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  1. rammygirl

    Ex-Citizen Permanent Visa?

    Yes either apply for a new visa or for reinstatement of citizenship (often easier) . Assuming citizenship will be given up because dual citizenship is not possible, but in that case you would be leaving Australia anyway?
  2. It is a condition of the vis grant so 2 years from PR. The grant letter explains that. The employer has to also commit Zander prove the position is for a minimum of two years as well. Sometimes this doesn’t happen, if the employer goes bust for example. There are circumstances where people leave and it has no consequence, but these are often where no other choice is possible.
  3. Usually these things are not discretionary. You meet the criteria and you get it.
  4. rammygirl

    Car insurance

    It is different here as the car is insured. Some have age restrictions and extra excess for unnamed drivers. When I checked ours about this very thing they said it was fine even with a UK license. Better always to check with insurance first though……..
  5. You need to list and value things for insurance anyway, again not every single item but larger and more valuable items should be listed individually.
  6. rammygirl

    UK leasehold flats vs Australian strata

    It does vary a bit by state but this is a useful guide to start you off. https://www.canstar.com.au/home-loans/strata-title/
  7. rammygirl

    Travelling overseas after applying for citizenship

    You can go on holiday but any processing of the application will stop. It should resume when you return though. It used to say about travel and recommended not leaving between the test and approval as you must be in Australia for these. Not sure on the timelines at the moment though. Once you have attended the ceremony you are a citizen and will need an Australian passport to travel. So allow time for that.
  8. rammygirl

    NHS pension- asset/income test for pension

    The income would be but I don’t think the remaining pension is. It isn’t like super you cannot access it and once you draw it the remaining doesn’t have a value as such. I assume you mean a final salary pension. Might be different for SIPP or other types of pension where the remainder is still available to you on demand. If you need to know then give them a call from the link above.
  9. rammygirl

    VIC driving licence for non-resident?

    Check that third party. Not the same as in UK. REGO covers third party injury to other people and civic property only. So if you are responsible for an accident and another car is damaged REGO does not cover it. Nor any personal injury to you or your passengers.
  10. rammygirl

    When can I apply

    That isn’t quite right. It is only required for citizenship if you have lived overseas since gaining your PR . The Australian police check is done for you as part of the process. After all you already had a police check to get your visa so no need to do another one for that timeframe. We did not need to do a UK check even though we had spent some time back in the UK on holiday before applying. Our eldest son did as he went back to UK for over a year after validating before settling in Australia.
  11. rammygirl

    VIC driving licence for non-resident?

    The thought also occurred that if you managed to get one and we’re not actually entitled to it you would invalidate any insurance in the case if an accident.
  12. rammygirl

    Britannia Alan Cook - any reviews?

    Many are franchised too so they vary even within the brand. Be aware that the quote will be based on specific perimeters as well as location. A longer driveway, poor access or more floors will all cost more.
  13. rammygirl

    When can I apply

    You must have completed the full four years before you apply. If you try too early the application will not let you proceed. Some people who came and validated their visa and returned home before moving permanently can count the absence as the one year allowed outside Australia so may be able to apply after three years. No idea how long is is taking these days. Ours took about 9 months from application to ceremony but that was a few years ago now. You are not actually citizens until you attend a ceremony, after which you will need an Australian passport to re enter Australia as you no longer have a visa.
  14. rammygirl

    Car import costs

    We brought an Audi TT over. Yes it can be expensive but you can find garages that specialise in German cars everywhere. We “sold” it to my son a couple of years back and it took a while to find someone in Canberra who understood the whole folding roof thing, we knew exactly what it was (the part) so just rand around till we hit on a guy who “got” it. Son said it was a backstreet place and was a bit nervous….until he saw the cars in the yard. All expensive Mercs and Audi plus a few Italian performance cars and not old bangers either. Must have been a few million dollars worth. One thing to remember is DO NOT use the standard unleaded petrol here it is very poor you need at least 95 (standard in UK) and the more expensive oil too. Our old lady will be sold again soon as not really practical (even as a second car) with a new baby and teenager. Should still get a good price for her as in great condition and low mileage even at 16 years old. For insurance you may find issues, we classed ours as a second hobby car (it wasn’t a lie) and insured through Shannon’s at a good rate.
  15. rammygirl


    When I did mine it was really easy just took a picture on my mobile waist up, they sort the size. You just upload a digital picture.