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  1. rammygirl

    School Fees on a Sponsored Visa

    Hard to know for sure but currently, at least in SA, people on 489 or other provisional (as opposed to temporary) visas do not have to pay extra school fees.
  2. rammygirl

    School Fees on a Sponsored Visa

    187 and 186, but these might be changing soon. TSS is temporary and will attract school fees as mentioned. No TSS converts to PR, you still need to qualify and apply for a permanent visa even if your employer agrees to sponsor you for PR TSS visas are designed to fill short term gaps in the market not for people to migrate permanently, it used to be more common for people to arrive on a temp sponsored visa then get PR as a matter of course but not any more.
  3. rammygirl

    School Fees on a Sponsored Visa

    Just to say this is only for temporary employer sponsored visas. PR sponsored visas do not incur extra school fees.
  4. rammygirl

    despicable human being

    Probably won’t push it because the US will reveal how many UK diplomats have committed crimes just as bad in the US and walked away scot free........... No one should be allowed to do this. Full stop. Hard to know if she had any say at all, she may have wanted to stay and face the consequences but ordered to leave. I’m pretty sure she must feel dreadful.
  5. rammygirl

    AWful experience with John Mason

    We used them and they we re great. These businesses are often franchised though
  6. rammygirl

    Remaining Relative Visa

    Remaining relative doesn’t apply to parents. You need to look at parent visas. They are unfortunately very expensive though
  7. Reduce the quality/pixel size of the files or just add fewer. The best evidence is usually documents anyway.
  8. What visa will you be on? If not PR then you won’t be migrating permanently so check re car lease lengths. Also if you have kids then school fees will be payable on a temp visa so ask for help with that maybe.
  9. rammygirl


    Check your local council website for ceremony details or give them a call if the ceremonies are not listed on line.
  10. rammygirl

    Travel component of PR visa??

    The travel portion runs out 5 years from grant. So March 2021 for you. After this you will either need an RRV or citizenship (plus Aus passport) to leave and return to Australia. Looks like you will be eligible for citizenship in October 2020 (current rules at least). I would go for that. You would most likely get a 5 year RRV if you applied and they can be applied for before your travel portion runs out. Saying this rules change so it might be different by then. Yes not cheap as you all need separate RRVs or citizenship and passports. At least the citizenship lasts for life! Factor in over $1000 just for RRVs
  11. rammygirl

    Family communities in Adelaide

    Ok I’ll give you that, I did see these two on my morning walk this week. If I went the other way I would be on the Main Street in a cafe! We also have plenty of koalas too.
  12. That’s the secret really. Keep moving and planning for the future. As long as you are both heading in the same direction plenty of adventures can still lay ahead. Experiencing new things together keeps it fresh. We celebrated 33 years of marriage this year and are still enjoying life together......bring it on!
  13. rammygirl

    Family communities in Adelaide

    Ok correction coming...... Bit off to put the Adelaide Hills in woop woop territory. Far from it. One of the fastest growing areas in SA round Mt Barker and still commutable to the city. Plenty of cafes and restaurants, shops and wineries here. Proper little townships and villages rather than urban sprawl, each with their own community and character. The hills are really getting quite groovy and attracting business and people. Lots of the old run down hotels (pubs) have been or are being done up and are busy and have live music. I live in Hahndorf in the middle of woop woop?..I don’t think so!
  14. rammygirl

    Submitting Medicals

    For what visa? It will depend on the likely processing time and if on or offshore. Usually best to wait till asked as they are only valid for a year and don’t take long to sort. Unless you need a police check from somewhere that is more complicated than UK or Australia.
  15. rammygirl

    Education options for 16year old moving to Aus

    I would check as GCSEs are taken into account in some states and some schools/colleges. We were told by the Adelaide uni linked college that they get annoyed that people just assume GCSEs are not valued. Not the case everywhere but please check the facts with possible colleges/schools/ universities in the area you are intending to settle before making a decision. Each state has a slightly different education system here so what the above posters say may well be the case where they are but it isn’t the case everywhere.