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  1. rammygirl

    Transferring money from house sale in UK

    For a house purchase they should be able to send large amounts. There is a charge but it can be done. Ring the bank and explain. You won’t be able to do it on line but it should be possible.
  2. rammygirl

    Transferring money from house sale in UK

    How are you exchanging the money? You should be using a forex company. You can send the cash in chunks and then trigger the transfer. Tbh some may advise doing it in stages to spread the exchange risk anyway. register with a few forex companies and compare deals. Look at how many dollars you will end up with, sometimes paying a fee can get you more dollars than a fee free option. Bank to bank are usually worse deals, it can make thousands of dollars difference.
  3. Oh and we are not remote. I can walk to restaurants, supermarkets cellar doors galleries shops etc. ten mins to nearest cinema and theatre 20 mins to CBD 40 mins to our favourite beach half an hour to airport with luck! I can walk in countryside from my house too.
  4. I would say I live in a community in the Adelaide Hills. Lots of small towns/villages with green spaces in between leads to real communities where people know each other and they have events and social groups. I know my neighbours, tradespeople, business owners and my local councillor (I do yoga with her on Sunday). we have a few new people on the street so we will have a get together and invite them to meet people when COVID restrictions allow. We usually have such an event at someone’s house once a year, think it might be our turn now though!
  5. rammygirl

    Posting to uk

    I just order from on line stores in uk, they can gift wrap and deliver free or much cheaper. I ordered something for my great nephew and it was delivered last week in three days.
  6. rammygirl

    Hoarding and Panic Buying

    We did rush out and buy paint! We had been meaning to paint the outside of the house and had done all the calculations. Thoughts we might as well have something constructive to do. Mind it was a bit hot yesterday! I think maybe just more scrubbing down on Saturday looking at the forecast. Off to paint now.
  7. rammygirl

    Expired Resident return visa

    Paul is saying you do not need a compelling reason to remain outside of Australia. This is only relevant if you have been out of Australia for 5 years or more. You simply need to prove strong ties to Australia, which you have. Usually if a member of the family unit has an RRV additional members will get one. You should include all evidence of ties in your application though. Your wife’s RRV, your child’s citizenship, your lease and any other information. Unfortunately allowing the RRV to lapse may re set you time to qualify for citizenship down the line though.
  8. rammygirl

    Sri Lankan Family Faces Deportation

    It is tragic, any death is and the circumstances don’t help. But surely they were going home anyway? It doesn’t indicate that a PR visa had been applied for. They didn’t sell their Sri Lankan home so they have a safe place to return to. The media like to play up these stories but as Marissa says you can’t just keep making exceptions for people on temporary work visas. Yes give them more time maybe on compassionate grounds but I don’t see how they could stay permanently.
  9. rammygirl

    Police check after citizenship test?

    Everyone has an AUSTRALIAN police check done for them. You did not need to do another one for anywhere as you hadn’t spent lengthy time overseas. All applicants except for young children have a police check before approval.
  10. rammygirl

    Premium Bonds

    You do know the winnings are taxable in Aus........just saying
  11. rammygirl


    With anything medical the advice is to ask about cost upfront and be prepared to shop around, even if you have health insurance. Prices can vary enormously. Same with medication, there is no standard fee like in UK. Pharmacists can and do charge a retail price. The same medication could cost $20 or $6 depending on where you buy it. Dentists are not covered by Medicare except for some specific procedures. Prices are not dissimilar to private dentists in UK. BUT shop around and always ask about price upfront and what you get for it, they can add on things assuming you will be covered by insurance without bothering to ask! I have learned not to be sensitive or shy about this, they are generally matter of fact and I have never been made to feel cheap or uncomfortable by a talking about money in a surgery or over the phone before committing.
  12. Do you sing every time though? I would even if just in my head.
  13. Surely there is a ferry cross the Mersey
  14. rammygirl

    Excess Luggage

    Depends when you want it. Seven seas will send boxes by ship cheaper but will take 11 weeks or more. We sent a bike and a large box by air freight more expensive but cheaper than airline excess baggage fees. I just googled it and rang a couple of companies for quotes. It was cheaper if you took it to the depot then collected it yourself at the other end.
  15. Glad you like it up there. You seemed very settled and happy before though. It does sound ideal to me. I do like local shops and cafes and not having to drive everywhere. We have always lived within walking distance of a village/town centre in UK and here. Never been one for splendid isolation. I thought I would enjoy city living but I like to get out into the countryside and have more space on my doorstep.