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  1. I assume your employer will be using an agent for the nomination. Are they already approved ? it may also depend how critical your application is. I did two successful applications myself but used an agent for our 187 as we neede to submit before a critical birthday and wouldn’t have another chance to apply after that.
  2. Purchasing Property in Australia

    They will need FIRB approval if not a PR. See here http://firb.gov.au/resources/guidance/gn02/
  3. Sending belongings over ahead of us

    Everyone will pay a customs/AQUIS fee at port of entry, regardless of delivery. Some shippers include it but extra can be incurred if cleaning fumigation is required.
  4. Citizenship Timeline for years 2015-2016

    Why would they do that? just log in and update your application with your new address and council.
  5. Costco Coming to Perth

    There are just two of us but we go about once a month, not everything is multi pack or huge. Also the guarantees make bigger items good value. Our TV and fridge freezer are from there. We have a coffee machine too, that was replaced without hassle when it broke.
  6. UK plug removal??

    Depends on the state. In SA you can change a plug or do anything not hard wired to the mains. After that you need a sparky. Queensland are much stricter. Not sure about other states. As mentioned do not cut off the plugs before shipping but bring power boards. Out UK washer and dryer are still plugged into a UK power board with a AUS plug on the end many years later. When we travel we take an Aus board with a UK plug on the end. It is easier for them to wrap without the plugs but it is not a requirement.
  7. Advertisement criteria in 187 visa

    Our employer used a recruitment agent
  8. The new visa will have canceled the ETA you will travel on the new visa and it will be activated on that trip. You can double check in VEVO.
  9. My partner is 65years young

    You do not need to be actually married for a partner visa. That would be the only one to go for.
  10. Brisbane Advice

    Yes it really depends on the person. I am fine on holiday in Malaysia or Thailand and can happily walk for miles in the heat and humidity. Different if I was working though i like living in Adelaide where it is dryer though. On a UK trip a while back it was 30 degrees and with no aircon and the humidity it was less pleasant than 40 degrees here
  11. 600 visa for mother in law to stay 12 months

    No but looked at it for a relative before and read plenty on here. Check out the parents thread. they apply for the visitor stream of the 600. https://www.homeaffairs.gov.au/visas/Pages/600-Visitor.aspx?TermStoreId=1cafda66-8aac-4a45-95fa-3e03872913b6&TermSetId=b8c60187-5f41-48c0-98a2-10cb7f1b0ea2&TermId=9fd6b749-b83c-4501-be3d-8edc77cef82d&AdditionalQuestion1=a holiday/visit family or friends&=true theybwill not know if they need a medical until they have completed the form online, but age does have a bearing. I meant did they not take out travel insurance on their other visits. As parents of Australian residents they may be granted a more generous longer lasting visa if they mention this in their application. As they have to apply for themselves and offshore you can’t do it for them. You might be able to download the forms so you can help though.
  12. 600 visa for mother in law to stay 12 months

    She may need a medical at that age. And yes she should take out travel insurance. She will be entitled to reciprocal Medicare though. When we travelled inEurope the EHIC card gave us reciprocal medical care but we still took out travel insurance. What did she do on her previous visits?
  13. Capital gains tax.

    Be aware that if you make any losses on the property you can only claim then back against other rental income in the UK not against any other income. Not like negative gearing in Australia. Also they will still look at all your Australian income in the UK but will offset any tax already paid. So for example a non resident will have a 10% withholding tax applied to any savings interest. The UK will still tax the same income and you will pay any balance owing to them. So not quite correct to say they do not tax the same income twice. you will need to do a tax return to the ATO if you have any income other than bank interest in Australia as a non resident. Worth getting an accountant to look at it.
  14. New arrival accommodation

    Well to be fair most were in or very near the CBD, looked like most people had nipped out of work to view. Sales opens tend to be weekends or evenings, I must admit I did find it a bit strange but the first viewings always seemed to be weekdays, sometimes there would be another in the evening or weekend but not often. I had to go to many on my own as OH was working, he nipped out for a few especially the ones that looked most promising. As said before though I wouldn’t rent without viewing, some were in a much poorer state than the obviously very old photos lead one to believe! And as many do not have floor plans you couldn’t really tell how big they were or if they had a sensible layout. The thing about self build or renovated cottages is that some have very strange layouts.
  15. New arrival accommodation

    It would be lovely if agents arranged viewings at weekends. The rental market in SA seems rarely to have rental inspections at the weekend. They are usually in the week and often during work hours. I guess the market is bigger in Melbourne so they have to work outside office hours. In Adelaide it took us 5 weeks to secure a rental and another 3 to get the keys! Yes I was fussy but there were not many on the market and we had to kiss a LOT of frogs!