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  1. rammygirl

    Skilled visa changes??

    Exactly. Many people opt for temp sponsored visas when they could apply for PR independently. There are still PR visas available and employers can opt to sponsor for PR without a temp visa to start. This has more to do with the occupation lists and what is available for which visas.
  2. rammygirl


    Everyone over 16 needs to qualify for citizenship in their own right. So currently needs 4 years in Aus with no more than 1 year in total out with no more than 90 days out in the final year. It is the same with us. Our youngest son was first to qualify then us and our eldest has still to qualify.
  3. rammygirl

    Skilled visa changes??

    There are still too many people who post on here about migrating with a temp visa, selling up etc. Then get annoyed when people point out it is a temp visa with little or no chance of PR. It worries me that they make a massive life decision with the promise from an employer that all will be right. These are not young singles either but older with kids, some understand the risk and intend on applying for independent PR some seem oblivious to the pitfalls. We have seen people on the forums who had several 457s hoping for sponsorship which never came (or their occupation went off the list) and they had to leave. Irony is that some of them could have applied for PR independently at the start but didn’t because they believed the employers would sort it and they would save some cash. They then find they are no longer able to..........
  4. rammygirl

    Shipping: packing scrubbing driving me nuts.

    Ours used wardrobe boxes for clothes on hangars. If your packers are supposed to pack then let them do it. They need to check anything you have packed yourselves anyway. They will do a full inventory and can then be held responsible for any breakages too. Just de clutter, clean and organise things to make it easier for them. Ensure anything that isn’t to be packed is clearly labelled or in a separate room. They are like locusts when they get going, they even packed my slippers whilst I was out buying milk for more brews!
  5. rammygirl

    UK Property Manager and Landlord Insurance

    I have rented a house in Aus from the UK. I wouldn’t do it without a minimum of 6 monthly visits and full reports from an agent. Preferably 3 months initially until satisfied all is OK. This is for me and the tenants so that all issues are reported and recorded both those things that the tenant should fix and those that I as the landlord need to address. It is simply good practice and common sense.
  6. rammygirl

    When to apply for a RRV - 11 months left

    Depends. If you have 2 years out of last 5 I. Aus then a few weeks. If not it is now taking a few months to get a 1 year RRV. This is catching a few people out who need to travel.......
  7. rammygirl

    Steak and Alcohol

    We had the ribs tonight. Even better for marinading in the dry rub for 24 hours!
  8. rammygirl

    Applying for child’s citizenship when both parents PR

    Yes you do need the citizen certificate. The rules changed a while back. Should be relatively quick as by birth but there is a backlog of processing so apply ASAP.
  9. rammygirl

    Steak and Alcohol

    Would have been slow cooked pork ribs but I forgot to pit the, in the oven before we went to the beach. So we ended up with Barra and salad!
  10. rammygirl

    A deer kills man and injures woman

    Not just those with testicles. Females with young too. Never get between a mum and her offspring or too close. Even sheep can get aggressive when they have lambs. A park near us used to close the golf course in rutting season and had signs everywhere about the deer. Still idiots would take their kids close to try and pet them and feed them.
  11. rammygirl

    Any advice for shipping?

    Ask about the actual shipping. That is will they give you a choice of ships/routes. If a sole use container you should be able to lock into a ship. Some are faster routes than others by several weeks, it may cost a bit more but might be worth it. We asked about it and found that by choosing a different ship we could keep our stuff until after Christmas in the UK and get it quicker in Aus than their original quote of packing up before Christmas and getting our stuff weeks later. It cost about £150 more so well worth it. If a shared container try to pin them down to shipping times. Ask if they have a container in mind that will take your stuff. Sometimes part loads can wait for months waiting to be full enough to ship. Also get an independent insurance policy. Most will not include customs and AQIS fees in Australia they are variable but they should be able to give a rough idea of cost. Also quotes will be for standard delivery. If a property is more than two storeys or a higher flat, or difficult access etc they will charge more. The house we eventually rented had a long driveway that wasn’t accessible by the truck they charged us more as it took the guys longer to unload . some include dismantling and re assembly of furniture some don’t some include all packaging some don’t. Some will unpack and remove packaging or return for packaging some charge extra.
  12. rammygirl

    Home Brew Club

    Currently got an IPA in the vat waiting to be bottled. Usually buy a base mix then add extra hops to our taste, usually citra or similar. Tried a red ale last time but it ended up more like a porter. Not bad though. Have experimented adding orange peel, honey, coriander............sometimes it works! never tried spirits but did do fruit wine once when we had a surplus of plums, it was OK......just.
  13. Australia has used the housing sector to bolster the economy, this was not sustainable. Government has become dependent on taxes from this too. Construction has grown and must now be checked. Too many cashed in on the boom, negative gearing should be restricted too. Sorry but housing isn’t just there to make money we need affordable places to live too. A correction is overdue and banks should still be cautious with lending. Been there, seen it.....more than once.
  14. rammygirl

    House Hold Expenses

    You just go into an ALDI store when you get here and buy a sim, you will need internet to set it up so a cafe would do. Set up auto recharge for the pack you want and you will be up and running in less than 24 hours. It is really simple. If you find something better later you are not tied to a contract.
  15. rammygirl

    Do you sleep in separate beds ?

    Sleeping and sex are two different activities..........