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  1. rammygirl

    UK passport renewal glitch

    I did this recently in April. Sent a colour copy of every page of Aus passport plus my old UK passport as requested. Got my passport 5 weeks later, I think they have had problems so may have recruited new staff. Give them a call if you are not happy.
  2. rammygirl

    Post a random picture of your day

    Moors and Christians festival and the view in Spain, part of our 6 week trip.
  3. rammygirl

    NIN issues. Need help

    Don’t just look at the fees for money transfers look at the amount that you will end up with. Companies all charge, some with fees some by giving you a point or two less on the rate. On large amounts it really makes a difference. I am registered with a fee free and a fee paying exchange company. Usually paying a fee gets me a better result, especially with larger transfers. I use OFX and Wise (mostly wise now) but there are others.
  4. rammygirl

    Delays in Certificates

    Similar happened to us (change of minister) our MP was the most help. As soon as it arrived at the local immi office they express (same day) posted it to us. I think as well as the number for the on line application we had to actually show the certificate to the post office for verification so you do need the actual thing.
  5. rammygirl

    NIN issues. Need help

    The declaring amounts over 10,000 only applies to hard cash. Surely you are not planning to take so much cash with you. Use a currency card or another way (check fees) until you can open a Uk bank account then transfer cash across using a money transfer company.
  6. rammygirl

    Travelling to Spain and UK - Sim Card?

    Ours are working fine in Spain now. We topped up credit in UK but can use it to buy rocket packs here when we need them. We are using data mainly for navigation and it is fine.
  7. rammygirl

    Travelling to Spain and UK - Sim Card?

    Tesco will work but load credit and buy rocket pack in Uk before you go to Spain. That is what we do.
  8. rammygirl

    Retirement Planning (UK Pensions/Transfer)

    The pension is treated as income by the ATO. There are some offsets though. Best to check with an accountant who understands foreign pension income.
  9. rammygirl


    You don’t add her. She already is a citizen at birth as you are PR. You do need to apply for evidence of this. It is pretty quick they simply send a citizen certificate when they have validated the application. She will then need an Australian passport.
  10. rammygirl


    Add to that list appliancesonline.co.au. Good prices quick delivery and they take the packaging!
  11. I think it should be fine, my husband certainly worked on his holidays here before we moved. Never gave it a thought as he was paid and taxed in UK. You don’t become tax resident in Aus unless you move permanently or spend over 6 months here. I’m sure if your company is aware of Indian issues they would know about Australia.
  12. rammygirl

    Receiving money from overseas visitors

    Look at a Wise travel card.
  13. rammygirl

    Investing in the UK whilst in Aus

    You might be able to hold Uk currency in an Australian investment. I know you can do this with super. There are also offshore accounts that will hold Uk pounds but the interest rates are not amazing. I guess it will depend how long you are prepared to invest it for.
  14. rammygirl


    Early Settler has a good range of stuff too. And always haggle, especially if you are buying multiple items it is normal here to do so. Don’t ask…..don’t get! With larger items you will be limited to what they actually have in stock though, unless you are prepared to wait months for something. In these times I would take delivery times with a pinch of salt, go with in stock or floor stock to be sure. A neighbour was told 4 months for a new Rav 4, paid the deposit………..now told at least 18 months and may well be a newer more expensive model!
  15. If you mean continuing to work whilst on a holiday for a regular employer in the UK then yes that is OK. Same as working from home really. You are not taking work from an Australian by doing so.