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  1. rammygirl

    Cost of moving to Oz

    Beware using current exchange rates to compare salaries, after all the pay doesn’t change with the rate. To have a comparable lifestyle you will need 2.2 to 2.5 times in dollars that what you earn in pounds. So if you earn £30k that would be $66k to $75k. Not absolute but a good guide that takes purchasing power into account. Minimum wage here is $19.84 and average salary is around $85000. Many get by in much less than that but may have well bought a house when the prices were sensible and have a small or no mortgage. Also check if salary quoted is inclusive or exclusive of super (compulsory employer pension contribution)
  2. There is a citizenship thread a few thousand posts long in there are people who left after the test and had to return for approval. Problem is some are approved straight away and some seem to take weeks. Timelines vary a lot and a backlog has built up but I would still say just apply now and get in the queue you never know. Some are quick now
  3. That link is not an official gov one. You need to be in Australia for approval and the ceremony. People who have applied and left have had to return for approval and ceremony. There are some exceptions like being married to an Australian citizen who has been required to move for work. You can apply and travel but just that travel, not move permanently. Apply ASAP and get your citizenship then move. Let’s face it moving now is probably not the best time anyway. https://immi.homeaffairs.gov.au/citizenship/become-a-citizen
  4. Try to relax and do not start to google, it will take you down a black hole of frightening info and worry. My Hubbie has health anxiety and it can cause not only depression but also more symptoms! Your doctor is Just doing their job and ensuring you are properly checked for all possibilities. I know it’s hard though.
  5. rammygirl

    Taxed at both ends?

    Doesn’t mean that you don’t have to declare it though both in Aus and UK.
  6. rammygirl

    Has 491 visa closed for offshore?

    It will depend on the State, check the official website if the state you intend to apply for.
  7. rammygirl

    UK Teacher over 45!!

    Just to add your Eldest should look at degrees in the UK that allow a year abroad as part of the study. They could then spend time in Australia studying with minimal extra cost.
  8. rammygirl

    Buying house in Scotland before moving back

    I agree, rent unseen can be dodgy enough but to buy............
  9. rammygirl

    The US Presidential Election Predictor

    Donald of course NEVER says anything strange, untrue, controversial or just plain incomprehensible ......
  10. rammygirl

    Flights to Perth

    News today is that Business Class passengers are being bumped in favour of first class. Even people with long standing Bus class bookings. Ridiculous but I guess understandable provided they give refunds. A family are now stranded in UK after selling home as flights were cancelled at last minute and their cats are already en route! Who has tens of thousands of dollars to fly a family first class in these times. Time this was sorted.
  11. rammygirl

    Transfer Values for UK Pensions - Defined Benefit/Final Salary

    Can local government pensions be transferred? Mine isn’t huge but will pay out a £25k lump sum and about £8k per yeat (latest statement) in 2022. Been frozen for many years. It is my only UK pension and I do not have any superannuation in Australia.
  12. rammygirl

    Jeyes Fluid

    I hate Jayes if you are happy to have everything smell of it fine. I just scrubbed with detergent (nice smelling) and water. As long as all traces of dirt are removed you will be fine. They inspected our hiking boots and bikes with no issue. But yes anything coming in no matter how needs to be cleaned
  13. rammygirl

    The US Presidential Election Predictor

    It seems Donald will only go on his terms. A democratic vote is of little consequence to him. All his life he has got his own way or been bolstered and buffed by others so the great Trump legacy would continue. They created a monster.