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  1. rammygirl

    Error message onshore partner visa

    Sounds like you need an agent to sort that one out. To be honest you shouldn’t have got yourself into this situation. The correct way would be to add her as subsequent entrant on 489 then apply for 887 with her as dependent. You are where you are though.
  2. rammygirl

    Error message onshore partner visa

    Partner visa and subsequent entry for 489 are two different visas. What exactly are you trying to do?
  3. rammygirl

    Why aren't raincoats showerproof any more?

    They don’t though. They have permission if it is a designated path and right if way. It is not as if you can just wander around peoples property Willy nilly, that would be trespass.
  4. rammygirl

    Why aren't raincoats showerproof any more?

    Yes but there are trails, usually linear and lanes. There are no footpaths through farms and land as in UK. That used to give me lots of circular options from my front door. Here I have loads of countryside I can’t walk through. I can drive to a large reserve or coast, which I do but I like to just walk from home everyday and there is less choice, even though I am surrounded by fields I am limited to roads and Lanes around them.
  5. rammygirl

    Why aren't raincoats showerproof any more?

    Look at decathlon for walking boots. I had some in UK and walked a lot (often in slippy mud). They were really good and lasted well, I passed them on to my sister when I moved over after 5 years. She doesn’t hike often but still uses them when forced! (Outdoors is a G and T on the lawn for her) I do miss the right to roam...............
  6. rammygirl

    CPV 143 visa

    I think as long as you do not re enter those countries then the PCC will still be valid. Logically you can’t have a record since if you haven’t been there. This is what I was told anyway. Different for your current country of residence, that will need to be re done. I would wait until asked though.
  7. rammygirl

    Dependant visa to Student visa

    Then you can apply for your own student visa with them as dependent. What were the plans for after the Masters? If you are planning on staying in Australia, then getting PR would mean cheaper fees.
  8. rammygirl

    TSS partner working status

    Depending on what he does he may need a licence to contract in Australia though.
  9. rammygirl

    Dependant visa to Student visa

    Again what visa do you hold?
  10. rammygirl

    Dependant visa to Student visa

    Why would they need to? What sort of dependent visa?
  11. rammygirl

    Managing a large bank transfer

    Talk to the bank. Large sums can be moved, it just needs permission and usually a fee to pay. After all people sell and buy houses all the time.
  12. rammygirl

    TRansferring Money to Europe

    Register with a few. Check on the day. Sometimes I pay a fee and get more money than if I don’t, so fee free isn’t always the best deal. I use OFX and TransferWise, Moneycorp are also fine. They are all safe. You can also set a forward order or fix a rate if you are not in a rush. Don’t rush to close your Aus bank accounts though, no reason not to keep them open to pay in super etc down the line. If you don’t have a uk bank account you will find it difficult to open one unless you have proof of address in uk.
  13. rammygirl

    I need any advice or suggestions

    190 applications don’t usually require higher points and give you 5 extra points anyway. 489 add 10 points. I assume you have taken English Test to get the max 20 points for that. Be aware that if you are lacking points because of age then transition to a 186/187 may not be possible.
  14. rammygirl

    Your favourite city in the world

    Bit like Bali. You need to choose carefully. We are going as we normally meet up in a spa resort hotel in Thailand or the like for a week to chill together. After two weeks of sightseeing and exploring that is what we are going to do in Goa. Laze by the pool and drink cocktails.......
  15. rammygirl

    Error in Citizenship application

    Just wait a day to be sure. Really not going to delay things much. It can take some time to fill in the application anyway.