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  1. Once you get settled get his UK passport. If you are planning trips back keep your Aussie passports up to date as you MUST use them to enter and leave Australia. The UK doesn’t have that rule. Uk passports applied for in Australia are pretty quick though and process is easy. Hubbie got his back in 3 weeks.
  2. He will be fine to enter but will get a visit visa in his Aus passport. Just get a new UK one when you arrive. Registering with a doctor will require evidence of residence in the UK. Just having a UK passport doesn’t cut it now as ex pats are not entitled to NHS you have to be resident and able to prove it.
  3. rammygirl

    Medical condition

    There is no medical required. Citizenship cannot be refused on health grounds. There are no questions about health on the application form.
  4. Be careful you don’t invalidate any insurance. If you are resident in the UK you should be using your UK licence.
  5. rammygirl

    Partner visa 309/travel history

    Well they will have access to your movements in and out of Australia as you would have had a visa to do so. I thought you had to list any previous visas including visitor ones on the application form. Omission of information is considered akin to lying. Not a good idea. To immigration or your partner...........
  6. rammygirl

    Citizenship Application (by conferral) Checklist

    All there if you click steps. Also when you complete the form you can choose documents to identify yourself (passport etc). At the end it will give you a list of things you need to upload as well.
  7. rammygirl


    Just back from Seminyak. Was OK but probably better off season. The lagoon area and some resorts on the East coast are quieter. Christmas will be quieter anyway as it is the rainy season. Even in Seminyak in high season we found quieter spots on the beach and restaurants off the main drag. Can’t argue with $10 massages though! We will go back but maybe not in August, when even Ubud inland was heaving!
  8. rammygirl

    How does my plan look?

    Second hand cars are more expensive here but many marques are cheaper new. New car prices are comparable especially the Asian brands like Hyundai, Toyota and Mazda. BMW, Audi are expensive. Not a lot of Citroen’s around. We did ship one of our cars, an Audi TT convertible which are hideously expensive here. Was worth it as we enjoy driving it. But we won’t make money on it. Mechanics laugh at the rusty underside, a result of a few bad winters in the UK!
  9. rammygirl

    Lost Citizenship applicants

    This has happened before with other visas. When a backlog happens, in this case because processing stopped for a few months from April 2017. What seems to happen is when it is realised they cannot catch up new applications are dealt with as they come in whilst another team mops up the backlog. Any applications that are not perfect and straightforward with all the evidence are pushed to the mop up team to deal with. Happened to us with our 187 visa, people applying after us were granted before us! I think we were lucky, we applied for citizenship December 2017 and were citizens in August 2018. Being in Adelaide helped as there are fewer applications. There was a review of the service a while back which was very critical and uncovered many applications that had had no action for months for no apparent reason. I think they are also understaffed but the systems need looking at. Seems some applications have for all intents and purposes fallen down the digital version of the back of the filing cabinet!
  10. rammygirl

    Sterling account in Oz

    Ah I see. Problem is foreign currency accounts don’t pay interest so will be eroded by inflation. Swings and roundabouts! if you are talking a significant sum you could investigate setting up a trust in her name maybe. Pity it is now impossible to open UK bank accounts as a non resident. Also check out offshore accounts. Some UK banks have these based in the Channel Islands, although some have minimum deposits and none pay amazing interest.
  11. So you are included as a secondary applicant in his visa application. Sorry this is getting confusing....
  12. rammygirl

    Sterling account in Oz

    Yes but why would she need it? Would it not be best for her to receive Aus$? Many banks do allow foreign currency accounts. Also check out TransferWise, they do fx and also currency accounts.
  13. If his visa is still in progress you can be added. But surely if he claimed the extra 5 points for your skill you are already included? It might be worth paying for some advice from one of the agents who post on this forum to be sure you get it right. You don’t have to pay for the whole process but they can asses your particular situation and give you a clear way forward. After all as an accountant you expect people to pay for your professional advice, so why not pay someone for their expertise in this case. Including you on your partners visa will be quicker and much cheaper than a partner visa later.......
  14. Why? When you get PR as a secondary applicant on a 189 it is your own visa anyway. Not like a temp partner visa your PR is not dependent on your partner once granted. You will have PR in your own right as a secondary applicant. Myself and my sons were granted PR on my husbands visa, we all have our own visas and three of us now have citizenship. Makes no sense to make two applications.
  15. If she can comply with the requirements of the 887 independently of her husband she can apply for the visa in her own right I think. So if she can get a job and live in the regional area she can do this without her husband. Maybe citizens advice centre or local MP may be able to help. She can’t force her husband to do operate but he can’t just cancel the visa.