to open an Aussie account from overseas unless you are intending to move over.
  10. Options if 186 is refused

    If your partner is here, then are they PR or citizen? If so what about a partner visa
  11. UK expats allowed a British Bank Account

    As far as I can see it only applies to those living in the EU. I have recently had a currency card account closed as I no longer live in the UK. They cited Mastercard rules but Mastercard say they have no problem with people keeping existing accounts. Troubke us terms and conditions allow them to cancel your account when they feel like it with enough notice.
  12. Older couple possible failings on medical

    They are looking at two main criteria. The cost of any treatment over the first 10 years, there is an amount. If any existing condition might require expensive drugs or medical intervention for example. The other thing is down to resources, if your condition requires access to scarce or oversubscribed resources. That would prejudice the access for existing Australian residents. So really you are looking at something more than just less than perfect health. Taking medication for high blood pressure, diabetes or high cholesterol for example are unlikely to fail a medical. If the underlying cause is likely to lead to a heart transplant sometime soon then you might have an issue.
  13. Ladder your way up to a decent exchange rate?

    Potentially you might even be taxed on the gains if they decide you are trading for profit........
  14. As in the UK we use the public system and pay for things we need that it cannot provide, like quick access to physio etc. We have a budget for health and effectively self insure. It seems to me that even with PHC you still have to pay, add that to the premiums and the cost would be much higher for us. Plus you are more likely to have treatments on PHC, over medicalisation is a worry, look at the USA. The incentive is there for the providers and the patients to get as much out of it as they can. It really does depend on you personal circumstances though, you need to do the pros and cons. I may well advise my son who is 26 to get PHC before the age cut off (currently 30) as he will be earning over the threashold. You can always opt out in the future but opting in is expensive due to age loading. As for childbirth, there seems to be some peer pressure to go private but for many, and it does depend, they get the similar care but have to pay a gap if using PHC. Some people get the cheapest cover to avoid the Medicare levy, but as the gap is usually large they don’t actually use it as treatment will be cheaper or free under Medicare! i know I can get bulk billed or free doctors appointments but I now prefer to pay on the odd occasion I need to as the care is better and the GP has time to actually listen! Although I did go back to the bulk billed place when I just needed some antibiotics for an insect bite gone bad!
  15. Family Visits: Travel with a Companion

    You can book seats for free when you check in on line 48 hours before flight. I always do this and have always found seats together. Many people still check in at the airport and blocks of seats are still available then. If you don’t want to check in on line, or can’t for some code share reason, you can call them and book seats. I have done this too. i find airlines always try to get you to pay for stuff like fast track and seats etc. they really don’t make much profit on economy tickets.