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  1. The problem here is that Australian native species developed without a cat like predator. Many therefore nest on the ground and are slow moving. You are right, cats are natural hunters and love to roam. Even well fed cats will stalk and injure or kill, they don’t just do it when they are hungry. Yes snakes kill the wildlife BUT only to eat and they don’t need to eat every day so there impact is low and in keeping with the ecosystem. Cats can and do therefore devastate native wildlife, especially in areas where it is already compromised by housing. If you are happy to keep your cats confined to a run or indoors bring them. Otherwise think hard. People are living on increasingly small lots and are fed up of neighbours who don’t control their pets. Some take them to the council because then the owner may be fined to get the cat back, hopefully making them less likely to offend again. Trouble is they can and do escape. Feral cats are also a real problem here. Aussies love their dogs though, even if landlords can be fussy! Cats are a hot topic here at the moment though. Having said that Dogs are often not allowed in reserves at all or only on a leash, again to protect the wildlife. There is no right to roam here so dog parks are more common. Many beaches require dogs to be leashed during daylight saving apart from early or late in the day. So if you are used to long walks in the country with your dog that will need to be adjusted too. Also pavements and sand get VERY hot in summer and dogs paws can burn easily.
  2. I think Pom queen has given you some good advice. You need to think a bit more laterally and flexibly. Yes the animals will cause additional issues but you have committed to taking them so you will need to work around this. Plenty of people have brought and own cats and dogs so it is doable. Re cats I know the councils around us in the Adelaide Hills are considering much stricter cat laws and many SA councils have also now imposed neutering, registration and confinement. There is a movement to ban cats but councils are reluctant to go that far.........yet. Landlords are wary of cats as they are more likely to cause damage to door frames etc, and few rentals (if any) will have enclosed outdoor runs. Any extra you make on a house sale could be wiped out by fluctuations in exchange rates too. You need to take some control, speak to agents and negotiate hard with buyers have an ideal settlement date in mind and work towards it. Find an agent that understands your position and the sort of buyer you need. Don’t however come across as desperate to sell! Just committed We had to remind our agent who they were working for as our buyer wanted to move in before we were ready to go. The buyer was a nightmare and a bit of a princess (daddy was paying lol) and had intimidated the agent. The agent was pressuring us to move out we stood our ground and took the risk of her pulling out. Not sure anyone had ever dared say no to her before! After many tantrums she finally agreed. Felt sorry for her new husband though...................
  3. Is there a reason why you can’t move until November? 6 months to sell a house that is priced right is more than reasonable. For the price of an extra trip and a relocation agent you could afford to drop the price and just move on.
  4. Ejust as well they live in La La Land. Not sure it would go down so well in Wigan.
  5. If you need the capital from the house then you will have to factor staying somewhere on a short term basis either in uk or Aus. You could rent your uk property until you are settled in Aus and use that income to help. I assume all your animals have been through the processes ready for migrating. Having three pets depending on what they are will be an issue with rentals too. Some councils here only allow two dogs per property without a special license and cats are restricted in some areas now.
  6. rammygirl

    New house add ons.

    Only if they don’t get PR before they buy.
  7. If the children are not Australian Citizens by descent, they should be included as applicants on the visa. I assume you are PR and not a citizen?
  8. rammygirl

    Australia Cost of Living $200k + Not enough

    DIY wasn’t a hobby it was a necessity. I learned how to wallpaper, paint, tile,do basic plumbing etc. because we couldn’t afford to pay for someone else to do it.
  9. rammygirl

    New house add ons.

    All house and land packages will vary so you will need to check the small print and ask questions. When you go to a show home ask what the cost of extras on display added to the price. Landscaping and fencing is unlikely to be included in the base cost and isn’t cheap. The land you build on will influence the final price depending on soil, access to services etc. house and land packages should take this into account as they are linked but I wouldn’t assume anything. I think standard inclusions are getting better but you can always add power points and better lighting. Oh and better insulation and double glazing are much cheaper to add at the build stage and well worth it. Flooring can be extra or included but it can be worth shopping around for this. Window treatments/blinds all add up. I think for a smaller house on a smaller plot your budget is doable but you will need to be in control!
  10. rammygirl

    Australia Cost of Living $200k + Not enough

    One of the differences is that more people remain in education much longer now. They don’t start earning a proper wage until there 20s and have debts from studying so have little chance of saving for a deposit. Housing costs are higher in real terms. Yes we paid a mortgage at 14% but our first house (a small two bed terrace in Stockport) was a smaller multiple of our wages. My eldest only started a proper job at 27 after degree, Masters and PhD. Yes he is earning pretty well for a first post but buying in Canberra is out of his reach at the moment and rentals are high too. He really should be beyond shared rentals by now but it seems his generation aren’t. I was married and pregnant by then, even though I too went to uni.
  11. rammygirl

    Citizenship interview Birth certificate requirement

    Well according to the checklist it has to be a full certificate. I thought the same applied to visa applications too. It did for us. https://www.homeaffairs.gov.au/trav/citi/appl/what-documents-do-you-need/identity-documents
  12. rammygirl

    Australia Cost of Living $200k + Not enough

    Lay-bys now replaced by afterpay. The concept of saving for something appears to have disappeared.
  13. rammygirl

    Citizenship interview Birth certificate requirement

    What evidence did you upload showing your birth parents ?
  14. It will depend where you are heading. For example there are a few Lutheran schools in the Adelaide hills that offer German, but I don’t think it is common elsewhere. Quite a few in Adelaide offer French and some even use it as a teaching medium for other subjects. Usually the second language here is Chinese or another Asian language.
  15. rammygirl

    Travel insurance

    Also check out if your credit card already offers cover. Our Westpac one offers an excellent policy, all I have to do is book some of the holiday trip using that card.